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 - HUSBAND AND WIFE Conrod (Nick) Hilton Jr. with...
HUSBAND AND WIFE Conrod (Nick) Hilton Jr. with his Toylof of the films, shown Hotel Heir Conrad Hilton Weds Elizabeth Taylor Spectators Stand Four Deep Outside Church to Applaud Attending In a church abloom with yellow roses, white stocks, and other spring flowers, Actress Elizabeth Taylor and Hotel Heir Conrad (Nick) Hilton Jr. were married yesterday. The ceremony look place at S! pm. in the Church of the GoodibrMal party drove up a few Shepherd. Beverly Hi,,, when,!-several thousand of the screen jvilc( Among Ihose attending f-t.n's devoted fans gathered. were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brissoo Ions in advance to wish her well) 'Rosalind Russell i. (iregson in matrimony. The church Itself was filled wnn a uisunguMiicu gioup ui film and society notables. Long before the appointed time for the nuptials. MOM Studio Police Chief Whitey Jicndrey stationed a score of movlelund oflicers and Beverly Kills police, around the church to handle traffic and the crowds on busy Santa Monica Blvd. Applaud Celebrities Before I he invited gucsU hoqan to arrive, all the vantage places on the lawn and along the Kidewalk.s in front of the church wre taken, and people stood four deep across the street in the Pacific Elactric right of way. The spectators were not dis-appointed. They applauded the mrival of numerous celebrities and broke into shouts of approval and affection when (he in auto right after the wedding Screen Notables Haut'.er and uniger lingers, Mr, land Mrs. 'Vim Johnson, Mr. and Atrs. .lohnnv Green I Bunnv Waters), Miss Terry Moore and Richard Long, Miss Amanda Blake and Roddy McDowall, Mr. and Mis. George Murphy, Mrs. Ida Koverman, Margaret O'Rrien and her aunt Marissa O'Bii.-;!! and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wanger (Joan Bennett). ltrlrle. Gets Welcome Arriving just in lime, before ihe doors were closed was Actress Gloria Dellaven, who sat alone at the rear of the church. A procession of limousines brought the bridesmaids and the bride to the front entrance of the church. As the bridesmaids left the cars they lined up for photographs and received acclaim from (he Interested spectators. Thai applause mounted when Turn lo Page 2, Column 2 wife, the former Ehzobeth ceremony. TlllUM phti'o Beverly Hills Youths Arrested ,, Jfj YdnUdilSlTl More than lfi show windows in downtown Beverly Hills were broken early yesterday, a man was brutally beaten and attacks were made on two cab drivers as youthful gangs continued to roain' Los Angeles streets, police reported. Fourteen youths were arrested, three in Beverly Hills, three in West Los Angeles and eight in the llollenheck Heights "section. Show Windows Smushed Proprietors and managers of almost a dozen business houses in that city thought differently j when they found their huge nlntp-class show windows snlln- teretl, cracked and peppered with shot apparently from BB guns. Hans Ohrf, 'i0.' N Camden Drive, owner of a bicycle shop ai 8.VI1 Santa Monica 'Blvd., told The Times, "These ovorpriv-ileged, undisciplined youngsters with their hotrod cars are the worst kind of wolf pack gangs. They are destructive simply for the fun of it." A 12x12 foot class window in Obit's shop was splintered. Chief An tier son said Ihe youths, one IS and the other I wo lfi, had roared through Beverly Hills business streets in a station of them armed

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