WV Mine disasters 1970

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WV Mine disasters 1970 - the Yesterday And Today-West Today-West...
the Yesterday And Today-West Today-West Virginia Mine Disaster List Long one asked if there had ever been compiled a list of the major major mine explosions in W e s t Virginia. A major explosion is By SHIRLEY DONNELLY At the funeral of George W. (Diddy) Thurbon, native of Red j Ash, scene of the notable mine explosion March 6, 1900, some- £ asfcftrt - f thprp had pvpr t i c e j one in in wMdl at least - five auto from of to are First m i n e d i s a ster in West Virginia w a s a t N e wburg on M a r c h 2 7 , 1880, when two miners w e r e killed. On Jan. 21, 1886, t h e same Newbufg mine blew up and took a toll of 39 lives. Gas, coal dust and open lights were the culprits in both cases. On Nov. 20. 1894, eight men were killed in the Blanche mine at Standard. On March 6, 1900, the Red Ash Mine disaster occurred in the mine high on the mountain side in Fayette County. That morning at 7:16 a.m , 46 men and boys were blasted to death. At that time, it was the largest number of lives lost at one time in a mine in West Virginia, where coal had been mined since 1820. 1905. On March 18-19, 1905, the ill- fated Red Ash-Rush Run mine at Red Ash had another explosion explosion and killed 24 miners. . Six miners were killed in Cabin Creek mine at Kayford April 20, 1905. Another six "were killed in the Tidewater mine at Vivian mine July 5, 1995. That same year, 1905, seven more miners were killed in the same Tidewater mine on Nov. 4. by THE CHATHAM mine at Farmington exploded on May 15, 1901, taking the lives of 10 men. This is the same Farmington Farmington where 75 miners were entombed over a year ago and only two or three bodies have been recovered. Mine No. 7, at Algoma was the scene, of a blast that killed 17 men on Sept. 15, 1902. A week later, Sept. 22, 1902, the mine at Stafford let go and killed six miners. The Grapevine mine at Wilcoe had six men killed on Feb. 26, JAN. 4, 190S, was a bad day for the mine, Ooaldale, where 22 miners met death in that mine. On Jan. 18, 1906, lives of 18 miners were snuffed out in the mine at Detroit, Shortly thereafter the Parral (now Summerlee) mine in Fayette County was the scene of an explosion in which 14 lives were lost On March 22, 1905, mine No. 1 at Century took a toll of 23 miners. A dozen miners were killed in the Lorentz mine at Penco on Jan. 28, 1907. Three days later, the Stuart mine in Fayette County blew up on Jan. 29, 1907, claiming the lives of 84 men and boys. Whipple mine near Oak Hill was the next disaster scene. In a May l, 1907, blast 16 were killed. Then on Dec. 6, 1907 the nation's nation's largest mine explosion was the cause of 362 deaths. This was at Monongah in Marion County. The explosion left 462 dependents. Ariothre 339 dependents lived elsewhere than Monongah. From all over the land, contributions contributions were sent to the dependents. The gifts totaled $154,360.10 -- a lot of money 63 years ago! BACHMANN MINE at Hawks Nest, Fayette County, had trouble on Jan. 30, 1907, taking nine lives. The Lick Branch mine at Switchback took the lives of 50 miners on Dec. 29", 1908. That same Switchback mine had another explosion on Jan.. 12, 1909 -- two weeks after the big one -- and in the second explosion there were 67 more miners killed. ~ Beury mine at Echo, near Thurmond, Fayette County, blew up on March 31, 1909 and sent six men to death. Ott mine at Elk Garden took 23 more lives on April 24, 1911. Six more were killed on Aug. 1, 1911, in Standard mine near Welch. Bottom Creek mine at Vivian was where 18 miners lost their lives OE Nov. 18,1911. A big explosion in the mine at Jed on March 26, 1912, caused an awful list of mine deaths that day -- 81 in all! Panama mine at Moundsville on July 11, 1912, claimed a toll of 12 miners in an explosion.- THE MELANCHOLY toll of mine deaths, beginning with the terrible Eccles catastrophe of April 28, 1914, will be continued tomorrow. You're Telling Me! By WILLIAM RITT Italy reports its first bus hijackings. hijackings. Doubt if this craze will spread -- it's bound to run out of gas! 7 I t A Portland, Ore., firm adopts a four-day 40-hour week. A great idea -- if you don't mind spreading your work day om nine-to-five to eight-to-six. · ! ! ! Still another city's symphony orchestra has had to cancel some concerts because of a wage increase dispute. Seems these days folks are more reluctant to pay the fiddler.

Clipped from Beckley Post-Herald11 Nov 1970, WedPage 4

Beckley Post-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia)11 Nov 1970, WedPage 4
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