The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana) 7 August 1923 Page 6

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The Indianapolis News
(Indianapolis, Indiana)
7 August 1923  Page 6 - 10 Walter Russell, who styles himself a real...
10 Walter Russell, who styles himself a real estate operator vand artist, has written aa open letter from New York to Henry Ford, urging tha lati ter to put his chemists to work In a search for a new element which Rus ell calls luminon. He says; This new element, should be abundantly found locked up In coal or copper ore, or wherever sine, gallium, gallium, arsenic, 'tin, antimony, lead. bismuth and any phosphorlo or nltro genous compounds are found. In luminon lies the solution ot the old light problem which shall be the light of the future. The cold light magnetically radiated by means of luminon will make women very beautiful to look upon because of the absence- absence- of red and orange rays. Its color will be delightfully amber green, that ' marvelous saffron glow which follows the setting sua. Just that color which all women realise enhances their beauty without the artificial' touch. Mr. Russell seems to have, gone Into the matter thoroughly. Hs has charted all ths . known and : little known elements from what hs calla alphanoa to omeg anon and has placed them in a big family, gathered about a sort of elemental table. Luminon will be seated four places to ths right of hydrogen, bringing tt up to the nitrogen group. It will be strong IT eiectro-negauvs, eiectro-negauvs, eiectro-negauvs, wm nava an atomlo volume about one-fourth one-fourth one-fourth that of hydrogen and Its conductivity will bs very high. Tor that reason ths prediction Is roads that luminon wilt be of Immense value In radio. Present attempts to produce cold light are doomed to failure, accord Ing to Russell, because they are be Ing made on wrong- wrong- clectro-magnetlo clectro-magnetlo clectro-magnetlo principles. He has solved the mystery f the firefly, he Insists. through the theory that every fire fly has stored up a supply f luminon gas and merely excites Its lumlnositiy when anxious to make a glow. ao Air. x ora is promisea mors wealth than hs now has and his chemists are assured of "Immortal lty if they will so to work on ths Russell theories, and place luminon in a position where It may be used

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  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 07 Aug 1923, Tue,
  3. Page 6

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  • The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana) 7 August 1923 Page 6

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