First issue of the Minneapolis Daily Tribune, 25 May 1867

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First issue of the Minneapolis Daily Tribune, 25 May 1867 - sr.s -... HiSTORi society; MINNtArOLIS DAILY...
sr.s -... HiSTORi society; MINNtArOLIS DAILY TRIBUNE. Tf or ADTUXllim One tlma 7 . u m Tlirw. UmM . i tn si Blaoay.. IN iM Twa wOl to 1 is Ttuwa waaka i.i m Minneapolis Trihimc, JtMHfil It-iPy Tr- 'S'irl l-1 Vt!;l;i, im:intin co.j lmly delivered, tti the -liy, pt year or, I Ally by mat!, tr year Trl-weekly, per year. Weekly. pr ycr t 74 W Two Blunt its IS im . I 'US ' " a Ml VOL. 1. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 25, 1S67. NO. 1. lore. nonUii ., n sn. 2 IX ntanlba u 00.. ... Tiif. llis i'i"-t ;ill'-y ytT'lay.- arl Ifr.-at-r ot'our tli-t ar.-lies. N oon au res-ret this acei.l' i:f i!i'f : ii an our-cKc-.'IIH K. Tilt: fire in N-w York Citv n Th-evenlnif of tlif- ill s.i the wotk of an iii'-ni'liury. L'c-, ,'". In-. Thk I'liiofi I..-; t lii'i of New ; York have acted on li.r.i.-. 'ir-. ! action in hiiihiii.' J (l' I t i - 'Ih'-.v j COIldcmil tll U''tiIS I. i! .' -l t' fell- j ure. A iiumlM-f o' Sew York, y-t Arrioti tli- j i r - i&t.'pvt iii is ' I it .' ,,u- (. ! i-- le't f i.i..v, ! . It'oiie - i ils !' Id- Pope W;j . ; iii lit ( ' ,: it s it. Cineliiiiat i oil. i.. hi- wiilitii-'iK to i i.-ri'.-r.-Knlinh J ri im n:, m I A i ': f I X ' i Feniao, Mi t'lur-. I ?l inijiiiiri' of ? 1 i i -' r i i : 1 1 - V i til money tiiurkvl , IJovorl, : .- ' Carolina, iri in; to ii iu ntaying tbf! cellrction of debt iu-JrfU-Ditly. The bnmtardiiiK of the city of Af ailco Im still prof reing, fc'i'l great 4Utra prevail. In coawiueuce. . Maximilian, it U Haiti, wulie to umadtr tut la prevented. Turn demand for flour from Han Franciaoo contiuuea. A MAS at Donton ha f:i hi hrof her for IIo.OuO for allege! nUmleroiM word imed in a li tter to their nuder. )WIM to a uicuiorahle inteiriew with lien. WmmJ, Hon. John MorriM-y dos not appear in the iiMimie returns this year. Owe of the new uieehanieal toys in lari i a lat with a rower. Thin row-rr czai.'tly imitate ihe niovtun nn of a real man, anl worki n pair of -ull with irreat eneriry. At tinier In; cn fati?ui-. ami anon (piiekeiiH his move iuciiM and luiiki-.i a rapid -urt fr) a hort dir'tanee- TlIK profits of iiel niainilarturi- are eitorinoii.i. For in-famv, an iron har worth .. workid int hor-t-lim-.i. i- worth ti :; made info invd!. it rep rvorntit '..'."i; in the ha- of pen Unite rVVl l.'Ml i TUfiri YI.'r 1 I.lil IlLAi JliUOj Horace iirctlcy and the Union rm hmik'iii thk xnioy m t KlU i. TO ( tl BE THE AtToK. I J-:i i In rt of J idholir f'fr Ii()I;M !... I. . iikim.i i v fy Tiir. iiiiiiiirxi MOM.V ItKklT. riu- (oll.ftif.ii fif IMjt In.lifluitelr l'itt (Mined. I jie Jiiil:ir!iiii'i!( of tilt City of Mexico. XKV YORK. New York, May 24 The fire lant evening ml No. V llarrwm street, oc- cupied by l'mpy Jt llorton, a.t cotton, u evidently the work of an ineendutry. Iiowt, 9 t,iM, which is insured. THE CNIO.f LEA'R'E AMD HORACE At Mpecial meeting of the Union Leajrtic Club held laxt evening for the purne of takintr into eonsideration the rer-nt aetion of Horace tireeley, inemUr of the organization, resolution-i of en-aure were presented and rejected. A uhntitute finally coiideiiiniiiir the bailing of Jeff, ftavi.-t, but deeming it improper lor the t'luh to stigmatize a memher for any mieii aet. TlIK KXCIsr. LAW. Kit-eipt- thus far received for exeie liveu-strt are S'.HI.i.ihhi. jkkomk i:hk. Jerome I'arL ojx iied brilliantly yestvr-day. The tir-t and second raees were won bv the lillv Kiithless and eilt Mon day. '11 e third hv t'ie filK IlHiwillL'. t''S Koll KHMK. A tiiimU-r of Catholic eeleia-ties de-parteii yesterday for Koine to aitind the as inbly of Prelates of the church to ' quiry i ordered to convene here to in- vh, vt-Ktit-'atf the difturtarice ou tLe Uthin- tarit. t'olojiel J"hej.hrl Lsnueji an ord?r this -venin? rtairiinr all the r-e!it fxdice-m?n. The c ity (jfovprtunent will not Le ilirturln.-l. The military only takmeog-iii,-tK-e- of particular ra-e. Chaki FTfiN. M.iy 21. Gen. ?kkl- h:t iwii-l an onlT inhihitiii(r the Ji-til'ai'fi of liritT. t'rjiu irrain in the S-c-ril Military Iitrirt. fft-nd-r are lH-laivl lsahle to rmni.-hrnent ty ujili- I farv niii!iii-i-i.ii.-. I he r'o!'n'l I 1't th- orliT are the M-areity of fmtd in j ( 'a'filiiia the 'Ji't'raii'Jifie the iov'rn- ! iiif!if ot lart"1 rveiiue. etc THK KHillT-HOlR MOTKMt'lT. Convention of Workinmen from Dif-f. rent Farta of the State. The Position Oeeopled by the friend or the Movement la Illiuoi. I lb Warkjacaira ml I hp I a le! UM. Krom tin- tlileano Tntiune. A t'onvenfion of delegates from the 1 workiriifiiien of thw Ktate as.s-inb!ed on Monday morning in the Trade' Assembly Hall. No. I5" Clark Mreet. Alout forty delegates were present from Chica go, and i.laces in the interior of the State. Mr. Cameron, of Chicago, Mr. J. I. Kllacott, of 1'eoria,- and Mr. 1'. Corcoran, of Amboy. were corutituteil a committee to draw up an addn-NK to the workingnien ot the I nited tates. setting forth the tios-ition ooeupieit by the workingnien ot Out Ptate. The committee presented the following: Fellow Citizen As of you are aware, at the recent ae.snion of the Illinois Legislature, a bill wai pa.s.-wd making eiirht hours a legal day's work for all employees engaged by the day. 1 revious to Its pas-age. ImiIU inditical parties IVmocratic and Keimtilican had expressed, through town, unty and .State Conventions, their sympathy with, and belief in, the mi-rssity and beneficial oiieration of such an euaet-ineiit. In tact, so general and unreserved was the encouragement given, that little or no opjxi-itioii was anticipated when the law went into prac tical operation. o sooner, however, were their partisan iiuriMises ai-com- plishcd. and the fact devcfo-d that the woikintrmen wen; in earnest, and de- teruiined to avail themstdves of its lien- elits. than a preconcerted and persistent effort was developed to defeat them in such endeavor. Iiiers and politicians, who had heralded its Is-nctits and advo cated its adoption, when the eventful 1-t of May arrived, were among the first THE Bl KMX; OF TIIEMKKCTUMV HOTEL. A Young Ladj Believed t Have Perished in the I lames. The Heeanri Victim of the i maarm- tloa. From the (Tijra'j Tribune. Most of our readers, in who-e memory is still fresh the fact of the destruction by fire of the Merchants Hotel, on the corner of State and Washington streets, on the uioriiing of the 4th of the present month, wilt readily r-call the particulars i oiK-erning the sad fate of the late Mr. U. A. Cook, of Joliet. who i-rished in the fiamcs dur-ingthat liieinorable eonflagratioii. Vhen the facts coniieeied "-i'h the lamentable mi-iiin-i. . were made known through thc-e cobimns. and .-u-jwiie was ended b;. tho'li-covcry of the bruisi'd and blackened remain- where the de ceased had I ecu a victim to the de'.our-imr elemen'. all breathed freer and thanked a kind I'rovidetiee that it had eii no worse; that no more lives had btsyi) .-acririceil. And yet this was in t all. If was yesterday ascertained that tle-ro was a second victim ; and. as if to make the ca-e still more painful, that this victim was a youti'-', lair and ac.-ompl'slieil Woman. About two weeks before the hunting of the hotel. Miss AiiMie Pean. a young lady residing in Hamilton, Cana.ia West, left her home for the purpose of coming to this cil v. u her way hither she stopped a few days in IVtroit and then came on, arriving in this city but two davs U-fore the fire oc curred, it was known that she was in the hotel, occupying her room, on the night before the breaking out of the conflagration. Since then nothing whatever has been Been or heard of her. , On Tuesdava voung lady came to this city for the purpose of making imiuiries relative to the whereabouts ot .liss eaii. This young lady stopped at the St. Cloud Hotel, and at once began her investigations. All her efforts to learn anything of her missing friend since the night preceeding the fire have lieen fruitless, and all hope has been abati- loncd. no doubt iieing entertained that the ashes of the missing voung ladv are mingled with the ruins ol the hotel. Mis IVan was a voung ladv of als.tit twentv-three years of age. She was the onlv daughter of a widowed mother. and her sole suiiicirt. Mie came to this Ity with the object of obtaining a situation as a teacher. Mho 1? i!u- scrilied as having Im-cii young lady of rare accomplishments and unusual at tractiveness. Lumber Items. Since our last we are enabled to note the following lumler items: On Thurs dav the pro:l!er Klla went out with raft of twelve strings of logs in charge ot .John Parker. o!d bv L. r.. lonn us to W. i. Clark and II. S. Parker & Co.. St. Louts. On the same day the Minnesota left with a tow of five rafts, as follows: t fne lo-striifg raft of logs sold by Ia vid Cover, consigned to B. Hershev, Muscatiin. Symttcl Kegister. Pilot. Kleveu strings t,f l,,gs sold bv Havid Cover, eon-igncd to H. S. Parker i Co, St. Louis Henry Peevy, Pilot. Ten strings logs sold bv David Cover. consigned to W. Clark & Co., St. Louis Mepheii Khoads, Pilot. Ten strings logs sold by Havid Cover, consigned to Hill & Co., Burlington K. A. Dunham. Pilot. Ki'jht strings sawed hinirnT sold bvH D W biting, consigned to Morrison A; Co.. St. I-iiiuis Dan Smith Pilot. The Minnie Will, Capt. C. ii. Bradley, returned on Saturday, having made a trip to Clinton. Iowa, with a raft for W.J. Young A" Co. Thirteen rafts have left here thia spring up to. date. Tlie amounr d' logs on hand at this time including those in the various mill Ihmu.s and the St. Croix itooin Cor poration is alniut seventeen million feet. At latest ayeouiifs the water on the I pper St. ('mix and tributaries was steadily failing, and the drives on the various streauis were is-ing abandoned. The drives oil Iiwt Sii;.W Kiver have reached Chenuwataua Jam, and are awaiting a sufficient head of water to sluice the logs into the St. Croix. The drives on Apple Kiver are getting along siowiy, tiut win undoubtedly get in, as tne water is controlled by a succession of dams and can be made available when needed. It is thought that the rains of the past few davs if thev extended l,i th ,...rl.- em streams wifl add materially to the present stage of water. Stillwater Jrr Sfii iirr. A large raft, of lumber, containing mkmhn't. U'longing to .N-huleiihurg, lteklr & Co., of St. Lmis, was totally demolished on the forenoon of the Sth, t.y coming in cont.ict with the niers of the lU k Island Bridge. The. (Jrey Fa- gic, a isiai belonging to the company, succeeded in saving and landing a large portion ot the rati. Phimage unknown. o lives lost. Unit, im J(r;;nLlutin. i ins is a rait irom tins cltv, and we M licve was in charge of Harry Wheeler. .ifw in irrr Mi-mu n ijt r. Mt sKKiHiN Inco'mks. Our lumlx-r i tig friends over the lake have been )iiutiug money in their purses during thu past year, as witness the following in the .vi MONETARY. Im aialla Mmmmy Biarasvt. - ssMWtWM "f I mited Mate SreuritiM. Cmntti uwf.v cjr im .ww s iuioruu Mmn y Aftfme- May 24. 1W7. We have nothing new to report In the Money market. Currency still continue. cans-, and Uie prospect 1. that thi. atate o unngs will continue until after harvest Vi 1th the exception of 7-Su a. tlie movriu.nt n Oovernmenta U dull. Holders of the are takin advantage of the right conversion Into 5-ai'a. Thue who have yet neltsrted, ahuuld remember that they lone Uii right after tlie 15lh of August next. w e "re doing large business in converting these notes, and on very favorable terms to the holders. Fas tern Exchange Foreign " -oi'l ! gold coupons. li y cent. ...t7 1 1 Stul Si Oliver, large. j rsnnDsriTis sbci-itie. Sixes of lssl, larue 110 Interest to hoyw. o-Ju's, lstoi, larj$e ns - J 1 - liii " " eonsolK 1. 17 m W-40's, large W " siiiall mm lt serii lO", Interest to seller. at Ho - l " los " small endorsed lm'sj " " (Xineor.ND IXTEKBST KOTCS. June, 1S64. US May. hsB MU "'.v. " II714I August. 18, m AUUst. 1SI, 117 K..,l.i.ilwr III (Jciober, IxHi 114 OetolMT, 1M5 ". HOU D.s;s..niber, l4...11.i 7-30 coupons . rr 1.AN0 waaakHTs. lftlljiml Warrants $170 t'ollege scrip, n.le piece '.'."..."" M Passage ticket hum Ireland t alliiiia- apolis per stesiaer Passage ticket from Ireland to MiinVe- apulis liersailliiK vriis-l ..S4U Jo MINNEAPOLIS MARKETS. Mm kxaPolis, May St, 197. tUraslav asrav. Wheat bushel a? a Oats V bushel j w t orn, new shelled ." 1 , Corn, ear . ls rrn meal V cwt... ".' g 50 Barley bushel 1 k K e bushel .. ' j w shorts r -J iSrsjiVia i "' j Retail. Kt 60 1 16 1 So 1 to 4 OU 1 ii 1 IS a mi 1 Su Cattle Market-Ll. W.lajkl. Beef, si , Veal..!. Mutton fork, net .. 7'ioK1 .c. ilCc lluliV WmI Mark. Fine Fleece, washed. ts Coarse Kalsc lllled. washed Pulled, ordlriarr !-3 V ct. off washed and Huck Fleeces. 40c VrsMtiiee Market Retail. Hiitt.-r V . t-KK V dor 0o.-ilie inn Oleese lb ....".".'.'... S 11 ID H Eh P 0 P 4 & H ti c c SM hat Ut ol m a. e . ' -mi 2 5 H e 3 a tt . B e & c 0 6 st 0 H H c o H H E W A N TK I ) fTANTKH TO I 'CKC1IA8K-A y IIOKSK ANI WA1J4IN. aullahl f. the t.rta-erv business. Anulc l. Ii 11 u n K.X Kit, corner or U aslilng Ion and llennepla Avenues, over the Hlore. my -dlw FOR KENT. "pOK ItKNT Tli centra Store 1 Room and Kaseai.nt in IlarUni's Hrl. k Block. Pixetesalon civen immejialelv. Ap-ply at lli msosii l it OITcf ravtli-iitl Wool and Woolen Good. gl'KIXU GOODS! NOW THEY Gardner Ci NEW BOOTS. 8HOKH HATS, OA I'M Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods! C. C. BURT'S CELEBRATED FINE SHOES. IVo. 5. Ctlllro, -mwa . - April at, 1M7. A. T. HALE & CO., WHOLHrtALE AMD IIKTA1L DKALER8 IK CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPS, FURNISHING GOODS, Cloths and Custom-Made Clothing, No. 6 CENTER BLOCK, MINNEAPOLIS. Minneapolis, May 2T, 1W7. ipiNKSS cAuns. s stworney at Law. TlflLHON A Mt M A I K ' Altara.y. sat Uaaa.ll.ra at law Minnrmpolit, ( tall nf Ut. Anthony,) Minnesota. J M. KM AW LAWYER. OFril'K IN FAKItANT'ft nuu.i.i.stu. Corner of 11 rids, aad Heeuad stresta, r.k2-atr Xlaaaaaalla. ABE COMING! AT rvSorrioon's ! GOODS. AaTD w.mws aTA i w aw aw W Bs m aa aa w m M m. m m m . .....UHJ,1IV MriOstto,lMsUsta tnjSt .JIy,lg,to illinery & Dressmaking. MILLINEHV ANlV IUIEHS. UAKIMi.-MlHll. IIVI'l has Just Iso'.T. a'iioi. i,v,"- Koon..r.,. r aiultli A HlllUia-s' Urssieir bt,.,e krl.lss suuar. a lull t,t. k of .NFW OMHH4 Ui which th. of the L.Uc, 1. Ii,v. ,4,1" MAK A. I1KFM, from Mrs. fe..,,e'. I. Paul. ha. lbs IaI..I (style, tr.m Rew ". .' m' min d.-v.le b.-rattealbiit tw ( I....S and Itrcsamuk lag. Tli, l.uic. .,1 M lintc.,.,. lis are Invllcl t.,, all. ssyj-dli 1 -f- Seamstress'. t? E. MNl'HESN. All klinfaof Men WJ and Hoys' s loll. lug uisde In th lit.,. I workmanlike manner, e.ju.l 1., ti,. a,k ,.f the t,.Mt lall.trs.aiid si vry, I lie Is. 1 has bad furno v..,.. in Ihe Iratlc J'.""w,,I".h1' ?' I"eam si lite r.altl.nce ,i w . 1 . II A 1 1 II, corner of I atai s. l and I'.nlil en .tr.-.,ia. . T.l.rS .dilieSsed to Hill fill liwt-omee. will f. rail..! tot. and dell vil when duns. my HI dif

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