Paquinet great-granddaughter married into Pepsi-Cola family?

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Paquinet great-granddaughter married into Pepsi-Cola family? - to Representative New Bernians CALEB DAVIS...
to Representative New Bernians CALEB DAVIS BRADHAM Discoverer and Manufacturer of Pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola Member of United States General Naval Board. The intellect, integrity, strength of character and the ability of leader ship, possessed by our honored townsman, Caleb Davis Bradham, has placed him among the most distinguished distinguished business men of the nation and New Bernians are justly proud to claim him a fellow citizen. Caleb Davis Bradham was born at Chinquapin, Duplin county, North Carolina, May 27, 1867, son of George Washington and Julia McCann Bradham. Bradham. George W. Bradham was a merchant and manufacturer. Julia McCann Bradham, mother of C. D. Bradham, is descended from the Sheffield, Sheffield, Pickett and Goff families. According to family traditions her great grand-father, grand-father, grand-father, John McCann, brought his family from Scotland prior to the revolution, and it was one of his sons who fell at German-town. German-town. German-town. His son, William McCann, married Tabitha Pickett, and their son, John McCann, married Mary Sheffield. On the maternal side her great grand-father, grand-father, grand-father, Isham Sheffield, Sheffield, married Barbary Boney. He was carried off by the Tories during the Revolution but never returned. He was reported to have died of the smallpox on a sailing vessel, while being held a prisoner. His Widow married secondly Robert Dixon, who in his will left property to his stepchildren, stepchildren, Lincoln and Mary Sheffield. Lincoln Sheffield married Mary Goff. and their daughter married John McCann. McCann. According to old parish registers, the ancient home of the Bradhams was in Wales, from whence came John Bradham to Barbadoes, in 1680. He then migrated early in the eigh teenth century to the Barbadian colony colony in North Carolina, and took up land in Onslow county, and here his family multiplied and prospered. In the maternal line the ances tral record of Mr. Bradham is traced to New Hanover county, North Caro Una, where members of the McCann, (then spelled MacCanne), family had settled previous to 1727. Nathaniel MacCanne removed to Duplin county in 1743. , When the war of the Revolution broke out, the McCann family, animated animated by the noble impulses of a love for their adopted country, was rep resented by every member able to bear arms. Among the first of this family: to fall was Lieutenant John McCann, of the North Carolina Continental Continental Line. He was killed in the battle of,; Germantown, ; October 4, 1777. - A. --:.; --:.; --:.; " Caleb Davis iradham had the ad vantage of a liberal collegiate edu cation at the University of North Carolina and the University "of Maryland. Maryland. In 1890 he was a teacher in the public schools, 'and for 'the past tweney-one tweney-one tweney-one years has been engaged in the drug business in this city. He has achieved success in the commercial commercial world, and through his progressive progressive methods is one of the leading factors in modernizing the city of New' Bern. . . ,. v-" v-" v-" .-. Fifteen years ago this month, Mr. Caleb Davis Bradham was . married to' Miss Charity Credle, who was born in Hyde county, a daughter of Bryan Griffin ' Credle and .his wife, Mary Hatsel. The ancestory of Mrs.' Bradham Bradham is equally as interesting as that of her husband, she being' in the twelfths generation and a direct descendant descendant of John Rolf and Pocahontas. Pocahontas. It was in 1614 that John Rolf and Pocahontas were married, and the following year a son, Thomas, was born.' He came to America in 1648 and married Jane Proythress. Their daughter, Jane, married Robert Boiling, Boiling, of Virginia, in the year 1675. From that date and from this family of Boilings, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson takes her ancestry. John, a son of Robert and Jane ' Boiling, married TMnrS F;sn loT; h, of tVe famous Vir ginia family. They had two children children of whom Richard II married a Miss Meade. Of that union there was a daughter who married back into the Boiling family. Their daughter, Mary Boiling, married Michael Angelo Pa-quenett, Pa-quenett, Pa-quenett, a French Huguenot, of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, who had migrated to Carteret county, North Carolina, upon the revocation revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Michael Angelo Paquenett, and two brothers came to this country, according according to Hawke's History of North Carolina, in the early part of the eighteenth century, and became a free holder in Carteret Of that union union there were eight children. A daughter, Mary, married Nathan Ful ler, who is mentioned in history as having owned three vessels which were confiscated by the French government government in the times known as the French Spoiliation. Their grand daughter, Charity Fuller, married William Hatsel, and unto them a daughter, Mary, was born. Mary Hatsel was married to Bryan Grif fin Credle, of Hdye county. To them was born a daughter, Charity Credle, who was married to C. D. Bradham in June, 1902. Mrs. Bradham is a graduate of the Philadelphia Hospital Training School for Nurses. Is President of the local Womans Club, and is active in all social welfare work. She is extensively known and holds a high precedent in society circles. Mr. Bradham is the originator of the well known Pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola formula and the founder and President of the company manufacturing this popular beverage. A factory for the manufacture manufacture of Pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola Pepsi-Cola syrup having been erected here, with branches at Memphis and Jacksonville, he now clans to erect branch factories in all sections of the United States. In 1909 Mr. Bradham was chosen Vice- Vice- President of the Peoples Bank, and has. continuously occupied that posi tion. He is President of the Bradham Drug Company, which operates two stores. - The Bradham Drug Company, of which Mr. Bradham is a leading stockholder, will erect, at an early date, on the corner of Middle and Pollock streets, a modern building not less than eight stories. . Politically, Mr. Bradham is a Dem ocrat and as chairman of the County Board of Commissioners of Craven county has had much experience in public affairs and helped to inaugu rate in this county the modern method method of improvements which he greatly assisted in putting into effect in the city. - , . ''"' :'vi' ' ''-'"'' ''-'"'' ''-'"'' In military circles Mr. .bradham has long been, identified with the North .Carolina Naval Militia in an official capacity;, in 1898 as lieuten ant, ' 1904 as ; commander, and since 1913 as captain. In 1914 he was ap pointed by Secretary of- of- the United State Navy, Daniels, to membership in the General Naval Militia Board for a term of four years, This is a high office and it comes as a distinct honor to Mr. Bradham. , The fraternal affiliations of Mr. Bradham include membership - in St John's Lodge No. 3, A. F. A A. M., of which he is Past Master. y He is Past Exalted Rulet of Lodge No. 764 of the Elks; Provincial Grand Master Order of Colonial Masters; Past Em-i Em-i Em-i inent Commander St John's Com-' Com-' Com-' mandery, , Master - Kadosh Carolina Consistory, No. 3. Through the service service of his Revolutionary ancestors, he is a member of the North Carolina Carolina Chapter of the Society of Cincinnati. Cincinnati. He ia a member of the Pres byterian Churchy of which he is a trustee. . ' 1 ' ,. ,' ',. . In business, energetic, prompt and reliable; in public life, progressive and eager to carry out the wishes of the people; as a private citizen and neighbor, kind and courteous, Mr. C. D. Bradham is a citizen of a calibre gal lons known.

Clipped from The Morning New Bernian21 Jan 1917, SunPage 4

The Morning New Bernian (New Bern, North Carolina)21 Jan 1917, SunPage 4
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