Highspire Distillery to reopen, 12Apr1935

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Highspire Distillery to reopen, 12Apr1935 - 7, - Highspire Distillery to Reopen in Fall, ,...
7, - Highspire Distillery to Reopen in Fall, , Giving Regular Employment to 30 Men f, . y ' - '' i f " " m . ' v . - ' & - i WHgKiPZi i i ,.11 H i s cm 1 fij. TV - v.i i - m r , i & - $W;J0' 7$5 mil Mf"f riiiTli - ' - Ti'wiiiiii.iiii 1i - mi fin iii.i) . 'ii mt '"mSiii i ''.f . , Telegraph newspaper photo The Highspire Distillery, where whisky has been manufactured for 113 years, except during prohibition, will be reopened in the fall, and at least thirty will be employed. The distilling building, pictured above, is now occupied by a knitting plant, which will be moved to a new location. A famous old name in whisky, Highspire, is on the way back; but, under present plans, it will be about four and a half years until the connoisseur will find it available at his club or favorite bar. Pennsylvania has always been recognized as the home of the Nation's best rye whiskies among which, prior to the arid years of prohibition, Highspire was one of the best known and most popular. Authorities on the subject have attributed this Pennsylvania superiority superiority to the peculiar qualities of water drawn from artesian wells sunk deep into limestone deposits far beneath the earths surface. Established 113 Years Ago The superiority of this water, and its presence at Highspire, probably was the principal reason for the establishment of a distillery there 113 years ago. In a descriptive article appearing in the Harrisburg Telegraph (Telegram) in 1893, It was said: "The geological survey shows a narrow ledge of red shale rocks, charged with iron and carbonates and sulphates of magnesia, projecting projecting from the planes to the northwest northwest of the village (Highspire), and, dipping to the southeast, cropping out in the channel of the river. This run of rocks, like a mountain stream, is narrow and bounded on each side by limestone deposits of indeterminable depth .and unsur passed in quality. "The subject connected with the manufacture of fine whiskies which has created the most discussion and has been the cause of more conjecture conjecture than any other1 is. 'What causes the difference in flavor between between whiskies, aside from the materials materials from which they are made?' " Secret Is in Water " After some discussion of the question, question, the writer announced that the secret of Highspire whisys suc cess was in the water that went into the making of it. He said: "If this were the only test to apply to Highspire Pure Eye Whisky, it would entitle it to the high rank it holds in the trade, standing alone in its peculiar prop. erties of flavor and liquefied fruit age as to taste; but, owing to the character of the water from its three artesian wells, deep down in the geological strata whence its unrivaled water is drawn, it can be made on a combination as to malted or unmalted grain not possible in any other rye whisky distillery in the country." Founded in 1823 The Wilson Distillery Company, Limited, of Highspire, Pa., was the first corporate name of the Highspire Highspire distillery. It was founded by Robert Wilson in 1823 and was operated, operated, it is said, as one of the first plants in the country producing nothing but rye. Wilson eventually was succeeded by his son, William K. Wilson, and then by "Messrs. Peters and Elliot, and Mr. A. P. Lusk." Lusk died in 1887 and, in com pliance with a request made in his will, the plant was purchased by the late Charles Goldsborough, of Baltimore, father of the present owners, Charles, Jr., and R. G. Goldsborough. Burned in 1893 In 1893 the distillery was destroyed destroyed by fire, but was rebuilt Immediately Immediately by Mr. Goldsborough, and operated by his sons until prohibition. prohibition. Then production ceased; distilling machinery was torn out and a mill, the Highspire Knitting Company, founded. Now history repeats, for just as the knitting company crowded out the distillery, the dis tillery now will force removal of the knitting company to another location, not yet selected but certain to be in Highspire. If a suitable plant is not found there, a new one will be built. New equipment will replace knitting machinery In the old distillery Old Distiller at Work The old plant will be reorganized and operated much as before the industry was outlawed by prohibition. prohibition. The old distiller, whose knowledge knowledge of his business was greatly responsible for the success of Highspire Highspire whisky, is available and once again will preside over the distilling. distilling. The old warehouse foreman foreman likewise will be back on the job. That, explained R. G. Goldsborough, Goldsborough, is important, for an even temperature must be maintained in the warehouses and the stored whisky must be carefully guided to ripe and mellow maturity. In that word "maturity" lies the answer to the reason why, unless new stockholders demand it, Highspire Highspire whisky will not be available for about four and a half years. If Mr. Goldsborough has his way, It will be bonded, ripe whisky when placed tti the market. " I He anticipates now that the distilling distilling of whisky can be started in early, fall. Some of the new product will be carefully laid aside in the warehouse for aging; some will be sold to, the rectifying trade for blending with other spirits, but will not be marketed under the name Highspire. Will Employ Thirty Operating at full capacity, the distillery will provide full time employment employment for about thirty men, exclusive exclusive of the office force. Production Production will be about 1000 gallons a month. The distillery has been reincorporated reincorporated with an authorized capital capital of $350,000, and will issue 7 per cent, preferred stock with a par value of $10 and 150,000 shares of common stock with no par value to raise $250,000. The distillery might have been started soon after prohibition repeal, repeal, but an out of State firm, realizing the merchandising advantage advantage of the famous old name, put out a product in a bottle bearing the ' name Highspire. - It was not until several months ago that Mr. Goldsborough emerged victorious in a patent suit, and regained the right to label his product, "Highspire "Highspire Pure Rye Whisky." 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  • Highspire Distillery to reopen, 12Apr1935

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