Marriages and Deaths

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Marriages and Deaths - I! (Turkey had declared war against Kusaia, and...
I! (Turkey had declared war against Kusaia, and .ahortly after rfcmovod to Shelbvville, where! ?rfJ ' ' died injuries. his His m . , , 1 1 ' T L! -1 a I . , 1 j . 01 11 :H Turkey naa aaciarea- war against rvussia, ana ,ucruT auer rrinovou 10 neii;vvim- stating the Liverpool market to ba iriregulsr be has residci most of Ler time sinr.e, 11 1 TV- - : 1 ll'j..T.M .v. -rl i wiin very saAH saies. . iuo ieteui vYtiaiie 1 : u.tei aira Nias a uuuorin, consisicni ciirisi whole liberal, but the large majority ol tne cotton ar riving 1a going into siieus; we mtfce no change n our quotations, Ibtlt would remark that it will be difficult to enect sales at any price, until after a luller dereiopnunt of the loreiga news. Inferior. ... . .'. Ordinary J. Low Mfddling. Middling Strict Middling.. Good Middling... Middling Fair Fair............. Charleston, S. C Cotton- ..0 Q 0 ..0 0 0 0 .9 0 9 Si Si nominal. ,Ufn: lUc mariet laneuia prices aepressea. 1 v.v.- Tbegtogk 0f corn abd flour f is liehtlnour in market. Corn is now held at 80c., and flour in sacKsuua rcauy stiie at o;-gc; in oarreis store. 1 I people of Sat, cue who greatly desired the prosperity j feligion and tpe church one whose seat w.Ls seldom vacant I at the house of God. unleJi providentially prevented She was most cheer)-ful cheer)-ful whea religion prospered, and most gloomv when .the church was cold and luki wann.-J-She was dearly beloved! bv those who knew her beat, and most lamented bv them, llor ! health had been declining for some time. j though never di?abled from attending tc the concerns ol lue, until a taw weeks before her death. j - We might defer relating how she died, inasmuch inasmuch as we have told hliw she lived; for tell m A hfW OlAV Tiro n1 I will tntl Lnn OAin bales at 9. Q thin? about !io thev di Yt m-p,t mit snebore her sickness with christian fortitude, calmly submitting to herjMaster's wiil.and Iy in waiting for His call. She tften aJdmonishell the irrelirioU9 durine health, and did not cease .'8C jwaxs ouc, 1 to admonish, even whem she saw that sha was Weiavebeen trying very hard to getour lfiear the close of time. She entteated her friend? to put up corn in a proper manner, but children and friends to prepare for 'death ' and so ta we Jiave been uusuccexsiui. uunny ptpmitr. Her onlv pritf u-aa hnl- vminmKf should hever be sewed with cotton twine I and onlv single daughter vet surrehderedlall other will do than hemp twine. If ' cheerfullv to the keeping' of that Odd that had people in j TsnneKsee wish' to find a market; BUStained her in so maniv trials. IShe spike , iney mum put up meir prouuca ui a prep- freel v of her departure, aiid said her war was so in r manner. 0b was We find gunny sacks will not do cear her hope Wht: and when he voice had well good strong Osnaburg sacks are far , been reduced i to a whisper, she slid to her weierable. Unless tno eunnv sacKS are pui up , .laiiutitBr " All: m wall" I tin a proper manner, it would bo oetter to ais- Sister Laird has left five children,! as well as jpense with them all together. 4 grand childrenand a great many relatives and I , ,, .A . . ,. . . . ! friends to mourn her losi In her death, her Ai-OUHTA, ua. oouon iranaacuons iimueu -i.iMrAn vflVW a kind mother; U-itr m ornament, and our little church one of its most devoted and useful .members. But she lived SVs!r . ; dis- and Cotton transactions limited show declme fully one cent, on all descrip tions. II-: ; Lorn-1 here has been a good uemand mr anj died chriBtiaD( is thJ comfort of th(We be. ,iujs hi licit;, tuu h;l-5 hitiuuaiii ujaiu. ' reaved IaqTiuva ViAon m nil o li io wtaplr fit. i TOi" lir fhd i ' 1 quantity. Backs included, at which price hold- have Jr F.TWc. Superior Land for Sale. ers are firm. Bacon We continue to quote rilbed sides, riiit; .ubscriber offers for s.i! (Tennessee) at 9j; clear 9; Shoulders, 7 very valuable Good joint meat - is still scarce, iiams, tract L.and, lyimji above (38. 10(2 15c. WheatThere is a good demand for Wheat, and good Ked meets with ready sale at 75 $1 00; and prime Wheat at $1 10(gl 25 bushel. I .' : TP il,i u J.l t IA.O A 9 t3 n. fnr a rood article. ' L Beef and Hogs Shoats, weighing from OU to 80 Ihsl are in demand and will bring G6 cents nel supply moderate. For large hogs .i - i : j. i Shelton's cieek, on the bank of Elk river, about 15 miles from Favetteville. It contains 50O Acres, about lOO cleared. two tracts, if dcsireil. i two dwelliug-hou- hodsss. The loca- water abundant, hav- Tr tion, lioth a when extended I D. and can be converted into The soil is verv good, wit ses, and all necessary out-) tion is high and healthy ing several never-failing springs, of nearly all free stone water. ; It would make an excellent stock farm. The land hot there is very little enquiry, being too early in - timbered, witb chssnnt, dak, the season. cing. Chattasoooa, Tes's Beef is worth 4.(3 5. -There is prospect of a better state of water in' the rivbr which j will favorably affect: every department of trade so (great dem to clenreJ, is well hickory, poplar, Lsp J ennmgb' ;etc. The land lies next farm, on the east. ' I JFor terms, and any other particulars desired, applv to the subscriber inuneJitttelt. ' - i . E. TUOMISOX. Oct. 27, 1853 3t rr.. ,1 1 -a C : . X- J i i lhe gram ana oacon maraei is mm wnu u-vancing u-vancing tendency. . . .Bacon A few sales at 8 cents, proper figure 8.... Cotton The season is opening anu: small shipments maae ,'vUR establishment, on khejwestside i f!rn ldviini'1 i At Ke.ll'a mills thev , I f r. i.. .v. . t .-J i ... -- - oi town, uetween iuo.ijh ttij om- are given 37fa40o,' in demWnd. .. .leather ble U(1 public Square, uJ still in full jE2l In demand all the time, at Jo3. . . . f ruu ( blastj and wiJ1 contjuUe t(i bq kept in such a Apples scaj-ce, no" settled price.... Ginseng ;manner a9 t0 8atisf y thoale who may call, hog we! Apples scarce, no" settled price umseng ;mann6r a9 t0 satisfy thosie i In demand, 343Gc...;. Flour--Good satk, that nothing i8 WRtltiDg on ou1 2 50. ! bliyere mints ar Mil- . Tl ll. ; 4 U .V. 1 .- . r y , .j, i iiusa iviniiuit iu men ius uin-i uinu, ui u L...t h.i.i i- ; w itRc nnm nrti-ll.-....... , . r, . I mi , , 6o u uimo., ..... , v-- r, n ; mvuea to auena . 1 25c. Ma; !mftnj. .Wheal Worth dnolia 31c Savasx ti i0r sides i1 -f7 00 Yfheat-Sl IJard f Nkw Ohi. at $7 bbls sold a dors Ilk'- Citv healthy, 7jr. Oats Actiy making. . . e at doc tew Rye 5256c. nntViincr i wftntintr nri nor nart. to crrntifv ILenoi famihj, $3 00. . . . LartHIn the tastes of the public." Our Bar is at all times na, goou worwu m igtocked with the very choicest Liquors, Cigars, make Produce ville, We prices", P i Tobacco, etc., that the city markets can affgrd. 35(i?70c. Good , Uiujl rtlrrta fi - Qlu'dva i.a I . V niskvh j nt Wn bavo inat rpfpivmli in a.lilition in lO'll; shWders. 9(310..,'.B . Feathers 40 15 .... , . Flur ; Cheese and Cracker .Corn ? 00(21 25, h 12y4 14- bushel 7075. ...Oats 50(360. -EA59, La. ! the stock already on hand, a supply of superior I Brown, Loaf and Clarified Suiar: Coffee, Salt, , GA;-citton-231 bales sod U ?"las.9es' rrfer. Ginger I Spice all kinds of ing, Gun Caps, Powdt-, Lrvl.lSiiot, Matches s, Oa. Bacon llams, Jb". l? E eigars ol every variety, an a?nas oi leas anc uanaies, uvsiers iresn aiM- picKieu, c s, ripes, ' Soaps, as can wishing , sept. Sardine: Wa.sli Boards. Upper and Sole Leather, Candles of ' all kinds, Rice, Almond, Indigo, Madder, Cop-; Cop-; peras, Essence of Cinnamon and Clove.-i. Nut-i Nut-i megs. Liquors of the rarest rmaUty, ai Pale, Superfine- Flour firm Cogniac, Peach, anil Apple Brandies; 'Fancy i known for the guod quality of our stock. i BtTCUANAN & HANK Corn 75S0.'... Mess Pork 1200 Cordials, Brandy Cherries, Port and Madeira $16Ji; Bacon sides 884;Sho1ul-; Wines, Gin, Rye dud Bourbon Whisky in . .Kei' Lard 12 half barrels 13 S short, almost everv article needed to make a Whisky 3034 . . .Weather find. first class house. Thankful for past favors, wo . respectlully solx.t aj continuance ot tne jsame, wvvw' ( fitermineJ iu we -ale that our house sliall be ( Droiwgoole' Femaiej uiiiers. This is (he great Southern Fetnale Medicine, j and will never fail to cure thfc Palpitation of Oct. 27, 1853. neaa, uoiu r eei, C5weiieaADK.i8s, x tiuiui,oui , -j . ' r, , u ' . . ,! ; r fill L subscnbeM are row off. r-x pressed onirreguiar iennruanoD, i ams me , . thejr iol at COst(n( Back, Side, Joints and Ilead, and all other im hllstalie for the fruirpnso of cl Buch fymptcms, which are caused by some de- sing out, and winjlfng up,; auj Y. If. W -bb i. L ,c .v. r verv shortiv to open a IK U'KIUH J, UL L 11 tl 1C1UA1C UltlAUD. , - ... - O 1 - W Vi' Coffee, .sept. ' 25 - You dol not have to use a half dozen bottles the1bPfore a (air x 18 madfl- 0NE B0TJLE. ID I ca(J, will liiovo ucu ;-nui-iiu- , J i ' ,v;. .AiS r mornii g before breakfast, it will have a salutary salutary jeffeit. ' ! : For sal a in Favetteville, by Diemefe Hampton, Hampton, and McElroy and McKinney; jia Lewis-burg, Lewis-burg, by J. L. Jones, j ' - I i IT- onlv to Cute the concomitant symptoms, which tteville. Come tjuick. if vou wish to buv are the m tural and inevitable results of a cer- : Goods cheap, as the new Stor. is tb be opened tain class of diseases, upon Which the action j Vh? ,15th of P IT.f. l1!' W! j . (Win seij as we uv.i-s-; hi twn. ny ana ol the meaicme lsairecx ana permanent. I.-,, An thl(Se inj,.bted to W. II. Webb, or to r R Is.dt. ! - For sept. T. new iwus1. lor t:ik? sale i r.luc Tl. n.l.'wrinc ll,Bril iviir;, .tJ i XTuoliril!.. It is net recommended to cure every thing, j ftt th0Sulplur SpijiV, eight nliles west of Fay-1 getinSneJ sept. - see. Wdbb & Woods, are hereby forward . and settle rh, nn business rnut be cioseu with WE ot i ar i i la th BASrEL MARRIED, s countv, by Samuel Boonle, Esq., Mr. C.CATHBOjrand Mus RebecIca Drycs In thil county .Sunday, 23d inst.. Ir. Fbask- LislD. Erajjsos and' Miss Fbaxces Viceees. n 1 In Cotnersville, 13th inst., by Rev. W. G. Hensley, Mr. William I. HEyDKESOK and Miss R" Aks Smith. " . Thusj has our friend Henderson gone to that bourne w hence ho bachelor re turps. In an nouncing hia change of life, vre would breathe ' I .'.V.L.iil Jl.j 1. Vj. 4. TO "F1"1' wucu uiJ,D ; , cipientsoi eartn's cnoicesi Diessmgs She iU to thee a bleasing METALLIC fpiIKSE COFEINS, no I X ing into general Use in sections of our country, are i notified to co ne iliediatelv, as ut delav. JB & WOODS al trimmed insid tight free from tle'introdiJ and water, or the able, highly ornamented, a than the best wot fished by the ordinary wood cofi; j Oct. 27, 135,3. TAKEN up I district Nii. brown color,, ab jrpAKEN'upi JL district ilso. brown color, dboiilt high, branded with O on Each, the other! love posseisin, Say, what care shoald clcud that brew? I And a shield to her be thcu? DIED. In thii place, Sunday, 23i tart.. at the rea dence of her son, of old, age, Mr. Naxct Koosce, aged about 73 yean. i 'la Shelby ville, Bedford county. Tern., Oo-tober Oo-tober 7th. 1853. Naycr G. Lai&a. daughter of Jamea aad Elizabeth Bryant,! late of Fayette i Tann and wileot JOUtt 11- wura, aeira. Sister Laird waa bcrn DeceBjbex 29, 1800, aud ses well on the w Oct. 27, 1353. N 'ITE T T . I fit. tl.r. ne BURIAL CASES. to the ! i XU.T ' and enameled ou iscape of 1 coffii A.B t are auf i 1 1 tion of dumpneais eflluyia; are port- 1 cost little more Thev will be fiir- tdiort notice. ' The W'i ns made as heretofore. ios' cheap. Istoek i chains, i L'.ck PRTRAY..I INinni N flOUNTY I Ilulter Arcmnaia oicivcp, m civiij ia r..,n irr Afuli. nf 6rfT- KNOTT & CO. it 11. 1 hands high, alwit l years old, no Imaijks or brands perceivable. Valued at 75. Oct. 13, 183:i-t-3t. Samuel J. Bland, ul civil 18, one Hrie Mule), .of a 5 veart old, about 15 lharfids the left shoulder, ri-Valued'atJKX). T 7i T V V ,Valuab TIL subscril athers. O. WALLACE, Ilawjer. c Land for Sale. r offers! for sale the can ten i to make rnn: , very vaiuauie tracx oi l uki on 2si"T" which he now rqsides, 4 miles west. of fLTl'V ;V Fayetteville, lromcdiateiy on the JurnpiKe now being constrkictod leading lrcim rayette ville to Pulaiki, kouUining about 300 ACIIKS, 200 in cultivation, and the most of thebalance enclosed and well set in blue grass,. The tract is well w atered, lias on it a comfortable dwel- anr. sept. .11 A Ac-ir country and and is in the tice and lie selected hngbouseanrt al necessaiT out-houses, while jfiS( me sou is inn iot io none. lerms maae, iapti6mal Known ou appi.caLiou io me nnumiw. i manv -' JJ..J . M. L. DPdMLkLSy.. i ble. knd vcl. ioo-u. . 1 i . masters. . r FOR SALE, i rtlHE tract bf Laiid on which JL now live, containing 10.S acres Hrng ifrfilc '1 E leading uder the yoad aires are cieucv oil iit best professed religloa ia 1822 arid: waa of a few,oi waIteb, o. who ocmpoaed aca neipea to crganise we j Cumberland Presbvteriaa Church at Fayette-i - r v 1 a ville m the came year, oaf the late John If. L-airi tn the veir 182i. and' Peach rf fruit Stock Call Aus 1 1S33 i fnr 1 Lis own T j hand i mugh from Favetteville. cm' jTT' House to Athens. Ala.': about lnrfv ' lirf-st ja good cbsntif fence; a puffi- j tiers and A pple trees, all voung and on as three never-failing wells of io"'-thepremisea. I would, also,' patronage nd FarmluK Tool with P. S. and examine, if vou wi.h to F no -Jm T. FLY NT. oarl. j y. and

Clipped from Fayetteville Observer27 Oct 1853, ThuPage 3

Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee)27 Oct 1853, ThuPage 3
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