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In Memoriam - Delilah Beasley - In Memortam—Miss Delilah L Beasley By LENA M....
In Memortam—Miss Delilah L Beasley By LENA M. WYSINGER When the last rites were said at* Harmon exhibit in the Oakland Art the bier of. the late Delilah L. Beasley, according to the ritualistic services of St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church, Twenty-second and Grove Streets, memory in the hearts of her associates lived on and will live throughout the ages, as was expressed at a special memorial demonstration under the sponsorship of the Oakland Council of Church Women and various other organizations, local and national, in the activities of which Miss Beasley found 'oy, and,through which she bent her efforts during her entire life for the furtherance of the uplift of human- ty. The First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Oakland, the Rev. Daniel G. Hill, pastor, was selected as the place, and a large number of persons from various inter-racial groups assembled, at which time he many beautiful and interesting activities of Miss Beasley were fittingly portrayed in words, music and song. Il is often the case that upon such occasions the time is spent in delivering • extravagant eulogies of the deceased and in reading complimentary resolutions. However, while the services were limited and by no means lengthy, the meeting had nobler aims which were readily grasped when the ushers, composed of the Delilah L. Beasley Club, whose motto is D—Deeds E—Ever L—Lasting I—In L—Lending A—A . H—Hand L—Let's B—Be E—Ever A—Alert S—Serving L—Lovingly E—Every Y—Year put into the hands of. each person present a mimeographed card, the challenge of the united task by Mrs. Grace D. Spencer, chairman of the occasion, which was as follows: "My Pledge "In Memoriam "Miss Delilah L. Beasley "Every life casts its shadow, my life plus others makes a power lo move the' world. I, therefore, pledge my life to the living world ot brotherhood and mutual understanding between the races." Miss Ruth Dean was at the organ; Mrs. Sadie HugRtns and Miss Talma Brooks, and T. Tracy of the At- lucks Club rendered vocal solos. HISTORICAL. SKETCHES Mrp. Chlora Hayes Sledge, past- president of the Slate Federation ot Colored Women's Clubs, said in parl: "Ohio, with its cultural and educational background, has given to us a woman who will take her »placc in Ihe hislory of useful lives; •a woman who played a great parl on life's stage of action in the per- so'n' of (he late Delilah L. Beasley, author and writer, who was a native of Cincinnati, Ohio." Mrs. Sledgs further staled (hnl Miss Beasley manifested her literary gift at the aye of 12 years, having become u staff member of Ihc .Cleveland Gazelle. 1 At Ihe age of 15 ypars sl\o concRiclod a column in Ihe Sunday issue of Ihc Cincinnati Enquirer under the caption, "Mosaics." She later studied journalism in a publishing plant in the same city under the direction of the publisher of the Colored Catholic Tribune. After the death of her parents, the}' having dierl nine months apart, she went to Chicago, look a position to work and learn massage; her desire was In become a nurse, which accomplishment was perfected a few years later. Finally she came to California to nurse n former patient, at which time she became, interested in the pioneer Negro of California and was inspired to write a book under the title, "Negro Trail Blazers of California;" her greatest effort and contribution to the literary world. This work, completed in 1910, has been recognized by foreign, home and state libraries and much comment stressed its value. The Clansman attitude during the exposition in San Francisco led her to request The Oakland Tribune to publish articles of outstanding Negro visitors and their achievements. Finally she was employee] as a special feature writer of The Tribune, covering "Activities Amonis Negroes," which proved an asset for better race relations. IMRS. ALLEN SPEAKS As a member of the Alameda County League of Colored Women Voters. Mrs. Bertha M. Allen, president, spoke of Miss Beasley as vice- president of the league for man> years and chairman ot government and legislation; of Ihe unstinlcc support given each and every phase of the work of women volcrs ol California. She was an honorary member of ths Lcnguc of Nations' AsKoCialion of Northern California; she afterward became a member ol Ihc World Court and League for Peace and Freedom. She carricc; on her programs of inlernalional and inter-racial interests in the University of California and many outstanding churches of the community, always receiving hearty applause. The National Association for Advancement of Colored People was represented by the Rev. D. R. Wallace, rector of St. Augustine's Episcopal Church, who spoke of Ihe successful efforts of Miss Beasley when Assemblymen Knowland of Oakland and Roberls of Los Angeles introduced the anti-lynchins bill inlo Ihe Legislature which passed both houses and will prove a lasting benefit to a race and to a nalion. Miss Beasley was an aid to thn norlhorn California branch of the N. A. A. C. P. in exhibiting the arl of (he Harrnon Foundation the first "ytflrr"in 1JXU 'she -• organized • the vaiious aioupi io mup«rvisc the Gallery and was successful through donations to place on the walls of the art .gallery in the Oakland Auditorium one of Eugene Burk's paintings. Mrs. Terea Pittman, state president ot the California Federated Women's Clubs, told of Miss Beasley's work in national and state activities. She was an honorary member of both groups and as a member qf the news' st«ff of the national organization contributed much in the way of biographies of the "Who is Who" among the Negro women in California. She was also named nationalhislorian. MRS. ARTIEDA HEARD As a social worker. Miss Beasley was a member of the Public Welfare League o£ Alameda County, of which Mrs. Helen S. Artieda is executive secretary, who reviewed the excellent assistance Miss Beasley had rendered to the various departments of the Welfare League. Mrs. Artieda made special mention of Miss Beasley's attitude and expression, ''Others first, self last." Her special Ceaturc column from The Tribune are clipped and filed, preserved for reference and gen- oral information in the office of the Public Welfare League. Mesdames Spencer and Artieda expressed the desire that Miss Beasley's articles be placed in oook form for future reference. Mrs. Bertha Salvage read resolutions from the Women's Progressive Club, a federated club of the state and national body. Mrs. G. Inman of the U. N. I. A., a Garvey movement, spoke of Miss Beasley's contribution in behalf ot Africa. Mrs. J. J. Butler, Oakland Council of Church Women, gave • glowing tribute to the deceased and, like the Rev. D. R. Wallace, she expressed the desire that the column once furnished by Miss Beasley be continued in the future. Miss Beasley WBS chairman of international relations Jor the Oakland Council of Church Women. Tributes were read from the following:' Waller White, executive secretary, National Association for Advancement of Colored People. Joseph R. Knowland, publisher of The Oakland Tribune. The Rev. George E. Haynes, executive secretary, race relations de- parrlmcnt of Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Mrs. Mnlvonc Graham of the California League of Women Voters. STAR SIGNALS OCTAVINE Fftr weMfrm whft fcelkf* that himmi Aeslln? Is r ni*«< hy fhc planeti, tHl» <UHr hnresRftfte li *n(Hne* hj A nnted • Mrolexer. In idrtltton U htfftrjn&tUn »f fin era! Interest, Jt mittlnc* Inform* tUn , Af upeelil tnlrrent t» *era»ni* fcern on th» dcsfrnhttd Am I en. OCTOBER H This is a gloomy looking Sunday. It would be well lo sleep late this morning. It is not a day to hnvc company, or to be the guest of nnyonc else. Do nol quarrel will] your lover in the evening. Everyone is apt to insist that their own viewpoint is the only correct one. BIRTHDATE You should be able to sec below Ihu .surface of things. Try lo advance your financial interests from January 18, through February 4, Danger January 27. through February 4, 1935, Socially favorable! October 22, 1934. It is not advisable lo sigti papers or contracts from January fl through January 8, IfKln. at is San Jose to Study New Ordinances SAN JOSE, Oct. 13.— Two new city ordinances proposed by City Manager C. B. Goodwin will be given to the City Council for consideration immedialely, it was learned here today. One proposed nexv ordinance will, if passed, fix salaries of city traffic officers at $180 per month, with' S35 per month for purchase, maintenance 'and fueling their own motorcycles and automobiles. At present. traffic officers receive $185 per month nnd $25 for upkeep of motorcycles. The other proposed ordinance would create the office of deputy city license collector at a salary of $125 per month. Napa Kiwanis Club Picks New Officers NAPA, Oct. 13. —Members ot Napa Kiwanis Club were headed by a new slaff of officers today, with Foster Roper, local pharmacy owner, in the president's position. Roper succeeded Fred W. Jackie. Olhor new officers are: Thomas Camp, vice-president; Frank Tru- body, treasurer; James Gillies, secretary, and Walter J. Whelan, George Linton, A. G. Prouty, C. B. Brooks, Jack Murdock, William Mc- Arlams and A. V. Smith, directors. *' Club to Give Spanish Program A Spanish program will be presented at the outing to be held by the.Theta Rho Girls Club No. 2, I. O. O. F. al Durant Park this afternoon. Esther Kalisckc, Kathleen Addison, Ruth Priestly, Lillian Schoenfeld and Ida Creciliua will be in charge of the program. Marion Coffee will have charge of Ihe fortune tellers and Dortha Aler and Tvlarjorit: Smith wiSi conduct the refreshments. Lodge Will Honor Supreme President A luncheon honoring Mrs. Dawn Webster, supreme president of the American Order, Daughters of St. George, will be held at the Lake Merrill Hotel next Wednesday. Mrs. Webster is on hor official visil to the Eastbay lodges. She \vill inspect Golden Gale Lodge No. 78. Wednesday evening. Floor work will, be exemplified by officers and drill tcaot

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  1. Oakland Tribune,
  2. 14 Oct 1934, Sun,
  3. Page 61

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