1892 Jun 25 Silver Party appoints Sam Rosenthal to Committee

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1892 Jun 25 Silver Party appoints Sam Rosenthal to Committee - 1,1 PRICE OP DAILY JOUBNAL, F I F T E E N C K N...
1,1 PRICE OP DAILY JOUBNAL, F I F T E E N C K N T S P K U W K B K Dullverel by Carrier. fcATUKDAY JUNK 25. 1892 THE SILVER CONVENTION, The Proceedings of the of Nevada. Silver Party The Death of Hon. O. W. CanslHy Throws M Tall Over Ike Convention. Yesterday tbo political social and (. ushered int and ablest o it does D t · d an epoch not only in . .-ry of Nevada, but in ber »omio history. There was life by a body of ber truest ·sens a movement wbiob, if . Lieve a national success, will sweep tU 4 State and be a protest so effective anJ complete that even Wall Street will tr cable at tbe force and earnestness earnestness of it. By a preconcerted plan of notion, tbe o, (growth of a thorough and complete · g«nz*tion of her citizens, tbe first oonvo I.on of the Silver party of Nevada Nevada met, o r sUzed, deliberated and gave forth as a result of her deliberations a policy tbat will quiet the insinuations and give tbe lie to the fal-e predictions ot the oulminators of the movement. Tbe conve*tlon was tbe largest ever held in tbe history of tbe State. The personnel of tbe convention was of such a character as to len^jtrangtb, dignity and wisdom to its labors or earn in this State, aented by men moi abler or more bopest men evor gathered together Every county was repre- who | lnoed Nevada and Silver first, party next and spoils last Its deliberations wore most harmonious. Every motion was ot viied with nnanimity. No diacord was m .cifest. Tbe men of the convention bad 'ni a single object and they met witb an i - neatness of purpose tbat accomplished . No job was pat np cor any attempted o be carried tbroogb. The character ot be convention, tbe result result of ita labors, t ho unbounded enthusiasm enthusiasm manifested i ud tbe perfect harmony of the convention .'tuiuend it in every respect respect to the voters Nevada. The oldest polit, us of both partita pronounce it a mo ! convection. Tbe delegates consisted uf u en of business integrity integrity and honestuess or purpose, whose sole purpose was Nevada's prosperity, and tbe absence of tb political chicanery and the asnal scramble for office gave it perfect harmony. The lower part of tbo theatre wat fi.led by the several de'egutioos and the rtst uf the seats were filled witb interested spectators spectators and njtnpatbiiers). Tbe convention was called to order by D'. Bergstein, who in a f«w will chosen remarks remarks stated tbe ol jeut of the meting and then declared nominations for Temporary Chairman in order, whereupon Geo. Nixon placed in nomination tbe HOD. Thou. Wren, wbo wai nom.ua,ud by Reclamation ·mid great cheering. Dr. Bergstnin, in a very pithy speech, lutroUuoed him to tbe obeericg audience, .-'r. Wren aoaepted the honor in a ctmra-l'i *tia and foroiblu epeeoh, in wbiob be n i ' d w c d tne history of silver legislation ana .tutud torsely tbe conditions which salted ·ogetLer the present present non-partisan convention of the people in their own interests. He wus interrupted by great cheering and was loudly applauded at tbe close. Chas. Mack then nominated John Keilay ot Storey county for Temporary Scaretary. He was elected by acclamation. Mr. B. F. Corlor arose and moved, that three oommitties, namely a Committee on Credential*, a Committee on Resolutions Resolutions and Platform aud a Committee on Permanent Organization, be appointed, to consist of 'wo delegates from each county, the selections to be made by tbe respective delegations. It was carried without a dissenting dissenting voice. Tbe delegations then in order announced their selections, which were aa follows: Committee on Credentials--Elko county, J. A. Palmer, E, O. MoLnagblio; Washoe, F. M. Lee, A. D. Griffin; Lyon, J. B. Shaw, H«ory Wood; Esmeralda, Fred Corkbill, W. A, logtlls; Eureka, F. M. Heitman, S. G. Ford; Ormsby, F.aok Folsom, Folsom, Warren Not,»wi»re; HumboUt, W. O. Baddell, S. J. Bjnuia«!d; Storey. COP. Abern, Frank Golden; Lander, R. C. Blossom, Blossom, W. Eastman; Wnita Pine, Frank Pan), Joseph Qraodolmire; Nye, V. Reck*. W. Ewer; Lincoln, H. S. Thompson, T. J, Odborae. Commi tee 01 Plitform and Ranolutions --Elko, J. A. Puimraer, J. D. Tolley Lyon, J. E. G'gnoux, J. L. Campbell F.ameralda, P, H. Bowler, Daniel Holland Eareka, Judge Fi'Zjerald, Tboinmi Wren White Pine, Wm. R^ed, Sol. Hilp; L nd«r JohnMelander, R. C, Blossom; Hnmboldt, M. 8. Bonnicld, George S. Nixon; Storey C. Maok, Clay ton Belknap; Wushoc, B. F Curler, J. E. Brty; Ormsby, T. H. Wells 8. P. Davis; Nye, J, H. GolJiog, John Reynolds; Lincoln, Q S, gawjer, James McFaddeo. Committee on Permanent Organization ·nd Order of Business--White Pino, John Cupid, Wm. Lyon; Eureka, J. T. Whetler H. Kind; Ormsby, J. B. Kinkead, J. E Jones; Hnmboldt, C, A, Laflrave, W. Riluy; Lyon, W. J Weaterfield, John Bee son; Eameralda, S. H. Rosenthal, S. L MoNauguton; Elko, D. L. Lentz, Joy Pollard; Nye, J. W. Strode, Thos. Tait;' Storey, L. F. W»rdall, H. P. Flannery; Washoe, W. H. A. Pike, J. A, Lewju; Lincoln, John Roderer, W. H. Turner, When tbe committees bad been announced a motion was made to adjourn until 3 o'oolook, Judge Fitzgerald suggested that 9 o'clock totmor- tow would b a good time, so aa to give I ample time for deliberation on tbexplat l' form. It was finally decided to adjourn until 3 o'clock, and if »t »bat time the Committee on Plutform waa not ready could then adjonrn. This w*» agreed to, and at 1:15 the convention took a until 3 o'clock r. H. About 3 o'clock the band utruok np lively air, and the dcli-gutee soon were place the rent of the sent* being well with spectators. Mr. Wr u then culled meeting to order- The:, »eral and delegates to tbe conrention to oall for favorites. S«m Davis took platform and made a very witty and aoterUtio speech. Loud 0*118 were then made for the O. W. Ofssidy. De responded in his vigorous and effective style. He was listened listened to attentively and frequently cheered. H« spoke earnestly and eloquently. His last words came fortb full at-d vigorously. With tbe shadow of death slowly settling over him, bia Uat words were for tbe and the people who had so oftt-n honored him. The Committee on Credentials was announced . and mde tbe following report: To the President and Members of the Nevada Silver Committee:--Your Committee on Credential* have attended to the assigned them and beg leave to report follows: t We find there ar* in in all 12 represented and that there are 198 delegates delegates in attendance in tbe convention. And we hereby recommend that DO person be permitted to partioipate in the proceedings of this convention unless he member of some Silver League of the of Nevada and has taken tbe pledge 3. A. VaMKtt, Chairman. F. M. LCI, Secretary. Alter which the Secretary read tbe following following list of names a« the del gates the convention: Elko--E. 0. MoLaugblin, Daniel Lynch, W. E. West, D. Cozzeos, proxy John Palmer; Stanley Kigsby, proxy J. A. Plammer; J, A. Plammer, John Hibbitts, W. W. Boober, J. D. Able; proxy J. Plummer; L. Eagler, proxy T. O. T. 0. Plnnkett, B. Battels, proiy T. Ptankett; J. B. Tolly, W. A. Massey, N. Stone, Joy Pollard. Beno--B. F. Bubo, H. Bergstein, Benj. Gorier. Jr., C. E. Clongh, J. P. Fonlks, E. Gould, T. V. Julien, B. C. Lceper, W. Mopes, F. A. Barms, Geo. E. Peckham, T A Boed, Alvaro Evans, William Webster, D. W. Bryant, E. Schmidt, J. Bray, B. D. Clark, Felix Deloncbant, Alt, Dan Hufjaker, F. M. Lao, Jno. A. Lewis C. A. Norcross, W. A, Phillip*. projy Benjumin Gorier; C. C, Powning-, Richard By land, John Bowman, A D. Griffin, James Foxwell, W. H. A. Pike, Brooks McClain, proxy W. H. A. Pike| 0, Barman, Wm Nichols. Storey--Fi auk Golden, F. M. Hnffaker, J. F. McDonald, Clayton Belknap proxy; Samuel Huns, H. P. Flannery proxy; H, Planner^, Dennis Kehoe, Tbnojns H. Craup, Cli.yIon Belknap proxy; J. B. Maion, C'ajton Belknnp proxy; James Breen, Dennis K lioe proxy; 3. H. Co'emtu, Clayton D Ikii'ip proi; ; Clajton Bdknup, L Brown, J hn OToole, Thomas Smith, C. L. Murpby. J. M, Relley, P. Eirmin, H. P. Flannery proxy; Dr. E. B. Harris, C. E Mack proxy; 0. E' Mack, D. B roan, L. P. Wurdle pr^xy; Geo. Pjne, Maok proxy; 3. H. Kiukead, C. E. Muck proxy; George Hatch, C. E. Maok proxp; J S. F .riiogton, O. K. Mack Wm. Murray, O. E. Maok proxy; J. L. Banna, C, E. Maok proxy; John Trolooo, C. E Mack proxy; RobertiTioIaen, Robert ray, Con Ahern pioxy; Frank Fredrioks, J, E. Muck proxy; J.cob Gogse, O. Ej Jack t r - f i j Robert Wood, C. jroxy; EJward Richards, C, E. Maok iroxy; Wm. Gray, Con Ahern proxy; 'olBoflo, O, E, Mack proxyjGottb Haist, CUyton Belknap proxy | D, W. E Maok proxy. Lincoln--S. J. Eienmann, Thomas Vren proxj ; John Bieder, Thomas fojjj» A ·"· Thompson, Tbomis Wreo roxyi 4 » -oj tylpFadden, ^Thomas Wren roxy; H. W. Tarnar, Thoijj^a Wren proxy; G. S. Sawyer, Thomas Wrea r. J. Osborne, Thomas Wren proxy; Yeilob, Thomas Wren proxy. Humboldt.--D. J. Hadley, J,. F, Dunn, B. D. George, C. Wolf, C. A. Grave, S. J. Bonnifleld, Jr., G. B. P. L. Hoppin, J. J, Hill, J. W. Qnthrie. P, Bask, Geo. 8. BfixoB, Wm. WeigbrJ. F. Abel, F. G, Bobins, M. 8, Bonnifield, Laveaga, Jr., G W, Samraerfleld, Wooloock, A, C. Brown, W, C. Buddell, H. O. Murker, J, T. Beid, W, S, B'Jey, E. Wiofrey, F. M. Fellows, O. A. Wm. Woolcook, P, Organ, F. Qermaiu Oapt. D. Cook, Geo. B. Duncan, Joseph Marten, M. Hofman. Lyon ooanty.-^J. E. Gigaonx. T. C. Wogan, Henry Wood. John Benson, J. gbaw, S. G. Boston, W. J..Weaterfield. L, Campbell, Joho Lotbrop, J. B. Shaw proxy; J, T, Gunnayan, S. G. Boston proxy; D. Kagan, John Beuson proxy. Lander county--Wm. Evttoo, John cell, Wm. E»ston proxy; J. B. Williuruson, Easton proxy; Jas. P.. Eagan, Etstn proxyfB, C. Blossom, W. E. K. C Blossom proxy; G. W. Heinman, 0. Blossom proxy} Bobt. Mopetb, John Mellander proxy. Nye county--J. M. Gooding, G. A. Grave proxy; Yai Bick, C. A. LaGravr proxy; John Beynolda, C. A. LaGrave; proxy (if. W. Strode, O. A. LiGrava M. W. Eiser, C, A, LaGrave proxy; Tate, 0. A. LaGrave proxy. Eureka--Tboa. Wren, A. L. Fitzgerald, F. M. nightman, Geo. Tassell, E, Baum, G. 0. Wallace, A. Jokson, Kind, Julius 8trafj?s, W. 8, Beard, B. Saddler, Chas. Ferraris, J. J. B«oker proxy; J. G. Ford, H. D. Johnson, J. G. F. B. Engstrom, John Noithey, H. A. Jaskson proxy; M. Scheline, H. proxy; Joe Rasamap, A. Agnayos, White Pine--Joseph Grandelmeyer, T, Wren proxy; Frank Paul, L. Lani, Bead proxy; D. C. McDonald, Win, prosy) L. P. Scott, Wm. Bead proxy; B. Tinoe, Wm. Bead prcxy; Fiank

Clipped from Nevada State Journal25 Jun 1892, SatPage 3

Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada)25 Jun 1892, SatPage 3
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  • 1892 Jun 25 Silver Party appoints Sam Rosenthal to Committee

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