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f a c i l i t i e s : e n t , a f f at t h e l i o n , the , d e v i s e o t h e r c e n t i v e d a y I b a n a n ask his lo e l e g i s l a t u r e t o s e e k ) , o n a f p o r t to Jail · / , isn t the answter To the editor: In a recent edition of your paper carried an a r t i c l e by Mr. Klibanoff concerning the Slate Bureau of Narcotics' method of valuing the 'drugs t h e y seized. W h i l recognizing the d i f f i c u l t B u r e a u of N a r c o t i might-wonder why it is necessary e x a g g e r a t e the v a l confiscated. The Bureau began keeping records Oct. 1, 1971, and through Sept. 30, reported $2,760,784.70 total value of drugs seized. Of this total, $2,051,727, or-74 per cent, was represented hy h i g h l y o v e r - i n f l marijuana. Using a more reasonable figure of $15 per ounce (confirmed local users) the total of 31,770 ounces confiscated to date would be valued $470,6-10 and would represent 40 per cent of the total. The total value drugs seized would fall from the two and three-quarters million level to over one million--$1,191,597.70. I don't know why these figures are so inflated, but it would seem that it came t i m e to report to legislature and the governor, that higher the figure, the more personnel, salaries and expenses you can At a symposium on education and decriminalization of marijuana on Nov. 21, 1974, sponsored in Pascagoula by the Jaycees and the Mississippi Committee for the Humanities, Mr. Fairly and myself were both members of the panel which discussed many aspects of the marijuana issue more than 300 people. During the discussion Mr. Fairly stated that bureau does not pursue possession cases, that they go after the large dealer and he also stated, "f have hangup about someone experimenting with a little marijuana." He made statement in the context of telling when he was young he tried cornsilks, and whatever was the fad. was s u r p r i s e d to hear statement from the director of the Bureau of Narcotics and I asked if had heard him right.'-He confirmed that I had, yet he would not removal of criminal penalises lor . private possession and use of small amounts (You've got to possess it try it). I don't fault Mr. Fairly for seemingly double standard, but it point out the legal trauma we now in trying to deal with marijuana Most of us can remember in our youths when alcohol was illegal, yet we would not have agreed that person who discreetly tried it should be sent to jail. Our law enforcement pcrsbmjJtV'arc in a tough spot trying to enforce unenforceable law{fmagine the result of; jailing two of every three college students), yet they are sworn to We direct their efforts lo large dealers and work towards educating our youth on the facts of drug use including the most abused and most dangerous, alcohol and nicotine. We aren't teaching them thing by throwing them in jail! Douglas Tims Cleveland, Miss.

Clipped from
  1. The Delta Democrat-Times,
  2. 11 Dec 1974, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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