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Mexico Ledger
May 13, 1972
Page #5 - of ball. 1 mixed sandwich, bee To Mom With Love...
of ball. 1 mixed sandwich, bee To Mom With Love My mother may have never won the "Miss America" pageant, but I bet she could win "Mother of the Year Award". She's a great mother. She bakes cakes, brownies and cookies that are out of this world. She also always has time for skinned knees, hands, and elbows. My mom has four kids — ages ranging from one month to eleven and a half years old. She has time for all of us. I love my mother!!— By Lisa Ward, Eugene Field . Do you know what a mother really is? She's the one who makes you glad when you are sad. She's the one who takes care of you when you fall. She's the one you call if you are in trouble or need help. She's the one who cooks for you. She's the one who straightens your room when you leave it like a tronado had hit. What is a mother? She's the one who does all this and more. Think about it!!—By Tammy Oliver, Hawthorne School love. — By Scott Irvin, Garfield School My mother is a kind mother and a lovable mother. My mother is good to us and very pretty. A mother is a hard worker. My mother is a good mother and she does a lot for me. She is nice and her hair is neat.— By Cheryl Cloven, Eugene Field Good enough to eat!! mother is nice. She plays jacks —By Connie Gerler, Hawthorne with me.— By Frances Belcher, Eugene Field Mothers are the nicest and kindest people in the world. They are full of devotion and feelings of all kinds.—By Bobby Sparks, Eugene Field Cerebral Palsy School Since school is rapidlj drawing to a close, plans art being made for these last few weeks. Parents and pupils art planning a trip to the capitol building at Jefferson City or May 19. The last day of school will be May 26 and the Mothers Club is planning a family dinner that evening. Sandra Stegeman and Ma> Trams have birthdays in April and they were honored at a party at school along with Alan Erdcl, whose birthday is during the summer months so he celebrates early. The staff members and Mrs. Story of the volunteer group visited the Juvenile Center at the Fulton State Hospital to observe the recreation program and see new equipment. Mrs. William Talley of the Santa Fe Sociables Club visited our school with a donation from the Club and measured for new sheets for the kindergarten, cots. Out thanks goes to faithful Troop No. 57 for mowing our yard. The Hlsey Hoppers 4-H Club has a day planned to do some yard cleaning for us and we appreciate this also. The 4-H Club is also baking some Cookies for us. Although school will close on May 26, a sununer program of speech and physical therapy for those needing it has been set up by Uie Cerebral Palsy board. A mother is a special thing to help you through the day, To help you with your schoolwork and to keep the tears away. For all of the people who get credit, she deserves the most. For all of the nice things she really does you never hear her boast. A mother is a busy one— a very busy one as you can see. Besides cleaning house and shopping she's as busy as a bee. A mother is a special thing as you must now know. That is why all of the children in the world love their mothers A mother is someone to love. She is thoughtful. She is nice and pretty. She is a good cooker. A mother is someone to tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.— By Ricky Dodson, Eugene Field A mother is someone that cares for you. A mother is someone that tucks you in at night. A mother is someone that kisses you when you get home from school.— By Randy Clark, Eugene Field My mother is so nice. She's full of pretty red spice; Somedays she makes my bed, For me to lay rny head. She lets me build a rocket. And sews up rips in my pocket! —By Roger Powell, Hawthorne A mother is someone who cares for you. A mother is some one who loses a game of checkers because you are sick. A mother is someone who makes you wear a raincoat when you don't want to. A mother is LOVE!!— By Karla Massey, Eugene Field A mother is: A person who worries. A person who cares. A person who works. A person who helps. A person who shares and A person who loves. —By Cheri Bailey, Garfield School My mother gives me lots of things, From up town she brings me rings. When I go to bed, I give her a kiss. When she's at work, it's her I miss. And my mom is a grandmother, And I really truly love her! —By Jackie Talken, Hawthorne so. —By Bill Baker, Garfield School. My mother makes safe and warm, Even during a little storm, She lets me go lots of places. She makes a lot of funny faces. My mother makes me take a bath, Then tells me not to go out in a draft! —By Barbara Hopkins, Hawthorne My mother gave me a bike And she let me go on a hike; She puts me to bed, And kisses my head, She taught me my A B C's, And she taught me to say me feel please! meieeiH _By Mary Jane Long, Hawthrone A mother is something nice to have. She's someone who loves you. Someone who will let you have someone over all the time. She's someone to tell your problems to. She'll take you to lovely places. She buys you presents you wanted a long time ago or wished you had. She lets you keep your pets when they're born. She's a beautiful human being.— By Kathy Smith, Garfield School A mother is a big worker. She cleans the house nice and clean. She helps us learn right from wrong. And she always has time for love.— By Melissa Jesse, Eugene Field My mother is pretty, My mother is sweet. My mother looks like candy, My mother is lovable. She is funny. She tells jokes to me. My M is for a mother loving you and me. 0 is for loving us over all. T is for thoughtfulness that she gives to all. H is for how much she cares. E is for ever loving to be with her. R is for a mother who really is the greatest to have!! —By Tracy Davis, Garfield School m. When I awoke I was full of glee. Why, it had to be a great big joke. That someone played on me! Then the thought came to my mind, The winter school 1 left behind! Sununer is here today, and what 1 say is: Hip- Hip-Hooray!! —By Donna Gibbons "Carry my coat", "I want a drink", Mother's children say, And mother sighs her little sigh and manages through the day. Up the ^tairs to make sure that John and Jack are in bed. Then right back down to see that little baby Carrie is fed. Mothers take so many pills for headaches, so they say. But I'm so busy having fun that headaches stay away. When mother finally gets to bed, she's weary as can be. But someone has a nightmare and in with mother they squeeze. Through all this mother's calm prevails, She's patient through the years, And always our sorrows find their way, To her sympathetic ears. By Christine Cottey, Garfield School A mother is warmth and kindness. A mother is someone to talk to. A mother is someone to no to when you're hurt or need help. A mother is willing to help you even though she herself may not be feeling well. A mother is someone to tell your problems to. A mother is SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS in Mrs. Marilyn Preas sixth grade at Hawthorne School proudly display their exhibits. Sharon Baclesse shows her model of the heart while Karen Terry presents her Solar System project. The science tair entries were judged by Paul Day and James Van Schyndel ot tho Hardin F<u ulty.

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