uintah shooting friends visit principal at jail 03.24.1922

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uintah shooting friends visit principal at jail 03.24.1922 - the midst views. PRINCIPAL AT 1AIL FALSE Police...
the midst views. PRINCIPAL AT 1AIL FALSE Police Charge Likely If Crowd of School Feud Dies [APPEARS and IMPRESSED ' scramble U Ej - rjS/ ' EllJO western Bullet Tears Hole Size of Through Bybee's Liver At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Dr. E. Dumke, attending physician for Lloyd Bybee, reported that -pneumo- ·nia had set in "as 'the result of the passed through the lad's right lung and It was but a matter of .a ·" ,, 'the' afteVnoori,. bulling-, hope'- was?'' that- Ji«'vwould; survive; tonight,..; ;.. · .pnysic- ians' : new; -hold no hope for-:'the,- lad collapse., early yesterday...af- n.V^-A^i'.-'fixa-rnination 1 , disclosed Measure X that has b ty morning it; on 'the"?'' bu'llet.V'ha'd- -.'torn', a. ·hole-.'.al- most- the- size; of:aii ..ess. .through, the liver '-and- .tile-' 1 -lower, .rportion.-. or the, lung 'was-punctured' ':so::that. air escaped In" : breathlrig' and formed under the skin of his right side. FAILS TO RALLY. Restoratives have, been applied hourly since the relapse of yesterday and today it' was said that the. boy rallying" but getting weaker from to set was report- c dies a charge of rnuraer in bill, will be filed against timistic ing that Bybee cannot recover' -anlofs a sudden change for the bettor t:uios at once. Christensen Is being held In the county' jail without bond,'pending tne of the condition - o f . .young . It was said today that_if t e d today principal is allowed to sit in a cell outside the jail proper during the daytime,- but at night hi is c.'m- fined in the jail- corridors.. .He is not in' the tank as are the other prisoners, except the.trusties. Trust MOVED. When Christensen 1 was told this erating to that there was but litr.13 hope the recovery of his victim, he buried his face in his handa and appeared deeply moved. Yesterday "the principal appeared -o be in good spirits, but this morning he was depressed and appeared to be worried. POLICE appeared to be worried. t Jn w today v/oula not talk f . a n i _ _ A _ i *.n.T-if-/\/l f-r\ O n'lTL' i*** TT1 n*1Vl . * ^ . , . j' freely and refused to answer many questions, declaring that he h-id told the e n t i r e , side of his story in he gave out yesterday. Apparently he has riot fqv£0tie-i the caution given him by ' his attorney.' Geo. to .say nothing further about the shooting and the affairs leading up^ to it. teiice if WDee nac, anyi-mcs 1.1 " a /the police when he walked toward him v suspended' the road just before .he shoouns- would j'^i,«.-ic«*-ckT^o^t^ a n^'wroT^on no. u si ore **** _ « . ·.*-, ... * - _ rtT_-i A - _ . r i - n r . j ' Yesterday, morning Christensen was if Bybee had his the Christensen answered "no," before ' his attorney could prevent him. -He was then asked what' he mes-iiU when said that "Bybee walke'J · toward him in- a threatening . attitude." . His would not allow him to answer this question. j VISITED BY FKIEMXS. | Christensen is at times allowed to his cell and walk out into 'the office.' .His cell 'door is -always unlocked and the .scores- of visitors who .call to- see him are allow$465 pre- -\u Or the Gireano -^-^^".fr^-SSiff .^S WeanVsday they desire. His friends almost wh^h own, fill . sire. s . h h was ^KiTig a - his cell- -with- .baskets of ; fellow a n d - f o o d and so far.' Christen- has. not .been compelled to eat the jail'fare. - - . . - . . . - · IRISH

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  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 24 Mar 1922, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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  • uintah shooting friends visit principal at jail 03.24.1922

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