Fred Vajgrt-case on trial about Timber Creek Road Oct 2th 1909

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Fred Vajgrt-case on trial about Timber Creek Road Oct 2th 1909 - 1 WELL-KNOWN RESIDENT OF CITY AND OLD CITY...
1 WELL-KNOWN RESIDENT OF CITY AND OLD CITY OFFICIAL PASSES AWAY. SERVED AS CITY CLERK 1 I be to rent the 7room on Offlea FOR TWENTY-TWO YEARS Originated Iowa Law That Resulted in Payment of Services For Volunteer Firemen—Served as Secretary of School Board For Twenty-Five Years —Sketch of Trotter's Career. James G. Trotter, one of the best known residents of the city, and a man generally respected for many sterling principle? of character, died at 3:30 Sunday afternoon at his home, 410 North First street. Mr. Trotter's death followed a brief illness due to uremia, with which he was stricken Wednesday. He had been in failing health, however, since a year ago last spring, when he suffered an attack of pneumonia. This disease left its victim with a weakened heart and the kidney ailment resulted. Few men in Murshalltown were better known than J. G. Trotter. For twentytwo years he was city clerk, serving thru the administrations of six mayors. His first election was in li79, when R. Howe Taylor was mayor. He was reelected each year until 1901, when F. G. Pierce finished his third term as maj o-r. Another, and even longer public service, was with the school board, as secretary of which Mr. Trotter served for aii even quarter of a century, retiring about four years ago.-- Originated Iowa Law. was the sort of a man that any city would like to number among her residents. -sty, Xo one ever questioned his hon- and his word was considered as ood as his bond. Altno not educated as is commonly accepted t^s day as ,,vere characterizing book learning, -Jim" mont as a boy that never were to be for- -otter.. And Trotter didn't forget them. He learned the necessity of persever- nee to succeed, and application to what he was doin Hard Knocks to Start. James Guthrie Trotter was born June 19, 1S3S, at Lochgelly. Fifeshire. -Scotland, and was one of .-ight children uf Mr. ai^d Mrs. Waiter Trotter. When their son James was 9 years old the parents decided to emigrate to Canada. On the long voyage in 1847 the Scotch family was destined to meet with dire affliction. Typhus fever broke out on board the vessel, and many of the passengers succumbed. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Trotter, and two of their children. The six little orphans landed at Montreal, where they remained a few months, or until their money gave out. Then the authorities of the Canadian port bound out the children, scattering them to the four winds. The son James went to a farmer in the mountains of trmont, where he remained until he was 19 years old. He then started west to earn his fortune, and landed at Roc-kford, 111. Becomes Manufacturer. At Rochester, which was then a thriving little town. Mr. Trotter became a machinist, and iat^-r a manufacturer. He became active in the business affairs of the town, and owned a machine shop that did a good business. An accident, however, resulted in the loss of the greater part of Mr. Trotter's left hand and. becoming incapacitated from further work as a machinist. he engaged in the land business. For several vears he did a successful business for the Illinois Central, handling thousands of acres that were opened to settlers. From Kockxoru Mr. Trotter moved to Ashton, in Lee county, and came from that city here in 3874. Mr. Trotter was united in marriage I with Miss Candace Ellen Ferguson at 'Ashton, 111., in 1869. Three children I were born to them, and survive Mr. I Trotter with their mother. The children are Mrs. Arthur X. Parrett, of Wheatorj, Minn. Walter F. Trotter, of "'ibcinantl, Ohio, and Dr. Jay R. Trotter, 0 its authority, as Is claimed, by the establishment of the road. The county's attorney is holding that, because Vajgrt made a claim for damages resulting from the establishment of .the road, he •waived all claim that the board of supervisors had exceeded its authority. The road wa.s established about a year ago. MOVES HERE WILL BUILD. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. North up, of Baxter, to Erect a Home. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Xorthup and daughter Clara, of Baxter, will move to this city soon to live. Mr. Xorthup purchased of Mrs. E. E. Holmes of Boone, and Mrs. George Bender, of Denver, Colo., a lot at 908 West Church street, on which he will erect an eightroom house, to cost about $3,500. Work on the house is to be begun at once. Mr. and Mrs. Xorthup are old residents of the southern part of the county. For years they lived east of Rhodes, but for the last few years they have been residing in Baxter. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Xorthup are the parents of City Solicitor F. E. Xorthup and Miss Etta Xorthup, deputy county recorder. SUITS—SPECIAL PRICES. Mr. Trotter was the originator of the little later to get them this week while Iowa law that placed volunteer firemen -ou on pay during the time they were in sen.'ice. The law was framed for presentation by Senator J. L,. Carney, and passed both houses. Mr. Trotter also adopted a method of bookkeeping for municipal affairs that was adopted by several Iowa cities years ago. Trotter a Good Citizen. xa a r®ader, Mancos, Colo. Mrs. Parrett and Mr. Trotter are here, and Dr. Jay Trotter and his wife are expected to reach the city tonight. Mr. Trotter is also survived by two sisters and one brother—Mrs. Janet Griffiths and Grant Trotter, of Mt. Vernon, S. D„ and Miss Ann Trotter, of Boston.' The funeral will be held from the Trotter home "\Vednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. ROAD CASE ON TRIAL. Timber Creek School Board Controversy Gets Into Court. Alleging, by a writ of certiorari, that the board of supervisors exceeded its authority when it ordered opened a road in Timber Creek township which, aa established, passes thru the dooryard of lived Vajgrt, the case was carried before the district court, iw1i«re it came to heating before Judge Bradrfhaw this morning. The question which the Judge ia to be asked to decide is whether or cot itfae board did csceed Brint- All This Week at Benedict & nail's. We will give you your choice of twenty-five ladies' and misses' suits for $1." each, the balance of this week. These are all new suits and great values. BBXED1CT & BR1 N'TXALL. BIG SATURDAY TRADE Opening Day at the A. E. Wilbur & Sons' Special Chair Sale Draws Big! Crowds—Lines Are Still Completae. When Wilbur & Sons bought the en-, can Mr. Trotter was a good citizen, and ^rviCe was made Judge Parker con- at these low prices. DENMEAD IS APPLICANT. Bank President Appears as Figure in Saloon Cases. tinued the cases until such time as the supreme court should render its decis- ion decree Xol a wril isbued in the John Ke„ey buc simllar wrils also appHed for and secured ta of the oth_r lhree c01Uempt cas€s & hack in. \er- Den-mead, president -of tioivai Bank, appears as the appli- caru for the writ o£ certloKtri in the ot her three Is tJ &*• TIMES-REPUBLICAN, IS Is P. tire stock of dining room chairs and of rockers of a.n overloaded factorv at a adbig reduction, it saved the purchasing public of Marshalltown anl surround- ing country considerable money. The of saving is given back in the very lowprice at which these chairs are being sold. The store was crowded all day Saturday and dozens of pleaded buyers are the result. We advise you if you are going to need any chairs now or a the First 4 Liscomb Woman Wants Divorce. and ii fa\or,L9 authors were ones Mrs. Ora Quinian. of Liscomb, has who helped him. Scott and Burns, the filed su beloved poets of his native land, were from Lawrence Quinian. She alleges among the authors whose works he habitual drunkenness and desertion, pored over longest and, blessed with a,The petition says Quinian left his wife remarkable retentive memory, Mr. .and two children in Omaha in 1907. Trotter was able to quote almost half Mrs. Quinian asks for the custody of )f Sir Walter Scott's works. Carlyie, these two minor children. T'n» couple! Voltaire, and Ruskin were all familiar was married in this citv April 2 1SS") t'riends to him, and these five authors practically furnished him with all the reading he has done in his long life. ,-t ,jn divorce in the district court a at Judge M. Parker was this morning! served with writs of certiorari, issued of by the supreme court Saturday in the saloon contempt cases which have been pending in the district court. After, As a result Wear The Celebrated Vi/7EAR them are made better tailored you can get under Pappe's Hand-made extremely they shall be and shaped with Hand-made developed until patterns than you stor in this any time. Overcoats. Suits,

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  1. Evening Times-Republican,
  2. 25 Oct 1909, Mon,
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  • Fred Vajgrt-case on trial about Timber Creek Road Oct 2th 1909

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