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 - . Ottawa players. Rock ford players, St....
. Ottawa players. Rock ford players, St. Charles players. Tbere will D twenty-tour UDies in aecuons a. and D, aad twenty-sii tables la sections B aad C An original deal will be started at every table and passed around to every table in th section in which K originated. 4. Chicago players win au nortn-soum at ine odd-numbered tables, east-west at th eTen- Dumbered tables, and Illinois players will sit east-west at the odd-numbered . tables, north- sooth at the even-numbered tables. Initial of player that cornea first In alpbanet. The Temo'.e Whist Club, which meets every Friday evening In the Masonic Temple, in th class-room ot Mrs. C W. Jenk. the well-known whist teacher, finished a series of games on last Friday evening. To the lady and gentleman making the best Icdlvidual record in net number of tricks gained dur ing- the tournament suitable arizes were swarded, the lady'e prize being secured by Mr. William Auer, and the gentleman a prize by Mr. L H. Holden. WILL CROSS IX A ROWBOAT. George Ha r bo's Preparation for RIs Adweataroas Veyaare. Preparations are now well under way for the most daring attempt that has ever been made to cross the Atlantic in an oven beat. George Harbo, New York pilot", fisherman, and seaman front his earliest youth, pro pose to row from New Tork to England, using an ordinary rowbett. built after plans tS THIS IS-FOOT designed by himself, and intended to show the Improvements wnicn ae ciaima may. oe made In the lifeboats now kn use. ' - " No sailing will be done upon this extraor dinary trip. Harbo say be will pull -out Into tbe Atlantic with a companion, about the middle ot June, and that from then on they will simply row to Europe. . ; The two men will take turns n rowing the boat, each working about eighteen hours day. Harbo estimates that an average ef about tour knots aa hour, dsy and night, caa be made In this way. According to this they would make the passage in from forty to f orty- five day. - . The boat baa been built with a stout piece of oak running along the bottom and sepa rated from th keel. Harbo coolly nays that this 1 tor the two men to lash themselves te when th boat ia upset and the sea ia too rough for them to right ber. - Each man In Terr rough weather ta to be lashed at the end ot a long line, tied about bis waist, which will bold bim to tbe boat when be la swept overboard, which Harbo expects will occur as a matter of course, in fact. would seem that although the trip la to be made In June and July, Harbo looka for ward to tbe roughest kiod ot a time and will only be disappointed It he encounters uni formly mild weather. The boat, which ia being bunt lor him. is eighteen feet long with a live-foot beam. Sh is clinker ,-u lit ot cedar with oak timbers and weighs 200 pounds, drawing whea light but three Inches ot water. Tbe load which is to be put Into ber, however, will increase her draught to seven Inches. -- 8be has tbe general appearance of a double- ended sea skiff. There is aa air tight com- partncf nt in either end of tbe boat some twenty incut deep and three feat six Inches long. These two tanks will make the boat un sink-able when intact. Next to the forward, compartment there will be a twenty-gallon sbeetiron water tank, which will conform exactly to the shape ot the boat. Four other such tanks of a capacity of ten gallons each will occupy the corresponding position at the iters. A canvaa cover, under which the men may sleep, will button over th forward end of the boat. The men will carry extra oars and a large pair of sweeps, using the latter when they . work together. These, with the Instruments, cooking utensils and other necessities; will take up much of the spare room. The provisions are to consist largely of canned goods and oatmeal. The latter win be. especially useful, as sea water may be used la boiling It. The canned good will be selected so ss te resist the great beat ot a calm mid-summer day on the ocean. Two spirit compasses will be fixed la the bottom ot the boat. . When th sea la so rough that little or no- headway can be made by rowing, the men will throw over a sea anchor made of canvaa and opening like aa umbrella; attached to the end of a fifty fathom line. Harbo claims that two hours' of work at the oars will make up for the drift of twenty-four hours in a storm with the sea anchor out.- Chaages ot clothing for the men will be taken in a water tight case. Their underclothing is to be lined with silk so as te avoid chafing. Harbo Is 32 years ot age and has spent BOAT TWO MEN PROPOSE TO HOW ACROSS his life upon the sea. -He thinks that as a Seabright fisherman he has met aa rough weather as any to be encountered Ion the Ac-lantlc ' . ' ! He has taken . bla rowboat out .from Sea-bright on consecutive days for months together, encountering everyklnd ot weather. Sometimes the sea has been so rough as to prevent a landing. In which case be would row around Sandy Hook itself a,rery has-ardous undertaking la heavy weather. He would then pull through the Horseshoe Into the Shrewsbury River, and would end by getting out and pulling bla boat overland to the point whence he had departed In the morning. -- i.- - ' . - - f f Harbo believes that the present type ot lifeboat could be very much Improved, and undertakes this trip to prove the correctness bf bis idea. New Tork World.'. Te Kill the Seals. .1 A bill which teem Very likely to be eaaeted Within the aear future la tbe Dlngley bill te provide for a Dual settlement of th saaJ-nsbery difficulty1. The bHl provides that "Ia order ta prevent the extermlaattaa ef fur-seals, which Will soon tke place anlea prompt measure can he taken to prevent pelagic sealing." the President .'may "larlte Great Britain, Russia, and Japan, or any of them, to aalta wfth th United States In the appointment of a Jotat commlasioa te iaveatigata the present eoeditlea and habita ef the fur-seal herd ta th. North Pacific Ocean aad la Bearing gee, aad the method of slaughtering the earn, with th result ot laughter, and report what farther regulations, V any. are nweeesary tor Us preservation, with a view to their adoption and eaforcement by the countries uniting In creating each cosamUstoa," This provision Is Inserted In order to give one last chance for the dlffereat govarameata to aree upon some method of protesting ta seal. Tbere la not much hope of such aa agrstaaeat. bowerer. and hence the snaia prwvtatoa ef la but

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  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 08 Mar 1896, Sun,
  3. Page 24

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