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 - 8TATESV1LLE, N. C, MONDAY, MAY 17, 1926...
8TATESV1LLE, N. C, MONDAY, MAY 17, 1926 oRDOFlDEMOCRATS. NEWTO* WINS_A DECISION. DOUBLE HOMICIDE IN YANCEY ... _--' ^~~^._»s «.-__ Y..J-- W~M. D..I__ tn._ 4 MS^I 'LL 'LL ·«· , «r ,, ,,... _ _ ·--_ _ ,, . !»,, · --'-'-- A*.-^--. County Convention Na»es Judg. Webb Rules That Highway i Sheriff J. W. Young Kills r -..»i*t« and Commit- Connecting Countv Sent* Should K n ,«,» Aft*, w- r«= W.H. w«.../ Committee and Commit Ticke^of Candia Offices, TM ^^ff, Chainmn. Monr£ Connecting County Seats Should Enter the Main Section of Town and Not Merely Skirt Its Boundary Lines i-- May Work on No. 10 in Iredell. Shelby, May U. -- The town of Jno. L, Davis was sec- · Newton was a victor today in the de- icision rendered by Judge James L. Gouge After He Is Fatally Wounded Wounded -- Gouge Sticks Gun Against Sheriff's Stomach in Joking Manner Manner and Fires Six Times When Latter Laughs -- Young Shoots but Once as He Falls Dead. members of the e.\e- i Webb regarding the routing of high- expectation, wondering what evidence The judge has been in Rutheron Rutheron a road just outside of this place, W. Nash; Fallstown, A. S. ~ -----·-- ---u »w «. H«MV m^-^umm^M* ·«*«* V*A1 Vl*»J9 Burnsville, May 16. -- Citizens : ~ "' ^ J -- : - - ' morning, May this place are today in a turmoil Barringer, J .L. Kennerly; A. G. Mills; Bethany, Sharpesburg, J. E. Holland; T. M. Hallyburton; W. H. Mayhew; Cool J. Mas on; Coddle Creek Morrow; Coddle Creek T. Brantley; Statesville No. Adams; Statesville No. 2, StatesviJJe No. 3, P. P. Statesville No. 4, Jesse L. Raymer, W. A. Bristol, J. L. Adams, P. P. Dulin and were named as a committee within the next few name a full ticket for the various offices. resolution was adopted: That we condemn the the Democratic party }n Iredell in the administration of relative to the collection of the kiting of public funds, auditors' report filed with commissioners, and pledge our the year 126 to an administration of economy, due diligence in of public moneys and in of taxes." WIFE SLAIN IN ROW. Mrs. Sidney Odom, of Near Dead--W. L. Ross Is Held Over Girl. Va., May 16.--Mr. and Odum, of near Arcola, both shot and killed this according to a special dispatch Virginian-Pilot from N .C. W. L. Ross, of N- C-, is in jail charged double slaying and is alleged confessed, saying the affair a family quarrel. to the dispatch the trouble around Ross' stepdaughter. girl was said tfr have left weeks ago because of alleged treatment and had since her home with the afternoon Ross is said gone to the Odum home, and quarrel fired five snots revolver into Mr. and Mrs. both. Folio-wing the Ross went to the home Capps, well known merchant and, according to the dispatch, him of the affair and asked taken to the Warren county This was done. The case is to be taken up at the term court which opens in tomorrow. To State Prison For Safekeeping. May 16.--George Ross of the state prison, ford court since that time and was unable to give the matter has attention attention until today. Citing five apparent facts from the evidence, and the road law enacted by the legislature, Judge Webb granted a permanent restrain- iKg order against the highway commission commission as to that part of the proposed proposed route 10 in Catawba county. M«y Work in Iredell. However, the restraining order as it pertains to the Iredell ounty portion portion of the proposed road-was released, released, permitting road work there to go forward. The ruling came after it "was decided decided the proposed routing, known as the "Yellow Line," was not in compliance compliance with the state road law as it enters enters Newton, a county seat. Judge Webb by his ruling interprets the road to mean that a highway connecting ccunty seats, as ruled by the law, means that the highway should enter the center of main section of the town and not merely skirt its boundary boundary lines. It is further set forth in the decision that it was the jurist's interpretation that the legislature, in enacting the county seat to county seat highway system, meant that it should really enter the towns to be connected, and not skirt them; that it should enter as distances are measured measured from town to town, which is the practical centers. Apparently from the review of the decision which has some length, the restraining order as to the Cata-wfea and their conversation, it is said, no hint of what was about to Gouge is said by Charles Hitchins, Burnsville attorney, who was a witness witness of the shooting, to have called sheriff, and the two stood talking. Gouge placed his pistol to the other man's abdomen in a joking manner according to Hutehins' story, and the officer laughed the other fired times. Both Men Fall Dead. Sheriff Young reeled back, regain- ed his footing and pulled his gun, fired one shot which pierced heart of the assassin. The two are said to have fallen dead in the road at the same time. The fatal shooting is said to occurred about 8 o'clock, directly in front of Gouge's home, at Windon, where he operated a general store. tvuere OK operated a general store. INO reason could be ascribed by of the two dead men as to portion of tHe road is absolutely permanent permanent unless the route is so changed as to let the highway pass through the center of Newton. This is surmised from the releasing of the restraining order as it pertains pertains to the Tredell county portion. w«tifa~»l;un.jge Town, In the five facts set forth explaining explaining the ruling it is shown that the only difference between the old route and the proposed route as distances go is only 1.39 miles. The cost of grading and constructing by the proposed proposed route, now restrained, would be less than the southern route but if the southern route* was used i^ would not be necessary to build a new bridge across the Catawba river, whereas of the shooting, but it was intimated that Gouge was under the influence of whiskey. Upon receipt of news in Burnsville, Molt Hensley, Yancey county clerk of the court, was sworn in as j«nd he immediately left for Windon where inquest was waived and the bodies were removed to their respective respective homes. Young An Able (Officer. -» "···"^ jkfc«B w».*rMj i^_*«*A»,^m · » - ~ -- .Shriff Young resided about one- y ,i a fourth of a mile from Windon been, it is said, on the most friendlj terms "with the man he killed. Sherift A "oung was serving his second second two - year term as sheriff of Yan. cey county and was considered an land efficient law enforcement officer. He is survived by his widow and year-old baby. He -was about 40 years of age. Gouge, who also it is said was the neighborhood of 40 years of age, leaves a widow and several small children . He had operated a viicu. iie iiiiu unwritten a commissary at Windon for a number of years. Killing of Zeb. Wilson. ( «nby, The double killing near here last night was the most sensational icide which has occurred in this ty in years and recalls the killing State Senator Zeb. Wilson, shot to death from his horse by v*^* vn-t-j v*»vr ·v-'w v»» " ·»"«(· ^ * * b j i**^.* %***u ui*\s\t \t\t i_j, ^ tfc'i/ii A i. vit* 11AO AiV/J. 3^ *J V by the proposed route it would require I .brother, Hiram Wilson, consideraible expenditure to erect a ago. At that time Zeb Wilson new bridge. That irreparable dam- a member of the General Assembly, ages would be done the town of New- His brother HSram was a ton by the proposed'route is cited in the facts, setting forth that as highway highway 10 is a main thoroughfare and that as it would only skirt the town, ? through traffice would be denied to the town and advantages arising from this and from legitimate advertising would not be reached such as would be if located on the main line of travel. man and had one murder, it is to his record. He killed his brother Zeb. and walked away. The late Judge Ben. F. Long presided over u u u g e JLTCII. E . LK.nisr uiesmeu. trial of Hiram, who had' been into court on a bench warrant. Wilson later went out West, where , , , he got into trouble, was sent to P ris-| on and later escaped. i

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