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May 30, 1974 Judy Rivera page 1 - Are remains Judy Rivera? .keletn9 identity t at...
Are remains Judy Rivera? .keletn9 identity t at inauest oiigh By STEVE COOPER Sun-Telegram Sun-Telegram Sun-Telegram Staff Writer FONTANA - What happened to Judy Rivera? That question became the central issue of an inquest yesterday conducted at City Hall here by San Bernardino County Coroner Bill Hill. Hill is responsible for determining the identity and cause of death of a small child whose skeletal remains were discovered discovered in the Jurupa Hills in south Fontana Fontana Feb. 1, 1973, by a man out walking his dogs. Investigators determined the remains were those of a three-year-old three-year-old three-year-old three-year-old three-year-old who had been buried about 10 vears. Before calling his first witness, Hill told the jury that they were to determine only if his conclusions about the child were correct. They are not judging anyone's responsibility in the child's death. Before five minutes of testimony by the first witness had passed, Hill made statements showing he believes the skeleton skeleton is that of Judy Rivera. His first witness was her mother, Merla Rivera of San Rernardino. She was the lone witness in the room as Hill had ordered all others to wait in the council chamber lobby. "Did you ever have a daughter named Judy?" asked Hill shortly after he began questioning Mrs. Rivera. "I wonder if I should be answering any questions. I don't even know my rights," she replied slowly and haltingly. In what he admitted was an unusual procedure for a coroner's inouest, Hill had Det. Frank Donlon read Mrs. Rivera her rights to remain silent and obtain counsel. He emphasized, however, that she was not on trial. From that point Mrs. Rivera chose to answer all questions, except those regarding her daughter, Judy. Whenever Hill asked anything referring to the child, the woman would say, "I refuse to answer." Halfway through the questioning, Hill had Mrs. Rivera read a birth certificate from Los Angeles County Feb. 11, 1961, for Judy Rivera which listed Mrs. Rivera as the infant's mother. "N'ow, Mrs. Rivera," said Hill deliberately, as he held up the document "after reading this do you still refuse to acknowledge you have had a daughter born to you named Judy?" "I refuse to answer," she said quietly as she toyed with a necklace and bowed her head. When asked if she had been questioned by police she said she had been harassed, harassed, not questioned, and that she knew nothing of the bones found in the Jurupa Hills. Near the end of her testimony she told Hill why she refused to talk. "The courts aren't interested in helping helping people. All they want to satisfy are their own records. They have no respect for human feelings. No love. I'll never have faith in public defenders of our society again," she said near tears. "But what about Judy," shot back Hill. "Did she have a public defender?" Following Mrs. Rivera's questioning, Hill brought Irma Rivera to the stand. She is Mrs. r.:-;ra's r.:-;ra's r.:-;ra's 1 5 y e a r - o 1 d daughter, who has been placed in a foster home by the court. During her testimony and subsequent testimony of her step - sister, Virginia Bueno, it was revealed that the court S.B. teachers plan 1-day 1-day 1-day strike action By TINA FLOW Sun-Telegram Sun-Telegram Sun-Telegram Staff Writer SAN BERNARDINO - Teachers will strike tomorrow in a one-day one-day one-day protest designed to call public attention to their problems, a San Bernardino Teachers' Association (SBTA) spokesman said last night. The walkout, dubbed "Dignity Day by the SBTA," will come the day after San Bernardino City Unified School District trustees are scheduled to approve an eight per cent pay raise for teachers, who have asked for an ll1 per cent hike. The board ended negotiations with the Certificated Employes Council (CEC) Tuesday after refusing both direct talks with the teachers and state mediation. Strike plans call for a 10 a.m. community community rally in the city convention center plaza and a mass march to the district administration building at 799 N. F St., where teachers will picket from noon to 3:30 p.m., said SBTA president Ron McPeck. Instructors will also march outside all city schools tomorrow morning, McPeck felt Irma's father, Antonio Rivera of Riverside, had sexually abused her. The long-haired long-haired long-haired teenager described numerous beatings that she and her sister, Judy, had received at the hands of their father, Mrs. Rivera's ex-husband. ex-husband. ex-husband. "I remember Judy. She was very small. Yeah, she was skinny and she could walk but she had, like, a dislocated hip and it was hard for her to walk," said Irma. She said that she and Judy were often beaten or kicked for wetting the bed. At that time Irma was about six. Then, as the room became absolutely silent, the girl described being tied with ropes, cords or wire, and shut in a closet. The infant, Judy, would receive the same treatment as a punishment for bed wetting, claimed Irma. She also (Continued on R 7, Column 1) added. Independently organized teachers picketed scattered campuses before and after school during the last two days. Board members and district administrators administrators have stressed their intention to keep as many schools open as possible during any large-scale large-scale large-scale walkout. Strike organizers said last night they expect 80 to 90 per cent of the district's 1,382 teachers to forfeit a day's pay and join the boycott. Teachers will return to class Monday, they added. McPesk said the one -day -day walkout might be averted if teachers could "be assured in an almost public way that they (trustees) had made some move-ment move-ment move-ment from their eight per cent offer during tonight's board session. "We plan to alert the community through this action that, things are not right in the schools," McPeck said of the CEC decision made about 5 p.m. yesterday. Teachers refused the board's eight per cent offer and authorized the CEC to call a strike during a mass meeting last week.

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