Glenda's step-dad, Burton

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Glenda's step-dad, Burton - Graham, Accused Saboteur, Tries Suicide - :...
Graham, Accused Saboteur, Tries Suicide - : DENVER Hi - John Gilbert Graham, M, accused killer of 44 i n . a n airliner crash, tried lo lull himself Friday nighl by strangulation strangulation in the Denver County Jail, Warden Gordon Dollivcr said.' · Graham's attempt on his life was thwarted by guard Jim Martin, Martin, who noticed the prisoner's irregular irregular breathing, rushed into (he cell, ripptd a make-shift noose from Graham's throat, and applied artificial respiration. G r a h a m was unconscious for about'five minutes, Dollivcr said, before 'the-/ artificial respiration And oxygen' given him by the jail staff restored him lo consciousness; consciousness; A physician summoned immediately immediately is'with 1 Graham and Dolli- vcr said there is no plan .at this momenl'lo remove him fro in the solitary cell. . . Dotiiver said the physician, Dr. Burton Forbes, has administered heavy''sedation and -that G r a h a m is reslinp comfortably. An hour after Graham's suicide attempt was discovered at 6:40 p.m., Dr. Forbes said "Graliam is in good condition and perfectly normal." normal." The doctor said he administered oxygen to Graham for 15 minutes and give him sec on a') by hypodermic hypodermic n«ertle to put him to sleep. He said Graham would sleep for four or five hours. The warden had four guards stationed stationed inside the cell with Graham Graham and on occasion they grabbed FIRST COVENANT CHURCH 10th St. at 11th Ave. 10 A.M. Sunday School 11 .A.M., Worship: "My Coy · srTtnt.'wllh God -- Dally | Devotion."' ! | ft:DO p.m. Fellowihip Hour I 7:30 p.m. Goipel Hour, "Let U* See Jetui." C. Cecil Oiterberg, Pattor Park Church Sermon al 9:30 and 11 "What Made Lincoln" ···- y Great" Dri' Wank E. Carlson, -..:]. speaker ^^ I First Methodist Gr.nham as he loosed fitfully on the bunk bed. The warden showed newsmen two lightweight nylon men's' socks which G r a h a m had knotted noose. Those were socks he had been wearing Friday. Tlic two socks were lied together with square knots." A cardboard, core from a roll of toilet paper was used, Doll Ever said, as a handle* on the noose which Graham twisted around h i s throat. · ,, In response lo a reporter's question, question, Dplliver said he did not know if Graham could have killed .himself, .himself, with the noose. As he would lapse into uncon- ciousncss, the noose would be- ome loose since his hand was olding it taut. · ·" Graham was scheduled to be Tied- March 5 by a jury that would determine if he was sane asl Nov. l when he is accused ynamife-hombing a United Air .ines plane. Federal agents satri G r a h dmilled placing a dynamile bomb n Ihe luggage of his mother, Mrs. laisie King 54, who died when he plane crashed 11 minutes after akeoff from Ihc Denver airport. Dollivcr. said lhal Martin told m the officer had been talking nth G r a h a m up lo five iefore Martin Violicetl his irregular irealhing. Graham had reclined on iis steel bunk in the c e l l , 5 feet awav from the nearest · cell fn his position, Graham's body rom his chest upward was not isible to the guard, the warden said. The guard discovered Graham's attempted suicide, Dollivcr said, vhen he noticed his stomach licav- hg irregularly. "Dolliver said (here was nothing n Graham's behavior Friday to indicate depression. He had had no visitors, because this is a no-visiting no-visiting day at the jail, Graham had eaten a hearty at 4 t l 5 p.m. Dolliver said the prisoner's appelile has been good. As precautions agalnsl suicide attempts, Dolliver said officers previously had taken the 'laces from Graham's shoes and the be! from his trousers. He was wearing only a shirt, trousers, the socks shoes and underclothing. A solo guard has been slalionci around the clock outside Graham's cell while he awaits trial. Dolliver said the officer is stationed stationed \vilhiti four feet of Graham's ceirall the time. The" warden was high in his praise of Martin,- saying: "The guard should he highly complimented complimented for tits quick action the way he administered artificial respiration." DoUiver announced (hat the guard would be doubled immediately, immediately, with two men on duty around the clock. r

Clipped from Greeley Daily Tribune11 Feb 1956, SatPage 7

Greeley Daily Tribune (Greeley, Colorado)11 Feb 1956, SatPage 7
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