7 23 1927 Details of first geology trip to New Mex

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7 23 1927 Details of first geology trip to New Mex - SATURDAY, JTLY 23, 1927. CAPITALS Berlin...
SATURDAY, JTLY 23, 1927. CAPITALS Berlin Hindenbur*, Resignation Is Rumored By Associated Press. Berlin.—Will President von Hin denburg. on the occasion of his eightieth birthday on October 2nd, announce to the world that he fePis he has done his bit for Germany and resign from the presidency? Those intimately acquainted with him poohpooh the idea. They say that tile soldier-president, used all his life to obey the call of duty, will also remain at his presklen- EIGHT GEOLOGICAL ~ STUDENTS OF TEXIS TECH ON LONG TOIP FIRST ANNUAL FIELD TRIP OF DEPARTMENT INTO NEW MEXICO Special lo the Sun. Lubbock. Texas. July 23.—Having 23.—Having traversed more than two thousand miles which carried rhein to every geological formation in the state, eight students of Texas Technological College headed by tial post until his term is tip. Ain- Dr. Leroy T. Patton, head ot thej ^ fhat (hp on» German politicians, however. impending,, ilH pofjsiblP , 8Ucce8BOrs to Abert and Hinden. ¡burg: Foreign Minister Gustav ¡Stresemann: Hans Luther, Presi- dent of fhe Keit.hsbank; Hjalmar Schact. former chief of the Army: (;eneraj Hans von Seeekt; and the Jejlief jU8ti<*e of the Supreme Court, | Walter Simons. ______ ' n.ha,„ i _ in Theatres ‘Ber„IK_A movement to lift the , (jan on snioking in’music halls, di j nema8 and kindred thqjatres, in I emulation of the London example, ¡ias been started by the National- j Zeitung and hailed witli frantic en- I tluiHiasm by the numerous Berlin» . ers of both sexes Tbtl police, responsible for the «moke restriction in all theatres, have assumed a diplomatic attitude. ¡They maintain that no law forbld- jdjug smoking in theatres of the ¡above description really exists, and | that a police ordinance to tlytl affect could not lie enforced If all | building regulations for theatres j were properly complied with They j refer to wideY spaces between seats, a greater number of fire exits, adequate means of veutiln tion, etc. As to the niovie liouBes the authorities further contend, continuance of the against smoking will he necessary j until' noninflanimable films are manufactured. Berlin Ha* Hotel For Children Only By Associated Press. Berlin.—The City of Berlin claims geology department, returned this week from the first annual field trip of the department into New Mexico. Six weks were spent on the trip, the distance being covered by the college bus and the boys spending all of their time out-of- doors. The^ wanderings for study in stratigraphy, phyaiograhpic and geologic history, training in field methods and making a report of a region carried them from alii- 1ude of 3.30« feet to one of 12,000 feet. Visits were made to the Carlsbad Carlsbad Cavern. Roswell, Ruidoso Springs, the Tularosa desert, the White Sands* tlie Sierra Blanca mountains, the Sacramento mountains. mountains. the Lincoln National Forest, the Mescalero Apache Indian reservation. reservation. the Nesealej-o and Aqua chiquita Canyon, the San Angreas mountains. "Jornado del Muerto. Organ mountains, the Lava Flows, Don Anna Hills. Sierra de las Ou- ballos mountains, Elephant Butte Dam. Rio Grande valley. Tripidera Mesa. Grand Quivera National monument and other interesting places While away they met parties from the V. S. Geological survey. Wisconsin University and Harvard University. The trip will bq required of all students majoring in geology. Dr Patton said upon his return and a number of then will be made each nrnhihitinn y*ar- Two of rtix WtH>kH ‘'ach’ prohibition wjn hp ma<)e npx( ye#r gummer he said. The party this summer included: included: John Me Elroy, Percy Denton. Denton. Eldon Thorpe and- W. T. Reed, of Lubbock. Lloyd Byeatt of Amarillo; Amarillo; Henry Mobley of Cisco; John Foster Cllngsniith, of Noeona, J. T. Gist, of Midland and Dr. Patton

Clipped from Corsicana Daily Sun23 Jul 1927, SatPage 13

Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas)23 Jul 1927, SatPage 13
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  • 7 23 1927 Details of first geology trip to New Mex

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