1990 Van Aq Belugas

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1990 Van Aq Belugas - The inmates of a They were relentlessly chased,...
The inmates of a They were relentlessly chased, cornered cornered and finally caught. Men surrounded surrounded them, lashed them with ropes, loaded them into crates, and hauled them away from their home. You can go see them now three beluga whales imprisoned for life in the Vancouver Aquarium. Their crime was being objects of human curiousity. Take your children. Show them the pretty whales. See how they are grinning grinning and laughing? Silly whales. Funny Funny whales. Look at the big, big pool that man gave them. See the clean water, and the nice fish they get each day? Happy, happy whales. Happy, thoughtless people. If you do take your kids to the Vancouver Vancouver Aquarium to see the whales, please explain that these mammals were once free. Describe as best you can how they used to swim with wild purpose in an environment so large, so unencumbered, that we as human beings can't understand. Off lZ the ,v. Cuff ANDY HOLOTA Now they are mere trinkets -visual -visual curiousities in a place where people can eat popcorn and be awed and entertained by nature's creatures. Yes arguably, aquariums and zoos have educational value. I remember the few times my parents took me to these places, and what a wonder it was to see the wild animals shuffle to and fro behind glass and bars. Perhaps that is the greatest travesty travesty about putting nature on display the young minds which are being 'educated' may not yet comprehend that they are viewing a prison the prison inmates of which must suffer from their loss of freedom for our entertainment entertainment and enlightenment. Incredible advances in technology allows us to view via film, creatures in their natural habitat, undisturbed and unalarmed. Surely that is more educational than watching a bored mammal circle around and around in an enclosure that represents a laughably tiny fraction of its real home. There are books, videotapes, television television and finally, nature itself to explore, explore, to increase one's education. After we've finished justifying and rationalizing, the fact remains the belugas, the lions, tigers, otters and elephants are imprisoned for our own purposes. Human freedom is sacrosanct. Yet the freedom of natural creatures is subject to the whim of man. The human race suffers from a superiority complex, and most unfortunately, unfortunately, possesses intelligence disproportionate to responsibility.

Clipped from The Chilliwack Progress22 Aug 1990, WedPage 4

The Chilliwack Progress (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)22 Aug 1990, WedPage 4
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