The Charlotte News June 16, 1910

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The Charlotte News June 16, 1910 - I Jury Ac artis Gieat Crowd in Court Room Tense...
I Jury Ac artis Gieat Crowd in Court Room Tense With Anticipation as Jury File Into Room With Verdict-Men Verdict-Men Verdict-Men Stand Up to Receive Sentence. Only a Sob Broke The Stillness as The Verdict "Not Guilty" Fell From the Lips of The Foreman-Congratulations Foreman-Congratulations Foreman-Congratulations by Friends. Amid death-like death-like death-like silence, broken only by the heavy breathing of the defendants defendants and an occasional sob from the faithful wives of the two defendants, the jury, in whose hands the fate of Will and Henry Ilartis, charged with the murder of Robert Simpson on the night of November 28 last, was given at 12:15 o'clock, sent joy to the hearts of the prisoners by rendering a ver-! ver-! ver-! diet of not guilty as to both defendants. defendants. The verdict came at 2:56 p. m. WJth faces drawn and every muscle tightened to the last notch, Will and Henry Hartis stood up and looked the jury squarely in the face, seemingly confident that the decision could be nowise but in their favor. Both of the defendants were, of course, excised to a fever pitch owing to the terrible suspense in which they had been kept for two hours and a half. Looking straight ahead and with hot a muscle twitching, the defendant' faces brightly brightly illumined as if by magic as they straine'd their ears to catch the "Not Guilty" as it fell from the lips of Foreman M. E. Crow-ell. Crow-ell. Crow-ell. Present when the verdict was rendered rendered were, besides the defendants, their wives, the three little children of Will Hartis, Messrs. McCall, Guthrie, Guthrie, and Stewart, attorneys for the defense, Messrs. Lucas and Clarkson, attorneys for the state, several ladies and hundreds of spectators eager to learn the fate of the men on trial for their lives. The room was well filled but, owing to the shortness of the jury's deliberation, the throng was not as great as has been during the latter days of the trial. The shortness of the deliberation of the iurors was the greatest surprise of the entire trial. They were given the case at 12:15, and then went to dinner, where they remained until one o'clock. So, between one o'clock and 2 : 15, when they notified the deputy sheriff of then- then- readiness to report, they must have discussed the evidence, deliberated upon it and come to the final conclus ion. . The verdict was reached on the first ballot. The news of the jury's readiness to return their verdict spread ever the city with remarkable rapidity, and wkhen the defendants were brought from jail to the court room, a crowd had already gathered. Following the arrival of the defendants at 3:40, there was a ten minute wait fch the solicitor He arrived at 2:55 and the verdict was returned in exactly one minute. Mrs. Henry Hartis broke down com pletely and wept with joy. Mrs. Will Hartis looked to be doing everything in her power to keep from breaking down. The men .wore that satisfied lcok and were busy for several minutes minutes afterwards shaking hands with their friends, who seemed overjoyed that they were acquitted. While the defendants, their attorneys attorneys and friends were highly pleased with the verdict, it came as a great surprise to the other side and the general general public, who thought that a verdict of second degree murder would be the lightest penalty 'for Will Hartis. The great crowd lingered on the outside of They Are wits Will and Now the court house to see the freed men make their apparanc without the escort escort of the sheriff once again. The Hartis case was' concluded in every particular about noon to-day to-day to-day and the fate of Will and Henry Hartis, charged with the murder of Robert Simpson on the night of November 28 last, placed in the hands of the jury. A verdict may be expected at any moment. However, the evidence was so voluminous and confusing and the arguments so strong that it may be some hours before the twelve men can ariive at a verdict. Yesterday afternoon's session of the court was entirely consumed by the speech of Mr. Cansler, the last speaker for the state. Mr. Cansler's speech was decidedly one of the best of its kind that has ever claimed the attention attention of a Mecklenburg jury. His argument argument was probably the most convincing convincing of the whole trial and no doubt it had great weight with the jury. After referring in a light vein to those of the defense who had pre ceded him and their remarks about him and his expected speech, Mr. Can sler thoroughly reviewed the evidence, interpreting it most convincingly and contending for a verdict of guilty in the first degree against both defend ants. This speech was the worst thing yet done for the cause of the defense defense and no doubt, if a verdict of uilty is returned, it. will be greatly due to this almost unanswerable argu ment. When -court -court convened at 9:30 this morning, Judge Fell delivered ms charge, which took him until the noon hour. The charge was ably prepared and delivered and showed that Judge Pell is quite familiar with every phase of the case, as well as the law. Both sides seemed highly satisfied with the charge. Following are some extracts from the charge: After reading the bill of indictment Judge Pell charged the jury. Gentlemen of the jury: Under this indictment a jury is permitted to render a verdict of mur der -in -in tne nrst degree, niuruer m the second degree, manslaughter or not guilty, according as it shall find the facts from the evidence adduced under the rules laid down in this charge. It is admitted that Will Hartis killed Robert Simpson, and that he killed him with a deadly weapon. This raises the presumption that said 0 Diveis Search Lake Como Fo? Body Of Poiter Charlton - Cosmo Italy June lG.-Professional lG.-Professional lG.-Professional the neighborhood, who appear to be atvers ,;,a ,oday a searcK in J euS JSS Como for thc: body ot Porter Charlton . tQ thege rcsidents by any means and They were engaged by the government j summer visitors throughout this sect-upon sect-upon sect-upon the insistance of Charles M. ion, including a number.of Americans, Caughy. American consul at Milan, have been attracted to the scene of who holds to the theory that the the tragedy. They gathered on the person or persons who murdered Mrs. Mary Scott Castle Charlton and placing placing her body in a trunk, sank it in the lake, disposed in similar fashion of her husband. . The nolice do not incline strongly to the theory of a double murder and atter tne oottom oi me iane ndu ueeu dragged in spots with grappling hooks they were prepared to abandon this line of investigation. Mr. Caughy, however, urged that a further search be made by the divers and authorities yeilded to - the wishes of the consul. The arrival today of the divers from Genoa caused much excitement among the peasants of Henry 'clock And Free Men Will Hartis the second is guilty of degree. So, murder in gentlemen, nothing else appearing, the defendant defendant would be guilty of murder in the second degree. Now the State says that he is guilty of murder in the first degree. What must the State do to warrant you in so finding? It must satisfy you beyond a reasonable doubt that the killing was also done with deliberation and premeditation. This means that the prisoner with malicious malicious intent weighed and considered the subject of killing in his mind long enough to form a fixed design to kill, and that afterward, m pursuance of such fixed design; did kill. If the Continued on Pae Three. The Day With The leachers Special to the News. Asheville, June 16. To-day To-day To-day was a busy day with the North Carolina Teachers Assembly, work including department department and general sessions. The latter was addressed to-day to-day to-day by President President L. L. Hobbs, of Guilford, who spoke on "Causations," advocating more attention to fewer studies. The aim of education, he said, is not so much teaching people how to make a living as to, live lives of usefulness. Mr. R. J. Tighe, chairman of the committee on teachers' salary, and pensions, submitted a report giving two methods of increasing salaries: to raise the standard of the profession by creating an examining board under the state department of education, and by increasing the length of the school term. He recommended a legislative committee committee of teachers to work for increasing increasing the appropriation for the general board by $200,000 for use in special tax districts, and the adoption of a constitutional amendment changing the length of school terms from four to six months, thus enabling an increase increase in general tax levy for school purposes from eighteen to twenty three cents on the hundred dollars. Work in the Mission Field. Edinburg, June 16. The Rev. Dr. B. C. Campbell Gibson, of the English Presbyterian Church, the diajrman, presented the report of the commission commission on "The Church in the Mission Field." Sever al Theories : lake shore in force today, hoping to 'witness a solution of the mystery of Charlton's disappearance. It is not certain that the divers will be successful ' in settling the ouestion of the depth of the lake. In j spots the bottom lis about a tnous- tnous- and feet, below the surface ot tne water. The divers, it is said, caannot operate successfully at a depth of more than 45 feet. At the same time to have been sunken to a great depth, the body must have been attached to a tremendous weight. The belief is strong among many, lncmaing limj police, that Charlton is now on board for -New -New York. . to en a the is man with to christianize not fact. teachings of By and He was at By W. clutched By the W. charged of By in do

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The Charlotte News (Charlotte, North Carolina)16 Jun 1910, ThuPage 1
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