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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN.THURSDAY, APRIC 18. 1935 RECORD OF SOCIAL EVENTS AND OTHER CONCERNS FOR WOMEN Koch - Conley Post and Auxiliary ! Plan Easter Dance Monday Night 1 t jCommittee&Named for Large Affair to Be Held in Legion i Rooms; Mrs. Lena Wirth j Are Co - chairmen Elaborate plans are being dance to be held in American Legion rooms, 428 Lackawanna Avenue, by Koch - Conley Post, No: 121, American Legion and the Ladies' Au lliary. Novelty numbers will be music in addition to the dance numbers, Mrs. Lena M. Wlrth, president, andf Mrs. Elizabeth C. Mayer, are co - chair men of arrangements; Mrs. Elizabeth C. Owens Is treasurer, and Mrs. Sallie Conley is directing publicity. A. J. Mayer will have charge of the music and the door conmdttee Includes ' Glenn RItch, - Charles Werner arid Dominlck Pasklewlcz. Tables will be reserved and reservations reservations may be made with any member of the committee. All committees met in the legion rooms last night at 7:30 O'clock to complete arrangements. Assisting committees Include: Klsa Benedict, Irene Brown, Mary Burna - kis, Sam Edmiston, Michael Oaeton, Ambrose Roche, Henry McQraw, roo ert Lavelle, Lawrence O'Hara, Linton Hettes. John McTamney, A. J. Mayer, Philin Wirth, B. A. O'Hara, Carl Mundy, Roy Faulkner, Jane Conrad. Mildred Swartz, Pauline O'Hara, Marian Walsh, Agnes Conboy, Ethel McBride, Mary McCleary, Minnie Bmith. Mary Edmiston, Genevieve Jennings, Fred Jones, John Tellysh, Joseph M. Moran, Gus Mayer, Thomas Jennings. Frank Ryan and James McCleary. 0 0 0 Country Club Musicale The entertainment committee of the Scranton Country Club announces that the Sunday afternoon musicale and teas which proved so popular last year to members and guests will be resumed again this season. The first of these affairs will be held on Sun day afternoon. April 28, In the cluh house, with the program beginning at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Paul Collins will have charge of the entertainment. 0 0 0 The Junior Class of Mount Saint Mary's College will hold Its promenade Saturday night, April 27 in Flynn Hall on the campus. A popular broadcast' ing orchestra will play for the dancing, dancing, and alumnae from Scranton and vicinity are expected to attend. Thomas Coyne, Honesdale, is general chairman i of arrangements. 0 0 0 Kappa Gamma Pi, national honor - i ary society, will entertain at its sec ; ond annual Spring dance May 10 in the Assembly Hall, Pittston. Plans for ' the affair were made at a recent meeting in the Catholic Women's Club this city. Miss Esther McHale, Pittston, is general chairman of arrangements, and is being assisted by the following committees: music, Bessie Llnnen, Catherine Mackin, Marie McLaughlin; publicity, Mary Mackin, Margaret Yaple, Eleanor Phillips, Mary Kernan, Stella Gallagher, Mary Henry, Wilkes Barre; Ann Driscoll, Plymouth; Mar garet Lynch, Hazleton; Helen Jordan, Pitteton; tickets, Rose Favinl, Louise Stahl, Florence Walsh, Agnes Kelly, Ann Henry; Margaret McDermott, Eleanor Clifford, Helen Gilmartin; reception, reception, Harriet Newfeld, Helen Collins, Collins, Nan Joyce, Claire Grogan and Marguerite Coopres. o o e Mr. and Mrs. William Schwartz, Warren Street, announce the engagement engagement of their daughter, Catherine Marie, and Daniel J. Williams, Deacon Street. The wedding will take place in June. Miss Schwartz is a graduate of State Hospital Training School. Honoring Miss Schwartz and her fiance and also Miss Madlyn K. Behl - ing and her fiance, Harry H. Fuehrer, Phlllipsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz, Albright Avenue, entertained at dinner dinner recently at home. o Mr. and Mrs. David C. Behllng, Meade Avenue, announce the engagement engagement of their daughter, Madlyn Kath - ryn, and Harry H. Fuehrer, Phlllipsburg. Phlllipsburg. No date hw been set for the wedding. 0 0 0 Mrs. Christine Hine, Monsey Avenue, Avenue, announce the approaching mar - Harper Method Care of the Hair, Skin and Nails PERMANENTS At Reductions This Month LILLIAN SANSENBACH 125 S. BROMLEY AVE. PHONE 3 - 6885 Spring and Summer Furs CAPES - From $32.50 to $275 SCARFS Stone Martens, Brown Martens, Sables, Silver Fox Storage 2 of Value Bandied By Expert Fnrrlen. CALL 1 - 3654. EUDFIELD'S FUR SIIOPPE Suite TM Conaell Bldg. and Mrs. Elizabeth Mayer of Arrangements made for the Easter Monday night introduced and there will be special Program, Chairman Mrs. Myfanwy Beynon Jones Is in charge of the program to be given at the fifteenth annual banquet of the Welsh Woman's Society of Lackawanna Lackawanna County, Thursday night, April 25, in the Chamber of Commerce. Commerce. Mrs. Alfred Williams will direct direct the community singing. Reservations Reservations may be made with the following: following: Mrs. David Edwards, Leggeta Creek; Mrs. Albert Lewis, North Main Avenue; Mrs. David Beynon, South Main Avenue; Mrs. Charles Schroeder, Richmont Street; Mrs. Albert Snyder, Academy Street, and Mrs. David Howells, Grove Street, Taylor. rlage of her daughter, Dorothy, and iver J. Hodgson, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hodgson, Boulevard Avenue, which will be solemnized on Saturday night, May 4 at 7:30 o'clock In As - bury M. E. Church. oo In honor of Miss Edythe Gigl. a bride - elect, Mrs. Earl B. Robinson, Bloom Street, will give a luncheon next Tuesday at home. On April 26, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Thomas, North Washington Avenue, will enter tain the bridal party at a buffet supper. supper. 0 0 0. Plans for the annual Easter dance of the Down Our Way Club of St. Bonaventure College, have been completed, completed, the affair to be held in Hotel Sterling, Wilkes - Barre, on April 26. The college glee club will give a con cert preceding the dance. 0 0 0 Miss Jane stumm, South Main Ave nue, entertained the following members members of her club recently at home: Harriet Price, Thelma Jones, Margaret Dougherty, Elsie Williams, Rachel Morgan, Helen Moesel and Margaret Glaab. 90 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kohler, Wash ington Street, Taylor, celebrated then - fiftieth wedding anniversary recently Ton WiU Find That NEW SPRING SUIT or DRESS For Tour Kiddies at SWARTZ 20S Miller Bldg. For 4 Days Only Ceilings Included With Room Lots 89c 9Qc $1.25 5 Single Rolls SidewaU N Yards Border S Single Bolls Ceiling Penn Will Ptpsr Co. 526 SPRUCE STREET UPSTAIRS UPSTAIRS Slip Covers Made to Order On 10 Weekly Payment Plan Taat wlU'fc BMt eanrtiicnl far yra. T kit a sasart tallsrei sllacavar Bia hav aa upcrt U It Mr. saatman In awm will call at yaar haaa ant cot and III erar yaar farnl - tan. 14 yean' experience. Fumltare (Jpholiterlnr Cleanlnf anl Beaalrlnf Call far Free Eillaiata J. IlQtiptman 631 Dlx Court, Scranton, Pa. Phone 4 - 15M mmnurst uud nans Activities for Season Opening Dance to Be Held May 29; Austin Frounfelker 'Is Chairman The entertainment committee of the ESmhurst Country Club has made plans for the season's activities, which wlH begin with the opening dance May 29 In the clubhouse for members and guests. Austin Frounfelker has been named chairman of arrangements. June 22, Leslie N. Cahoon will have charge of a dance and on July 4 a display of fireworks is scheduled with David M. Lewis in charge. Mrs. J. Law and Mrs. R. F. Duckworth will be host esses for a card party July 24 and Ernest Softley will be chairman of the committee for a dance, Aug. 17. Frank Jones will arrange the dance to be held on Sept. 21 in the clubhouse. Tickets for all affairs are In charge of Charles Harris. The entertainment committee In cludes: Leslie N. Cahoon, chairman; Frank Jones, Ernest Softley, Eugene Qulnn, Austin Frounfelker, - David M. Lewis, Charles Harris, Mrs. R. F. Duckworth, Duckworth, Mrs. Tom Taylor, Mrs. Edgar Bailey and Mrs. J. Law. with a party at their home. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kohler, Mr. and Mrs. John Kohler, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Kohler, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kohler and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kohler, Russel Kohler, George Kohler, Catherine, Donald, Charles and Russell Kohler, Mrs. Ruth Transue, Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Evans, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Randall, Montrose; Mr. and Mrs. George Welsenfluh, Mr. and Mrs. Rob' ert Balnbridge, Mr. and Mrs. James Rosser, Mr. and Mrs. John Boyd, Mr, and Mrs. Thomas. Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. George Watkins, Mrs. Helen Wat - kins, Mr. and Mrs. George Eckert, Mrs. Emma Muir, Wyoming; Arthur Evans, Ruth Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. William Light - ner, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Stone, Mr, and Mrs. Peter Price, Thomas Powell, Mrs. Edith Evans and Mrs. Sarah Halvey. 0 0 0 Plans are completed for the T. O. 7. Club dance to be held May 2 In Spen cer's, Dunmore. Miss Kathryn Dough erty is general chairman of arrange ments and is being assisted by the following: Marie Ackerman, Martha Gallagher, Mary Kennedy, Marion Mc Lean, Mary Lenahan, Kitty Loughney, Betty CDonnell, Martha Roberts and Elizabeth Sammon. 0 0 0 Miss Margaret Buckavecky, East Gibson Street, was hostess to the fol lowing members of her club recently at home: Misses Mary Judge, Leviah Jenkins, Margaret Davis, Grace Meredith, Olga Moscow, Vernie Buck avecky and Mrs. Phyllis Beppler, 0 0 0 The cast of Salon 130, 8 & 40, pre paring for the comedy drama, "The Old Maids Convention," will rehearse tonight at 8 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Hazel Dixson, 1519 Schlager Boulevard. 0 0 0 The Bellevue Paramount Club has completed arrangements for Its se& ond annual Spring dance to be held on Monday evening, April 9, at the Ad - Lin Ballroom. William Pascoe Is general chairman of the arrangements and is being as sisted by the following: tickets, Robert Dougherty, Robert Dougher and James ( anifrirrvf WHEAT BREAD The most talked about bread in Scranton. Relieves constipation. "NOW I FEEL FULL of PEP!" Say thM heppy woman Is periodic pain dragging you down? Oo monthly upsets leave tdu wiin no im bition to work or olav? Next month try Lydia Ei Pinkham's Tablets Mrs & LsvcftVt 224 State Street. Un. trtv MKWletown, Faj says. I had cramps fid arac alwava ninrlnwn at m period but since taking Lydia & t . 0mm a nnmim s . is Diets i am reeling full of pep. I used tt dread tbe tirno bat now I Bead not wnm. Tha took the pain away; I would recofl - 1 u mono mem so anyooay. - , Was Greatly Revts) "Every month I thonghl I was going to die with pain.' Used to stay in bed at least one day; I tried your Tablets and was greatly relieved." relieved." Mrs; Gertrude Heiser. 1002 W: Huntingdon St, PbiladeJ. phis, Pennsylvania.'j Try Them Naxt Manth They relieve periodic pain and discomfort. Chocolate coated. Sold at all drug stores. Trial size 23 cents; mwm Aiding in Arranging Fraternity Dance 1 I : . , V - 1 f x - v JACK ELWOOD Jack Elwood, Delta Sigma, and Frank Gibbons, Pi Phi, are student chairmen representatives of these fraternities fraternities arranging for the annual Easter dance of the Inter - Fraternity Council of Scranton, to be held in Masonic Temple on Easter Monday night, April 22. Hogan; floor, Lawrence Ferguson, Joseph Gormley, George Hogan and William Lyons; program, William Dolphin, Thomas Loughney, John Mc Quire and Paul Wicker. Personals Frank Gardner, a student at the Dental University of Pennsylvania School, is spending the Easter recess at his home in this city. Mrs. Walter R. Feeney, New York, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Saltry, Oak Street. Miss Helen Comerford, a student at Trinity College, Washington, D. C, is spending the Easter recess at her home on Woodlawn Street. Mrs. F. H. Hemelrlght, Sanderson Avenue, is In Atlantic City. Mrs. Myron S. Knight, Monroe Ave nue, is spending some time in Atlan tic City. Among the Scrantonlans In New York over the past week - end were: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. George Asherman, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cooner, Miss Betty Cos - grove, Miss Anne Sacks, Miss Margaret Margaret Galeets. ' iss Martha Wollerton, Clay Ave nue, is In New York. Miss Alice Calpin, River Street, has returned to New York to assume a po sition as student dietitian at Bellevue Hospital, that city. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knight, Alexan dria, Va., are guest of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hartung, Jackson Street. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Booth, North Washington Avenue, are entertaining Mrs. James Stalker and son, Kings - ley, Youngstown, Ohio. 2 BAITS to IZASTTELZ AVOID THE LAST MINUTE RUSH O CALL 5231 O DOLLAR CLEANERS EASTER SPECIAL JOAN'S GORGEOUS SELF SETTING PUSH - UP WAVE sl .90 Jar of Cream FREE With Ad Worth $7.50 COME AT ONCE AVOID THE TREMENDOUS CROWDS There's Mr difference between ordinary Push - Ups and the wave yea fet here. Jean's Push - Up Wave features lovely, soft French Curls and plenty of them. And Joan's Fush - Up Wave is SELF . SETTING. In House Cleaning Lessen your work by hours by letting Lackawanna freshen your Lace Curtains . Blankets Comforters Bed Linens Furniture Covers Wash Drapes Wash Rugs Pillows, etc. flACKAYAfuIA - THE" ILaundry Did, 2 - 8193 1 3 ' J x A i FBANK GIBBONS The ballroom will be attractively decorated In order to conform with the title of the dance "Easter Parade." Dancing will be from 9 until 2 o'clock. National fraternities comprising the council are: PI Phi, Delta Sigma, Phi Alpha Sigma and Alpha Gamma Sigma. Etiquette, Social Culture Problems Problem! of ettque.te and social culture culture will be answered through this column It tha letters are addressed to Naldah Ross, In care oi The Scranton Scranton Republican. Letters should be brlet. Dear Naldah Ross: I am very much puzzled what accessories accessories should I use with a navy blue swagger suit? 1. Should I have a blue hat, gloves, bag, hose and slippers? 3. Can I wear these blue accessories with a powder blue dress for summer? 3. Can I wear a white hat, gloves, bag and white slippers with the powder blue dress during the hot weather? I shall be watching for your answer. Very truly yours, MRS. L. M. ANSWER 1. Yes, you should have all navy blue accessories. 2. Yes, you can wear these with a powder blue dress in the city in the summer. 3. Unless the powder blue dress is a very light shade, and in fact very summery in appear ance, you had better not use white ac cessories with it. TONSILS IF INFECTED CAUSK MANX 8EXI0TJS AILMENT8. DIATHERMY BEHOVES TONSILS WITHOUT PAIN, BLEEDING 0E DISABILITY. DISABILITY. NO CHARGE FOB EXAMINATION. EXAMINATION. OB. JOHN T. DOWNING TONSIL SPECIALIST S first Natl Bank Bids. Tel Open 9 to 9 State Licensed Expert 439 SPRUCE ST. Scranton 3 - 4680 CD C Young People Form Council for Peace Local Group Will Affiliate With Fellowship of - Reconciliation Approximately twenty - five young people met this week at the home of the Rev. Dr. Henry H. Crane, pastor of Elm Park Church, and formed the Scranton Council of, the Fellowship of Reconciliation. .The unit is. a peace group and will be affiliated with the International F. O. R. Members of the . council '' pledge themselves to refrain from participation participation In any war, - r to sanction military military preparations. They work to abolish abolish war and to foster good will among nations, races and classes. They will strive to build a social order which will suffer no individual or group to be exploited for the profit or pleasure of another, and which will assure to all the means for realizing the best possibilities of life. They advocate such ways of dealing with offenders against society as shall transform the wrongdoer rather than inflict retributive retributive punishment. They endeavor to show reverence for personality in the home, in the education of children and in association with those of other classes, nationalities and races, and finally they seek to avoid bitterness and contention, to maintain the spirit of selfglvlng love, while engaged In the struggle to achieve the above purposes. purposes. James Rose Is president of the group which will meet the second Thursday of each month at a place to be determined. Edgar Stromberg Is vice - president; Evelyn Bennett, secretary secretary and Abel Matthews, treasurer. The president appointed" the following following committees: program, James Kennedy,. Vance Eckersley, Muriel Thomas and James Mc Andrew; pro motion, Joseph Yanak and Donald Kizer; initiation, Edgar stromberg and the Rev. Dr. Crane. The Fellowship In the United States RECKLESS See RECKLESS Strand Friday RECKLESS H Ah if :3 DAYS ONLY THURSDAY ALL SALES FINAL THE Special for Bunny, the suggestion ir CA Blue Ribbon Easter Calce Available in Angel Food and Golden Sponge dice, beautifully decorated in a gay box Plans Entertainment , - - Photo by Bachfach Mrs. Henry R. Herbert, who is arranging the entertainment for the Easter Monday luncheon of the Ladles' Auxiliary to the Lackawanna Pharmaceutical Society to be held In Hotel Casey at 1 o'clock. maintains a national office in New York. Its members are also banded together together for united pacifist action. Regional Regional and. national conferences are held for consultation and determination determination of policies and programs. FOR THE BRIDE AND BEB ATTENDANTS GOWNS and VEILS (Moderately Prleed) MARY LILLIAN DBESS SHOP 410 SPRUCE ST. Braids All colon AU 8lses All Prices Madame Fenwick 111 Lacks. Ave. ID LP ESSIES WE HAVE ONE RACK OF THE MORE EXPENSIVE DRESSES T O CLOSE OUT NOTE These Dresses Sold at From $10.95 to as high as $19.50. They are exceptional values. HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO DRESS UP FOR EASTER FRIDAY NO CHARGES WDMAN' 532 SPRUCE STREET JCE the occasion balcer, gives yon this for your holiday t Order Early Through Jour Grocer Gifted Yiddish Artist Will Appear Here The distinguished Yiddish actress, Celia Adler, with a cast of Yiddish players Is to appear for the first time in this city, at the Central High School Auditorium, the evening Of Wednesday, April 24, at :30 o'clock for one night only In "Dr. Monika," by Maria Stepofsky. Celia Adler, Internationally famous, made a tour of Europe and is now touring the United States. - She is the daughter of the late Jacob P., Adler, wno enncnea the Jewish stage. She appeared before royalty in Europe Europe and is one of the outstanding actresses who can portray Jewish life and Jewish culture, critics say, yet. one does not have to understand Yld dish to appreciate the genius of this versatile artist, who acting as Dr. Monika" will be appreciated by thea ter lovers. This performance will be under the auspices of the Jewish National Work' era' Alliance of America. Births KUHN To Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kuhn, 214 Qlen Avenue, Watkins Olen, N. Y a son at St. Joseph's Hos pital, Carbondale. EASTER WEEK Spring weather is at its best during during Easter week at the Cavalier, Social activities and all sports. Golf on famous courses of Cavalier end Princets Anne Country Clubs ; . . adjacent to the hotel. Excellent stables and miles of rambling bridle piths. Indoor salt water swimming pool. Easily accessible by train, beat or motor. Write for illustrated booklet; SIDNEY BANKS, Mng. Dlu HOTEL VIRGINIA BEACH VIRSINIt rOPENX TONIGHT L Until 9 O'clock J and SH(D SATURDAY NO ALTERATIONS HDIP 50c JX

Clipped from The Scranton Republican18 Apr 1935, ThuPage 10

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)18 Apr 1935, ThuPage 10
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