The End of a Long Fast- Tuesday Aug 20,1889. Indianapolis News

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The End of a Long Fast- Tuesday Aug 20,1889. Indianapolis News - THE EN D OF A LOXff EAST. BOBT. MARVEL, DIES...
THE EN D OF A LOXff EAST. BOBT. MARVEL, DIES AFTER 1XSQ ABS TAIXIXG FHOM FOOX. An Octogenarian, Rednced to a Skeleton, 1J res on After Frieuda Hare Despaired Ulatory of an Extraordinary Cava. ' Robert .Marvel, after lasting sixty-seven days, died, this morning at 7 o'clock. His ease is so extraordinary that it baa attracted the attention not only of -the curious public, but of the medical fraternity far and near. On June 9 Mr. Marvel ate his last square meal.. He is eighty-five years old, and of course had not at that age been a hearty eater. But after the day arrived he ceased altogether to cat. For thirty-six ldays he took absolutely nothing into his stomach. On the thirty-eighth -e bit" off a piece of pie, but did not eat it. On ' the thirty-nnth day he drank a small ' quantity of milk, and at irregular periods be has cbntinued to do so. All toid, he has drunk not to exceed one gallon of miik in tbe sixty-seven dav that have elapsed since he began to last: ' The eflect of this abstinence is such as would be expected. The faster has reduced himself to a "living; shadow." The -case is so tar beyond the oidinary that incredlity has been excited. Hut there is no occasion tor this. Dr. George Hasty has regularly attended Mr. Marvel. He saw him last on Sunday. "At that time," said the Doctor to-day, "Marvel was very weak and evidently approaching his end. The wonder was how be could live at all. His bowels h.tve tor two months been absolutely empty. In all this time there I'M not been any action of them. His llesh has aliriv-eled up and you could feel his backbone lrom in front as well as irotn behind." The great difficult v in treating him has been Phis determination to resist a'ii proffered aid. He nas paid no attention to ertorts to incline him to eat and drink. He would resist if pressed tod hard. After fasting a full rujnth, be one dav arose from his bed. . and seizing a pan of water that stood near drank some ot" it off. Alter that milk ana water were left near him and occaior.aily he would rise and drink a little. Sunday he drank perhrps a tcuspoonfuL At no time nas he tal-en enough load to sustain life. ' Existence has there. ore depended, upon the consumption of the tissues. Many times in the last thirty days Marvel has been bolieved to be dying and triends have gathered about his bedside, .but be rallied, and except that he gradually weakened, no perceptible difference has boen apparent In his eonuition During the last week Marvel has bean bedfast, except at times, when be would tpring up and wander about the house and poi th. bores came upon him by reason of his long confinement, and evidently Marvel lias not only suffered long, but severe') , though everything posFible was done to relieve him. - His last is the longest on record, so far as known". The most prominent a;e of voluntary fasting was Tanner's. It wid be recalled that he ate nothing and drank on'.y wut during forty days. Marvel lived with his relatives; in Pike Township, seven miles from -the city.- -He passed away. Dr. Hasty aid. verv quietly, much to the relief ot hf friends. Marvel's trouble benan with -apoplexy and paralysis. Herwas neither able-to hear nor speck. The doctor's theory is that the disease was responsible both io't the disposition to last. -end the occasional tits of violence on the part of his patient. ' Marvel -was born in-Sussex County,- Dela-ware OcUibtr 7, -105. When young he was a pnilor :or seven years. He came "West in 133. He lived in his Inter years with his widowed daughter, Mrs. Jones. TO KEBITLI) SOUTH FORK. I ! : -Three

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  • The End of a Long Fast- Tuesday Aug 20,1889. Indianapolis News

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