Odd telling of Hickory Point.

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Odd telling of Hickory Point. - TIMfiR, TH-UH8DAY MARCH 27, 179.--X cime before...
TIMfiR, TH-UH8DAY MARCH 27, 179.--X cime before I the name witness in a teen ira-Iiortei therein which tho the committed to bv means nn lee know. aix.ui me wax other humbugelpg like IL Her past that -be up. In her at.d fays she aud police offleers, She will. woman ap-liarei Kmorla If complexion is decided; has lingers, whl-b rough appearance aslniemy hoy, here, and twenty cut abort. I.cctnre '.'nuorii;nc:i- Academy of wa larcely belu-r transacted, beini given lo Hepre-aeiitslion," oted of the most before the na deal or its collection of general u ho lake and in vary airuzie the majority that so Intense alrugleto i- the rule, haaetuittl aa object, of all realize the ua art ot nil despot deaillsiu of uslhemial the mavsa. rss tii-dar strewed iioaaiina!" fa. in which uould with ihe and the the luluor-ltx of ru'es the minor a the science, the .jurlly ahniilii desiretl me. 111 tills d-il, and of reform . raus-a a) s- l,suCiiaS ixe-, iheger-r)nitiiil heae, however. lull tenet of I ltil-trit. tireleetlon tlisfrtnilils. huh ail th reseulatiuu' of our eue.i district the hull real replea ol ll laws umler Ctlis HllKe, having olesas iiciutll) no ail lu the lmllsntsd f r se pioairtlimate Tnest the il Vol 1 is, a"otlug, sula. 1 lii Voting. that was II ire, of his name. abolished ititiuglorru eaihioter utiuiea as he-seta any larl thu pre-ptr the number numtict ep-les Hie 1 .otkut to el iL number tier) until hiimtretl tile sei-olld soon, till the In ill a uu) a repreeeu-tatixe. It can oiil) iu all Ulellltiei, anil in ex ict Hie peopie sciie-aeao Imij ch cago Til-iiiNf, to some ihe die-trnt eople of the iiLltlxes "at d as man) to elect; thai Is, cast distribute giiing one minority, representation. in whicli In all the dlstriciiteu-1 is not p r-mttied so that the be able to lollng," and j aittko tlio-siilread) euu Us lrom and In a anil corrup as It theapeak-er when by the of these bitter one couxeutlon Is something eiilsvunti lear ol los exer)where aud poll- oiin-e. men, aud lioiiesty oxr the Ameilcan ullh of atiength, among )ouug mnof lout, night nf and anJ not dl-tmt handsome IUelegautl),uud lu price Department of ready made 10 take lesrarcttully so-aoltclttal. makeup war chlllalreu Tomc Tills t-ompanle wtnn eii-gagtd highest testimonials dintraclora Ihe leading xxbenmen iu Hie rlxer, Wll-holt'a addition amply re-uaid tlme.la-lair it to all. New Ko. Oleet.Cor Kidney, Bladder and female. sure remedy Weakness, power, cauMsl Irlce bottle. lujec by cx-pteaa proprietor, No. Missouri Cure guaranteed laeavenwurth, rtaylissslttw. A Good JlEDIClsiI thus ward off bv usluir PilU." Curee. diiious-nesa, dyspepsia. Inward the stomach wlthont any the bowef other par- swayne son. a box by by AK- retail Dy we-frcAw got the their Cough Do they Consumption lon-.uuipl.lon rough or any know- it win fait 11 In ll the price Is not this a M cts. and Back or Price SS Hunt, wholesale ppsla and and general onr store Slil-loh's we sell on a t-rlre !0 cts., t Hunt, and fragrant wool-sale and by retail w-wedtxXrl WINCHESTER. at Which is About Twenty Miles Away but it isn't the one Sheridan Immortalized. But Which is One of fie Most Thriv- ing Towns in Jefferson County, on the Narrow Gauge Road. A Good Gran Shipping Point-Its Profpecti Jefferson County Tho Winchester Academy. An Interesting Little Reminiscence of the Border Troubles The Battle at Hickory Point. Correspondence of Tun TliiEi i.vciiesteb, Ks, March 0.- The little city of Winchester is one of the tno-i thriv ing and substantial of all the toxvns upon the lice of the Kansas Central Kailway, and while perhaps it canrot bf said that it has, like many of the pre-eat I u-llingbn---s of the State, pprung into n'stecce in a sin gle night from the open prairie ami grown like the city cf Aladdin, still its growth, while comparatively slow, his every element of permanency, solid and substantial, combining every requisite for an enduring and prosperous, comiuinnly. inchtader i qui e a ehippiug point for grain, more especially wheat, and iltirici ihe pist year hundreds of car loads of that cereal found their way from here to the metropolis, and to the grain markets of the farther Exst. Surrounded by a country fertile in its re sources and wealthy in its abundance of bearing, it IT CANNOT IIELT BUT GROW", and every year sees a etep of advancement onward and upward. 'Ihe present jopula-tion of the town is about seven hundred, to which additions are being made, alu.ust daily, and while it is true that the etstern counties of the State are not the recipients of even a fair share of their proportion of the immense and overwhelming tide of ita-migrattun now pouring into Kacsas, still Jefferson county is more f ivored than some of the others and its population L steadily upon the iLcreae The county of Jefferson is one of the most fertile in the State; well wa'ered and timber!, it .o-rtH-ts advantages of which counties further wentward ckunot boaai; its production SrAUTLIXO AT KttlE SEASON?, more especially sa when compared with the yield of the average counties in the JJislern Slates, is atiflicient to satisfy even the most exacting of husbandmen, who regard Kan Has as the L'topia of the earth; lis school ficihlie are the very bet in fact Jefferson county is pre eminently one of the foremortcutinties of tie State, and can show a record xxhith will stand by the ride of any other. Wheat is the staple cereal, al though up to the pa-t three years corn waking From Win hester alone during the past 1 ear thousands of bushels of the for tuer have been (-hipied, while from 0ka looa, I'erryville and Valley Fall, the latter the principal town in the county, the shipments have been very greaL The average corn yield.is forty bushels to the acre, which is simply a good average crop, while EIOnTY AND ONE IIUNI1.ED BUSHELS are not at all uncommon, and an event hap-iening f uflic'eiitly often to prevent it la-ing a matter of much surprise. The shipments of corn from the county, particularly from Winchester, have not been very large, compared to that of wheat, as the gtetlerpart of that raised haa been consumed at home. Flax, oats aud rye are extensively raised, and shipments of these are heavy. Winchester is a good shipping point, and hundreds of carload of grain fin i their way fiom here eiatwatd tvery year. WINCHESTER 13 SITUATED upon a bridge, so to speak, aud upon ita slopes, all but imperceptible, was grown some of the finest croj-S in the county. The immediate surrounding country is traversed by small streams, which saves irrigating and watering channels, those flowing to the northwest help to form Crooked- Creek, which taking a northeasterly direction, ll iws into Stranger Creek near Kapp's mill, in Leavenworth county; while thoe taking the opposite or southeasterly direction form Walnut Creek, which also emp ties into Stranger Creek, near the bridge on the 0ka!ooa and Leavenworth road. This is as prtttv a country as the sun shines upon, and if the fact could be known to at least a portion of tho-e immigrants who rwarm by thousands to the extiemesof the i-tate, they would hardly regret that tbey fore went their first intention of going to the far west tp, grow up with the country out there provided they come to Jtflerson ouuty indetd. Jefferson county offers every inducement to the immigrant fertile soil, a good class of population, thrifty and saving, the class which does more to build up a commnnty than any other, and good railroad facilities, with the best markets for farm products within a few nsilt". The present population of the county is about 7,000. AN INTERESTING REMINISCENCE. The settlement of Jefferson county i nearly if not quite identical with that of it sister county, Leavenworth, and as a natural consequence it had its share of the border trouble, the result of the eon ll ict between the pro-slavery advocatcr and the free state men for the supremacy. While of course the amount of blood drawn was not so great as in other parts of the State, still the feeling ran high between the con tending parties and many a IoaI, liberty loving advocate of freedom fell before the withering and deadly fire of the ambushed scion of that noble clas which considered the en-lavement of the black the true freedom lor the proscribed race. But it wasn't a one nihil affair by any means, and life was usually for life and the score, when correctly taken, will come out about even The only encounter of any consequence, however, which included any considerable number of men upon either side, took place at Hickory I'oint, two miles and a half west of Winchester, in the summer of 1S5C There were probably'somejforty'orsixty up ,n each side, and while the casualties included but one pro-slavery man wounded and nobody killed, the firing during the day was pretty brisk and the amount of brtuhwood and timber cut by ballets is beyond estima tion. Ihe south Carolinians were entrenched in a blacksmith shop, and the free state men who had come even from Lawrence, having been informed of the whereabouts of the Carolinian, attacked them iu the forenoon, the battle lasting the greater j-ortion of the day The Lawrence company was known as "The Stuubs." At night the battle wan declared a draw, and friend and foe, drawn together br a mutu ality of thirst, joined hinds and made an assault uKtn ime barrels of whisky stored there, the con-aqnence being that the two nppofiug armies were soon in that happy stale when wars and bard feelings are forgotten and all animosities allayed. In the meantime, however, during the progress of he fizht, the Southerners had pent word to IHMmpton that they had been assiiled by the Free State men, and a force of United State-s troops were sent out to their aid and to put a stop to further proceedings The next morning early, before the effects of the spree hd well "worn off, the Free Staters were called up lo make the return match to Laurence, but on the way, feel irg very naturally, tired and ecervattd by the effects of both the battle and the en counter wiih the tanglefoot, they rested at "SewelPs saw mill, now 0-kaloosa, and forgetting all discipline rolled in among the saw log and went inzloriou'ly to sleep. It was thus that the troops found them, and with no care for the tired and aching bones of the battle scarred victims of the fight of the day before, marched them ig-noniniouslr before them to Lecompton, where they were promptly jogged probably for disturbance of the peace. This is an accurate account of the famous battle of Hickory Point, which owing tosome strange misanderrtandiog on the part of histcrists, or carelesnes or incapacity upon their part, has never been properly treated in the mul titudinous histories, account and venions rt the late unpleasant., which began id Kansas aud ended at Appornattax. JEFFERSON COUNTY'S TOST SETTLTJalZST, or, at least, oae of the -retry- e-ariiest, waa m..!.-. .1 flaa-aTa.1.. f ii.i.I ..Itniiiiill I mm. m vtaa awiKia iiatraa -tjataii-it-a- of Winchester. In the early timethe laud office was located there, and all this section of couairy was included in the Osawkie land distr c- Ojawkie is situated upon the Grasehopper and waa formerly a place of f-ome note, but at the present time there are but, few homes there, and but a small papulation. THE WINCHESTER ACADEMY. The 'Winchester Acidemy, an educational institution, which is now "rapidly coming forward into prominence, promises to be, in the cot very distant future, one of the leading academies in the State. Although having been ia existesce but a very few-year, it ia reccgnized by the State University as one of its fitting school, and a certificate from its principal admits lo tue University without examination. The Academy is Winchester's pet project, and the citizens take a big interest in its advancement and prosperity. V new acade my building i now in procr ss of erection which, when finirbed, will be one of the neatest structures for the pcrpot-e in the State, besides being an ornament to the town. A short time ao forty acres in the most eligible portion of the city were pur cbasedby the trustees, which, with the exception of six acres, whi U will be reserved as the academy p- und, and in the centre of which the bunding is to be ercct-cd.has been divi led into city lots, many of which have been rold at good prices, the proMeds being devoted io the payment of he cost of the erection of the cew buildirg TLe foundation is alieady laid, and it will take about Sj.OOO to finish the build ing, which, it is anti -ipated, will be ready for occupancy at the time of the opening cf the fall term. The building will be sixty-four feet in length by fifty two feet in width and the firet ffoor, be-i'des the halls and cloak r 031, will contain four large recitation room. The second tlwr xrill include the assembly room, which will be ued, in addition to school purpose, fjr public meeting and gathering, and three small room to le ued for cabinets, etc. The building will b- lighted by thirty-three windows, and will be very neat and attractive; surmounting it Will be a cupola con taiuing a large bell. There i", also.m connection -ith the academy, a society known as the Aesthetic Literary Society, which is a most useful and pleasant department 1 f the institution. The first term of the sixth academic year begins on Monday, Septeml-er 1st. and cioee .November 1st. I'rof J. W. Millen, a graduate of Monmouth College, III ,has been engaged to take charge of the institution for the next live years, and being aa energetic, cipable educator, well liked by the p-op!e of this section, he having previously beca principal of the academy, there is no reason whatever to doubt but thit the institution will go rapidly f.irwir.1 and liecome one of the innst successful of Ita kind iathe West. The board of tru-lees cf the ac d-emy consist of Hon. Levi Willielm, preri-dent; J. W Carson, secretary; D J driest, treasurer ; John Carson, J T. Fulton, W. K Curry, and Dr. D. M. Kates. The average attendance during the past year wai eighty-three students, coming from all p-irL of the country. During the coming year it is expected that the roll will include at least one hundred and fifty pupil, and -urely the indications would -wem to imply thit hess anticipations wi I ha realized The curriculum embrace English in all ita tranches, mathematics atd the foreign languages. John. l". if". 4lal.es Itislgiia it- I'osliion -,, Sripcrliiteimcut of the liciltn-i I'u-rilic Kansas City, "Jlsrch 20. T. F. Oakcs, General tujar ntendent of the Kania Pacific Kailway, offered his resignation toil ly, to take effect March I. S. F. Smith, Receiver, assumes the duti cf General Superintendent for the , recnt, and will make no appointment while the affairs of the Kansas Pacific remain iu msh aa unsettled state. It is thought probable that the Superintendent to operate the road under the general manager, Clark, Gen eral Superintendent of the Union Pacific will Le selected from among the general officera of tl.e Kantas Pacific. Who I be) Waul lor (11. Imp. Chica'.o, March 'JO The C itholic clergy to-day, after celebrating high mas for the late Ilishop Foley, held a meelirg to indicate their preference for his successor. The ballot placed Father .McMnllcn as mot worthy on first choice. Father l.inrdan as more worthy on eecond choice, and Father Conway as worthy Thi would indicate the eventual choice of Dr. McMullen, although the convention of Uihop3 make the final nominations to the I'ope, who ia the arbiter in the matter. Several hundred dollars have been ni-ed here for the relief of the sufferer-t at Szieg-den. .Tliirderer rrotcI. Kan-AS City. March "J John Lanhan alias Ch a, .lohcsoi". was arre-te 1 to night and placed in the county jtil He is charged with the shooting and killing an actress ou the stage of a theatre in San An tonio,Texa, in July last, al-o the wounding of two men at the same time. Lanhan, who has been in the city three weeks, was recognizjd in the audience of the Coliseum by the manager of the Texas Thei tre, who wa an eye witnes. to the shooting and killing. The prisoner makes a weak denial of his identity, but jewelry belonging to the woman he murdered found on hi person, and the statements of hi accu-er, leave no doubt that be is guilty. -.' Atldrots l 1 lie tn.tioiin.1 Green-li richer W'AsniNfiTON. March JO The Nitionil extcutix'e committt e of the National Green-bick pirty i-ul an address to the people of the I nited States, in which they state that no deperdence Sj he placed on professions of avowed friends to cause that hope for financial relief within old party lines has been extinguished, and that they have been in several instances misled by norai nces of the party and others who obtained its tupport, it is only possible through new organtzition to found a party which shall accorapli-h the desired end to succeed in a uniform effort must be made, and a position bold, aggressive, independent and uncompromising must be takea. Te-ca. Trouble N"ew Orleans, March 20 A Timet special from Marshall, Texas, says that last night aiter the Ward A 1'irryman combination had finihed their ply, the company icnt to the depot to await a train. Maurice Barryman, bill poster fortbe company, and a female attache of the company were in the lunch room, when James Currie, a detective, entered, and made slighting re marks about the lady, to which exceptions were taken by Barryman and Porter. After some words Currie drew a pistol and shot Porter in the abdomen, killing him almost instantly, and turning shot Barryman through the elbow, the ball coming out under the left shoulder, making a sex ere if not dangerous wound. Porter and Barryman were unarmed. Currie has been arrested and is now in jiil. lie IVavnlf Justice. Ft. Louis, March 20. Harrison Oltaway, State coal oil inspector, who was arrested a short time ago f ir irregalaritie in gnaging and in'pecting coal oi', brought action in the Circuit Uiurt to day against Tulley, Bumham it Co. and A B Cunningham, proprietors of the b Lo lis Oivtr, for defamation of character in publishing an article reciting O.tawiy's alleged crookedness, and approving his indictment, damage laid at $23,0OiJ The long pe-alicg care of the receivers of the old St. Louis Life In-uncce Compiny to put aside a transfer of about -even mil lion dollars' worth of property by the Mu tual Lif-i lo the Columbit Life, on the ground of illegality, was decided to day in favor of the receivers of the lattercompany. This i understood to finally close the litigation b-tween these two companies. PonlTlieir limn St. Lon, March 20 U a meeting of the Southwestern Railroad Association here to day the committee to rearrange the pool percentages failed to agree, and the meet ing adjourned to n.et in Chicago oa April 8th, when the que. ion will again be discussed TLe point at issue is a demand on the part of the Chicago and Altoa road for increased percentage, on th ground of cow having an independent line to Kansas City. The Western Transportation Association, composed of roads in the South western pool, held a meeting this evening, and learning that the Eastern roads will not acquiesce in the ami pass agreeKent they concluded to exclude from the arrangement all territory east ol Eastern lices of Illinois and Indiana. The executive committee ot reven waa redncecd to five by dropping from it S"ewalI, of the Lake Shore, McCullougb, of Pennsylvania and Thomis, of C,C G.& I, and eubitilu-tinj Kimball, of the Northwestern. The Cincinnati ."nuraJer. I CrsasrSATr. March 20 The excitement J o ver the murder of Harry Baldwin last n 1 1 ."!.. ! -..La I n-1 a. D-atuauay uagufc aa uaaatuAU-u. anas twOrODCX has eatire at of operation. were intense. two notorious borhocd Another the place Club Martha of her ctnion, suspicion of a supposed and boy tel ween who at.d she nett i a list temporary Germania Xa-tinnal Mutual National National Ssvings and Work-inpnien's rency Orleans, orJer and will talen New from as York. Leal panic, entirely currency from morning ard York, whicli depositors. received they O'.iver-Cameron of Mrs. of ne by her. for a Cameron, in him. Co per, Oliver. Gm Congressional Cameron, and she It not room sherman. Cameron, the hut so upon something counsel amount testifies his ihe purpose xx as f ir that he while with e'til C senile 21 vott-s. votes within nomination. The Bullock, Chaplain election for of Door that of subject Senate position", appointed report A House, adjournment to the taken Mr. Chairmar, Clymer, who A the subject, members which to Mr. view of Rcssioi called. Mr. resolution, deeplv should the reve-nue, in them. abol-irhicg people oppo-ed Mr. the legislation to the executive Mr. the thereto existing passage ap-priation President vetoing upon action advi-d raent d-vt'opeil business bills fthstever similar bills, poll oaths Knott not bracing should bills, were, the committee to an subject to A wlili was special cevs city, to the arrival suffering shipment the the Chicago has found this is administration Great collector lieve ed lrom -- cf Gen. to-day.

Clipped from
  1. The Leavenworth Weekly Times,
  2. 27 Mar 1879, Thu,
  3. First Edition,
  4. Page 6

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  • Odd telling of Hickory Point.

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