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aging, cows, typewriter, laundry, escaping age - Looking At Life By Erich Brandeis A...
Looking At Life By Erich Brandeis A sixty-three-year-old t r a i n robber and murderer, known as a successful escape artist, is back in Kansas City State Prison today, happy to have returned to a life of safety and comfort. He had escaped from other prisons before and gotten away, but this time he was found lying outside a shack near the city limits by passers-fay who heard his feeble cries for help. "I was just tool old to make it"{ he told the war-fj den, "escape! from jail is for younger men! then me." Perhaps t h i s j story is a bit far- i fetched when ap-i plied to our own lives, and yet soi many of us try to do things or| things * o'nly "^to* BRANDEIS find out that we "are just too old to make it." For instance, this morning I thought I'd go out and help Paul, my gardener, to plant some vegetable seeds. Well, Paul is tha son of a neighboring farmer and he is just twenty-one. Ha gets up at five in the morning, milks the cows, does a lot of chores around the place and then comes over and does my gardening, at seventy-five cents an hour. When he told me bis price I thought it was too much, but I've found out that J wouldn't do it (or rather couldn't do it) for five times the money. » * * So 1 went out to help him, and now I sit at my typewriter stiff as a board from bending over. I hsd to change my shirt twice;, it was wet with perspiration, and I was so tired »t noon that I couldn't eat my lunch P^pl just got back from his—his was dinner, however, all ready for an afternoon's v.-ork. He had had roast pork and cabbage and a big piece of apple pie and two hunks o£ breed and two cups of cof- -se. When I took Deuce, rny dog, out for a walk a little while ago, I passed Paul's farm. There -was his sister, Catherine, hanging up the wash. Three lines full and another basketful to go. She was singing, and she told me that she was going io a dance tonight. She, too, had gotten up at five, cooked breakfast and dinner, cleaned the house and done a week's wash. But my wife is taking a nap. She is all tired out because we had company last night, and there was dinner to prepare and dishes to wash and playing the part of a pleasant hostess. There was breakfast this morning. But Catherine is twenty- throe and my wife is—(deleted by censor!', at any rate my wife is nine years younger than I, and I am old enough to be Paul's father and the grand/ather of his little son if he had a little son. * * # S O you see, it's a little bit like that old convict, after all. VVe all try to escape from jail, the" jail of approaching old age, and we all try to escape from the consciousness that there are lots of things 'that we can't do any longer because we aren't as spry as we used to be. The old train-robber was glad to get back to the safety of his prison and we are glad to get back to the safety and comfort of our easy chair. But why kick? Paul will be old some day, and 1 was young once. Doesn't that make it about even?

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  1. Lubbock Morning Avalanche,
  2. 09 Jun 1945, Sat,
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  • aging, cows, typewriter, laundry, escaping age

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