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First issue of the daily edition of the Commercial Advertiser - T V : l -A M d i . 71 , Hi . i ft ll 4 i . i ii...
T V : l -A M d i . 71 , Hi . i ft ll 4 i . i ii T ;i . J" .! i :i X - ' --"V , v . vs v e y r 1 i 1 i .J-L 'A A A VOLUME 1. NO. 1. THE DAILY PACIFIC (lo mm crci a t gl A v t r 1 1 s tx . , IS ri?BLI:IIKl RV TILE P. C. ADVEIiTISER CO. EVKKV MUItXIN' ESCKPT SfXPAYS. SUIISCRU'TIOX Dailv l'. C A.lvt-rtiscr, 1 joar. (Cah) . . . , . . .$3 00 Dailv P. C Ailvertirior, G rmmthn, (Ciash) . . . 5, 00 iHiU P. C. A!vfrtift r, I wrok, (Cash) ' 25 Weekly P. V,. Advertiser 4 00 Pontao tm foreign HuhHcriptiou of the Daily.. Pustatf on foreign xnbHt ri'ition of the Wooklj' All iJonimmurations and rcmittanees to Ixj ad-Jrcst'd tu F. JfAYSFLDFX, Manager P. C. A. Co. IMISC ELL AN EOUS. THE CLEHOYMAN. A man wboiu all may UtieUe. The old, the ouiig, the foolisb, wise; Who always must b keen ami LrigLt, Though dealitsg with the old and trite; Who ne'er must show the least displeasure Or grumhle in the eUgUtenl measure, If. after workiug all the week, On Sunday when he cornea to speak The handful that his preaching draws Only responds by nods and snores: . Who daily must his Tisit make, Though many a precious hour it take; Must viwit eU k and visit wi ll. Where live the rich, where panptra dwell; Must wed hia flock, their young baptize, And say aome nice things when he dies; -. A man in whose unwilling ear Are poured all scandals far and near; To whom all come with cark and care; Who niust hi people's burdens bear; A man whom nen folks patronize And whom the women idolize; A man we laugh ti when we can Fuch, reader, is the clergyman. Farewell bachelor dinner-parties arc now the rn in New York. They are given Ly the tridfgroom-clect a lew dnjs priur to his marriage, and sire nothing if not costly. Ari'LE Cheesecakes. -I la if pound stewed applet", lb eu;ar, Jib butter, the rind of one lemo l, the juieo of two, and two es. Uikc in pattji pan, lined with paste.. , Mot sk jewellery is fashionable. The little animal U wrought in silver and fastened in the fa! ! of lace or . tsilk tie.v It is also popular for uIT-, mada ui bronzs, jet, pearl, or liht metal. ("'.' ;i.i:r.REM. One cup of butter, two of iaol .:C8, fuur vi "flour, two es, ne tables poon-ful of eoda in ine cup of boiling water, one full teaipoonful of ginger, one-half nutmeg grated, two teaspoonfuls of cinnamon. A Good D rsi ntectant iob the Mouth Per-laan-inate of potash and binoxidj of barium, o, each 21 graira, are to bo rubbed up into a maspi with euar and glycerine, and divided into 144 lozenges. It paid that the use of these will remove all disagreeable odour from the breaLa Max' persons have an unreasonable objection to a hair in butter. And yet what visions of jet or auburn tresses of the lively maiden standing over the churn, it awakens. And betides a strand of red, black, or brown hair in butter is a con-eoling assurance that the article is not oleoma rgine. . Mrs. Garfield will soon receive from the ffumca's Silk Culture Association the Srtit silk dresi every part of which from ezg, to finished fabric his been produced in America. The silk has j its been reeled by the members of the Association, and is said to be equal to the best Italian eilk. Scnsuine Cake. The yolks of eleven two cups of suit tr, one cup of butter, one cup weet mild, one cun ol Hour. half teanoon!ul ' Boda, two creata uf tartar; fllVOr with vanila. A good cake to make at the eame time with the white sponge cake to use the yoiks of egs. Meat Pie. Take mashed potatoes, seasoned with ealt, butter, and milk, and line a baking dish. Lay upon it cold meat of any kind ; add alt, pepper, catsup, and butter, or any cold gravy ; put in a layer of meat la the eame way till the dish is full ; have a layer of potatoes on the top. Bake until it is thoroughly heated through. Of late coneij rable attention lias been directed ti the curative properties of flte eu'.n'jptus, and it would eeem as if ita niedicioul virtues are almost unbounded. As ja meana ol relievinj catarrh, its eSectu are certain ly.taost pronounced- and we, ararat Advertiser, are informed br gentleman of undjubted authoritj that irt)e casa of diMtcmper in dog3 it is exceeding! efjjca-ciuus. The cure is eaid. to be complete rapid, the m ode of administration being uf follows : At soon, as the disease1 irf observed,, take two or three youn leaves and chop them fimeljr with a Jittle butter and make into a bolus, .vhich can be administered without much difJiCultj. Some milk and eulphur may then be gjfien, and the following day a dose of castor oil when, no further treatment will be necessary. The Ear Few people raHse what a wonder-lully delicate structure t.o humanear reaily is. That which we ordioarihf designate o is alter all only the mere outer porch "t" a series of winding passages, which like i&o fubbies of a great building, lead Iruin Ihef outer air into the inner chambers. Certai'4 of these passages are full ol liquid, and iheirmembrancs are j-tretched like parchment curtaV,,,, ncru the cor dora i at differ-cat places, ami ff can b3 thrown into vibrat.on or made to trem! v PS the head ot a drum or he utrace of a tambourine doea when struck with a 'tick or the fnrerd. Ueiwceo two of these parch-laent-like ctuSs a chain of very .mall bones extend- W c rvca to tighten of relax the.o nciubrant ind to communicate vibrations to Ihcu. In 'the innermost place ct all rows of ne threVc-Vei rves. .Sretch like the string a Ii-' ; ro tie last point to winch the trembl-n"' oSuin reach and pM ,uvrarJ ltl Ihet iS01h& nerve, are aftfoyed the power foer Violin !. ?, .mnds bv a piano or J. M. DAVIDSON, Attorney a,t Xj.x?tr. no23 lyr droyl 2 4 Mrrrluint Sirrrt. M. PHILLIPS & Co., t.M I'OIITKRS AMI WIIOLKSU.E DEAL-eri in Clothing, Boots, shot's, H -its. Men's Vuruiahlne and Fancy Goods. (janl 81) Nf. n Kaahumanu St.. Honolulu H. E. McINTYEE & BEOTHEE, IXf) PKKD STORK. Corner of King and Fort street, Honolulu. II. I. janl 81 1m'S S. BOTH, f ERCIIAXT TAILOR. 39 FORT ST. jani Honolulu, II. I. SI lniyl Vf.l. JOHK-OOfJ,. Mrrrhnul Tnilor. Fort Street. Honolulu. - .Hanraiian Islamls. jnl 81 liny ii WILLIAM AULD, A CENT TO TAKE A C K N OWLEDGM EXTS to Contracts for Labor in the District of Kona, Island of Oahu. at the Oif ce of the llonola.u Water Works, foot of Nuuanu Street. jal 81 ly dmyl 0. AFONG, fMI'ORTKR.WHOLKSALK AND IIBIaiL iJealer in General Merchandise Fire-proof Store. Nuua nu Street. ja3 81 drnyl THOS. J. HAYSELDEIT, AUCTIONEER. Kolinla, IIiw3l. Stilea of Keal Kstate, Ooods and Property of every description attended to. Commissions moderate. my 7 ly dmyl JOHN S. McGREW, M. D., ivti: suuGi i :o?s tj. Aimv, Can be consulted at 'w Residence on Hotel street, dnyll between Alakea ahd Fort streets. janl 81 JOHN RUSSELL, ATTORNEY AT 1,4 . NO. 32 MERCHANT Jk S TREE T, CORNER OP FORT STREET. Honolulu. February gtith. 1S81. le26 ly dmyl ED. HO FFSOHL AEGER & CO. fM PORTERS 1M COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Corner of Fort and Merchant Streets. janl SI ly dmyl C. 13. ARNOLD, " GENERAL .STEVEDORE. CONTRACTS TV ll EN TO DISCHARGE vessel by the Ton. CO .4 If S ACK EI TO ORIKIt. Reasonable RATES and SATISFACTION CDAHNTEED. apltf . Office Honolulu Transfer Co.. Que'-ii Street. F.'T. LENEHAN & CO., Importers and. General Commission Ilerchanto . i, e: dkaleks in WIN EG, A LEG AND SPIRITS, dinyl HONOLULU. II. I. ly .PHOTOGRAPHS ! 'fjMIE L'XDKHSIBXEI) IS NOW PRE- jji pared To go tv any part cf Jhe Groap, and in:ke Tirst-t'liiis P!iJtr)gr:ip!is to Order, Either Views or Portraits. Prices reasonable and good work on' will be done. apl5tfdmyl H L. CHASE. JOSEPH E. WISEMAN, fF,AL ESTATE HKOKER. AND EM-Lk- PLOVME.M' IJUREAU. HONOLULU, H I Rents Rooms, Cottwt'es, H-uaes, and sell- and leases Real Estate in all parts o! the Kinsdom. EMPLOYMENT found for those stjekinj work in all the various branches of business connected with these IsUnds j:t- LEGAL Documents drawn, Uuls coiieciea, isoo..s . t. ,. t njn.r,i .,tTi wnrlr transacted. : i i,t .n,i cwni .im-e work transacted. patronage tjoliciiecCotntpjssiona Moderate. ap&.81.1y. dmyl G. W; MACFARLANE & Co., MPORTERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Robinson' Fire-proof Building, Queen St., Ifonolulu, II. 1. AI3KNTSFOR The Puuloa Sheep Ranch Company. The Spencer Plantation. Hilo, The WaiUapn PlanUWg-" Hue'.D uJ"jfid. . Mirrlees. Tatt Ai W "JJJffiSag Machinery- John HsO'"ru's Liverpool au l Lomion t-acKeis, jal'81 dmjl) and Hono'.ul Line of Packets. .eOlasgow Jl. P. ROBISSOS. rmtniNsOVS WHARF. DBALKKSLN 4r,UMltKRnd aU kinds of HL'ILDINO MATKRIALS air.ti, Oil. Sails, &c. c. AGSXTS FOR SCHbOSKRS UCLA M AN 17, . KF.KAL'LIIOHI, 5IARY F.LLF.N, PAUAIII, FAIRY QVKKN, CILAMA LEA HI. jn92 H inoiulu, Hawaiian Islands. dmyl H. C. CRAGDE, D E A Y M A J OFFICE. No. 33 QI EEN ST , HONOLULU. J. HIIARE, Maaser. Prompt and careful attention given to the transportation of Merchandise anl Parcels to all iarts of the city. . D- 'Teleiono Nnm ber 10"3. XI ma25 tfdooyl H. M. MOOEE, DEAt.KR ! GROCERIES and PROVISIONS, 12 3 FO Iff ST R E ET. Good, deliver, d In any P of the eity. Order JlicreJ and rrompil attended-to. Telephone 35. my 1 HONOLULU, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, MONDAY, MAY .All the Latest Novelties in Fancy Goods, also Gent's Fine Furnishing . Goods, Received i?y Every Steamer. dmiyltf Fire and Llarine Insurance Co., OF NEW ZEALAND. V A I'lTAL, SIO.OOO.OOO. ?f AVISO ESTABLISHED AN AGENCV MlA at Honolulu, for the Hawaiian Islands, the undersigned are prepared to accept risks against Ere in dwellings, stores, warehouses and merchandise, on favorable terms. Marine risks on cargo, freights, bottomry, profits and commissions. Louses promptly adjusted nml payable here. janl 81, dmyl J. 8. WALKER. ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY, OF LIVERPOOL. capital ZT ' UNLIMITED LIABILITY. FIRE INSURANCF1 or all descriptions will b eliected st Mrdcrate Hates cf Premium, by the nndersigntd. J. S. WALK Fit, fcjii'Sl ly dmyl pent for the Hawaiian ls'ands. THE CITY OF LONDON FIRE INSURANCE GO, OF LONDON. Capital, ... - - $5 ,000.000. LIMITED. Having established an Agency, here, the undersigned is authorized to acept risks against Fire, cn 3nilliiiM. MrrclifnHe, Priiilitrc, etc ,onthe u.cst favorable ttrni3. Lo?se j,i ly r.::ji:Ud and p.iyr.!e h"re CO. BERGER, apllydmyl, Agent, Hawaiian Islands. GRIZAT WESTERN SO WALL ST R BET. "SEW YORK. rgMIE AIJOVE COMi tAT' HAVING F.S- 3 tahiished an Agency at Honolulu, for the Hawaiian Islands, the undersigned is authorized to accept and write M AKIN E TZ I 8S K S ON Merchandise?, Freights. Treasure, Com-missions, and Hulls. At current Hales. J. S. VALKER, nr.5 ly dni) 1 Agent for the Hawaiian Islands. TllO SWISS LLOYD FJARIHE !!1S. GO. OPWIXTERTHLT.. 'mil E UNDERSIGNED IS AUTHORIZED i .TO IXSURK ON CARGO TREIGHT and TREASURE From Honolulu. TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD AND V PON COASTERS. I3V SPECIAL. PERMISSION On the most Favorable Terms. J. S. WALKER. Agent for the Hawaiian Islands. 3 anl'31 dmyl FIRE I ! Macneale I'rbaa Safes, Fire-proof, Fire & Bcr?!ar Proof, k Burglar Proof, smaller sizes constantly on hand. Orders for Large "Sizes Filled at Shortest Xotlce. 0!d Safes Taken la Exchange. Babcock's Fire Extinguishers ! BUFFALO SCALES, riatform, Dormant, and ComMriatlon Ceara Scales! XT For Priceii and Circulars, write to C. O. BERGER, General Aeent for the Hawaiian Is'and. mjlS'SOly J amy C. 0. BERGER, I So. KAAHUMANU ST., - HONOLULU. jl llli: niUOF, FIRE 1M) Bl'BGUR PROOF AD i . BFBGLAR FKOOF SAFES. j Of all sizes, Bought Said and Exchanged. I AGENT for the celebrated McXeale & TCrban Safes, and FAIRKANKVS SCALES. . : - Mayl-tf S. EI. CARTER f ijtnt; to talio Aclvnowledfrment ...... . . i-.- I Ii..a O t J I..t. . . 1 ( No. 4 I. - dmyl THOS. TAN fi ATT, . Kb- S3 Pert Street, opn. E. 0. Hall & Son j PiKTICl'LAR i Attention Paid ta s TO g & S WATCIIFS (LOCKS 5 V3 Small r.chinerT 3 it.vl'iAtAnJ llt AA-J . CHULAN & CO., NctrAStr Street .................. Hokolclu, TM PORTERS AND WHOLESALE AND i Retail Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND CHINA GOODS. OfKcr of Kenlin Sugar Plnu Intiou ; Puunlau Rice Plitntnlion ; Hnnalei Rice Flnnlntioii J dmyl Lttnaliei Rice Plaiiinlion. CHAS. T. GULICK, 3M O T k. H. IT rTJ33IliXG, AGENT TO TAKE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO A. LABOR CONTRACTS and . General Business Agent. Office in Makee's Block, corner Queen and Kaahumanu Streets. Honolulu janl-81 ly CLASS SPRKCKKLS WM. 0. IRWIN. WM. G. IRWIN & Co., Su!?ar Factors and Commis-ion Agents, jtnl 81 HONOLULU, 11. I. A. W. BUSH, ROC ER AND PRO VI SI ON- DEALER. !" f Pamilv Grocery and k'eed store, 13 Vmlers entrusted to me from the other islands will be promptly attended to. 52 Fort Street. Honolulu. janl 81 JNO. A. HASSINGER , 4 GENT TO TAKE ACKNOWLEDG- meula to CumraiUs tr LaUor. t Interior Office. Iloioluiu. jaul 81 A. S. OLEGHORN "& Co., f MPORTERS AXD WHOLESALE A XI) RETAIL DEALERS IN Concral Merchandise, Corner Queen and Kaahumanu Sts. ' janl 81 W. 0. AKANA, ' Chinese and Hawaiian ' Translator and Interpreter, TO 48 RING STREET. HONOLULU. Translations of either of the aUwe languages made with accuracy and dispatch and on reasonable terms, my21 ly A. A. MONTANO, I3 li o tog r axoli e r, Corner Fort and King Streets. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN -IN THF" HIGHEST style of the Art. m any size, on nanu tre nnest cou.- a or me isuui , also. Frames. Mala, and Passepartout?. Old Photograph Copied to any size required dmyl . MRS. A. M. MELLIS, 101 Fort Street, MILLINER, Dress Gloak and Mantle Maker, la the letest Farisiao and New York Styles, dmyl MACFARLANE & CO., Wholesale Dealers and General Jobbers ....IN.... - AV INES and LIQUORS,! NO, 12 KAAHUMANU STREET, j ! HONOLULU. dmyl ' " : , DE. EMEES0N, CONSULTATION ROOMS AND R ESI - HOIUS .8:80 to 10:30 A. 31. emyl-tf I TO 3:30 P. 31. THE BEAUEO SALOOfJ. NO. 7 FORT STREET. Opposite Wilder & CoV ET. J. NOLTE, Propr., OPR.V FROM 3 A. M. TILL 10 P. M. FISST-tLlSS LlMHLs, 1L1, 1011 tE, SODA MTATr.Il, GI.GEJ1 ALE, &.t. Cigars and Tobaccos OF BEST B&AND3. Plain i and Fancy PI PES Personally SeWted I from the Man- ofacturers, and a Large nety tf r.EsT QLALITlt f i SMOKERSrARTICLES.i - t ft,ri tt.nTT"-. , v. i Lovers of BILLIARDS win Hod an Elegant S j BRUNSWICK & CO., BILLIARD TABLE - : On the Premises. The Proprietor would be pleased ta receive a call from his Friends and the Public Generady, who may desire A LUXCH, SMOKISorsuneof BILLIARDS. epStfdcnyX 1, 1882. G. ILITCAS, iContractoi' and Builder team J 4' a Planing ii ii r. s . if f 1 ESPLANADE, Honolulu, H. I. Manulactures all kinds ol Mouldings, Urackcts, Window Frames, Sashes, Doors DHnds and all kinds of Woodwork finish. TURNING AND SCROLL SAWING. All kinds cf Planing and Sawing-, Horticing and Tenoning. IMuiim, Sprrificnlioiin, Dctaile.i Drawiagi and estimates furiiiahed upon A pplicallen. Pliiblatiau Work of till Kind, either in IS rick, Wood, Iran or Stone Construction dooe in vt'orlmit-itlihe innuncr, niil nl rn ouable priceii. OHDEIIS PKOMPTLY ATTENDED, and Work Guaranteed. Orders from the othtr Islands solicited. jal'81 ly dmyl HOENSOLULU DRAl'SIEVS PROTECTIVE MM, PRICES OF cartage: On and after the 1st day of May, 18S2, the following prices will be charged on all SFGAK, RICE, " COALS, LOOSE and BAGGED, ' IttOX, MAtlllNEUY, AM) GENERAL 3ILRCUAXBISE. CARTAGE on all Sugar and Rice will be 25 cents per ton, (of 2,000 pounds) within the following boundaries: Fakaka warehouse, Steamer shed and the City Front on a line with the above named warehouse, also from Brewer & Co.'s w harf to the Fish Market wharf. . From the Esplanade to the Queen Street wharf, 37 cents per ton. All Sugar and Ilice to be delivered on the wharf and MOT OH THEUESSEL BUl as formerly, or if DELIVERED on the VESSEL'S RAIL, 37J cents. I Coal, bagged, per ton, (2210 lb 3) . . .37 Cents. toal, loose, " ...50 " (Or any portion of a ton.j Lots of coal over fifty tons, per ton 40 " Cartage and piling of Coal Per agreement. Brick, rx;r 1000 .$1.00. . Brick, pressed, per 1000 . .$1.50 Lime, per load 37 h Cents. 1 f emcnt, per load 37 ? Cents. i, per load .. . j To Bond, per single load 37H j From Bond, per load 50 " j Molasses, per single luad 31H " i General Merchandise, (exclusive of the above) per j load or ton, including the following boundaries: ' - Beretania Street, Alakea, Maunakea and City ! Front. " Gcnenarl Merchandise to the Island Steamers and Schooners, per single load... 50 Cent?. Iron and Machinery, per ton or load 50 Cents. Extra heavy Machinery and Safes, per agreement. LumUrvptr 1000 feet. . ..50. Cents. .. .... H Cent. ... . .50 Cents. . ...50 Cents. 75 Gents Posts, each. rcr Kabbish .uJ dirt, ir fcingle: load Boats, each ,, . . . , . Black sand, per special agreement I "Wliite sand, per load ..?2 50 Wood, per cord 50 Cents j Furniture, per agreement. I From the City Front to any of the following places: Kukui Street, per single load .50 Centd. j School Street, between Emma and Bridge, per i4ngle load Waipulu, per single load . . ; Judd Street, per single load. .. ! Ice Works, per single load 75 Cent. ...SI 00 ...SI 50 ...$2 50 ...Si 00 ...S2 m ... ..$1 00 SI 00 Liliha and School Strts., per .single load. Punnui, per single load Kafaako, per .single I Kohololoa, per single load j Kalihi Waena, per single load ...63 00 J j pauoa, ir Mngle load Pawaa, per single load, ....62 50 ...61 50 Punahou, per single load. '. j Insane Asylum, per single load. . . . iAlapai's (Palama,) per single load. ....62 00 ....62 50 ....61 50i j To Govcmiuent Powder Magazine, per ningle j ... ! load of 1000 It.s, or less Sfo 00 From Government Powder JIagazine for sin- - gle load cf 1000 or les.... ..........S3 00 j . . . . . . . , - , Queen s Hospital, for single load.-, . . to Cents. I ieIIon?a' rf load- - Sf Villlil J. I1.S ;M. IMJF S "Hi I'l l . . . HOP.ACE G. CBABBE, S. M. CAKTEB, V,.F. SHAF.P.ATT, E. PECK. HEBBABD A CO., GEO. II. ROBERTSON, IT T Tf A Tl T-v TIT i . " r . Jtr- - "AJ"1'. P- "uactJ, .uanagr. f fcf-29-1.; D nyl-6t --VtJi. - --r.,. .:..y r-- PRICE 5 CENTS. THE DAILY PACIFIC EfHIBI ilIITie A, r f ) v- S I m Ffiiiii VISITING CARDS, WEDDING & BALL CARDS SOCIAL INVITATIONS OF ALL KINDS. . ALSO EXECUTED IN GREAT VARIETIES -:of: ir E VV lit mdmrnih IliVING 0RDERF.U AM) UFCHIYIXG A VERY (IlOK i: ASS(P.TJIFT OF BRUGES' ASSORTED TYPES, ' ' ' ' A NO ." C0HBI1T ATIOH . BORDERS, WE ARE PRKPARKD.TO COMPETE WITH ANY OFFICE IN THE KINGDOM. Some of the designs are Most Tasteful and Lorely Pictures. CHARGES MODERATE. Please Call at P. 0- ADVERTISER OFFICE. MERCHANT ST., Opposite the Bank. m A.m "wf S m JUST EECEIYED EX MARTHA HIDEOUT, .A. KHSTE LOT OF FEET GEDAO P3C78 ! Far Superior to Redwood in all particulars. FOE SA-LJi; J3Y d3i tf ALLEN & ROBINSON. FDBT PRIZE 3 U Exquisite, ; Harmless, Dainty, Refreshing, Delicious, Captivating, Unequalled - j ufTh If f" rT i Ui Nia-r SaaS jft.jg iiterr HOttlSTHR a GP atiner 100$. 1 F.IOIlRnillG CARDS isTTS SOLE JGrTTZ' i.ii or' , . roa TiiE -"tj V .. . .f dmyl P-'ioreir' to give broltcn.' tt-. vfhen its etnugs are lio .onolr""' So le '

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