Liquor seizure - 1926

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PRECEDENT SET IN SEIZURE OF BRITISH LIQUOR Galveston customs Inspectors again stopped into the limelight 'terday In the enforceraont o£ the .national liquor laws when more than 300 bottles of liquor from n, British steamer now under a clause "of the liquor treaty never before Invoked. The of the liquor was for violation of article 3 of the treaty with ratified In 1924, regarding the presence of sea stores on a vessel. It was the first use of the clause to be made iu the . States. .The seizure yesterday .calls to mind^ the taking of the schooner Island Home outside of the three-mile limit, but ( tho territorial waters of tho United States as newly defined in treaty. The Island Home was seized shortly after the passage treaty, laden with liquor. --.-,.·- -.", ;^z---_··..·...;.;:.·,.-. · . , - . ' v ·· .= Provision BxplalnecL Article 3 of iho treaty with England is as follows: "No penalty forfeiture' .under the laws of tbe United Statea ah alt be applicable attachod to alcoholic · liquors or vessels or persons by reason of carriage of such HQUOFB, when liquors are listed as pea stores cargo -destined for a port foreign CONTRACTORS WILL FINISH FILLING IN'NORTH SECTION TODAY. Grade ralslnsr north of Broadway will be completed today and th'e old city'dump, long an eyesore, will be completely obliterated, It wiu announced yesterday : by E. K. Cneei borough, secretary of the grade ruining board.. · . ,· . .- . : The dredge will shut .down for about two days-In order toat needef repairs may bo-made. ; "From 1 ·'now-, on .the dredgo wil confine ItX..operations to tha area south of Broadway, north of Avenue 11 % and west of Forty-eighth street," he aald, "About'. - gOO.Oftg yard* .of filling has bqen .placed IT this -area.* It"will .beVcompleted. b Dec.;10''anfrrS*t«r7".thiLt .* timei.'Jhe, dredge will discharge betweeh"Avf- nu«9''MH "and OK'and west-of-Forty-eighth street. There- already -has iem'*plBced In thla area 3«,000 cubic yards of-filling, and it will b completed b y Jan. 1 0 . - · · · . ' ."The next area to he raised lie)! ' between Avenues OJJ and Q',4 and west of Forty-eighth street A neaf y fill will be needed .In thl 5 ,-arta and · It wjll not * be completed' before March,iL:',.As .to .the area, south'.'of Avenuft O# and treat of Forty. eighth street, a subdivision his not yet been decided on. Tho filling In this area will begin about March 1 Thft total yardage* placed and paid fr under the pending- contract (Continued on Page 12, Column 7.) THE WEATHER For Galveston find Vicinity--fiiln- day, unERttleJ; occasional Mm weTM, East TcxnB--Sunday partly cloudy to cloudy, scattered ahoivors, colder except in day fair, southeast portion. Mon colder In east jiortion; moderate to frcjih southerly winds on the const. TVeat , Tejcaa -- Sunday partly cloudy, ehowftra In nouthenut ly tlon, colder. Monday yenoraily fair. Louisiana--Sundny cloudy, orcn- nioiml aliowera, warmer in southeast portion. Monday partly cloudy, colder except In flouUitaeU'tn portion. Arkannan--Sunday cloudy, occa- alonnl ahowera, colder in northwest portion. Monday partly cloudy, colder, to-tho United States, its territories or possessions on board British vessels voyaging to or from ports the United States, or Us territories, or possessions or passing through the' territorial waters thereof, and suoh carriage shall be as now provided by law with respect to transit of such liquors through, Panama Canal, provided that no of-such liquors shall at.any.time place be unladen within the States, Us territories or possessions.' By virtue 'of the vessel .-having come directly to " Galveston from Liverpool, and her. return .voyage being to tho latter port, the liquor was being.illegally carried, customs officials said.. Had the vessel been destined :to another foreign port route to England, the -liquor could have been kept under seal'the tiro time the'vessel was in port. The -presence of tho liquor the steamer also 1 " In violation of Section .17.50 t of the .national .; prohibition "act "regarding *'4a stores, which'is as fpllows; is unlawful for lany United States or foreign-merchant vessel within the territorial, waters of the-Unltea Statai to carry or possess a** stores any liquor whatever for beverage use." · . . . Wa» Surcfccd Before. As-the above section of the proV hlbltlon net 'was -found to be ly opppatt^ .the English law-regarding the -presence .of liquor aboard British steamers article 3 was In the treaty -with E.ngland. . . . The seizure-yesterday, was the lequel of a search made of. the vessel on her arrival hero ten days ago. At that, time five bottles of liquor were found hidden In parts Of the ship. Last Saturday a'quantlty of liquor was confiscated as excess medical supplies, .and at that time the presence of the as "en stores was discovered. A. .W. PariK. British consul, declined to make a statement late yesterday .afternoon in connection vith the seizure, saying that he received no official notification of it. and t h a t ' a i r t h e had wan what hu had seen in afternoon papers. He declared that ho would not be In a position to make i statement until ho had officially notified of the seizure. MnkcM Tent Ciifcc. No charges had been filed against the maatcr or thd vessel late yesterday afternoon, and cuntoms officials declared that the oeizure a tost case. Tho customary fine IR a bottle was not asseRsed. Frank AV. Qulnn, auporlntondcnt icustoms InnpeelorB. declared that ft seizure of the liquor was j another sUp in the work of the customs service to break up tho liquor traffic Jn Galveston. Ho pointed out that on peveral occa-

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 14 Nov 1926, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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  • Liquor seizure - 1926

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