Waller at teachers' conference

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Waller at teachers' conference - Educational Director Of Network Declares...
Educational Director Of Network Declares Juvenile Programs Safe Hurls Challenge At Conference of Teachers By S. II. STEINHAUSER There isn't a single objectionable children's program on the National Broadcasting airwaves, if you want to accept the word of Miss Judith Waller, educational director for the network. As NBC's representative at the conference of the Committee on Radio in Education Miss Waller challenged the educators to name a ringle objectionable program. She offered to prove that every broadcast designed to entertain juvenile isteners was backed up by historical Tact. No one accepted her challenge but -ne male educator lost his temper ong enough to tell the lady "I'm getting damn tired of what my children listen to." And Miss Waller told him, that being a teacher, he rught begin at home by training his ' hildren to realize what is good or l ad for them. And that settled . lings at least as far as trying to :.et the better of a woman in an ; rgument was concerned. Which is a round about way cf Predicting that NBC will leave its hildren's programs alone while Columbia employs a psychologist -nd a board of advisors to choose programs for the children's ears. Yesterday's Press detailed how the Columbia chain decided to fix definite limits for commercial blurbs. TBC will leave this to "good taste" of the program directors. NBC looks at programs advertising ures for bodily ills as undesirable nee contracts expire or stars go on vacation, for a vacation is con-: :dered an automatic lapse and can- ellation of contract. Otherwise such programs may continue but no new ones will be added. NBC issued this order seven nonths ago and has since been try-ng to rid itself of programs considered "not in good taste." To get back to Miss Waller for a moment. She was manager of '7MAQ in Chicago when Amos 'n' . ndy were Sam 'n' Henry and actu-: !ly gave the boys their start as big . Imers and network stars. She boss- d Bill Hay, Amos 'n' Andy's announcer, Bill Hedges, former KDKA rianager, and John Gihon and Roy Ilasenbalg, present KDKA moguls. '.Then Chicago's Century of Progress vent on the air she was the direc-i ir of broadcasts so she speaks with onsiderable authority and knowledge of radio. On Your Radio Tonight 6:00 KDKA Cy King. Press News Reeler. 9:00 KDKA Home on the Range WEDNESDAY P. S1J KDKA WCAE ' WJAS 4:00 Betty and Bob MedicaJ Talk Student Federation 4:15 Karen Fladoes Children's Program Curtis Institute 4:30 Markets; Orchestra Children's Program Institute j 4:45:Teachers Club Lady Next Door Institute. 5:00 Teachers Club Shirley Howard Loretta Lee 5:15 Kiddies Club Grandpa Burton Scout Yarn 5:30 Singing Lady Baritone Soloist Jack Armstrong : 5:45;Orphan Annie Musical Show Dick rracy WEDNESDAY EVENING . 6:00 Cy King News Dance Music Buck Rogers 6:15 While City Sleeps Globe Ifotter News 6:30 KDKA Orchestra Air Adventures Sports Observer 6:45, Lowell Thomas Scores; Music Melodeers 7:00 Amos 'n' Andy Dinner Concert Studio 7:15 Tony and Gus Mystery Drama Plain Bill 7:30 Red Davis Dr. Jimmy O'Neills 7:45 Dangerous Paradise Uncle Ezra Boake Carter 8:00 Hal Kemp One Man's Family Johnnie's Foursome 8:15 Hal Kemp One Man's Family World Peace 8:30 House of Glass Wayne King Vanities 8:45House of Glass Wayne King Vanities 9:00 Home on the Range Town Hall Mark Warnow 9:15 (John CharleH Thomas) (Starring Krefl Allen. Mark Warnow 9:30 Home on the Range van steeden orchestra Burns and Allen 9:45, World Affairs Talk and euest singers) Burns and Allen 10:00 Hollywood Gossip Guy Lombardo Jack Pearl 10:15 Al Smith Guy Lombardo Jack Pearl 10:30 Alumni Program Ray Noble Howard Barlow 10:45, (Northwestern University) Ray Noble Howard Barlow 11:00 Squire Hawkins Scores; Music News 11:15 Bob Chester Jesse Crawford Hallett Orchestra 11:30 Jolly Coburn Keller Orchestra Freddie Berrens 11:45 Jolly Coburn Hoofinghams Freddie Berrens 12:00 Dick Fidler Madriguera Orch. Joe Haymes 12:15 Dick Fidler Madriguera Orch. Joe Haymes 12:30 Loper Orchestra "Lights Out" Will Ryshanek 12:45 Loper Orchestra "Lights Out" Will Ryshanek 1:00, Signature Signature ARLY THURSDAY PROGRAMS A. M. ' KDKA WCAE WJAS 7:00 Musical Clock Morning Express 7:15 Musical Clock Express 7:30 Musical Clock Express Early Risers 7:45 Musical Clock . Express Early Risers 8:00 Morning Devotions Phil's Note Book English Pitfalls 8:15 Organlogue Don Hall Trio Musical Moments 8:30 Organlogue Cheerio Melodies 8:45Landt Trio Cheerio Musicale 9:00 Breakfast Club Style Shopper Sunny Side Up 9:15 Breakfast Club Dick Liebert Sunny Side Up fl:30 Stylist, Shopper Shopper; Concert Sunny Side Up 9:45Plough Boys Alice Abbott Piano Soloist 10:00 Smackout Johnny Marvin News; Bluebirds 10:15Gospel Singer Clara. Lu and Em Captivators 10:30,Today's Children Breen, De Rose Jack Fulton 9:00 W CAE Fred Allen 10:00 WCAE Guy Lombardo 11:13 KDKA Bob Chester. AFTERNOON '

Clipped from
  1. The Pittsburgh Press,
  2. 15 May 1935, Wed,
  3. Page 20

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