Operations of the Knights of the Golden Circle in Lawrence Co Illinois - NY Times, 10/4/1862

Negro Killed North of Lawrenceville. Presbyterian Church Split Between Union & Disunion Parties

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Operations of the Knights of the Golden Circle in Lawrence Co Illinois - NY Times, 10/4/1862 - AFFAIRS IN TUB WEST. Oseretloosi of the Kalchte...
AFFAIRS IN TUB WEST. Oseretloosi of the Kalchte of the Coldea .-j .-j .-j ;. 'j :.. Circle. . The foilowins: private letter which haa ieen pi seed at oar disposal, makes some lateresring statements statements rejrardlng movement la the West of vhich but little kaa been heard. It Is dated ' . V-.; V-.; V-.; it ' Vucaicsas. Ind., Monday. Sept. 15, if2. ' We are living bver the fires of a volcano that may hurst any hour. There4 la kn organization lb the Western States known as ue Knights of the Golden Circle. , I belle va it Is not known In the Easter and Northern States. .. Its members have been most sue-cesstuHn sue-cesstuHn sue-cesstuHn securing offices la the army. I knowjt several several who hold positions there, and It 1 strange; how they get them, but those I refer to I know to be-sympathizers be-sympathizers be-sympathizers be-sympathizers with the rebellion.! Again, they are finest active at home In poisoning; the minds of the people against the Govemoaeot of the United States. . jBince our late reverses oa the Potomac they are exceedingly exceedingly exultant. ' Las's proclamation in Maryland they ssy is the right doctrine. That, they say, utters the sentiments of genuine republicanism and liberty, and that the policy of Lraoour's Administration Is tyranny tyranny and oppression. Tnese sentiments are openly avowed by many with whom fon are acquainted In this place. The utterances of such sentiments is bad enough, but It is evident that but aa opporon!ty Is wanted to Inaugurate a guerrilla warfare lathe States aorta of the Ohio and that opportuaUy will not be wanting so soon aa the troops called for have gone to the South. - A few esys since we had at Lawrence vllle an . instance of the ' effect of the spirit , of lawlessness which pervades society A narrow-minded, narrow-minded, narrow-minded, bigoted, vicious Democrat without any j: cause of quarret, but is a proof that he was not for negro equality, Unet a negro, took up a club aad kaoeked him down. ; This occurred m few miles north of the town. alnum-her alnum-her alnum-her of persons were present who testify ukt the negro said not a word to his assailant before or after the assault .Tne next day the negro came to to wa and made complaint. His assailant expecting list h writ would be issued also came to town and teld the constable he had better not attempt to serve the writ ; that he Intended that night to kill the negro, and If the officer attempted to serve the writ he would kill him. That night this fellow and fourteen others, all Democrats Democrats and Knights of the Golden Circle, armed themselves, themselves, passed ; openlr through Lawrencevilla and went over to where the negro lived, shot hijp and stabbed aim nine times with a bowie-knife, bowie-knife, bowie-knife, of course killing him. Law-abiding Law-abiding Law-abiding clUsena were, of course "shocked at the spirit off lawlessness imanl. tested, out ! men of the, seee&h persuasion unblushingly Jl say that - they did right, ;the d d negro ought to be kilted." The partie who perpetrated the deed move In open defiauce of. law. and have sent notices to the citizens of Larence-ville Larence-ville Larence-ville and vicinity, who condemn the act, that If any attempt is made to Indict them, that they will kill every d d Black Republican and Abolitionist about here, i The Circuit Court meets there oa Monday next, and I km curioos to. see whs will be done. A few davs since I was at Mr. In Riehland County, and he told me that he had just been noUfied hat the Kaights had made an order conascattnx his Prooerty. A Mr. , lrvtng oa Bon pas, where 'here Is known to be aa extensive lodge qf the Kaights, and where they shout dally for; Jxrr. Davis, came to Mr. -, -, aad told him that he had beea some time before persuaded to join the Order; that be was told it was for the parpoae. of better organizing the pemo-cratic pemo-cratic pemo-cratic party, and tor a time he supposed such Waa the real purpose, but gradually the conviction was forced on him that Its purpose was treason able. At their last meeting It waa announced that a rising would.-soon would.-soon would.-soon take place, land - then they would seise lirr- lirr- stores at Claremont and Saaraer, and transfer hia goods to the South for the advancement of South era rights.' Mr. is a Arm partisan ef the Democratic Democratic persuasion, but la other respects a good citizen and there is no doubt of the truth of his tale, s Why, Sir, la this town the Union aad Disunion parties are terribly embittered agaiast each other churches are divided. A secesh preacher, from Kentucky J came here and spilt the Frebvteriaa Church widetopea. The secesh party was the strongest, aad hold, the old chareh building, i Others have organized a seceed church, aad instead 'of an gaging in a common eaus" to lent the devil, they are agf ting each other with zeeworthy a better eaeae. i The Episcopal Church would be divided la the same way If there' was enough of It, but there are so few members that they caat alvide they pray together ia church and-abuse and-abuse and-abuse each other out of church.. Suck Is a taint Idea of the condition of things la this country, aad It Is growing dally worse. I If the rebelHoa doeaaot receive a ratal blow sooa. a reign of terror will be inaugurated here before the Ides of November. : H - - , Mr. Is an laJameus secesh. aad It Is said bis house Is a castle where the Heights bold their aoctar. nal orgies, and 1 have no doubt of it, for I saw the most prominent sympathizers ia this tesva go there eae night, under very euspicloes circa sastencas. Just after our reverses oa the Potomac, he came la to my office ia the hac-plest hac-plest hac-plest mood imaginable. . Tha was a Dad slam, ss ys he, that we got la Vlgiaia. I think there is some prospect now ef a compromize," Ac , We can sever put them down j we must settle settle It some , other, way." Of course, he aad I sooa qarreled.-Uj qarreled.-Uj qarreled.-Uj ,J.v- ,J.v- t ij ". -' -' .; lj

Clipped from The New York Times04 Oct 1862, SatPage 2

The New York Times (New York, New York)04 Oct 1862, SatPage 2
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  • Operations of the Knights of the Golden Circle in Lawrence Co Illinois - NY Times, 10/4/1862 — Negro Killed North of Lawrenceville. Presbyterian Church Split Between Union & Disunion Parties

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