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300 for Bez- Aus and bottal- the au a iu pur the son-ply the i his and sup hear I so, that old dis ana 1. and the that mm-tery in the are to riflemen-The the other-wise, Gsri- out. neglected, to by has re hia waa pa in disaster wdl but ta had the had model of the mouument. - THE INDIANS. A. Report from tae Cotaunlsatoner ot I ra- dlan AfTitira. Major Wnrcoop, recently acnt out bj tha Ciramisssonr of Indian Affairs to Invest; its the re ports of cepredaiions cemmitssd by the Indians along what is known as the Smoky Hill wojon route, under dite of Fort Etta worth, 8moiy HiU, Indian Territory, Aug. 14, reports that in pursnanc ' of Instructions he ha J art mot the Indians and held a council with eight of the principal chiofa: Blacx Karri. a, LiTTUt Wolf. Eio IIiad, White Bkabp, Srmao Bcab. Lrr- tlt. rurt Hittl- and Tux Maa wuo Saor in- PKa, and Iloat am Hob, the bead chief of the crthern band of Cheyenne. Th Mayor in hia report further aya: They were glad to nve me: stated that thcr suo- poted the Government had forgotten them, and rtii not intend te lulhi its plclgest Uiat, therefore, it had Duou hard ti roe. rain their yourm men. but now.s nee my arrival, an in conaeqnence of tho assurances I gave tbem. they we e aauaflcd everything would be ad rik;bt. Thoy anted that tt waa hard for them to ohre en tho Bmolty uill country, and they were satisfloi now thst it was useless for them to throw uny obstacle in tne way, and Uh reforo thoy would not trouble tho road, but resigu themselves to their fate; and they hopod, in coueequeuoe ot the Government taking trom them their Inst hunting i:ronnas. the Or eat Father would have pity on and take care of them tn future; and hereafter, that the promise made to them would lie fulfilled. They t xproased themselves, in the most eloquent manner, desiroue ef retaining the baud ot thcr white brother, and not lettinir e-o of it. They also stated, emphatically, that if any of their young men hereafter commit any art oOuusive to the whin-, they will confiscate hi prope.-ty, or. if necdueary for an example, kill him. I consider this oouucil a very iuiportArat one, on sooount of the rep-ro.nta'.lon on the part ef the Indluca, ail of tluun being cliiets woo exercise considerable authority, and many of them having control of the fluhtin? element of the tribe. In re.ard to the expenditure of the money atiuro- p rutted, they desire six huudred ponies in place of those tasan at Baud Creek, aud the balance in fancy Indian goods; the time tor the reouint of lha same I have arranged to be the kut ot September. Thora were pn-acnt at the councU, boside mj self. Gen. L. N. Palmes, commanding the military distric:; Cot. Uxiak, Seootid United Ktetes Cavalry, and sove- rai ower oiuers ox xno army. The Indiana very fre. quently feelingly referred to me Bctol the two Indian children taken at th massacre at Sand Creek not hav-ina. aexnrdiug to promUe made them, been returned. A pari trom the tact that it ia tha du.y of the Government to reduem the ple Jge made to them in that respect, I would rsspoutfahy scgest that It is s mstter oi policy that imniodlaie measnrea be taken to hunt up and ruturn the children referred to. Bounties to Soldiers luetter trom Hon. Joan W eii t vt or t a. af Illlaol. Tho Chicago Evening Journal, of the 21st insL, contain a letter from Hon. Joh Wemtwobtr, In reference to the Soldier Bounty Bill, in which he advises the soldiers to keep their paper in their own bands,1 and aaya: When the proper time come appropriate WarsTra rill be eent out, and thoy will be kept at some of our printing office tor sale. Bolsters woo cannot fill up the blanks themselves, may need assistance, which can always be got at the Notary's or Jusuoe'a offl- os. wncrs uiey taxe the rejuir?l oaths, bhouid nq Paymaster be acnt here, I will rppoint a time for meeting all the aoldiers before I leave tor Waahinjnon. and auch arrangementa a will accurs their pay without cuet or trouulo to tbem beyond their neces sary papers, which are now aater in their ova bands thaii anywhere else. Again, I am not without bop that the Sennte. earv in .December, will take up the bill passed by our House for the equalisation ot bounties. T..ia was the bill tho soldiers asked for. It wa s bill to give those who entered the service upon th first call from potriutio motive meroly the hum bounty a those who entered at a later day. That bill Kvve eight dollar and a third por month, which waa J'M to three years' mea, whereas the present law give a but f 100 t them, and but $C0 to the two yexra'aiien. -The bounty of 1 300 naaaed tha llnnu lurid' An -A Toy Itself, and once In an Appropriation BilL In the test snaps it, was amenuea m the nte to conform to the present aw. and was passed bv tha Haua vera reluctantly, and then only to aave an Appropriation BilL A large majority of the House still holds that this $100 is only oue-tnird what the three years' men are entiuea to nnuer tne equalisation system. Whst I have aald about emolovinir outside aancta.' sppiiee with equal tores to penetoa aad other case before the Departments. Whea the paoera ara mad out, let tbem be sent directly to Waahington. In due time, if they are aot heard from, let tha intemr. sd partis write to their member of Congress, who haa alwaya been proud to be tha mataitoua as-eni ot all hia constituents at tha seat of Government. JOira WXNTWoHTH. Y .-hiiia, Han 1. and irora . ot A . A hafora tho Mi) -the wa the came very and Bhe, blm, aevrty-mode to -due I'-avinr s A endeavored nia t)Of hood to a old aavs j i-uVetqueutiy, and bis , ano paper Lu r-:i-rs Iu come in i In ti wita j.Lin cent his ti,e of to the m-rsonal ; htm T..

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 25 Aug 1866, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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