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1894-08-25-WashingtonBee-p1-[TaylorNotes] - IIS till ID EM!. Be Sews of the City Dished Up...
IIS till ID EM!. Be Sews of the City Dished Up fo The Bee Readers. PERSONAL POINTS POINTEDLY PDT Home News aul Events Transpired Since our Last Issue Other Matters Worthy of Careful Con si deration. Subscribe to the BCiHi. Mrs. l.llen Johnson and grandson lia. arrived in "Washington sifter siN-ii'iiu? :i pleasant Time at Silcott Sj :i iirs, Va. Mis Louise Collins who has been spi-mling her vacation at Silcott Sjirmtis has returned to the city. )i. Thomas U pshaw spent a few davN ia-.t week at .North Folk Loudoun (''.. as the guest-of Mr. Jas. Hicks. Tin reorder of deeds. V!u is he? K;uini- The wind bag from Likc Othello his occupation is srone. TImmv will be a new recorder of deeds wifhiu three weeks. Mr. E. M. Hewlett, went to Xorfolk Va.. l.H Saturday night Miv Smith the daughter of lawyer .laitifs V. Mnith returned from Eort-ivsn Monroe Monday morning. Mr. William Dixon was defeated for tln-.ii'ssiir.sliip. Mr. Divon was backed stronger than an tlin'i or four of the applicants. Serjeant John C. Daily thinks that hi'wiii he able to pull a lieutenant to enahli' him to succeed him, The sergeant has played his last- 1 have relieved ray deputy who is a white man, of carrying my money -to the hank and carry it myself. Tims I get down to my size. C. II. J. T. "What does I know about the office I have a white man to do the business lor mi- I carry the money to the hank which relieves my deputy. This r tin lirst reform 1 have made in the recorders office." G. II. J. T. "Tin- old man eloquent went on my bond and he did more to insure nir I'oi.iiniiation than all the negroes combined, of course I shall allow him to run ui oilice. C. II. J. T. "I hhall come and for vou alone." G. H. J. T. The next time I call you will be at home. C. II. J. T. The Snrsfcon in Charge of the Freed-meiis Hospital has not consulted me. C. H. J. T. Astuuod the deserter called on the Commissioner of Pensions on Monday to bae tin- business manager of the I5ke icmoM'd. ih .lames II. Smith is doing a fine law buMin-ss at his new office 401 oth street, n. v. Tin-Misses Arnold who have been summering at the Bay, are home again. Miv Lulu E. Love who took a suuia lneuomse at the Ithaca Institute, N. I is one of our promising eirls. Mkn Carrie Banister gave an afternoon party last Wednesday in nonoi u( lie Misses Dismer and Vaw-ter. Mr. L. w. Vaughn formerly on the fcdUnnal staff of the Lynchburg Councilor Herald is in the city in the interest f the Lynchburg Seminary Juve- lIl'li.UHl. K. Alexa.,Jer Wilbanlcs, the well-Kiiuwii t nngelist who was called to Tex a Miini'time ago on account of the 111-iife .! i,is mother is bacli looking much UllDed. 1. William Creditt is a practical 'nan, and u Yery noticeable trait of his praeui'.uties is that every couple h Joins ,i man and wife receives a very wtu:i.id;nary sermon called: "The i rue ( . uuhv' The Doctor thinks that pfr roupip entering married life MI0U..I have that sermon as a guide 10 liit'ii future hapiness. "d.ii r W. Bishop Johnson, pastor of i e 2i.. 1 r.aptift church is making every mort !.. have all the pomp and glory mils,!,, to successfully laying the cor- w m. , .sometime eiiriy in September. Tytt's Pills ThetIyKpeitic? tbe debiitated, wbetfa-Lftrt tiU.n acccss or work of mind or uk or exposure in Malarial Regions Ji"j Hud Tatt's Pills the most eenial lS-uiiJjtlvc Cver off cred tbo suf reringr ry Tkem Fairly. sJ.v!'ro.ns ody, pur blood, strong ur"SuitiacheerrttlmindwiIIresuIt. SOLD THEY SAY. v -& zy It is natural for boys to play, ' -It is not good for politicians to do a waong act. Some men will lie and steal. All men are not good, neither are they all honest. When ever .you make a promise don't iail to keep it. Fromises when made should be kept. Fred Douglass is running Taylor. Taylor must do as the old man says Miss Williams was discharged because her brother did not consult the wind bag from Kansas. Dr. Williams should have consulted the wind bag. Dr. Williams is too busy to be bothered with such a bluff. Dr. Williams has not been to see me and consult me on the hospital. This is what the wind bag said. Had it not been for ie he never would have been appointed. The echo of the wind bag. "I had to drop "Francis to remove Purvis, is what the Kansas bluffer said" U is occupation is gone . A new recorder will be appointed. '1 he Bee never lies. Those Kansas tramps must return to their homes, and no doubt wiser than what they were before they came to this city. You should never forget your friends. You are furloughed or discharged Miss Williams your brother never con suited me about the hospital. What did White do with that coat? It is warm weather now, hence it should be returned. The wind bag's man Friday. "Rev. (?) is Taylor's go between. They will; both hear something drop. Will Geo. W. Smith hand over to the editor the box of cigars? What has beoome of the wind bags daily ? The Bee said that he had it in his . feet and not in reality, Like Othellos' occupation it is gone. Had I served the Bee with half the zeal I lied 1 would not now be left naked to my enemies. Let us have peace or war. Will trustee Bruce make no reforms in the High school?. Cardoza ought to be dropped. Trustee Bruce owes it to the people and children. Let there be a change in the High school. The incompetent principal should go. Miss Benjamin should be made the health teacher. She is experienced and qualified. Lawyer Hewlett asserts that Patterson has deceived the people. All the contracts are in the name of Patterson. The Baptist HeraM ought to go to s'eep and give its defense of the rotten steam boat company a rest. Stop, gentlemen Herald; srep. Kead the Bee and be happy. THE BEE WAS ABSENT. Prom the Ckicngo Observer; Perhaps if the "Washington Bee" had been with Eecorder Taylor he would not have been elected President. It must always depend' upon the one who is "agin you. ft Sf f v&3z Si you a first o who that as the of The the on and look ters wife hard all. the responsible must' A llf-band heart A her even and cares disappoint sin, such A that that It look old the to did first a or Wo ment bold for and in the him been were few single.

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  1. The Washington Bee,
  2. 25 Aug 1894, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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  • 1894-08-25-WashingtonBee-p1-[TaylorNotes]

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