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' r U 1 1 l)J L U U i U U U I I - v I LOCAL till GET CONTRACT . rrifv-flirt rrifv-flirt rrifv-flirt rn rtrtn 1 K TO Whitted & White's Plans Secure Lake Mattamuskeet Drainage Pumping Plant for The Morris Machinery Company. Company. '; Large T erritory Will be Opened Opened For Settlement For Truck "Growing by 7 he Expenditure Expenditure or Some $500,000. . On plans and specifications prepared prepared and submitted for, the Morris Machine , Company; of Baldwinsville, N. Y., and Charlotte, by Whitted & White, of Charlotte, the contract for the immense $250,000 pumping plant which will be utilized to drain the 54,000 acres covered by Lake Mattamuskeet Mattamuskeet in in eastern North Carolina, Carolina, has been let to the Morris Machine Machine works and will be -installed -installed on the plans drawn by the local people. people. V , The history of the plans to drain this lake is interesting. The legislature legislature passed an act allowing the state board of education to sell this land. It allowed the forming of the Mattamuskeet Mattamuskeet Drainage district No. 1, and the formation of the - Southern Land neclamation Company. The company paid to the board of education the sum. of $1 per acre for the land and then Jans for the reclaiming of ! the property were undertaken on the action -of -of the legislature allowing the drainage district to issue a half million million dollars in bonds for this purpose. purpose. - 1 Thep regression the proposition was delayed by a testing of fhe validity validity of the bonds in the supreme court last September. . . An Immense Plant. Seven bids were made, involving the establishment of a : plant which will- will- deliver 1,000,000 gallons of wa ter per minute. This means a total of .1,440,000,000 gallons a day. This water water will be ntimned into a basin on .'the. p'pnostSs .r.SidfiU ot Jtha-plant: Jtha-plant: Jtha-plant: from which . a canal will lead to Pamlico sound. This basin will be deep enough to allow the floating of deep seagoing barges and in this manner much of the heavy machinery will be deliv ered. The banks of the canal will be graded for use as highways, which will me much higher than the surrounding surrounding country and which will lend themselves very readily to this use. The bids for this work were sub mitted, by the largest and ablest con cerns in New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Charlotte and Boston, and the fact that the contract goes to the' company whose representatives representatives in the negotiations are in charge of the Charlotte office, the only office outside the factory, is a source of gratification to this city. Bids Scrutinized. - The contract was not let until the bids had been carefully inspected by government engineers, . the engi neers of, the Drainage District and the engineers of the Southern Land Reclamation Company, and theif re marks relative to the plans and spec ifications submitted by the local peo ple are most gratifying to them ajnd to their company. Last- Last- week the final review of the bids was had at Norfolk Norfolk and following this review the Morris Machine Works was awarded the contract at a figure of $40,000 in excess of the lowest bid on the pro position that the increased efficiency of thep lant and the "well known ex cellence. of the machinery built by this company ana tne responsiDiuty of the company was sufficient to ac count for this difference. Details of Plant. The plans submitted by Messrs. Whitted & White, of Charlotte, covers covers the erection of a building 380 feet long by 80 feet wide, setting on 1,650 cypress ties driven to hard pan with steam drivers, in which will be installed eight 60-inch 60-inch 60-inch pumps which will deliver an aggregate ot 1,000,000 gallons of water each -minute, -minute, -minute, into this canal which will be nine miles long and which win lead into Pamlico . Sound. ' This canal will be dug by the Central Central Drainage Company,' of Cleveland, O., at a cost of about $210,000, the 1 contract for which was let recently. . These monster -pumps -pumps wjll be driven, driven, by. engines built by the ErieCity Lentz Companjr, and Erie City vertical vertical tubular boilers, operating at 115 pounds pressure and 200 degrees super super heat will be utilized. f . .-Built .-Built .-Built Local Pumpsf The Morris Machine Company ibuilt the pumps which are being installed in the new municipal water pumping station on the Catawba river. This is one of the oldest and largest builders of centrifugal pumps in the world. It is stated here that the plant at Lake Mattamuskeet will be" four times larger than any similar plant in the United States. , Use of Land. The Southern Land -Reclamation -Reclamation Company will put the land reclaimed from this lake, on the market in 100 acre tracts, which will be -sold -sold to truck farmers and others who desire to make homes for themselves.' They will be sold on easy installments and any person who can give a good account of himself and who can convince convince the company they would make a good citizen will be assisted - to make his home here. It is estimated that ' something - like 5,000 , families can secure a homestead in this seo tion' , ,:;; .: vi

Clipped from The Charlotte News14 Mar 1912, ThuPage 1

The Charlotte News (Charlotte, North Carolina)14 Mar 1912, ThuPage 1
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