Penns Creek Massacre

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Penns Creek Massacre - A Bit Of History Early Settlers THE PENN'S...
A Bit Of History Early Settlers THE PENN'S CREEK MASSACRE By B. F. M, MtcPHERSON !b*yotx! the Blue Mountains. N«m«s Arc Preserved Trie early history of what is! The names of the persons cap- now Adam* County. !en:jsy!-: lured during the p enn - s Creck vania. a c:a-e.v interwoven i chapter of -he Penney:vania fron- «««"*«« have been preserved from 1728 '.o 178."): particu- and they were as follows: larly during :he old Indijn Wars.jLeininger, Regina 'Rachel' Lein- begmning wi;h the defeat of On- j erai Edward Braddock and hisj army on July 9. !,oa The re" re" Marie Jaco b Le. Le. h . ·" suit "of thai catastrophe was pre- ! Breylinger. the wife of Jacob cisely what the people living on : Breylmger, and two of their John and William Lick 'Pe.'msyl-i the then western frontier expected. expected. The story of the first massacre massacre to take place a f t e r the Braddock Braddock fiasco is commonly known ume 3, page 633). dren: Peter Lick and his two sons, . . , ...... ,. , ,, . . i ! J t o j a s the "Perm's Creek Massacre", As previously stated j a '^ i n . h n d ' l began on Ocio!er 16. 1755. i tide Barbara Leininger and ^ettlenx-nts made along jLeRoy were neighbors, living ap- First Series. Vol-! j j k i n g I the tributaries of , ,. , 1 proximately one-half mile apart hanna Kiver. north of the Blue i in the Penn Creek Settlement. Ridge, after 'be Indians sold most!When the Indians, who took of the land in that region to the j girls and the other captives, Penns by treat v ' k n o w n the Albanv Treaty'' in 1754 as!rived at Chinklacamoose 'Clear- be-1 f i e l d ' . Marie's brother. came in a year or two more tne scenes of the first Indian massacre massacre on the Tennsvlvania frun- One of these settlements wa a;ong what was caiied the L i t t l e Ma'nonaby or John Penn'.s Creek, a .stream now known as Penn's Creek. It flows into the Susquehanna Susquehanna at Selin.sgrove. It was in this valley that the first tragedy, after the French and Indian vic- Koy, was left with the Delawares of that place. The savages with the remainder of their captives went on to Kittanning at which place they arrived in December. 1755. Here they remained until after Colonel John Armstrong and his army destroyed this noted Delaware village September 8, 1756. Preferred Indians Soon after Colonel Armstrong's lory on the Monongahela. took expe( ijtion Barbara Leininger and side to do! place and when the news arrived at Harris' Ferry John Harris and a party of local settlers went up the Susquehanna to bury the victims. victims. The .settlers killed or taken Dutchmen but actually they were, for the most part. Swiss-Mennonites. Swiss-Mennonites. "Killed And Scalped" One of the inhabitants who escaped the Indians and their French allies had this to say of the massacre: "That on or about the .sixteenth of October (1755 1 the enemy came down upon the said Creek 'Penn's' and killed, scalped and carried away all the men. women and children, amounting to 25 persons in num- Marie LeRoy were taken by the Indians to Fort Duquesne "'Pittsburgh'-. "'Pittsburgh'-. During their two-month stay the French at the fort tried to persuade the two girls to Ihe Indians and remain with but they (Barbara and Mariel could "not abide the French" felt that they were better off i among the Indians. From Fort Duquesne. they (the two girls were taken to Sauconk, located at the mouth of Beaver Creek, where tlicy remained until the spring of 1757. That this was not to be their final destination is shown by the fact that they at Kuskuskies. among the Dela- al I J v U i i L i i i t ; LU --·/ t-^n ^viio in in.i in , ,-.. · , · »-·« i - i , , j j h n wares, when Christian Frederick her, a n d wounded o n e m a n w h o ^ ' T/\t-t 1-ic-itrwI f h o f rJ--/-o ni rho on. fortunately made his escape -later -later we went out to.bury the dead whom we found .most barbarously barbarously murdered and scalped. We found bin 13. which were men and elderly women, and one child 01 two weeks old. the rest being vounc Post visited that place in the autumn of 1758 on his peace mission to the 'Western Delawares. | Shortly after General Forbes captured Fort Duquesne on November November 28. 1758. the unfortunate captives were taken to the Mus- , . , wcmen and children we kingum. From the latter Isuppose to I* carried away pj-is-jgirls^made their^escape on oners: the House ''where we suppose suppose they finished their Murder 1 , we found burnt up. and the man of it, named Jacob King, a Swiss- ar, lying just by it: lie lay on his back barbarously burnt and two Tomahawks sticking in his 6:04 6:05 16, 1750. coming to the newly, erected Fort Pitt (Fort Duquesne). Duquesne). Finally on May 6 of same year the two arrived in Philadelphia. Here they appeared before the Provincial Council and gave an account of their terrible forehead: one of the tomahawks, experiences, part of which follows: marked newly with W. D., we! Killed With Tomahawks XBA for have sent to your Honour Thei "Early in the morning of the!son terror of which has drove away! 16th of October. 1755. while almost nil these back inhabitants jroy (the father of Marie i except us. the Subscribers, with j out to fetch the cows, he a few more who are willing to stay and endeavor to defend the Hand: but as we are not able of ourselves to defend it for want of guns and Ammunition, and but few in number, s o - t h a t , without assistance we must fly and leave Y O F F S the Coun-.ry Enemv." the attacked was evidently that of Jean Jacques 1/cRoy. a French Huguenot. He arrived in America w i t h his family in 1752: The neighbors neighbors to the east of the LeRoy tract were the family of Sebastian Leininger. Leininger. a German, who came to this country in 1748. Fine Body In Ruins At his settlement on Penn's the Indians shooting six times, j Soon after, eight of them came the house and killed Marie Le- Roy's father with tomahawks. Her brother defended himself despcr- ately for a time but was at last overpowered. The Indians did not to mercy of t h e ! k i l l him but took him | together with his sister. Marie The first settlement ihe Indians|R 0 y. and another little girl who was staying with the family. Thereupon they 'the Indians)! plundered the homestead and set it on fire. Into this fire they the body of the murdered father 'Jean Jacques LeRoy). feet foremost, foremost, until it was half consumed. . . . Then they kindled another fire not far from the house. sitting around it. a neighbor of! , . . . son. Friday j Creek Jean Jacques URoy or| L e K o y name( ) Bastian .happened n a l . | · ];icob K i n » ^ his iwichbors called , 0 pass by on norse i )ac k. M C was j i m vvas murdered defcMidnigj i m m e d i a t p ] y snot f|mvn and ] , his home and f a m i l y . His body ; foun1 !»''i^ ! . v '"""rued d nn.T-.nhe ruins of a !o'4 c a b i n . in : scalped . . ." The notes on tho Penn Creek massacre will lie continued in daughter. Maria Loiniii£er.! c o l u m n next week H i u h . and his son. Jacob Jr.. were taken ' t v l c a p t i v e by the Indians. MeanTo: while a neighbor, named Bnstian. attracted by the shots and the fire, rode over to investigate and was g a m e . ' p r o m p t l y killed by the savages. 8 ' X e x t the Indians proceeded to the h Ave-;Leininger home where they killed: In Jhabua. a state of Central India, a medical dispensary was built to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. the father of the family and his 20-year-old son. Two daughters. ' n a n d , · · sma . aged 12 years, ger, aged about mamed for- manv vears i n g St. tery. She was one of Ihe many Indian Indian captives swallowed up and lost in what was then regarded as a vast unknown countrv--the area' HAM Family SATURDAY, BENDERSVILLE Bendersville, Serving From lAdults S1.25 Children 7Sc Sponsored by

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