Newell mill; county seat debate

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Newell mill; county seat debate - a O of jp or or not the in of off untrue, we...
a O of jp or or not the in of off untrue, we will endeavor to con cot the false impression thus made. But we are digressing. The statement statement that Oskaloosa is located within jire miles-oi (he Leaveiiwoith County line is incorrect, and the Gazette man, in his statement to that effect has "un fortunately" got several miles out of the way. Thcreu but one sectional .map of Kansas with which we are acquaint cd, that so represents the location of Oskaloosa, and that is Guun's the very one our frieud admits he look as his guide. That map,in this particular, is incorrect ; and wuenvre called in attention to this f.ict in Lawrence List sinter, Mr. Guun admitted that it was erroniously laid down on his map. tho' not intentionally so, and promised us that in his next edition he would have it corrected. So much for that. The next statement we wish to notice is that which asserts that Osknloosa is on the lino of the Resene. A few weeks ago the Gazette contained an ed itorial synopsis of a treaty made by the general government with the Delaware Indians. Is it possible thai the author of that synopsis is so stupid as to have forgotten in so short i time that there Is no Reserve in Jifferson County 2- Scratch your pate, neighbor, and "stir up your pure mind by way of remem brance." We suppose no person ever claimed that Oskaloosa is in the exact centre of Jefferson County. But if jou drawn line from East to West through the centre of the county from North to South, you will find that the line either pases through or very near this village Then draw another line at right angles across the first, running North and South through the centreof thecoan'v from East to West.and you will find that the two cross each other about half way between Osawkee and Oskaloosa, giv ing but little if any advantage to either of the two towns. But if you will take into consideration the me-aiiderings me-aiiderings of the Kansas R'ucr our sou'h boundary tou will obsenc thaL the portion of the county lying Easl of the line running North and South actually actually contains more territory than tint portion West of the sime line, thus throwing Oskaloosa really nearer the exacl geographical centre of tho county county than any other town. Bui again, the territoiy East of tin dividing line being larger thnn that I West of it, and lving nearer tho Mis souri rirer and the metropolis of llio territory, will contain the greater po- ntlhilku:.inJ.Qlt lltTirrommo'1 Godkt's Laut'sI Book. for October; has been recehed, and is a beautiful specimen of this unequaled fashionable Magazine. "Our own Correspondent". is a fine picture", engraved on steel, and the gorgeous fashion plate is the most maguificent one we lime seen of Go- dcy's new style. 83 a year in adi ance. Address L. A, Gody, Philadelphia, Pa, 4 PnoBATE .Cocrt. The next session of the Probate Court will commence on next Mouday, when all persons having business before it should 1e in at ten dance. .'-.. 0O The Board of Comity Commissioners Commissioners meet in 'Oskaloosa on Monday next, when they will levy a Lax for the ensuing year, and transact such other business as mav come before them. We direct tho attention of our readers readers to the card of Dr. Buekmislcr, in 1 1 . 1 w anoiuer column u mis paper, it is needless for us to say anything more in commendation of the Doctor ns a medi cal man than that he is a graduate of one of the first class Medical Colleges iu the East, was a member of the American Medical Sociotv, and also of the Ohio Medical Society. With an experience of lwenty-fic jears as a practising physician and surgeou, it is but reasonable to suppose ho under- s'ands his profession. See tho advertisement of Normnn Macumber in this paper. Mr. Ji. has built himself a new shop, has brought on a good stock of- leather, and is pre pared'Ur do first rate woik at reduced prices. Give him a call. Read the advertisement headed "Strayed or Stolen." Mr. Newell informs us that he has just had his mill repaired, and is now ready to accommodate customers on shot I notice. Grinding and sawing done iu the best manner, at this mill. $mwfwQmt. e-.V I - THE CAMP MEETDfQ. Editors of the Imlependcnt:-l desire the u5C of your columns to notice n communication publNhcd in the Grass hopper Falls Gazette of the Cih'ofStp-tcinlcrilC60, Cih'ofStp-tcinlcrilC60, which w.-u signed "J.B." The author of ihe article tefcrrcd to, iaforms tho '.'Loch?" of. the abuve-numnd paper who, it seems liom the comments comments at the clcsc of the contribution, is a cougcnitil spirit that "On Mundav one of the converts got a little ralhy at a man who had sold Iiiin "red Apple" the day before, and jumped onto him to whale him." of the count- than any other point. We had not intended to discuss this subject, but were forced to do so, or by our silence give assent to a false impression impression made by our co'empornry. We have treated the and . up to far of joy as astonished Chicago He "Little ih-i inches. the the taken

Clipped from
  1. The Oskaloosa Independent,
  2. 26 Sep 1860, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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  • Newell mill; county seat debate

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