Snyder Family Reunion

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Snyder Family Reunion - i - - j I mmam ,mm l - MMMMMM W - M f in.ii i...
i - - j I mmam ,mm l - MMMMMM W - M f in.ii i niiieii ip i ,i ie lie mi i, iiii.,.'iinwiii)HPiew u 'l' ' ' 1 NieiMlli liiuiiiiM lumn ie' .'WIL. .1. l.. - ii .ijepi iim.. in v,n " 11 n1 1 "' 111 (" 'tn, mi ,11' Hi mi ,, , i . . - icons' ADD ECZEMA Easily Learned ! Entirely New! Exciting Fun! Tabard Inn Library Exchange Station In Our - j Book Department. A Rormncs of the Days When "Th! Great Lord HWke" Was King of (he Sea, by " A Cyrus Tovnsend Drndy f t Author of 'CnrhrWoflore Paul Jones." ' Reuben James, "''For the, Free - . . 1 . .. . . V ' I v I Copyright by D. Appleton & Co., N. VI ACOXTEVUED FROM ' CHAPTER X. ! tB& SEiGlJfNlNG OP' THE HAZARD. tlX bells were striking on the Sutherland, as Wolfe and Grafton cam out of the cabin. As the sound of the mournful couplets rang out through the night the belis of the other vessels caught up the. slow refrain and the found was repatuted from ship to ship over t he dark raver. The character of "the night had changed slirjbtly. Faint :Iouds were drifting athwart the star - ' lit heavens, and tiere - were heavy baukfe to the southward which looked , like Tain. ; i ( "Will you show the signals, Adinl - i ral holmes?" astad Wolfe, as he; stepped on deck - "We are all ready, ! t belii'wa. sir." j : ""Ver.Y - we11' ganaral." responded tho jldalral . turning to CapL, Rous and; TWO LANTERNS WERE HOISTED. ; giving him an order. A moroent later two lanterns were hoisted, tme abovo the other, at the spanker - gaff end. The signal was immedialely repeated throughout the squadron. Shrill whistles rang out as the boalswain's mates of the iJjfferent ships hawlcd cut hoarse commands. Instantly the soldiers and sailors, caaje swarming to their stations. ! I "C1. Howe." said Gen, Wolfe, ad - j dressL an officer of the light infantry, infantry, Vho appeared at the head of bis men, "after you have mustered your battalion will you explain to "them that ' have designated them to lead the wa;T in tbe attack to - night?' Choose a for tarn, hope of 24 men to scale the heights, sir." "'Tis an honor indeed, sir, I thank you," answered the young officer,: emiling with pleasure. "1 myself will lead them." "i expected as ffitaeh of you. CapU Grafton." he said, t iming to the sailer sailer and rewdug the formal method of: public adevtrj, "will you see that. your, flotilla of boats is reacft to receive my men?" "I know it. is, 6ir, but T will look sgain," answered Grafton. "Capt. Rous, may I take Lieut. Hatfield in my boat to assist, me?" - r "Certainly," answered Rous, a veteran veteran sailor. Followed by the delighted officer, Grafton sprang "to the gangway and called for his gig - Meanwhile Howe Unas addressing the light infantry ,Wh - en he called for volunteers every man responded, and it was difficult to make selection of the required number. Presently, upon Grafton's assurance that all was ready, the men slowly filed down over the side and took their places in Taking his own boat the captain rowed from ship to ship, finding that all preparations had been made everywhere, and that boats filled with men and manned by stout 'seamen were already clustered under iae lee Of the ships where they could' be screened from, the observation of the French at Cap - Rouge, . By 12 o'clock, midnight, the embarkation embarkation had been completed, and aa H was nearing the end of the floci the boats slowly put off from the ships End headed for Cap - Rouge, Gen. Monckton being in charge and Wolfe remaining on the Sutherland for tho present , The flotilla approached close enough to Cap - Rouge thoroughly to awaken the attention of the troops of Bougainville, Bougainville, who sprang to their arms in expectation of the threatening attack. attack. But the advance was stopped Jiefore they were near enough to engage. engage. Afwr some little maneuvering g the shore, the boats, as if deterred BelicateSubject " There U common trouble from which many WomenYnd soma mensuftcrgreatly butroganhng wbjeb. txiuM) of prudery or mum equally "J latoD, little la wild or wriuin. We refer Jo thj lofnte burning or scalding aensay00 Wl"" 'i? tiretbra upon pawing uruie. Hie trouble tn? w Sue to infiaimiauoD of the Madder or the urethral patsaee; it may be caused by too at an e &ftaheracidorlkali in the urine.and is sume - tmm a svmptom of advaDfod kidney trouble. The sufferer from this trouble, however, little eoieawhat In thecauaeof thedikcotafurtand pain, what one ant 1 a relief and cure from the tor - went which fcccome aimwt an luonyat tiroes. There i a remoly which bu recently been placed tisoo themarkot that i a Hire and lutitm cure JoVall kidacyand bladder troubles. 1 known u Dr . Carter K B lea and for painful, irritating urination it giver praoticallyimmcdiote relief. 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Voar druggW keepe U at 2fi and 60 cen the package, package, or you can gel a wimple to tertend try freeol iiSrt VaddrwMng ht, Carter' bmart Weed Co., bie, fwum. j ', TCBTEllDAVS TtltTU.) by the promptness of" the French sol sheltered themselves under th lee of ' their .broadsides again where they could not be seeij"' Once there; tlte Men, without going aboard the ships, waited patiently for the turning of tha i tlde.V ' At. four bells In the mid - watch - , of two o'clock: on the morning of the 13th, - Wolfe entered the heavy cutter which Grafton had exchanged for his gig, and' gave the signal to show off. Following the general's boat came tire boats of the light infantry, and after them the rest of the flotilla. It wa darker than ewer. The sky was filled with light fleecy clouds drifting drifting rapidly across the stars, their wil 1 'raotionv driven as they were by some upper current of air, only accentuating the stillness cm the water. Hugging the opposite shore for a time the boats floated silently dowa the river With the young ebb. A they appeare to be unnoticed from the camp at Cap - Rouge and as their maneuvers excited Tfo attention, oars were broken out and the boats crossed to the Quebec side, the seamen rowing gently as they passed rapidly down the river. i Presenidy the boats swept around a huge headland jutting out into the stream. Below the headland lay a little little cove. The current shot swiftly about the promontory and! swept around the little bay. The boats were carried below the landing - place and it took some hard pulling before their stems touched the shore. Wolfe had gone forward in the cut fer, and the others drawing back to give him passage, he was the first man to set foot upon the muddy shore. It was four o'clock now. They could hear eight bells chiming faintly, across the hills. .' Around them in the shadow it was as still as deathv - bat most silent silent hour before the day breaks. A; gentlo breeze had sprung up and was sighing softly through the trees at the top of the cliff: the sky was over cast: they would have rain presently.: About 200 feet away, since it was low tide, the bluffs rose precipitously from the level beach. There was room at their base to disembark the whole army. AfSer Wolfe and the officers. Including Including Qrafton, bad tended, the light infantry noiselessly clambered out of the boats and advanced toward the foot of the cliffs. . A zigzag path, up which" a single' file of ram might with difficulty make i way. broke the sheer face of the. cliff. It had been barricaded ' with heavy timbers and was at present unscalable. unscalable. , ' J ' There Mas a momentary pause It seemtwl as if the whole enterprise, so brilliantly conceived and so suo cessfully tarried out hitherto, would be blocked by this unfortunate obstacle. obstacle. Thejv had sru'eceeded in landing unobserved, but if they attempted to tear down the barricade they would inevitably attract the attention of the negligent, defenders at the top of the path. Under such circumstances the attempt, would have to be given over. As Wolfe bad said, 100 men might hold that towering cliff against an army. "I think wecan scramble up the cliff by the aid of these trees," said How at last. It was a bc'ld proposition. Wolfe looked at him gratefully and approv. ingly. It was their only chance, and the young general gave the signal for the attempt in these not very encouraging encouraging "words: , "You may tinr it. Col. Howe, but I lo not think :rou will succeed. Captain." Captain." he added, turning to one of his staff, "tell Gen. Monckton to keep the rest of the men quiet in the boats for a few moments. .We may have no need for tjhem." . As he 6poke Howe and his gallant 24 sprang at the cliff. They were soon lost, in the shadow covering the' face of if, and the vratchers below could trace the course of their slow and pamftil ascent by the crashing sounds tbey made, as by the aid of stunted f rees .crowing in clumps here and there Jhey made their toilsome way upward1. Why the French did not discover discover them has neyr been explained. Fresently the sounds died away altogether. altogether. The silence was broken by the sound of a musket - shot, followed by another and another. A quirk fusillade rang out from the sky above them. They were there, then! They were engaged! What had been the issue? ' Concealment wa no ionger possible or desirable. At a word from )heir rommander the men on shore sprang at the barricades. The scene changed from one of absolute quiet to intense activity. "Have they won, think you?" asked Grafton. "We shall know in a. moment," answered answered Wolfe. "If they have lost, somebody will come tumbling down the cliff to tell the tale. Meanwhile, I am staking all on the chance of their success." ' Tho little cove was now filled with noibe. Catching the contagion .the men began to spring from the boats and fell in on the shore. The feelings feelings of the soldiers, repressed so long through the night, found vent In cheers and cries. Presently a hail came down from the cliff. It was Howe's voice. "We have the post!" he shouted. 'The enemy has fled! The way i open!" i "Hold it at all hazards!" cried the 'commanded The cheering men fairly tore the barricades to pieces and scrambled up the path, Wolfe himself in the lead. nt. de Vertou. who cowmandsd the Crust, Scsllad Head, ' Tetter, Rlngwerm A end Pimples OUT! TraTQBT; $1.00 ForTorturing, Disfiguring Humours, from Pimples to Scrofula. From Infaiioy to Ago. 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Thft fall of New France must be laid at the feet of one person: and, singularly enough, the beginning of American independence may be, traced to the splendid exploit of the young soldier, who, as a general general long after, at Long Island, White Plains, Brandywine and Germantown did his best to stop its course. ; (Continued in Tomorrow's Truth.) All Diseases of .Women a specialty. Dr. Dfiisten, Coal Exchange Building, Wyoming ave.. Scranton. SOUTH SCRANTON Councilman Barrett and Aider' man Brady Are to Run For $500, Maybe. SENSENBACH - ROTH NUPTIALS There ia much speculation among residents residents of the Twentieth' ward over the approaching foot race which is to take place shortly between Common Councilman Councilman M. J. Barrett aud Alderman James Brady for a stake of $.)00. The sprinters are close porsonal friends, but this will nut prevent a race to the finish. finish. It !s reported that no matter who wins, the money will be donated to th? purchase of a bell or gong which will be used as an alarm to warn Twentieth ward citizens of the approach of General General Hank Loftus" dog catching brigade. brigade. The race, a 100 - yard dash, will take place on the Minooka ball grounds tw o weeks from to - morrow. : SEXSENBACH ROTH, A nulet home wedding took place at the Roth homestead on Slocuni street, la fit evening, when Miss Elsie Roth and Jacob Sensenbach, both - wli known young pooplle, ' were Joined for life in the handsomely decorated front parlor. The ceremony took' place at 8. o'clock and was witnessed by the innjiedidte families of the contracting parties. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Herman Herman RlUer, pastor of St. Paul's German German Kvangelical Church. The bride was gowned in white, with lace trimming, and carried a bouquet. She was attended by liBr - sieter, Mis Margaret Roth, as bridesmaid; tho groom was unattended. - A reception and supper followed the wedding, at which only near relatives were present. Mr. and Mrs. Sensenbach will start housekeeping on this side soon. For the present they will reside at the home of the bride's parents, !H3 Slooum ttrect, LAID AT REST. The funeral of the late Charles Kles - ter, a'well known and popular resident, took place yesterday at 4 o'clock from bis late residence near the city line, and was very largely attended. The obsequies obsequies were in'charge of the Royal Arcanum Arcanum and Jarnes Conuell Lodge, I, O. O. F., who attended in strong force and were carried to the cemetery In special cars. Services were held at the house by Rev. E. L. Santee, of the PHtston Avenue M. E. Church, and a quartette from the choir sang several appropriate selections. At 4 o'clock the sad procession procession stalled for Dunmore cemetery, where the ritual of the above societies ws read and tfie remains were laid at rest, The flower bearers were: Edward Lush, Charles Slmrell, Edward Williams Williams and Michael Kelly. The pallbearers pallbearers were: John Scheuer. Jr., Lewis Schauta. William Rose, Ambrose Hens, George Griswold and Henry J. Spruks, A BIRTHDAY SOCIAL. The Wagner home on Pittston avenue' avenue' was the scene of important festivities festivities and a social gathering last evening in honor of Miis Elizabeth Wagner, a charming and vivacious young lady, Who on Wednesday was "sweet seventeen." seventeen." The house and grounds were prettily arranged, and a varied pro - gramme.of Interesting music was furnished furnished by the following: John Klau - der, Varley Wrick, Leonard Hook, Mathew Rech and M;ss Lewert. 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Charles Heuner, Edward Hessinger. Theodore Miller, John Gebhart. - Albert Kraft - . Charles Hettler, Elmer Fennie, and the Misses Tessie, Mary and Gussie Al - breck, Hattie Lewert. Lizzie Maus, Elizabeth Morlang. Lulu Haas, Emily Green, of New York; Slame Linder, Mary McHale. Emma Lewert, Lizzie Wagner, Lizzie Scholtz, Mrs. Fred Mohr, and Mr. aud Mrs. Frederitk Pride. BCSCfESS NOTICES When in need of first class groceries go to South Side Cash Store, 633 Cedar avenue. tf Delicious Ice cream soda with pure fruit flavors at Jones' pharmacy. 2530 Cedar avenue. Do you want a Fountain Syringe at about half usual price. If so, take advantage of special sale at Humphrey's Humphrey's Pharmacy, HIS Pittston avenue. avenue. See window display. Go with the Baptist Sunday School to Nay Aug Park on Aug. 18. NUBS OF NEWS. The funeral of the late Peter Phillips Phillips took place this morning from nls late home on Maple street and was very largely attended. Services were conducted at St. Mary's German Catholic Catholic Church by Rev. Peter Christ, and interment was made at No. 5 cemetery. The funeral of the late Michael Kennedy Kennedy took place yesterday morning. Services were held In St. John's Church by Rev. E. 3. Melley. and interment wa3 made in the Cathedral cemetery. Mrs. Otto Gelshardt. Miss Lulu Lange and Miss Elizabeth Nye have returned from a pleasnat trip to Wilkes - Barrc. Mrs. N. A. Janssen. of Stafford avenue, avenue, has returned home after two weeks spent in Honesdale. Mrs. John Fenen and daughter Minnie, Minnie, of Willow street, are., visiting friends in Camden, N. J. George Keega u left yesterday to spend a vacation will relatives in North Tonawanda. Mr. and Mrs. James Downey, of Orrhard street, are iii Moston. Mrs. M. J. Walton arid daughter Jennie Jennie are summering at Lake Winola. OASTOniA. Ssan ths , s9 Kind You Haw Atays Beugtrt BignstSiS of Great Grangers' Picnic. The thirry - nrst Annual Great Grangers' Grangers' Picnic. Exhibition will be held at Williams' Grove, August S9 to September September 2, 1904. This is undoubtedly the largest and finest display of farm machinery machinery held in the east. The beauty of the exhibit is ,that so much of it is running. Saw' Mills, Shingle Mills, Threshing Machinery. Traction Engines Engines and Ensilage Cutters galore uro all shown In operation. A new feature will be a - high grade Poultry Department Department under thoausplcea of the Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Fanciers' Association. The auditorium will be attractive as usual. During the day addresses by leading grangers and agriculturists. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings illustrated lectures on Russia and Japan, by Frank R. Roberson. Thursday and Friday evenings musical and literary entertainments entertainments by .the best of Chautauqua talent. Everything first class. Tickets good from August 25th to September Sth, at low rates on all railroads. 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The roof and upper upper part of th huilding was all burned away. The household effects were saved. The fire started In the attic and swept over that apartment - until the whole upper part of the house was in flames, which for a time threatened destruction to the entire structure and damage to nearby houses. First and second alarms were turned turned in, calling out the Columbias, and Hook and Ladder, and the Mitchell Hose companies, and when they arrived arrived on the scene it appeared, as though the flames were beyond control. control. However, hard work on the part of the firemen saved the building from total destruction. ITS EIGHT HDEFEAT. Carbondale's Association team yesterday yesterday lost to the Luzerne Reds pn Wyoming Seminary's field at Kingston Kingston by the score of 2 to 1. This is the eighth defeat this season out of 48 games played. Yesterdays' game was a splendid exhibition exhibition of the national sport. Captain Walsh's men lost the game because of errors made in the first inning through bad throws by remarkable "Dick" Markey and Anthony Crane. Thin, together together with"' the fact that a ball be. came lost in the deep grass in right field is responsible for our defeat and Luzerne's only runs. Dick" Markey pitched great ball, giving Luzerne "nary" a look in. He allowed but .rive hits and only twice in the eirht Innings that followed the unlucky first did he let the Reds see second base. Carbondale's only scon was made in the fourth inning. Weir got first on an error of the shortstop, went to second on Mulgrew's sacrifice and scored on Monaghan's single. The detailed 'score follows; - - . - j CARBONDALE. A.B. R. H. O. A. E. J. Crane, c.f S n 0 2 0 0 Weir. 2b. , 4,1241 Mudgrew, c. .... 3 0 0 4 3 1 Crane. 3b 4 0 0 0 2 3 Monaghau, l.f 3 0 2 3 0 0 Walsh, lb. 4 ft 1 H i 0 Fahey. S.8. V" 4 0 ' 1 a 31 Mooney, r.f. 4 0 2 - 1; 0 Markey. p. ......... 4 0 0 1 1 Totals ..23 1 S 2i ii 5 LUZERNE REDS.( A.B. R. H. O. A. li Seal, l.f.,0 0 Kilcoyna, 3b 4 0 0 3 1 0 Smaltz. lb 4. 10 5 10 E. Williams, c.f. ., 4 1 2 3 0 0 Hess, p 3 0 10 11 Bergan. 2b 0 0 3 2 0 Evans, s.s 3 0 0 I 3 2 T. Wllljams, r.f.... a - 0 0 J I 0 Pauxtis, c 3 0 1.7 1 0 Totals - .33 2 626 ! 3 Mooney out; bunting third strike, Score by Innings: Carbondalc ...0 0 0,1 II 0 0 0 ft1 Luzerne Reds 3 0 0.. 0.6 0 0 0't ,.3 First by errors C'arhonda In, 3; Luzerne.' 4. Left on bases OarboiidahN 0; Luzerne, 6. - First base on balls Off Hess, 1. Striick out By Markey, 1; by He, 4. Sacrifice hits .Monnghan, Stolen bases Mooney, K. Williams, Bergan. Double plays Kilcuyno to Bergan to" - Saiiallz;. T. Williams - tq Women's patent Colt Skiu Lace and Button Shoes. Cuban heel; a. comfort arid delight to the owner; a big value for 12.50; priced at - $1.80 Pair. 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BASE BALL NIGHT - Tomorrow night will be "Base Ball Night at the Grand Opera House, in honor" of the Carboudale Association team and the Scranton Harmonies, who play here tomorrow. Manager Low - der, of the Grand and the management of the Meyers Stock company, which opened Monday the theatrical season in this city, have arranged for box seats for the members. of both teams. The Stage will be decorated with the colors of Captain AValsh's men, and the purple purple and white will be worn by the members members of the theatrical company. Tonight the company will present the stirring drama. "On the Stroke of Twelve." Last night a crowded house saw the. production, "Beware of Men." IN" SELECT COUNCIL. Select council last night passed on first reading a new ordinance providing providing for the location of additional incandescent incandescent lights at these points: Intersection Intersection of Grove street and Garfield avenue; Apple avenue, in the rear of the Thureno and Thomas properties; Brooklyn street, in front of Thomas Killen's property: Powderly road, In front of No. 1 school, and on Bitkett street and Summit avenue. Ordinances which provide for the construction of sewers along Lunny's court, South Washington and South Wyoming street 'passed final reading. S3 did also tile of common council No. 7, sn ordinance establishing the grade on Park street and fixing the width of the driveway along this thoroughfare ANNUAL OUTING. The annual outing of the First Methodist Sunday school was held on Wednesday at Farview. The day was Ideal for an excursion and several hundred persons enjoyed it. The classes of F - W. Clark and Miss Elizabeth Elizabeth Thompson played two base ball fames and each won a contest. Prizes were awarded the winners hi the racing racing eventa. GOSPEL TENT MEETING. Gospel tent meetings being held at Tompkinsville are ll attended datly. Wednesday night Mrs. Nicol spoke on "The Manifestation of Jesus Christ." Monday night a fair attendance lis tened to a rmartette by Messrs. Pavii and Spangenberg. Mis. William Grave and Miss Gertrude Beers, entitled, "Outshine the Sun." and a duet b: Mr. Davis and Miss Gertrude Beers, "I Am Thine Lord." Mrs. Nicol reac the twelfth chapter of Exodus and spoke In her earnetft way, Tuesday night there was 41 good attendance. attendance. A song service opened the meeting, followed by appropriate - prayer by Mr. Kpangenburg, Mlsaes Reers and Uastie. A duet, "Losing Your Soul," by Mr. Davis and Miss Gertrud Beers, was beautifully ren - i derod. - Mrs, Nicol read tho fifth chap. IVrist Bags; Black and Brown Leathers; gilt, ' nickel. and gun mtal - frames; .braided .braided and leather handles; value, $1.50 and $2.00; at.. ..9Sc and $1.25 Women's Bertha Yoke Collars, rows of fag - 1 gating .....; M. .....:5c Women's Lawn Collars, tab end, edged with Val. Lace ..........;..10g. each Women's Embroidery' ' Lawn ' Turn - over Collars ... 15c. Soda Fountain At left of Main Stairway a place to enjoy a rent - and quench your thirst. ' rr of Corinthians and dwelt on tha words "In Christ." Mr. Nieol gives. the, invitation in expressive manner. , rrrv r - .r to urtvrircr 4 t xr. The old Crescents will go to Hones - dale tomorrow to play the Eagles. The Crescents' lineup will consist of Cuff. Emmet, Harte. Murray, McHale, Mc - Andrew, Callahan, Rosier, Flannighan. NEWS AND PERSONAL NOTES. The congregation of Our Lady .of Mount Carmel church will celebrate the feast of the Mother of Sorrows on September 21 tnd 25. It will bs on the most elaborate scale yet attempted attempted by the Italian botn residents of this city. Miss Mary Kane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kane, of 'Pine street, who has been a patient at Emergency hospital for - a month, where she was operated on for appendicitis, appendicitis, is so far recovered that she was able to return home yesterday. P. F. Tighe left yesterday for Atlantic Atlantic City. He ia a delegate from branch No. 121. of this city, to the Y. M. I - state convention ii) session there this week. Attorney John B. Jordan ,of this city, is in Erie, attending the convention convention of the Ancient Order of Hiber nians. He is representing local division division No. 5. The Woman's Christian Temperanc Union met at 3 o'clock this afternoon in the Methodist lecture room. v The annual reunion of the L. C. Snyder family will be held at Lake Chapman on Wednesday, September 7. Peter Lavin. manager of the" dry goods department of Clarke Bros.' store, accompanied by p. H. Durkin,. proprietor of the Coyne House, Scranton, Scranton, are at Crystal Inn. Crystal Lake. A. C. Purple and wife, of South Washington street, are guests of relatives relatives and friends at Great Bend. Miss May Kilpatiick. of South Main street, is spending a month with friend; and relatives at New London, Conn., Newport, K. I., and New York City. Mrs. Frank Smith, of Garfield avenue, avenue, left, to - day for a temporary residence residence with her daughter, Mrs. John D. Fox. in Virginia. Mrs. Maria Thompson, of Spring street, has purchased the property of Philip Felts, on Brook srtreet. - J. Herbert, of Belmont street, la taking taking in the sights at the St. Louis Exposition. Exposition. Miss Louise Blanchard. of WUke? - Barre, spent yesterday with friends in town. Miss Gertrude Mc.Andrsw, of Cottage street, left to - day for ten days' stay at Harvey's Lake. Miss Hilda Collins, of Brooklyn street, has returned from a month's visit at Kingston. Fa. Irving Skeels. of Owego. N. Y.. spent several days this week as the guest of his brothers in this city. Mr. Skeels has one of "the best, positions in th railway mail service, heing employed on the Erie road; from New York Cllj to Oivego. Miss Anna Farreil. of Pike street, ii visiting friends in Lordville.N. Y. - Hon. and Jrs. John R. Schermar - horp, of - Denver, Col., who have been visiting Mr. - - SchcrmerhortVs :. brother, Jacob Schermerhorn. of Pundaff street leave to - morrow for New York city, where .Mr. 'Schermarhorn is called hj important business.. Thoy will 1101 Teach their homo in Denver - tUl about Sent. 10. Rev. Edward Bryan, of Brooklyn, K Y - , la a guest at tha home of his sistejs Mrs. J. E. Burr. He will preach Is the Green Ridgo Presbyterian Cb,urcll Oh Sunday next. - . ; ' - The Forest City Asnrlatton 'tean yesterday defeated Susquehanna by thi of - U 'to ti on thft Forest Cttj grounds. " . " - Mrs. Stanton, of Waymart, was ad mitted to the Emergency Hospital yeg, terday to be operated on thtn week,. Edward Battle, will leave nst,' Wednesday Wednesday for Pastsaiio X..l. ' to.,toin .V9 I HotaylK' - Minstrehs . .k.,

Clipped from The Scranton Truth19 Aug 1904, FriPage 6

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)19 Aug 1904, FriPage 6
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