Charles Gangwolf, Lillian's death

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Charles Gangwolf, Lillian's death - AGKJCULTUJUU, NEWS . ESTABLISHED A.D. J814....
AGKJCULTUJUU, NEWS . ESTABLISHED A.D. J814. BTOEB COHITT THE SUICIDE HAMILTOS. OHIO, TIUJJUiDAY DECEMBEB 6 Still Plausible In Garigwplf .Death THE HUSBAND V ' " Sweated By Police But Little Has Been Developed. He sweating piocess and pielinu m i j s nucsly.ihon bv the police iucndiy moi imy has gotten Hie death of Ulho Gangnalf jn a »)»,) of complications -' Gangttolf now Iclla that iio Biiikc. w i t h his v.ife linn -i k(i while the itestiniony ' tint Burke was m t he limm loading a no\cl wJicJi Mrs _.... a .. v .. i cut hoi tliroat The tcalimoiij showed t h a t Gongttolf used ' · · v v ra/.o'r to slmvc himself. Ihc fathoi of Ihe woman said to the police lliat Gangnolf fbicatened to kill his Hif e if die did not luid a monl life aftei he brought hei ba«k willi lum to Hamilton and that he wanted a J«im 0 'ei mifc a n j l ^ n The sncatuiij lias confused Gang wolf, «ho appoais lo bt of tcndci nature Aftci bcng sweated Jie 11 as led back to the tell .room. Before going back he said lie would like lo vieiv Hie remains of his wife and - r a hen told tint the bod} lud been taken back tears rolktf down, his checks. He docs not appear like a gnillj man iml tine, police me puzzled in uiH-uellmg the injsfcn Ihe case- is moic complicated JJian cvci and imj onl} be iiniivclied bj the- healing,* ne\t Thursday, boforp from the wound in lier throat. OTHER CONDITIONS. If Gangwolf tad taken his 'wife's lifo lie would not havo followed tier to the dining room and left liis coat and overcoat in bed .room No. 3 where she cut her tliroat. He would have tried to escape by an outside dooi tint led to the stairs,' , The ouli Iheoiy to be considered is that Mrs. Gangv,olf was sorely divppomtcd nt her inability" fp have Jicr,nict. giauted especially'.'tor a t i i p to Cinciima'ti on account of poverty .and was possessed "of deep jomoise at being one who had lived a life of abandon and therefore \ o l m i l a i i l j committed suicide. The police depailment is following ciicumslanlul evidence relative to Mrs. Gangwolf's past life and is Ihe boarders thought him a very nice young man and that he and his wife nctcd, like children, both 'being etill very young ami' ,i\ona ever dreamed or believed other than that she cut her o\vn Ihront. TA.11K.KD TOO MUCK. William Burke who was arrested ·by the police yesterday afternoon as a witness and released «ficr being pumped f ^ g o ( l i U fooUiilo it building its theory that there iras hci hnsbiiul of jealousy on tho pait of »ho Ine in the McmiH and ucie Hie first to ippeni on the acenc of Uic suicide, vigorous!) oppo=c the miirtler thooij So fu j33puld b° leained, iMr» Gangwolf 'as ^eij quiet nhile at the Ljnti ""lining house and m«v Inie eon template! suicide'.snicc §he was taken ond^ b|0ught to L'oroiier ,,----·" \V G-angnolf, whose wife cut Met throat with a ra/or llondaj, sliditb before tlie noon hour, «as locked Up ih solitan confinement at police liojdrpmleis on suspicion of . b.oiiig tlie; niiirdercr of his wife. Tliei'd; is' iio' direct or even miich slightly .suspicions evidence.that he · cut.'ills' wife's throat, nor is there - any' testimony to show that be was near his wife before she received the fiom hei children Hami'lon to hie m^jjcumsUauces not xtesuable to hei Despondent at not ., hei del,} wish gi-aliliefl, s h- yif the spin of the moment giapscd the 11/01 in easj roach and ended hei supposed tioublci ·HJR.THER INVESTIGATION. A bonder at Uic Ljnn house, Ed Lulx-onbeig, whose raroi «as used by Mrs Gan»i\olf to cut hei thioat, claims that it «as in Ins colt iihicb w j s Imying m the loom nheic she commillcd the deed and tint hei husbiml was the only one who kiien where be kept it. Her husband may 'have used it to shaVe himself «nd she nm lia\e seen him ictnui it and lhcieb became -acquainted with it's hiding place nnd iftei seeming it durui.g the' ·absence of her -husband cut her throat. The question i asked nhere iifls Gangwolf befoio the noaian cut her tluoit? It «a* Jeaiued tint ie nent to a. saloon-car (he boaiding'houso with ii friend shoitlj before dinner, letimfed to the bonding house and sat don n to dinner This nas about 27 minutes befoie 12 o'clock After flni liuig his (liniiei jt 12 o'clock he lie talked 'too much','''' to' use ''Ilife language of one of the ,bniirdcrs, and telling IliingSitha^jyere.jipt.baSfd.ou facts. Affcr i he' (jojd, Jill. he.'f^6jl»ht ho kiiew, he was released 16 lie arrested arrested again mid now languishes in the county jaii as a vritness. Tlie'fathcr and Hlep'mothcr of Mrs. flaiigivolf mid' their son arrived here Monday night at 10 o'clock ' from their homo in. DuyJon. Mr. and Mrs. Hampshire after their arrival here Msitcd the I/Min boaidiiig House and tlicn proceeded to Hie establishment of the Griesmer-flrimin Co., and from (here .wont to the police station to ge.t some infoiuntion regiardiiig (be suicide of i[u Gangwolf. After this thcj ncnt t o ' t h e Alia* hotel foi tlie iiigbl, and pu Tuesday moining nvaxlc aiiaiigemcntfi for the lemosal of the icmams for interment in a, ccm^loiy in Dajton. . It )ins leaiued JJiom.JMv. Hamp- shuo list liigUl bj a ^prescntativj; of the Bempciut bun tliut his dauglfr tci «as but 20 joai., old. lic'iiid not appe-u to believe that the ;\vo'nian was murdeiral by her iusband. ' - ': Boardcis sa^ that when Gan|wolf and his i\ifc «ero mairied.Uiey wer? given a bouse and lot in Dayton and $400: in cash. The bouse is, iiowcvei', deeded'iii such a. manner that it can not bo disposed o f ' b y either one, iii any event but islield for the cliildron. ANOTHER ClROUMS'fANCE. Another circumstance which is iii f-noi of shomng Gano-nolf's inno ceiice is the Jiict that -lire. OIlic Giabam nas ill and occupied room No o ducetlj opposite loom No 3 She ins an ike-and m bed and could have hcaid am noise, cue- £01 help or 'a quarrel betiweeii husband and wife hid trhej been together in room No. 3. 'She said theie was no trouble that she could he-ii uhile Gangwolf and his wife iveie in the room In fact eierjehino Has qntei and ill she heaid «as the sounds of comeftaiion in (he room f a t a l , wound. T h o - -police... iloparlineiit believes . fliat it IjOs 'sufflcicnt evidence to place Gangwolf. under "suspicion 'and pray clmrg^.|tun'ivitii'tli'c crime be is very evidently, imi.pcent of. CTijugwolf's cloiJiing was not soiled with blood jis would have been the case if lie.liad wielded Ilie razor that sevored. his wife's jugular anil ivind- J)ipc.; If, is said t h a t ' blood was found on liistock and hands. This is .casiliY.cxplainwi, if such -was (be cu«e, 'of ' wbirh Hiere is piMic'tically no evidence, '. When he cnmo down stairs after ecting liis wife at tlie door of r q t n No.'3 t the old Hi^hiaml hbii.4 . lie fell in 'a' faint to : th.'. iloor of the :diiiiug roonij Hie linoleum V)£- .which .ttvis covered -wiHi several large pools ', of blood .ami : the .blood may ha\;e, '.' ' v soltcii op his luiid in one of llicse. Iii bis collapse lie also c.imc 'in contact contact with the bloodstained dress of. his wife 'with bis back as told by o-swiln esses. ' I« the bed room wberc Mrs. Gangwolf Gangwolf secured /tlie. ra?.or 'and", cut lier throat, lliore k very 'little .space l?ft on accpiiiit of t^o bods 'irltieli occupy the greater |:irt of tlie apartment. If Qaiiswplf cut' : ]ie would h3,vo'_bpc!i spattered with blood from her sorercil jugular vein and some JAi.cpS of ;' blood .' .would jiave -beoii foiind oil -his shirt 'sleeves : or bosom, Jf lip. had ciij; li«r,/thc' gash .irouM have bec'ii more 'to flic left !sitle of ilie ;«fcck and 5ie hiniseif woiiid no doubt have been wounded in (be scuffle. There are no traces of a Struggle on cither of tie ieds or in the room. . Tlicre are _ no marks of blood on the beds and none of the family or boarders heard any quarrel or loml Jnlk hstwcim the two prior to the lime .Mrs. Gangtixilf came down ; thp' stops.. N° went up slaii-s. t o - dress himself iii bjs ivoi-kiiig clothes to ^go to life Kosler 'safe -works, leaving his wife in the dining room. After a ie'w.- minutes "be willed -his wife, ond'. sKe. went to 'him. ', There, wei-e no loud words beard /by any of. the oecupaiits of the lioivse. The .sleeper : in room No. 0,'a boarder named Holland, was accustomed to be awakened -at the noon .hour, and lie heard no'noise Or quarrel between the Gangivalf couple. A fair rainiites nftcr Mi-s. Gangwpif went Up stairs she came down agtiin. It iras probably three -minutes aecprding to the judgmeiif of a boarder. When she came down stairs She was bleeding froni ·Hie ^ash..irt her tlmvil and sivooued fwm i Iqs?. of blood as she.reeled .against,;011$ 6 v i Uic bcjRlers,-who' held 'a' 'cjh.iid, -,iu his arms) ah'd-e.Si/g'liWJftKIol '-'·· Both ; .. or cry for help vfere ic.ird by any one in tho 'libiae: '- There were .no thirty miuiitcj inlcrvcAiiig bctweto (he timB she -fjitiif ff(mn stairs and into' the dining L tibni .liid the monient G«fig- wolf followed, his -wife ini fell i n 4 fai.'itmg spell to the floor is some 'have claimed. It was scarcely two mintitcs jftcr HM occurrence before a I)on)OfhU-3iin man was at (he I..MII boai.iin? lnn-c and Gnngwolf 1^1, Hieii in a room «c)jicpnl to tiie dinin? roor.l m i pioslraloii cmxhtion n'lite h's nife'^ life «,i She" ovid.enlly thought her i'lusband was down'stairs. ..The .dopr of room' No.. 3 was 'closed!.'ivh'eji' ; he,i{ th'rctfl' was cut and she .evidciltlj' fuDibleS ii'ilh the knob,on the inside o f . t h e door for some time to judge bv the bloody finger and Tiandpfiuts and the jiaol in front of Jhe inside .of the door, before slic was able · (o open tlie door and walk down stairs fdf assistance probably regretting her rash act. ' · ' . ' . ' . : It It is judged by tlioje who were excited nt (lie sight Of seeing 'tbij woni;in come down with the blood streaming, from the wound in .i'er throat, that the' hiisbiird ' followed her Sown into the dining room about two or three minutes affor' she ap- poared and then' fainted away. . This is .possible under |hc 'circumstances. ·He a'dmits that'he went to ropih Np; 1 wliilc' his; wife was with ;bim, ·that (fey Had discussed, a proposed trip to Cincinnati, that he left her to arrange liis neck-tie and Utaf when he returned lo .room No. 3 slie came out of the door with her bloody hands at licr throat and hastened'down the small hallway to the stairway and ihen down the step?. Svich a sight «01 oss the nniioiiv [iartilioti walls are .thin -and the .._.,,, to Mie roams are common grooved doors. · , · The remains .of Jlis. Gangwolf were sent to Dayton at 11 o j «fock Tuesday morning for interment. They were accompanied by. her ftithc.r and Stepmother. f$eforc they .were sent to the,station,. Jlre..Lynn aad other ·ivphicn who lived at tlie , boardiu'g hoiise viewed the body and ail are of the,opinion that Jlra. Gangwolf fool; her own life aiwl l.hat her huslxind is innocent. i IVilliain .(Burke is a boarder at the Lyiia boiixling hoiisc. Some say he followed 'Jlrs. Giingwplf to 'Hamilton. This is not irue for he was i boarder nt the. Lynn ' uoardiiig ihouse before s!re. ever fame to Hamilton w i t h her luisband on last'Saliirday. It is said Wiat -hft ; was' with..licr'.aud'"that : liov hilsbaiid sm-priscd them.' 1 This is not tru'e'^because all say thai. Gangwolf siairi to.dress and lie 1X1116(1 ... - i f , - , a^'she, .went up upon being called iyVhim." The police department life been working on a clue and says Inat it expects to develop somalcv'i- Jence to prove that the husband killed h'is..wifc. . ' " ; The .wound lias n peculiar crcsceht Shape, which also goes to sliow that it was self indicted. It begins at the left side of (he windpipe .and makes un upward half circle around the Adam's apple to'a''point Irelom' the right jaw aiid it is also reasonable to believe from this that only n self- inflicted wound could be made in this 'manner. '.-.' .'.'·.'- .- : IJOTION AND DEMURRER. · In the case of jla'ry Jf. Woodruff vs. the C. N. Traction,Co.; the defcnd- snUuis filed a general demurrer to the petition in the common picas court. In the caso of John Peterson, etc., i's. : the C. O. T. Traction Co., the defendant defendant has askc'd the common pleas court to-require the plaintiff to give security for costs. cotton THOMAS ·: TAOGAET. of Thomas Taggart, cbnlrman of the Democratic ravorec, ***$^S^ t *vX^^TM^ Twin lie selected to conduct the campaign o' IOCS com- that be would:_ naturally transfix anydltfe pbced in A like position. Arid the fact that! he s^oouoil a'wav, after ki did recover from 'his' fright' and came itowii stairs, shows that he haJ A weak heart and t\ws unable to move wlieii he saw ;Hie:. ghastly sight i» (nc upstii-rs haliwayi · THow arc biit few .people who believe that Gangwolf killed his wife; and these have no evidence but ibe ibo\-c related. it r,.\nn )iinsf tor ^me time and both the host .and Mr and Mrs Joseph Wagner's Silver Wedding Anniversary Vi and Mi Jo eph Wagnei wel coined a large company of .relatives .and friends, numbering about sixty to' their home af. ,'Pleasant-Rim to celebrate;their Iwenly-fiffh wedding aiiiiiversary:yesterday.- . . At' 'fwelvS o 'clock .Mr. and Jfi-s.' \Yagner invited the guests Ip the dining room where a bountiful feast was served. Among the giiesl? were the. following: Dr. Nicholas and wife, ,of Cincinnati, ·-Mis. Jcnnip Lindley of Avondale, Mr; .and .Mi's. George Davis and children, children, Mr. nnd .Mrs. Geoigc Schneider and daughter Anna, Mr. arid Mrs. Beckerraeyer and danghtcr, Ifr. and Jlrf Albert Broivn Mr. ^rid Mrs. Mike'..Seller, 3fr. and.'Mre. .'George Lacey anf,! danglitei-s Mary, Anna and Carey, 'Mr. md Mrs. Charles Wilkiiis and son Darrell, Mr/ and .Mrs. Smith of Hamilton, Mrsfjoney Vergons, "n r ilJ and Adolnh Schnei- (lor, Harvey and Ollie -J)eitz and many others. After the noon repast was over"an orchestra furnished music for' 'dancing 'dancing which th c merry crowd indulged in well o» to the midnight hour. The bride and groom of 'tWerfly-'five years ago were presented with, the following beautiful pieces of silver: Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas, silver tea pot I Mrs. Jennie Lindley, silver bread plate; Dcitz and Schneider Bros., silver cake basket; Mrs..Carey Smith; Shroyer Scheerlng" ......^ Miss Ehyabeth Scheonng, of Havon, and Thomas, were (jiiietly married at noon yes-' terday at I!i 0 home of ; the bride, lieai New Ifaven. Only the relatives am immediate family were present to wit ness the ceremony. Many beautiful presents were re ccivcd by the happy bride and groom After the ceremony nh all-day re ccptiou followed. Mrs. Shroyer is a popular youn« woman with a large cirel.6 of friends Mr. ShVoycr is ngriculturnl editor of the Butler. County Democrat, and in tins capacity has won many friends. The bride and groom are at homo Uicir friends in .Venice. A Seven Mile Wedding. . The announcement' is;made todaV of the approaching iTciding of Miss Paulino Ralimcs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .Trihn "\T TVil.'i,irt :I f."" f »'*- j^vii* ·_ i ° £ Vcl1 - ° B . . John M. RalVmes,' a' prominent farmer of Seven Mile; phb 'will be united m marriage lo",Ja«)b Rii'pp :; a popular farmer, also ot that place 1 .- ' 'VU ' ' ' I ·-·.'..· ] , ·- ,;· } A DENIAL . · · The report . that Miss, Elsie Bciscr ·vnd some other girl had · run away from Cincinnati to Joig the Raj.rh of (ihong company is denied by James Spencer now with that company. Mr. Spencer says t h a t 'whi!e-,he knows nothing of the girls leaving Cincin- Bidly JBiAi TTp. am 'Brown, of Wintcrtor,, 5\ T . ., had R icry remarkable experience; he says: "Doctors got badly mixed up over me; one said heart disease; t«x called i{ kirtricy trouble; the fourth, blood poison, and the fifth stomach and liver trouble; but none of lem helped me; so my wife advised advised trying. Electric Bitters, which are restoring hie' to perfect health. Wtle did me more good t h a n Jli the R\c iloctors 'pfviCribfd." ff«arinlo?d for hlomi 'pdts'on, wc,\k- iiess ami a |) hj ill drnp|isl«, 50e, kidu«y tablespoon,; Mr. and M^ ^"..hor George Davis, silver b u t t e r dish; Mr. hCrC arid ;Mrs. George Schneider, silver pieUe caster; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Seller, s|lver'water set; Mr. and M£J. Chas. Wilkfns,'silver tooth-pick holders holders and cut glass fruit dish; Smith and'iirowii,' silver butler k n i f e ' a n d sugar shell; Mr. and Mrs; Lacey, set o£ .silver tablespoons; : Miss Jlarv Lacey,-silvcr sugar shell; Miss ' ' Schneider, 1 'sitver nut set;' Mr. and Mrs. Beckermeycr, silver berry spooii; Mrs. Margaret Bromi, table cloth and'napkins. The day was delightfully enjoved and at midnight the guests departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Wagner many happy anniversary returns. ' '; ------ · *'· ^ ^^. ....... DrOREASE FOR NOVEMBER, The. total postolTico know that they did not . . . wun ' t h e - ''intention of loining that company iiiasmnch as the Rajah of Bhoiig. coinpany has been playing west of. St. Ixiuis all season and has -not been in the south. · '"*O'LBABN TO'.OQOK 'i Berlin,;})cc. 2.^-As 'a 'result of a recent conference ' · : betwceh {he Kaiscrin arid the Trawian minister ftf education' ,iri attempt will be made td make instruction in cooking and other branches of household mariacc- m f n t oWiyntory in all Prussian schools for girls. . _ Or, his way !o work yMtirday rebrn- }ng just before suu-ap, ttL Flanncrj-, ftged 27, a Big Four firenian, living ran" down ami . A Dangerous Deadlock, Hollister's ' Hockv Moiinthin Tea lll?t some ' im «a terminates fatally, \i purifies We Wood", regulates Hie I hc s . to PP a se^.of liver and bowel bowels, aids the kidneys; cures E !" lctlons - To niickly end I his condi: stomach troubles, builds up the ner- !!° n witno " t disagreeable sensations, vou« force;- m.akcs yon well .aiirt , r ' Kins ' s ' Ncvv J ' it! ' p .'Hf should h.appy; 35.-cents Tea oV-Tiblel* n '?'^" s ° c . vol| r remedy.'.Gnar.inlcf.1 The Radcliffs Drag Co., Cor. Hich : ' nbsol ,". lc l" satisfactory in every rase 2nd Sts., aridi23I High St. nr """'"*' "" l ' " " n J ----"·''- '" Dec May July Bce July May July Jau May Jan May Tau May , ma/Hi No. and were N'o. 2 No. No. , : ,,v ,,v . ,. .,,, -, -.-, -,. W m «TMy uacly at nil druggists. 25 and miscd @1.15. firsts othor on urge 55c; gccsc rnlovl l y stock

Clipped from Butler County Democrat05 Dec 1907, ThuPage 1

Butler County Democrat (Hamilton, Ohio)05 Dec 1907, ThuPage 1
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