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Lack of Ideas Keeping Danny Thomas Off TV - Lack of Ideas Keeping Danny Thomas Off TV...
Lack of Ideas Keeping Danny Thomas Off TV ·-.'··:'.':"·'::·'.'·* ~.':-^-.-- ··'.»·-'-.. · ··'·· :····.··'·:". X "/By ERSKINE JOHNSON ; : XEA .Staff Correspondent HOIAT\yb,QD" :7 '' 't^^v;'Exclusive- ly Tours; : "Fqr my'own good I've temporaJrily^given-'/up--.television." Comediauv^DanJfiy Thbniias straight- about trie, reason he's missing : from.; the home screens this season."and rexp laining: "Television just isn't a. medium for ..a. stand-up comic. I discov- after my first .show. I was never panned, but. some of ray material was. How can\ anyone put on three or four good routines once a month or once every three months?, I 'can come . : up "with three acceptable new rbutines once a year for' my.-- night 'club act. Barbara Whiting nnrt CBS oxec;-- Jack Myers have decided to take he rbmance more lightly and even aper. off on the .dating^'. .Only oreign beauty'., from'· the M i s s Jniyerse contest.remaining on UI's.."payroll UI's.."payroll is Renate Hoy, who's Miss Germany. ..~.Hattie McDaniel s getting her first income in over i.yoar from the re-plays ·· of her'|tiiiued on "Beulah" radio show--a moralejradio "When! .find the right format-a format-a situation 'comedy maybe--I'll be back." .Danny's big screen career' is of of her begins CAN'T GET OFF com- the the Ferry-Rider May Go Into Drydoek HONG KONG, Oct. IT. .(AP)The .(AP)The ferry Lee Hong goes into dry- dock tomorrow 'and Michael Patrick Patrick O'Brien, her perpetual passenger, passenger, may go right along. O'Brien has been riding the Lee Hong -between Hong Kong and Portuguese Portuguese Macau since Sept. 18. His papers aren't in order arid immigration immigration officers won't let him off at either end. The ferry company said it hopes to do something about O'Brien tomorrow--but tomorrow--but it didn't say what. If O'Brien goes into drydock with the Lee Hong things might be a little rough. There will be no food.or water aboard, and the ship is due for a complete overhaul and paint job, O'Brien claims to be.American- born. The U. S. State" Department says he is Hungarian. The United Nations re.Mgee organization has tried to help, but can't get him a permit to land anywhere. O'Brien reached Macau in early September from Red China. The government gave him a week to get out. He boarded the ferry, but Hong Kong officials wouldn't let him land. When'the ferry returned to Macau, O'Brien got the same treatment there. For more than a month he has been stuck on the ferry, making its daily 80-mile round trip. He is living on monotonous comfort on funds furnished by an unnamed friend. J. A. Blackweli Hattie , "Well, -all the movies are faked, p\ · t loo, aren't they?" 'UlGS OF McDaniel, and. A ward-winning yesterday -Illness from ^ the than-- 1 a zooming, however, with "The -Jazz Singer" due ~ this winter;- Worried about following Al Jolson in the ole? Not Danny, who told me: . 'I said this to the 'studio and hen dismissed it. 'It's impossible o combat legend and the dead. So let's not try.' And we didn't." There may be -a big censorship lowl when John Huston" brings 'Moulin Rouge" back to the U. S "rom Paris. "The can-can num Jers, I hear, are noisy, bold and bawdy. If you- notice a wince on Ihe 'ace of Raj Kapoor, the Clark 3a'ble of the India movie industry n news .photos from Hollywood lore's the explanation as tolc by Kenneth McEldowney: "He Was wearing shoes in public foi :he first time and they were killing him." Compo's Movietimo, U. S. A., Is one year old. . Three hundred-sixty Hollywoix personalities have visited 1,30 . cities and towns in the U. S. But! is it-worth all the effort? I doubt it. the big theme is. 'Hollywood stars are normal people people just like your next-door neighbor." neighbor." Baloney! Who wants to see their next-door neighbor on the screen? Hollywood^ stars on tour should sell, glamor and sex and act like movie stars. That's what people want and will pay to see. There's a big split in the ranks of Mario Lanza's p^ls.' One side claims that a friend's advice (he's an actor) is the reason for all of Mario's troubles with MGM. It all ad,ds up to a hunk of story that can.'t be told. Elaine Stewart, HlGM's new beauty, had one date with Bob Taylor, then decided against a repeat, repeat, Taylor talked about Ursula Thiess's charms from hello to goodbye goodbye time. . .Lana Turner's severed connections with her independent publicity guide, Brian Aherne was chiding a TV wrestler about. all the matches Dooster for the' Oscar-winning ac- Tess . who's now at the Motion Picture Country -Home; Comic'-. BiJzzy Crene.'s telling about the political-minded ion who keard- about the electron, went to the poles and volted. Miss member of receive an 1938 -. fqa- O'Hai-a's" the Wind.' Amos and Andy May Quit Radio HOLLYWOOD 'at -- Nothing's definite but Amos and Andy may retire from radio after this season. The comics--in real life Freeman Freeman F. Gosden and Charles J. Corr'ell--have been a. broadcasting mainstay a quarter century. There'd been a report of retire ment so Guy DeSla-Gioppa, Columbia Columbia Broadcasting System vice president, president, talked with Gosden yesterday. yesterday. "We have not made a final decision, decision, but might decide to leave radio and show business after this season," Della-Cioppa quoted Gosden. Gosden. "We" have every hope of pnr-j suading them to continue," the CBS official said. Bell's at your ICE Prepared Qiympia Confectioner? Peoples Mesquite (Air Conditioned!) TWO SHOWS NIGHTLY EDDIE GREY, WHO THRIUJ5 VfH! WITH HIS .1OHNNV HAY DON'T KAIL TO Ili:.\K HIM MNfi TIIK ANITA GRAY . . TLKASINIl "Doc" Fuetncr, Owner

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  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 27 Oct 1952, Mon,
  3. Page 21

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