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Larry Phillips - 'H/s Race" Su nday ★ Thundsy, M*y 27, 1976 THE...
'H/s Race" Su nday ★ Thundsy, M*y 27, 1976 THE KANSAS CITY TIMES 3G Phillips Gears for 1-70 Larry Phillips climbed out of hi* race car .while craw members sprang info action to make pre-race adjustments for » s?eck car race. Phillips has rsbjilt s car since an April 18 crash aï I* 70 Speedway. Up Bignotti Adds the Extras Gecrge B’g- and mechanic, to do a little 500- cars — it’s said the at Indy six "You buiJd you car: t When what’s fast enough, build your City Racing tour consecutive 1947 and has been winning ever since. His six 500 victories are tops among car builders and mechanics as are his 69 victories in United States Auto Club championship championship races. Others might contemplate retirement retirement after compiling such a record — there isn't that much left to prove. Yet the 60-year-old Bignotti isn’t quite ready to return to the florist business he left to enter racing or to an idle life. “I don’t think he would know how to live another life,” said Kay Bignotti, his wife of four >ears. “He just lives for the next race.” The next race is the 500 Sunday and Bignotti thinks his pair of Wildcat ra­ cers have a good chance to win “I think we ha e ar excellent chance to be in the first three or four, or even to win it,” he said yesterday. His drivers, drivers, 1975 champion Gordon Johncock and Wally Dallenbsch, who led the race for a while Iasi > ear, wil! start the race from the center of the fi^st row ar.d the inside oi the third row, respectively. respectively. Ir3ck experts give both a reasonable reasonable chance to v/in, but, says Bignotti, “Lady Luck has to be in your corner. No matter how ^ooci you are, you ve got to have some luck.” The malfunction oi a single part can end a driver’s day. By Jack Lindberg A Member of the Soor*s Staff They’ll all be doing their thing this weekend—A. J. Foyt, Richard Petty, Johnny Hutherford, David Pearson and Larry Phillips. Geographically, Foyt and Rutherford Rutherford will be in Indianapolis, Petty and Pearson in Charlotte, N.C., and Phillips Phillips just a few «niles east of here in Odessa. Mo. They all are race car drivers, but Phillips is scheduled to drive 550 miles less than Pettv and Pearson in Ihe World 600 and 450 miles less than Foyt and Rutherford, who'll be in the Indianapolis Indianapolis 500. Whether Phillips, the Springfield, Mo., car owner-builder, has a great taste-bud liking for the greatest known soft drink in the world is not quite clear, but in the only four Coca-Cola 100s held a* 1-70 Speedway the Camaro driver has two victories and a second place finish. Thq fifth one is scheduled Sunday afternoon. in response to his success in lGO-lap races (50 miles at 1-70), Phillips said, “My cars are usuai)y prepared right.” But ’75 and ’76 are different seasons. Phillips has drawn the checkered flag collar this year. A crash on April 18 didn’t help. “We rebuilt a complete car in six r days,” Phillips said of the work he and his crew did in getting another late- model stock car ready. “We raced in a j week.” Phillips bristles to comments about 1 why he took the car to Georgia re- j cently. Phillips, it was reported, ! wanted Pete Hamilton, another top car builder, to look over the new car. * “Sure, I saw Pete when I was in Georgia.’ Phillips said, “but I only ■ called him because we’re friends. T i build jhc isis myself I don't need to ; talk to him. i just dropped in for a visit ” Although he suflered a brief period ! of adversity, Phillips is not without a ; sense of humor, Hanging from the roll j cage of his stock car is a hot-water i bottle like container with a hose lead- 1 irig to nowhere. On the bottle are the words ’nitrous oxygen.” Nitrous oxygen gas became famous during qualifications for the Daytona 500 in February when Foyt and two other drivers saw their time trials dis qualified for alleged use of the gas. Nitrous oxygen, it was explained, when injected into the carburetor, gives a car about 100 immediate more horsepower. The charge has to be op- j erated by the driver. It is used—ille- i gaily—in time trials or when an in- \ stant boost is needed to pass another car. “You’d just better watch it if you write anything about it, ’ Phillips said, “it’s illegal.” The tone oi his voice made it sound illegal on the same level as hard drugs. But it turns out illegal means most tracks have rules specifying gasoline gasoline only as a fuel. As to the rumor that Tom Retfner used nitrous oxygen in his stock car isst season when he set the 1-70 one-lap record of 17.53 seconds, Phillips said, I know darn welt ne did, I tried to use it in a match race we had in Springfield Springfield this season.” Retfner won. 1-70 dul not check or inspect for the gas last season, a track official said. But Phillips is more interested in working bugs out of his new creation than answering Hamilton rumors and Refiner feuds. Kis credentials say he will. He holds the 1-70 six and 10-lap records. His 50- lap record was broken only last month and his 100-lap record last September, in pop 0 il If Jack Roach can't give you top price for your present Cadillac (under 60,000 miles) ne I! pop with a free magnum of chan: Dagne. Get full details. 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Clipped from The Kansas City Times27 May 1976, ThuPage 67

The Kansas City Times (Kansas City, Missouri)27 May 1976, ThuPage 67
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