Seizure of the Island Home - 1923

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Seizure of the Island Home - 1923 - 82D YEAB--NO. 228. TEXAS' OLDEST ' GALVESTON,...
82D YEAB--NO. 228. TEXAS' OLDEST ' GALVESTON, TEXAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1923. TEXAS' OLDEST NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED 1842. 865 CASES OF LIQUOR SEIZED POINCAKE IS WINNER; STRESEMANN IS LOSER GIVEN CASTE BLANC WITH OK WITHOUT ACCORD OF ALLIES. By Associated Preoe. Paris, Nov. 23.--The . French parliament,"by. one of. the most sweeping votes of confidence in its history, todky approved the policy of the government .of Premier Potncare In the recent' negotiations negotiations 'in the council 'of. ambassadors ambassadors with regard to Germany. Given Free Hnnd. i The chamber grave the premier carte blancho to execute his program for future forcible action in enforcing enforcing complete execution of the Versailles Versailles treaty for the protection of .France's national Interests and security. security. In accord-with the jUIice, If possible, but alone If he must. The vote was 505 to 70. « Premier Polncare, In an address to the chamber today, did not flinch In his attitude of stern-determination to force tha chamber immediately to proclaim either. Us appro_val or disapproval disapproval of MB policy. Ills words seemed, to remove' the smoldering discontent expressed by .deputies in the lobbies of the chamber, difrjns the past week at what_was termed t h e " premier's retreat before Great Britain^ . viewpoint with regard to the demands to he made upon Germany. Germany. The premier r»ut the responsibility responsibility squarely up td" the chamber, declaring that if It was not satisfied with his government It could get some.other government to continue ^the negotiations. \ ~State* Stronr Policy. The premier 'declared;- that- France vo'uld act arfalnst Germany with-or (Continued on Page 2,\Column S.) HE AND CABINET KESIGNj 2 NAMED AS POSSIBLE ' ; SUCCESSOR. B^Assoclatc'd Press.: , . Berlin,''Nov. 23.--^Dr. Gustavo Strosemaim tonight resigned as chancellor when the relchatag by a vote of 230 to 156', denied his rump cabinet.a vote of confidence. Seven^ deputies abstained 'from casting their ballots. After the ballot wafe taken Dr. 'Stresemann tendered·the resignation of..himself of..himself and his-cabinet,-which-President his-cabinet,-which-President Ebert accepted. . ' " ; · · - · jVew Head Not Selected. The president Immediately sent for Paul Loebe, president of the relchi tag,.with whom he had a conference. ·Who will head the new*coverhment remains a mystery tonight. · Herr Ebert has'requested Stresemann · to carry on current business until his successor Is appointed.' · There were strong: Influences at work In the ranks of the socialists in the direction of 'weakening: the, party's opposition by permitting sufficient sufficient members of 'the party to absent absent themselves from the chamber, thereby cutting down the chancellor's chancellor's numerical opposition In the plenary session.. The radicals, however, had so strongly pledged .themselves in opposition opposition to the 'Stresemann 'government 'government and' the German nationalists also had refused to recede" from the position of outspoken hostility, so that the chancellor's fate was definitely definitely -sealed. The chamber rallied rapidly at the sound of tho signal gong. Three hundred, and' ninety- two deputies were preach^ · The vote may be said to have con- forged to the chancellor's wishes (Continued on Page 2, Column 4.) WALTON INDICTED KLAN UNDER FIRE Drops Dead After Calling on Qod to KillHimifQuilty By AB90cUt/ed Frew. Bregenr, Austria, Nov.' 23.-"May 23.-"May Almighty God punish me with Instant death if I am KUllty,' 1 was the final declaration declaration of a man on trial here for the murder of hie wife. Immediately Immediately after uttering these words he swooned in the courtroom and died before doctors could come to his"aid. . His statement was made during during a heated cross-examination under, which the accused uliowed great excitement Doctors.certi- fied that heart failure caused his death. .. . · Customs Officials Capture British Ship After Leaving Port in Morning on Search ST. APPEAL IS MADE FOB CAKE OP AGED METHODIST MIN- ISTEHS. I SEVEN BILLS INVOLVE SAME CHAEQES ON WHICH HE · WAS IMPEACHED. By AwoclAted rre». Oklahoma City, Ok., Nov. 23--J. C. Walton, deposed governor of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, was indicted here today by n. district grand jury on charges on which he wan Impeached nnd removed removed from office by tho state leg- ialatureT Scvnn Indlctmonis were returned agnlnat tho former executive. executive. chn.rglng diversion of state funds. Intimidating u n - officer 'and prohibiting an assembly of the low- i-r house of the legislature. Having anticipated the action. Walton immediately posted bond of $6,760 through his attorneys and re- (Contlnucd on Pago 2, Column 3.) THE WEATHER For Galveston and Vicinity--Partly Vicinity--Partly cloudy Saturday. For Boat Texas--Satu rdny nnd Sunday partly cloudy: cooler . in northeast portion and southwest portions Saturday. For West Texas--Saturday and Sunday generally fair. For Louisiana--Saturday and Sun- day-gonor»lly fair; cooler in north portionSaturday. Winds on Texnn Coast--Light, northerly. KLAN PROPOKENTS WIN ON VOTE TO MAKE HOLLS PUBLIC. ' Hy Assoclntoil Press. . Oklahoma Glty. Ok.. Nov. 23.--The problem of* tho Ku Klux Klan, Inherited Inherited by thfe Oklahoma legislature from Its Impeachment flgrht with j. C. Walton, deposed .Kovernor, came to the front openly in the dejmte today today and became ; ,thc center of ,the most spirited" dteousulon slnco the special H«8slon opened Oct. 11. Defended nnd aasallert in turn, tHe klan wan declared by Its friends to ho a righteous organization standing fnr "law and'ordcr". In .the midst nf crime, and branded "by" Ito enemies as a revlvAl of the organization of civil war/reconstructlon days. The' exchange of views In which soriatora threw their cardn boldly on tho table and made little effort to veil their personal affiliations, was ma'rkert bj.' a display of fcellnR unprcpedented I n ' t h e session. 'Opening the dny with what Is regarded regarded an the first revelation of the strength of tho opposing: factions, In which thn klan proponents won. by a voto of 23 to 13 tjiclr flghtagalnst making public membership rolla of ncrret organisations, the senate s6l- tlert down to i«cvetal hours of grim, aerlmonlotiH debate. Tint at the end of the sesHlon, a necond roll call re veal ed virtually Special to The N*w«. Cameron^ TCT., Nov. 23.--Bishop McSIurray of St. Louis addressed the Texas Conference of the'Methodlst Episcopal. Church South today on the superannuated endowment fund. The General Conference, which Bishop Mciiurray is representing, has launched, n campaign to raise 510,000,000 to care for aged preachers. preachers. ·· - . The amount assessed upon this conference js f-43.000. The Bum / received by the^General Conference, will, according to -the plan of the conference,'-be divided Into payments to the superannuate preachers. - - -. Bishop McJIurry stressed the obligation obligation In caring for retired: preachers', preachers', a deed which he.referred to as I-."a sacred opportunity, a u privilege and tho duty of every man." ."For. a century,", he said, "we have been busy evangelizing the country and building' educational fn- atttutionc; now It is time to think of thoBe whose live,s were spent In this work." , .Bishop. John M. Moore nf Dallas reiterated many of the statements made In Bishop McMurray's talk in an appeal for the superannuated endowment fund and, urged every preacher to go home w i t h the resolution resolution to put the cause before. his people. He spoke of It f r o m . the, viewpoint of self-defense, he said, ehowing that the - minister who failed to collect his church's quota was only f a l l i n g to raise a fund which would mean support to him In tho future. Tho delegates this morning donated donated J120 to the fund for erection of a tubercular hospital in Kerrville for negroes of Texas and three other other states of the Southwest. The donations were solicited by Rev. J, A. Tyler, negro, general super in- tendont of the hospital,, and he explained explained that there Is no place in the South 'whnre negro tubercular patients patients may be treated. * The movement for erection of this hospital, which will cost $350,000, Is headed by negro ministers, doctors, lawyers and school teachers. LONOWOIITH MAKES APPEAL FOR IlKPUDLICAN HAtUIOXV ByAsuoclftled Press. [Washington, Nov. 23.--'Appealing for harmony among republican members members of the house, Representative Jjonffworth of Ohio, who is a candidate candidate for republican leader, declared declared In a letter made public tonight tonight that luck of teamwork would enable the democrats to do what they pleased. · The communication' addressed to house republicans called attention to the-'party's "slender majority" in the next house, and emphasized that republican success at the polls next year would depend "largely upon the record of the congress soon to meet" and that tho main theater of political activity will be the hotiac . o f - representatives in which most Important pieces of legislation must originate." Mussolini's Rise to Power Is One of The Marvels of Hectic Post. War Period MUSSOLINI UNDER ARREST IK 1««, TVHEM" HE WAS ARCH KS'BMV OP GOVERSMEIVT. BOB JONES KEPtlES.TQ JRUHOS THAT HE WILL BE MADE ' . TO LEAVE TOWN. Today's Program 11 a. m.--Union service of all churches at the fabcrnacle, Rev.' Bob Jones preaching. · ". '"" ' 3 p. m.--Bob Jones .preaches at the tabernacle. ' '''..-' C:30 p. m.--Union young" people's service at First Presbyterian' .church. . . - : · ' , ? . . 7:30 p. m:--Great mass meeting at tha tabernacle. Everybody invited. invited. ' "You know, there's, a, certain woman I'm going to meet before I eave. this town, 1 ' Rev.- Bob:.Jones prefaced to bis congregation last night. "I heard her ask a gentleman' gentleman' In town if he had been." to icar Bob Jones. . . . *. ; " 'Don't go,' she .said, when he .old her he h a d ' n o t 1 been. ' Tv.c aeen once; and 'I'll tell yon he's inat a common, coarse-mouthed, uncouth blasphemer.' . ' ; · · . "Yes, sirr I must have been shooting straight into the hole :hat old sister is living in," Rev. Mr. Jones remarked. "A group of 'ellp\vs have been' talking about irumming me out of town. I want to tell them that I am doing the drumming now, and will be fo'rthe next three, weeks." · · . ' TCT* From T.uke.' "Salvation |s a mighty fact and is tho wisdom of God whoae favor makea us heirs of salvation," he declared, taking his text from the first nine verses of the nineteenth chapter of I*uke: 'And ho entered and was passing through Jericho. And behold, a man called by name Zacchaeus; and he vas a chief publican, nnd he was rich. And lie sought to see -Tesus, rho he was; and could not for the . ' . . . - --Pacific Atlantic. MUSSOLINI AS HR APPEARS TODAY. Qratid Jury Finds Bills In Corpus Christl Bomb Case; Tfyo Arrests Made Special to The News. . · San\Antonio, Tex!, Nov. 23.---Juan Morales, 14 yearn 'old, San' Antonio newsboy, and Victor Fuentes, stepfather stepfather of the boy, who have" been held by Texns rangers In connection with tne sending of a bomb which killed J. A. Barnes and son of. Corpus ],win-.declined, to divulge the Vhere- 'abputa of Fuentes. . "Fuentes Is safe, all right," he declared. "We have tried to get-In connection with his wife to allay her fears that the man has been harmed, and have fatted." "When asked If Fuentes was at ranger headquarters Captain Baldwin VESSEL DISCOVERED ANCHORED OFF PASS LATE IN AFTERNOON The British schooner Island Home "with 865 cases of whisky and two barrels of .beer aboard .was brought into Galveston tied up at Pier 20 last night at about 10 o'clock under tow the Suderman Young tug Propeller, chartered by Sam-T. special deputy collector. The capture of the schooner came, yesterday yesterday afternoon at about 3* o'clock off San Lius Pass by the customs boarding vessel Kalita, under command of- H ; T. Baird. -1 The Kalita left Galveston yesterday.morning at 10 o'clock, evidently acting on. a- definite tip that there was something doing on Galveston's alleged rum row. Importance of the Kalita'V departure was emphasized when the Propeller was chartered by Mr. Zinri at. 12 o'clock, following the Kalita. On a previous occasion the.'deputy collector had chartered a lv!g to search for,a "rumored" Uquor ship off the entrance the jetties. But this time ttie collector came upon his quarry anchored off San Luis Pass after a short search in the waters that vicinity. The customs officials were" amply prepared in the way of arms, but-the crew of the schooner offered no resistance. FAVOE INLAND WATERWAYS; TEXAS- MEN /NAMED ON" DIRECTORATE. . . ' , iByAfciocIated Press. . ' . · · . - - : .Memphis, Tenn., ;Nov. 23.--Resqlii- tiqn Indorsing the lakes-to-the-gulf deep waterway project and improvement improvement of the channels of th.e JMIssIs- Ippi River a'nd Us three major tributaries--the tributaries--the Illinois, Ohio and Mis : iouri- rivers--and-urging: an /appror pHation of 55,000,000 for improvement improvement of the Mississippi-Warrior Barge bine through the addition of new equipment and the Improvement of. terminals, 'were 'adopted by the Mississippi -Valley Association at the closing- session of Its fifth - annual convention' here today. Other resolutions called for the speedy completion of Inland 'waterways 'waterways projects now under way. legislation legislation that would legalize the diversion diversion of water from the Great Lakes to .the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, equalization oE ocean and, rail freight rates ths.t would encourage greater use" of g u l f , and South Atlantic ports and the con-- structlon of good roads.- ' James E. Smith of St. .Liouis,. 74 years old, -leader In various valley improvement projects, was unanimously unanimously .-re-elected/ president of the association.---'. . - -/ Directors elected' Included: Roy Miller of Corpus Chrlstl and H. IX Bowens of Paris, a?ex. · . FEDERAL COURT IS FUSING ALT, JATLS NEAR BEAUMONT Special to The News. . Beaumont, Tex., Nov. 23.---The federal federal court is filling all .the Jail space In this section of tho state. Today the .county and city prisons ".w.erc filled and twelve; persons were 'sent to Port Arthur, i Federal court adjourned until Monday. Monday. In the meantime arrangements completed for sending prisoners prisoners next week to Kountze, Liberty and other nearby county eeats. Today Judge Estes sent'fifty-four to prison for violating the national prohibition acli There are more than a hundred cases remaining- on t.he docket for final disposition , next week. It is announcsd that court will continue in session here till Christmas and then a special term convened early in January. Seizure. ^ . The hatches of the schooner vrero sealed last night and -a guard of two in watches were placed aboard to await disposition' today of the crew and the liquor. .· · . . ' - The'schooner and her cargo represented represented the largest seizure made in Galveston'-since the, prohibition law went into effect.--- . · The The capture comes .within a few days after receipt of advice of. .a- "polso'n liquor", ship from the West Indies', which was due to make the American coast. -.At/the'tinfe" 6T''"th"a~" receipt'of ,tJie advice. It was not In- "tlmated as' to'\he size o f ' t h e ship, the cargo_ or_ her destination, the ' Bare"announcement being made. Officials Officials last night refused to say whether them was any connection betwean the .expected ."poison ship" and the schooner captured. . · Crew. Kept on Slilp. Collector of the Port R. W. Humphreys Humphreys stated last night that it had not been decided whut disposition could be made of the liquor and the crew of the schooner. He stated, however, that .the crew^of the ship would have free run of the captured craft until decision was made as to their status. ' ' ' Special · Deputy Collector Zinn stated-^that the capture was made about fivdmiles off,'San LiiH^ Pass and that £he seizure would come'' under the new" agreement between Great Britain and the United States extending extending the' limit of search from throe miles to twelve. . prom Grand Cayman. The crew of nine men are all Britr,. ish, it was stated, with two excep-. tions, one of the. deck hands being an American and thp cook a Mexican or a West Indian. \ The. schooner's clearance papers enow her home port to be hi the Grand Cayman Islands. a small group south of- Ctfba In' the Caribbean Sea. She Is about seventy tons and is eighty feet in 'length. , ShO' draws about eight feet A trim f and-fleet craft, she was declared to · be the largest and best rum-running craft seized off this coast. - After being tied tip last night, customs customs officials refused to permit anyone anyone aboard the craft other than the members of the customs force. The. cases were'sealed to'aTTftlt decision today as to their disposition." ; HolKt» Fln«. . ' · ' A. number of smaller craft were sighted by the Kalita on' the Journey out yesterday morning-, but nonja was seen In. the immediate vicinity of the schooner. It Is believed that word of the approach of the customs boat was relayed ahead to the smaller craft. Those searched failed to reveal reveal uny signs of liquor, officials stated. When the Kalita approached tha'' crew of the schooner hoisted tjia ·British /lag-. Tho crew was taken (Continued on'PaRe 10,'CoIumn 1.)

Clipped from The Galveston Daily News24 Nov 1923, SatPage 1

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas)24 Nov 1923, SatPage 1
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  • Seizure of the Island Home - 1923

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