Civic employees must go back + machine guns 7Jun19

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Civic employees must go back + machine guns 7Jun19 - Pine nnii vnrmer rndir mn( er, Siinrin liATi:...
Pine nnii vnrmer rndir mn( er, Siinrin liATi: r.DTTTOX "r Civic Employees Must Go Back or Lose Positions Mayor Gale Addresses Striking Civic Employees at Cambie Street Yards at Noon. ARRIVED H5KE TCDtY DFCLARES CIVIC SERVICES MUST NOT BE INTERRUPTED Labor Leaders Reply Explaining Strike Causes Jitnej Legislation Condemned. ot a Col. ' r the rp - ao - tii - lor the - The battle, was fairly joined between the city council and the strike committee et noon today when Mavor Ga.'e. statidlnf in sn automobile, told a fathering fit several hundred men n the Mr - ect yards mat ine nec - s.sar' .ervjt'ep i(uld i - e maintain ed wuh tr without the help of He rii'ir employees, of v horn perl, fin1 two hundred were among the asstm - blv, and thfit tnt.D who rlld not report for duty ('ti Mondf.y tuorulut would b; rgarctd as ha Ir.r 'eft the city'5 arrvK - e. The mfiyor rrn1 at the yard where he hnd invitofl the fut'de rrcmbcr.' of the cit? st.&ff to fc.m, aoo' tr. panted by Aldermen Kc'h' and Mi - Rae. ft,,l f - u - .d fontr' n ,r.(r les - tnsn two ! unSrcfi of U em there. He had rot h''fn speskmc fore lorr - e rur.'.liers of nc i'P - men n.ssi mbled. ; - ' many apparently strikers from other i u - rions. Several of the strike c. - .mmit - j tec were present ilso. om ; u.n, r. Onlerlv. V h i i tr I 1 fiW i V'i A v.lJ h ' j v &J - v liKli.llillli t.l.M 1111 l.AHK Scavenging, Maintenance, Water and Other Departments Effected hy Latest Strike Drvcliipment. HALF DON LEFT TO LOOK AFTER THE INTAKES Decision tc Sir - Kc l .'Cif ed Address S Katanagh oi Strike Crnmince. J ! Ilf.hed ;.f,: : , - ,r, t t,;,t r : :, - be malrtMir.c .1 an.l thM protection rr ust Of. i,:;n merrrvr? of ih r 'v . - - r - it.r linn.: - I .:'' pi - i i1! .' :t,c rr.ii 1 i ( r f . nsfir. 'Of. - ! A'.l 1! reir.r.f t f f - w h rr. rr. r.f r . I". K - to - - - - j Tl.s mayor, who went into tvc several rhascs of the sHuFition ss between the city and the employe, was listened to with close attention There were brief Interruptions in the form of questions, put not in a herklir - spint as much as from a tfe - sire o have him e.hjclrlate Ms position on i certain polnti Dissent and approval, were erpresfed from t.m to trne. but the rr.f ;:ng wa far more orderly e.n the whole than most political gatherings In the heat, cf a cam - , pa ten. ffvera! st. - tk lea.'ers spoV later and sharply criticized what was term - ' ed the faiittr of the city to observe strict neutrality, more especially In ; the matter of the iitneys. The mayor i was asked to explain the presence cf machine guns, and replied that ho had j no more to do with them than his! hearers. They were o.t:ite control. Oie Hanson," somebofl NEW HONOR FOR GENERAL CLARK present at the. s., - .ooir.: rnce his WO '.'r !:S.1 f IIT.M v II h the f. - , - .r.!,r.r r,' ' A w l.o coii'rt no! be :( nrhc - l. The ff.lh'winu rcNr.'i;ln..!, w.i uni,. - . - me - usly cfirrie - ri. "That all civic otrplox - v wTv. as a roMiIt or ibi svmpatbcti. srrike. elo not report t',r duly no or before Morula? . .Tunc f, at thr uual hour, slum w on - lilerort a' liaxmc n - f.tcni - ,1 from the rv!v. that all men on ilnn shall h a, . cervlc1 amjih' profevuon anel thai the hearts e.i nil e hi, ilopartmemi." he nom'iivl a'orlinel . H was maid in tie ccu - se cf t ,ni - cussion irat fhc were - nUu w - j to w ork if they pel protection. Ti r .change ef front j,t K - .lav r. .'! . meeting was aitnhiitn.1 to ah .leir..s by .1 Kavanagh, he having been a;, milted to the meeting; of the outm... employees union, contra rv to the revisions of their constitution, wht. - t .oihids the presence of non - members j Krfor adjourning the council look jup the request of the tnstd emt.lovr, s V,Vac RWrier VVrte - el nt Hie nI er "nra0Tt ' "1n 1'"c,S1on l Decorated ijh C.M.G. as lie Arrives in Vancouver. GIVEN FINE RECEPTION BY HIS FORMER COMRADES application for an ir - of p;iy. It was decide,! to si , poin; Al.ieimon K.rk, Korers .( Owen as rnembeis of a conciltalio i ; board of s:, throe to be appointee! ,tr.c City Hal! l - '.mpl ees' Association worship leit Muiillv afterwards te ;addres5 a mas, motinp of ihe ontsi.l ( . .ii,.5 ceo at c. i i tie Mreet. 1 - e Mi ike car, is a id reused te about j 4. 0 men scattered at different Jobs ; .over the city and it will therefore b I some little lime hefne it can be nerer - ainea how far it hr, v,r, - , j, on Cam - i tfls tV. navrtr il rftvA aw worship laughed back. There were totl - er ff - ood - terr.ripred rTehnnff'es. but. behind these pleasantries w - as a renl! - ! ration on all sides that a new and i ' i:7..?TiV.v" .1 'T1 8Tlk'; ! The Mayor's Statement. J In his opening remarks Mayer Gale said that In view of their orig.n - ;al vote against striking he had been jsurprlsed to learn that the civic em - iployees proposed to go out. He wns jqu'te at a loss to know the reason. He might tell them that the council 'had laid down a polio. That policy iwns going to followed out to the letter. Law and order would be of H. uiieouteiaehisiDaughter fif jjj Gau j unicr.. X" bor - v ca'led out r u. ,., . the outside staff, the clerks anet otl - r wav and 1 I HlS LlfC in I raOU FlgUrCS Jfmmoyeei, in the city hall fcavi There were' . nmi. romiii 111 terentOnv. I . ; ''nsns. - nmintean...t wafer and other branches, who mdier - General JcVn Arthur i '.XlV?n ?htf U1 , (.. M. O.. T P. O.. two bars.;, - ear Two hnr.trcl men are Brtjrnri Clark, returned to ar.ooucr absence of three eMs - . pulled lino tlie depol wires w - cte bringing i maintained aim essential services i.e!;r of Pte. K. Sinclair. w no was (carried out. water, light, power, gas, .killed in action with the tend Bat - garbage collection and others. These tallon in l - 'ranee. Ti e basket of would be operated if it were possible ! roses was the tribme cf the Seaforth so to do. The council had no desire I Oveiseas Club, and the officers and to call any one out as strike breakers, today alter an : gngci tn construction work m.inv cf As tho train ! efforts of the dopartmrrtt having - been the telegraph 1 ''ire. led for some 'ensidorahie time t. he announce - giving the overseas men employment. uunt thai the ticneral bad been : ' "e question mni t'ie council ni iv awarded the decoration of C. M.vti.,! have to solve forthwith is that of tin which now leads libs other awards j hrt.lpes The men ' who swing tli A pretty llitlo girl with a big basket j movable spans on tho Granville ftrent. of red roses was the frntiira of the; and Conn.mcht bridges are member's reception given to Brigadier - General ' of the Chi, - . Fmptoveo T'nlnn arnl J. A. Chirk and Mis. Clark ibis morn - j subject to the call. If thev obey vn ing when tile Trans - Cam,. ia tnr.n eitv will have to find siihslltutes or l.ulied inio the c. P. K. nation. '1 he rlln tnp r!(lk of fr,r dnmfl fnr llitlo gul was Jessie Sinclair, dangh - . , - ,,. ,..., ... or lenv False t'ceele In the presenf strife of the waterfront, however, tins - - Is - but they did desire to call on men to prevent Inconvenience, loss and suffering to men, women and children who had no part In this crisis and no responsibility for it. That, he thought, was a reasonable position to take. (Continued nn Tage I.) LADNER MAN KNOCKED DOWN BY AMBULANCE aid of that on tho pbu - iiatnun - is or los menacing proper - tiers thiin Inst enr when the ob iit employers went out on their own ae. count, SIt Men Left on Purr. The exemption order of the striltn committee allows for six men fn maintain thi supply of water at tha Intake. Light is not affected as tho and men of the "Cud Bailallon at the, men wno ifii.i trie street lamps art station, and as ihe genera I stepped members of the L!ecncal Workers' I nlon and so far hae continued at their worn. Tho chief difficulty wph which Cltr Knglneer l'ellnwes Is ennfronteei is that of securing men to repair breaks In the waler main, shmiki any occur. At :i pinch householders can destroy executive of tlie ladles i club were in lull force term. I Among the many to slep foiwanl 'and greet General Clark weie Bnga - i dier - ticneral K. P. ilarke. w ho was : attended by Major John Hope. There! i were a great many former officers! from tho train a roar cf cheers greet ed li I m . Among those present at thei station were Majors Wilson. Topper I and McKay, Caplains Glover and Ross and Lieut. 1. urns. ion. Thero was I notablo group of lluco c - of(lcers c.'i.i. i n , i of Ihe li,iH.ilii.ii. each of whom had - ifinn line nnsr i in rmcniim irt 1 " , " - I""" scrve.i nn company nergeanr in I rbn Be and non - pensliabln matter Serious Condition ;No - 2 rmnii" - buaiion. TiieseilMlv Bllon.r,, ,0 ,fCU,mil, for m . u. : were Licuts. Baker. Mcvenson and , w.ltnot Krfnt covenc t oiilll'llllK IIUII1 bCeiU IUI? aunui: - 'dh j - umi, tin - nint i.n ii'rt i"V fii the head John Gilchrist, whose ad - i k,"7 " , fo.?,bul',,.'"i - ,, , I The ladles of the Peaforth Overseas dress is given as liidiier. wn.s taken toj ciub was reprrseuied bv n number j the General Hospital on Thursdavl of Us of t leei a and exooutu e mem hers. , evening, alter being struck bv tho tlirso being Mrs V. S. Harvey, the - a - - police ambulance. Mr. Gilchrist wan crossing In GOO Block, Main Street, when the nm bulanre. driven by Driver Duhaincl, came along. The pedestrian, It Is stated, was filling his pipe, .stepped back. and; then went ahead, directly In front ofi the vehicle. He was rendered unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. Inquiry at the institution In - day elicits the Information that thlsj condition is unchanged, and that hlj Injuries are of a serious nature. president; the I president; Mis. R. I'orgle fusl loo. Mrs. liushbury, Hecond TO BE BURIED IN WINNIPEG Rfunalnae of lr am PtHt Coming MHIta. MONT UK A Tj. Jim 7. Tb of lato Mfltor - Opnrrnl P!r Knni StrIo, wtio vice - president; Mrs. It. Kwart, third vine - president; Mrs. K. .Mould, sccre - tar; Mrs. I'i. Haibleri. treiiHtirer, end Mrs. W. R. Altken, .Mrs. It. Sliul.iir, Mrs. J. H. McKay and Wlss Ann Sinclair. iCnnllnueil on I'sgn 2.1 D EaTlC IUS REACH ED Miiiitrewl I.nlxrr MUmilon Slums Mltlo liangis Tejimsu rs Ho - th'si. MONTUIhtli. June 7. dutslds of trie barbers' strike, which will probably bo settled on Sunday, the local labor disputes appear to have reached a deadlock. No irmvo was made yesterday Iri tho atrlke situation Nt tho Vtrkcrs plan'. A deadlock also exist? nmnoiiv 1 lie streers, cir course, sra likely to become rather dlsreputablo - i looking If the cleaners quit, but that is net a vital matter like a burnt nnln If they come out the city's outsidn men will be thn first civic employees to Inln the general strike, except four or five garage employees called out veslerd.iv by tho Machinists Fnlon. The police and firemen have not ben called out and the inside staff appears to be standing by Its original decision to remain at work. Two linemen on the City Fire Alarm Ms'cm have been calleel out. by ti n i:ieetrlcal Workers' Colon. This. It it Fta'od. will not affect the maintonaivo of the fire alarm system for the present l - 'oremen on the city hall staff am still on duty, not being affected by the call for a walk - out. n they are members of the City Ha'l Employees Association and not of th x union emhraclng the rank and file of outside men.

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