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Iron-mill-etc_WklyNotes_1887-05-26 - OUR TOWFS ADVANTAGES AS A MANUFACTURING SITE...
OUR TOWFS ADVANTAGES AS A MANUFACTURING SITE EE-VIEWED EE-VIEWED EE-VIEWED AT LENGTH, Interesting Facts Concerning- Concerning- the Wonderful Wonderful Improvements In the Place ' ' ' Since the Founding of the Iron and Steel Mills. (!. V. 1. in l'ittsburu Cniiiiiicreiiil-tia.ette. Cniiiiiicreiiil-tia.ette. Cniiiiiicreiiil-tia.ette. CANONsnumi, I'a., May 19. From the time tli mills of the Canonsburg Iron and Stool company were first put in operation, which was iu January, 1883, over 300 build--ings build--ings build--ings build--ings have been erected here, and the population population now is fully 1000 more than it was then. These mills have capacity for turning turning out annually 3000 tons of iron and steel sheet for stumping, tinning, japanning, galvanizing, enameling, polishing and other purposes requiring meritous stock, and the great bulk of the product goes to the stamping-houses stamping-houses stamping-houses in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the east. During their entire history the mills have been running both day and night, and directly and indirectly they furnish employment for over200 men. Their marvelous success has fully demonstrated demonstrated that there is no better town iu the whole universe for ponderous manufacturing enterprises J and that there is none as olose to as many such valuable gas wells as are ill this vicinity is irrefutable. In close proximity to the mills are the e.Ntensive works of the Budke Manufacturing company, company, m-jnnfacUirers m-jnnfacUirers m-jnnfacUirers of powder kegs, galvanised galvanised water buckets and other sheet-iron sheet-iron sheet-iron specialties, inul the prosperity of this industry industry has also been a surprise to those interested interested iu it. Other manufactories thriving thriving hero are Hart, llarsha ci Co.'s woolen mill, McDowell & -Dickson's -Dickson's pinning mill, S. 11. MePeak's tlourins mill and Oowcrn '& Sons' carriage works. In the woolen mill are made yarns, iianncls and blankets that are uoted for their excellence, and the "White Fawn" brand of roller-process roller-process roller-process flour made by Mr. MePeak is growing rapidly in public favor, while the doctor buggies and other light vehicles made by (iowern & Sons enjoy a large sale and an excellent reputation in Pittsburg and in many other localities. Another of the town's prominent commercial features are Mimnel & l)nfl''s ice-houses, ice-houses, ice-houses, which have storage capacity for 12,000 tons. Cliai-tiers Cliai-tiers Cliai-tiers creek runs through the borough, and the ice for these houses is cut iu ponds tilled from this stream, which always contains water enough to keep any number of manufacturing manufacturing concerns in steam, COAL AMD OTIIKK MIXEl'AJ.S, HTC, J ust south of the iron mills there are ") men employed mining coal for shipment, iiu! when this fuel was consumed here it coat only two and one-half one-half one-half cents per bushel delivered. Nearly all the farms iu. this section of the country have coal banks on them, and the veins are large and of the very best quality. Deposited in the earth here also are plenty of limestone, fire-clay, fire-clay, fire-clay, red-brick red-brick red-brick clay and -other -other minerals; and within n nillo of the town k a ijuai-ry ijuai-ry ijuai-ry from which Is taken it is claimed, the finest flagstone flagstone for building and paring purposes in western Pennsylvania. Much of this stone has been used in the construction of some of the finest buildings in Pittsburg. An immeasurable quantity of it two feet thick and an exceptional width and length has been taken from the quarry, and its surface surface is exceedingly smooth. There are enough of the Saxony and Merino wools and superior wheat produced in this (Washington) (Washington) county to feed a vast arena of woolen and flouring mills, and there is abundance of oak here for car-building car-building car-building and other mechanical uses requiring auex-tra auex-tra auex-tra quality of this timber. Thelarge growth of walnut jn these parts is now being bought, sawed and shipped extensively to Kugland and Kurope for veneering and other fancy work. There are no finer (locks of sheep or herds of registered cattle than those grazing in this neighborhood, and besides these there is a great deal of high-bred high-bred high-bred horse flesh. The almost innumerable innumerable orchards and gardens surrounding Canonsburg yield the choicest fruits and vegetables of every variety known to emanate emanate from Pennsylvania soil, merchandise is sold on very close margins and dwellings are rented at a reasonable price. So the cost of supporting a family here is light. NATURAL OA. -4. -4. On the mill premises of the Cauontburg Iron and Steel company, of which Charles Meyran is president and John F. Iiudke superintendent, have one of the most valuable valuable gas wells in the country. From it the mills get all the gas necessary to run them, and it also furnishes the Canonsburg Light and Heat company with a supply large enough for all consumers in the borough and for the state reform-school reform-school reform-school at Morgan-za, Morgan-za, Morgan-za, while the remainder of its production , is turned into the lines of the Manufac-, Manufac-, Manufac-, hirers' Gas company and piped to Pittsburg. Pittsburg. This ib the pioneer well of this immediate region, and thore are several others producing within a stone's throw of the town's limits. Within two miles of the place there are fully fifteen good wells, and out of the 20 wells drilled in this neighborhood not one. has proved a duster. The usual depth at which gas is found is from 1850 to 2000 feet, and the pressure of "some of the wells is so high that the danger is too great to have them tested. The production of four of the 20 wells is wasting, as, they being down -only -only 800 feet, at which depth only what Is termed the surface gas is obtained, their pressure is not strong enough to allow it to ' be turned iuto the pipes running to Pitts burg, although the flow of any one of the four is sufficient to keep an Industry of the .magnitude of the Canonsburg Iron and Steel company's mills in fuel. It is likely, too, that if the gas from these four wells is not soon utilized by manufactories that may locate here, they will be drilled to the high-pressure high-pressure high-pressure depth. None of the wells in use will fall below 350. pounds pressure, and there are many Whose pressure will exceed 000 pounds, while there has hern no preemptible decrease in any of them. All of the gas carried to Pittsburg by the Manufacturers' and Pennsylvania companies companies is taken from the Washington county field. Within a mile of the borough are two producing oil wcils. ,s . ' KMVATIOHAli AMI OTHUK AllVAXTAUKS. liuilding lots iu Canonsburg can be purchased purchased at prices that are decidedly reasonable, reasonable, and most any mechanic can earn a nice home here in two years. The ma jority of the men working in the iron mills built and own the dwellings in which they live, and among the property they have acquired acquired are some very attractive and substantial substantial brick buildings. There are no intoxicating intoxicating liquors sold in or near the town, and the community can boast of excellent churches of nearly every popular denomination, denomination, as well as public schools that are commendable in all their appointments. Moreover, there is the Jefferson academy for preparing either sex for entering college. college. The Kev. W. F. Brown is at its head, and students bearing certificates from it are admitted to Yale, Harvard or any of America's higher and celebrated educational institutions. This academy is conducted in the old Jefferson college building. The Jefferson college ended its famous career in Canonsburg in 1800 by being consolidated with the "Washington," "Washington," at Washington, Pa. I'. S. Attorney General George A. Jeuks, Gov. Heaver, Supreme. Judge of the State (.lyases Mercer Mercer and many of the mostdistinguished statesmen statesmen in national politics are among its graduates, as are also Judge Thomas Ewing, James Allison, of the l'rettbyteriaii Binuier, and other prominent Pittsburgers. The borough is located on the Chartiers branch of the Panhandle railroad, only 22 miles from Pittsburg; and one mile west of it is Houstonville, while two miles cast of it is Morganza. The entire distance between between Houstonville and Morganza is a wide and beautiful stretch .of level laud available for any description of manufacturing, manufacturing, and through it runs both the railroad railroad and creek. Sidings from the railroad railroad to any works that may locate along it can be secured at a very small expense. There is in all probability no place where the advantages for glass works are so manifold manifold as here, and this fact only needs to be thoroughly known to make it one of the greatest glass manufacturing centers in the United States. In fact, an industry of any class that could not thrive and grow in Canonsburg need not hope for success in any other locality. The plaue at present present has about 2500 Inhabitants, but it seems as though there Is a grand future in store for it, and (hat jt will nut , be Jong until it contains twice as many. Five years ago it would njt compare in any degree degree in commercial importance with what it id to-day. to-day. to-day. Strangers who intend coming here in search of a mill or factory site may depend on meeting with such hospitality, courtesy and liberality as will be appreciated. appreciated. A Serious Aet-ideiit. Aet-ideiit. Aet-ideiit. On Saturday afternoon as Mrs. Thomas Fife and her daughter, of Cecil township, were coming into town in a buggy on their way to church, the horse they were driving became frightened at the gambols of another alongside the road and started to run. Miss Fife jumped out of the buggy and her mother attempted to do the same, but caught on the buggy and fell, striking her head on the hard ground, wounding her severely. She was picked up and taken to the house of Mrs. l!oy on Pitt street and Drs: Alexander and Uane were summoned, who dressed her injuries. The scalp was literally torn loose, while a small part of it was missing .entirely. She is getting along as well as could be expected and it is hoped that she will recover. Gospel Temperance. There was quite a good attendance at the Gospel Temperance meeting on Monday evening. The meeting was opened with the usual devotional exercises, after which Mrs. T. F. Campbell read a selection, as did also Willie Holland and Miss Julia liriceland. l!ev. W. 15. Smiley delivered a short address iu which he expressed his hearty sympathy with the work in which the union is engaged, Remarks were also made by Mrs. Rev. J. F. Hill and 1. II. Fee. The choir, assisted by Mr. Reynolds, sang two beautiful temperance songs. The singing was excellent and was appreciated bv the audience. School Report. Following is the report of school No. 9 (Hickory), Mt. Pleasant township : SCHOLARS r-UKSKXT r-UKSKXT r-UKSKXT EVEI1V DAY. ICliiierAIliiiiler.Hay Iirieelnnd, Clyde Lemon, liertio Jlrl'ciik, Ralph Miller, Elmer SlcXary, Henry Somcrlady, Samuel Alliinler. Willie Mo- Mo- Cnlla, Emma Brieeliuid, Anna Young, Dcrtic Al-linilcr, Al-linilcr, Al-linilcr, Jlnry Cuiminus. SCHOLARS PKRFKCT IS DKl'ORTMKXT. Klmer Allindcr, Uny Una-land, Una-land, Una-land, Clyde Lemon, Bertie MiiPetik, Kulph Miller, Charley Young, Willie Mi'Calla, Janet Stiller, Lena Somorlady, Sndie Young, Berths Allindcr, Stella MoOiilln, Bessie MollvHiuc, Florence White, Mamrie MeOoy, Edna MeXnry, Blnnehe Hurt, .MnryCondeii, Mary Cummin. Some Fin Sheep. Arnold Bros.', the well known stock deal ers, purchased a few days since, from 1'oley Thompson, the famous West Middletown feeder, 140 line Merino sheep which aver aged 115 pounds each. Who can beat this? The above named parties also purchased a good sized lot of tine yearling Merinos which averaged 83 pounds from Milton McConnell, of MeConnell's Mills. Arnold Bros, say this was the best lot of yearlings they ever handled, and they have been in the business 25 years. ten I'm 14 Strawberry Festival. There will be a strawberry and ice cream festival in the Coliseum rink on Thursday evening, June 2, the proceeds to bo di vided between the Canonsburg Library association and the Woman's Christian Temperance union, of the same place. IS die any in and field region and field for Coal said is loft ( city, he M who is Justice ton on and ton, in the ing certainly ty on

Clipped from The Canonsburg Weekly Notes26 May 1887, ThuPage 1

The Canonsburg Weekly Notes (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania)26 May 1887, ThuPage 1
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