Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 1867 · Page 1
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 1

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1867
Page 1
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sr.s -... HiSTORi society; MINNtArOLIS DAILY TRIBUNE. Tf or ADTUXllim One tlma 7 . u m Tlirw. UmM . i tn si Blaoay.. IN iM Twa wOl to 1 is Ttuwa waaka i.i m Minneapolis Trihimc, JtMHfil It-iPy Tr- 'S'irl l-1 Vt!;l;i, im:intin co.j lmly delivered, tti the -liy, pt year or, I Ally by mat!, tr year Trl-weekly, per year. Weekly. pr ycr t 74 W Two Blunt its IS im . I 'US ' " a Ml VOL. 1. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 25, 1S67. NO. 1. lore. nonUii ., n sn. 2 IX ntanlba u 00.. ... N w Tiif. llis i'i"-t ;ill'-y ytT'lay.- arl Ifr.-at-r ot'our tli-t ar.-lies. N oon au res-ret this acei.l' i:f i!i'f : ii an our-cKc-.'IIH K. Tilt: fire in N-w York Citv n Th-evenlnif of tlif- ill s.i the wotk of an iii'-ni'liury. L'c-, ,'". In-. Thk I'liiofi I..-; t lii'i of New ; York have acted on li.r.i.-. 'ir-. ! action in hiiihiii.' J (l' I t i - 'Ih'-.v j COIldcmil tll U''tiIS I. i! .' -l t' fell- j ure. A iiumlM-f o' Sew York, y-t Arrioti tli- j i r - i&t.'pvt iii is ' I it .' ,,u- (. ! i-- le't f i.i..v, ! . It'oiie - i ils !' Id- Pope W;j . ; iii lit ( ' ,: it s it. Cineliiiiat i oil. i.. hi- wiilitii-'iK to i i.-ri'.-r.-Knlinh J ri im n:, m I A i ': f I X ' i Feniao, Mi t'lur-. I ?l inijiiiiri' of ? 1 i i -' r i i : 1 1 - V i til money tiiurkvl , IJovorl, : .- ' Carolina, iri in; to ii iu ntaying tbf! cellrction of debt iu-JrfU-Ditly. The bnmtardiiiK of the city of Af ailco Im still prof reing, fc'i'l great 4Utra prevail. In coawiueuce. . Maximilian, it U Haiti, wulie to umadtr tut la prevented. Turn demand for flour from Han Franciaoo contiuuea. A MAS at Donton ha f:i hi hrof her for IIo.OuO for allege! nUmleroiM word imed in a li tter to their nuder. )WIM to a uicuiorahle inteiriew with lien. WmmJ, Hon. John MorriM-y dos not appear in the iiMimie returns this year. Owe of the new uieehanieal toys in lari i a lat with a rower. Thin row-rr czai.'tly imitate ihe niovtun nn of a real man, anl worki n pair of -ull with irreat eneriry. At tinier In; cn fati?ui-. ami anon (piiekeiiH his move iuciiM and luiiki-.i a rapid -urt fr) a hort dir'tanee- TlIK profits of iiel niainilarturi- are eitorinoii.i. For in-famv, an iron har worth .. workid int hor-t-lim-.i. i- worth ti :; made info invd!. it rep rvorntit '..'."i; in the ha- of pen Unite )lale. it I riio-s $.l. J::. und r line.l and dran into j-irintr- t r watehe.-, ntand- for i J TlIK eolmed people of tliio have ailed a State 'on v ent ton o meet in II1'. Iievt i- t.i a- t , lie-.! -: rick, ii Sl.ite. t 'ollninlms on tie The ol.jeet of tin .M da loin. ot pertain how tlo- ! airi-t in ha iio. ' li t rom I he t '..ii-1 1 1 .i ! H 0. .1 ,, i ll It The f-l to lie'iniit ' t --ion of (how a L'leiil taiille; of! tf .ln which i- at ti it'iio ! I i : ie-hilltie. W h i ' - -mi! I tribute. I to .. a .. ' - r erca-'d cein j.t i. 'lie' 'I est return- ai- I .Vl; J S . i : Hiichanaii I , i 1 1 . Tllf II ac t..:o, i !. i I other ai'pioj.u ii i"ti ! the M.i-a. hii- 't - I.. . ; a ot the l'I" l? -- .'.t ,! ' cost if,.'."-' ;,t, forty -tie ii-ji - i Isires h i t ' ' i ' .. dl-taii''- thro.; !,'.. ;, i lias cost "iJ : - Thk d...-- - -, .. .. irnrima .it!. S.i it' . . hheep the le r '. . i .. i h - to pay ?' i' I : to the .-ii. p t . i ot . tuitli'V. I!i no,,. ae.! 1. .. f s : worth of hi- ... h I . TltK lIIISi.'llia . l.-aitl -!s '! ': lien rrossed ln-twit-u Shanyhat au: Hrahuia. bvloiiriiuf to Mr. J.din J. Arthur, of that vicinity, h is ,(,'. scvera eggs within the past few week hi h are pceulinr. At firt ap'ara:ct- ,.n, Would conclude that tiny wen if'iosf rrgn. U-ing alxmt that sit'. but upon breaking the outside shell another egg l dis.sivercd within, the site of an ordinary hco egg. having a Mnooth hard dtell and comph U in every particular. The outside egg ha its white aoJ ycl low also. Mr. Arthur intend to pUoc onie of these eggs tinder a xtting hen and ee what result conies forth. CrF rwtfteu UOthtr State rENNSTI.VAMA. Wtamtn. n ,lcu. IVinoormt. We have conyerse.1 with a large number of farmers front various parts of the country dunng the j.a-i w,-, k. and the 11 utate tlult the crops l,w unusually promising. The cold and w.'t weather na kept lu k the -owiu . t oats and ireariiig of corn ground but the wheat and rye, thoiuh not so larae as n -inu.-times is at tin-saMsoi). set it s well -,-t OO the ground, and uol iniunsl in the winter; ami with a gmxl sct-ou the harvest will be truly plen'eous. Tlie late fruA have not grt-atly injure. 1 the fruit, and theft? is a $vod prospect for a large yield. srtKHi!arly of appKs. MSCHIOVV. Michigan ppr srak of the coming CTtp in the most eiiie!rH;:nj terms. The numl-er ot acres .-wn i- onto The twenty counties m ( - . with lit j tew tntfjiig cxo'i tie'i-. tf. wiieit! ItHlks Well. ad g'VCs . S l-i.'f., e. . f J i..V 1 j jnekl. though the brs i-i-h o; j ,n, -..w i j IS less than we outld wi-!i j !M'l SV V j The same iiunl- ofe-citi'ic- r., i , . ana i not give .pti:c i- t'sir a 5; ..!-.-. yet the r,-is : i-"-' a t. r cro;.. aihl should ti e -.-.l-:! j r;i- . -,1 ti.e yi-ld Will Is- lars;.- ! II Iss. Ri The St. Louts l-, ,.,-. lias n-tliris, i from a Ur.'r nu .. - r . - n . j State. The unsv- r-a -. ;- a- i wheat never lhki-l n-vc p than it d.. s the i - .- ! St. Louis -i'e,. i-i -; of t,.. eotutng crop -ay- It h - !- .ire ; worth anything. h pre'i . -.;-. ,r.i : ami famine pi iis s of gm '; -.r ein-not he conriuiie-i ;iia ii lo;i - M . ' hiring sixsiuu". of th- mv. d t ! wheat and ot's were r ve i fi're. Not only i- rh !- i i ; rs.s by thes. ,-rops cm-iiri'-v jf.i'.T : nsUiO. but aa rep. rt - cci'-ur ri cUUIijJ ihciu iu ckvX-iciit udiliou. rVVl l.'Ml i TUfiri YI.'r 1 I.lil IlLAi JliUOj Horace iirctlcy and the Union rm hmik'iii thk xnioy m t KlU i. TO ( tl BE THE AtToK. I J-:i i In rt of J idholir f'fr Ii()I;M !... I. . iikim.i i v fy Tiir. iiiiiiiirxi MOM.V ItKklT. riu- (oll.ftif.ii fif IMjt In.lifluitelr l'itt (Mined. I jie Jiiil:ir!iiii'i!( of tilt City of Mexico. XKV YORK. New York, May 24 The fire lant evening ml No. V llarrwm street, oc- cupied by l'mpy Jt llorton, a.t cotton, u evidently the work of an ineendutry. Iiowt, 9 t,iM, which is insured. THE CNIO.f LEA'R'E AMD HORACE At Mpecial meeting of the Union Leajrtic Club held laxt evening for the purne of takintr into eonsideration the rer-nt aetion of Horace tireeley, inemUr of the organization, resolution-i of en-aure were presented and rejected. A uhntitute finally coiideiiiniiiir the bailing of Jeff, ftavi.-t, but deeming it improper lor the t'luh to stigmatize a memher for any mieii aet. TlIK KXCIsr. LAW. Kit-eipt- thus far received for exeie liveu-strt are S'.HI.i.ihhi. jkkomk i:hk. Jerome I'arL ojx iied brilliantly yestvr-day. The tir-t and second raees were won bv the lillv Kiithless and eilt Mon day. '11 e third hv t'ie filK IlHiwillL'. t''S Koll KHMK. A tiiimU-r of Catholic eeleia-ties de-parteii yesterday for Koine to aitind the as inbly of Prelates of the church to celebrate the .th anuiver-ary of the marts nloiu ot J eter. .lanv ot the I nits have pre-i nLs for the I'ope. and tiionev to relieve Ills pre.-rlit illtticultles. i Viiioui the presrnt was a silver model t' the yateh I h'liru tta. carrying a cargo Vi.'hmi in told pieci-s. presented by he t 'at holies of ( 'inci unat i. Ohio. WASIliMJlOX. -I- R(Tl:V M'WARH AM III K ItMANS. Niu V.. UK. M ty 'J i -The .,-,, jdiiiisitoti -pa a.ii a Sis retary Sew-.ii'.f -.';''! I hi- ! i ' Hern' . to iutcrveiiM all the l!ii.'h-li t ioveniiiient in In-half l-iiian .M-t'i'me, ulio -ii gallantly m Ii--'o..- ii:.- Kii-jli-h cavalrv in Ire I. uhskv r n i- i- n-poi-i.-d ;,- ,' j t;- ai. -!; ,ei. I (I'd' Mi t Its AT THK sut Til. that III coli-ei jl.leliee of i i !ioiie ma' ter.- in hi- o I to l -ll a k'ent r: .. !,i- f, I iirxini. ! i ( I M m is r Ti ... ,-,., ; - ;i I -usii I'h- . ;'. la!.-, a I I I II..MI. V Pro t je -ie l ,s V "." - :li I :p. rl-li au-i partial!', 1 -iirr.-n i; Mi-- M ivimi'liaii 'I'i-i II' g. bllt S I - i I 1 iriin -ii. .!:.. 1 pri-oiier m their aiinrgo sv.i- l.tid ' CotlimiliMv-at . Ml 'ion-. No in.'iil- 1. !d bin-iep'.' . -I pai'.-d t pr:sate p iia!:.' three mriers. l-lll.'s- I- coinplete in ui '.Uetns' of the outsi.h' seige. I K X N S Y I . V A M A . A SIMKIVi STKtMKR. rntl.ll.i rtll. Miy J... The Santi go de Cul has c:ght feet of water in her holds, and pumps work badly. If a storm comes on she will l.c a total loss. CALIFORNIA. LOSS BT THK LATE FIRE. San Franc-isto, May 23. The estimated l.s,s by the burning of Price Jfc Co s furniture rooms is $1 Jit.ino The demand, from New York, for flour continue. BECOSSTRrtTIO!!. imi KraMlraa tgMilHliai la .rli mm mmtU nrllsA- Awalety mw l.r Rem. I mt mimmmrml tkeridaa. -!s,-!i lM.s(uitch u Ih i'lilaikgo Tribune. W siii;TtiN. May 21. It has Kvn a-vrtaitied that there is a stcret siiiti-i-aj I'luon orgauiiation of great strength in the eastern part ed" North Carolina an.l nppT part of Suth Carolina, with smaller membcrshipB iu other parts of these States. There ar branchs ir divisions in nearly every preein't of many counties. The mmbtrs are all ;"-rms. and j Wgcd to oppusc-the rvt-trn to ,- er of ;ho-.- who fav ! ortsi rrsaion. farties ai'tstrcntiv wci ititortned say the order numl-ersi a ma- i iority of the whtt voters in the western ! halt of Nonh Carolina, and will mostly i the l.eput.iiean ticket I he New rU ;us Conservatives are I i . :r.';-ig on the resident the rvtnov- i t ii.'! r.ii Sheridan. They comidain ,i! he I- unn.sissvs.inly sev. re. King i 'it i-r i- ow trying to indu.v Mr. John- ) i to j ut lieiiera! in command. So! a c r- in EuL niari. r : ' ;., ;;ti ii!:prs.sI,,u n the i. that tiny felt sure M r:a ally pre-i tit the tnat- i Vs-.s W i-i::s, M e. I'l There svt,1s I ist;,-'s nhde-a:il' rii.iast btli in 's..n rb,e -ron?i.l s . ise 1 1 r. ;v;n.'v t.. rhe original si .- -i. t -upi-.r:.-! bv proof 1 ' . c ; t ss-iie the '.ite. 3!id lss!,i, r-t;- 1,'Msl :, t? u i-h a course .i' i p.irv;i.d by tieneral Onl. the i d w. i! m application for an I'm -"em it rt f-oiu it- consideration c siis.s jed with the sh. Act. loBiLE, May -1. A Court of la- ' quiry i ordered to convene here to in- vh, vt-Ktit-'atf the difturtarice ou tLe Uthin- tarit. t'olojiel J"hej.hrl Lsnueji an ord?r this -venin? rtairiinr all the r-e!it fxdice-m?n. The c ity (jfovprtunent will not Le ilirturln.-l. The military only takmeog-iii,-tK-e- of particular ra-e. Chaki FTfiN. M.iy 21. Gen. ?kkl- h:t iwii-l an onlT inhihitiii(r the Ji-til'ai'fi of liritT. t'rjiu irrain in the S-c-ril Military Iitrirt. fft-nd-r are lH-laivl lsahle to rmni.-hrnent ty ujili- I farv niii!iii-i-i.ii.-. I he r'o!'n'l I 1't th- orliT are the M-areity of fmtd in j ( 'a'filiiia the 'Ji't'raii'Jifie the iov'rn- ! iiif!if ot lart"1 rveiiue. etc THK KHillT-HOlR MOTKMt'lT. Convention of Workinmen from Dif-f. rent Farta of the State. The Position Oeeopled by the friend or the Movement la Illiuoi. I lb Warkjacaira ml I hp I a le! UM. Krom tin- tlileano Tntiune. A t'onvenfion of delegates from the 1 workiriifiiien of thw Ktate as.s-inb!ed on Monday morning in the Trade' Assembly Hall. No. I5" Clark Mreet. Alout forty delegates were present from Chica go, and i.laces in the interior of the State. Mr. Cameron, of Chicago, Mr. J. I. Kllacott, of 1'eoria,- and Mr. 1'. Corcoran, of Amboy. were corutituteil a committee to draw up an addn-NK to the workingnien ot the I nited tates. setting forth the tios-ition ooeupieit by the workingnien ot Out Ptate. The committee presented the following: Fellow Citizen As of you are aware, at the recent ae.snion of the Illinois Legislature, a bill wai pa.s.-wd making eiirht hours a legal day's work for all employees engaged by the day. 1 revious to Its pas-age. ImiIU inditical parties IVmocratic and Keimtilican had expressed, through town, unty and .State Conventions, their sympathy with, and belief in, the mi-rssity and beneficial oiieration of such an euaet-ineiit. In tact, so general and unreserved was the encouragement given, that little or no opjxi-itioii was anticipated when the law went into prac tical operation. o sooner, however, were their partisan iiuriMises ai-com- plishcd. and the fact devcfo-d that the woikintrmen wen; in earnest, and de- teruiined to avail themstdves of its lien- elits. than a preconcerted and persistent effort was developed to defeat them in such endeavor. Iiiers and politicians, who had heralded its Is-nctits and advo cated its adoption, when the eventful 1-t of May arrived, were among the first to ridicule its pas-age and denounce its defenders. Not content with misrepre senting its objects, and slandering those whom it sought to benefit, the iieais-a- i hie. law-abiding citizens of Illinois were J braii'It u a- rioters ami incendiary vagabonds. The inconsiderate at ion of a few misguided men was cited as conclusive evidence that all were alike implicated and respoii-ible. and that these results were the legitimate fruits of the Kiidit Hour l.iw, These -landers, however. Were Intended for effect in other states. They did n it and could not mislead those who kin w the of the charges. It was doubtless evpected that by publishiin; them a feeling of opposition among employers in the other localities would be arou-e.l. and eons, .juently a pr-s:ire iroiig, to I . ar to prevent, if Hiible. In ' eriioi - of .New York and I'. nn- - 1'. aula it'oiu uttai lung their signa'ures to -miliar law l..-s:i-ia!Ules. I by their rerpis tis e ll! her State- woul.l t t h.-n h-'-itate to endorse a luoselnellt -ileh ' ' llljili'l.els coil-e-maf. ! i li We!f ire of the he brunt of th nte-t t-. a I of the '( -sfertl .-ni l be una'!.' to securi-..!.-. rs an. e of t le- law. intentions base been -ik' tiauuht with , pien. es to I e.iiin' rs . and '"'III- eolllllie S at. -. ties i t!..' . ' I ti Hie. II ;t ali -in I oa'lv t- a rr aO 'l and in-tead of di-b.-ai l . inn they has.- only re.). iub!e.l alii lelie.ted the ell !,ii-ia-iu of the Working lien ..f 1'! is. I l.btlllg f IV a pr'nel pc a La he uiMieti I-.! t If title iPi. iit ,,; esery iut''h.'enf man. a pl'.. !p!e. too. which is destined to triumph .'i- r all . .pposition - ts.s ei t or a . d - : lies ti..w a; s-al i;h corifi d.-n-'c to the support and syiupaihv of tie ir ... laU.rer- iu other si-cfjous of tlie country. They kuosv. f. llow--itii.-n-, tint tl. ey,.s ,,' the world are n w i n la , I up., u this struiful,. ; that they ! a 1 the sangnard in tin- glorious re firm. Hid with a fiith that never fal-t i-aiid a hop.- that never dies, : hey are teriniiied at all hazards, and und. r ad circunistHMs-s to secure and maintain the fruits of their victory. They know also that fuecos hi Illinois means .iinv in New York, sin-ces in Wisconsin, and in fact sueeess in every State in the Anu-riean Union; while they also realize that defeat at this time implies a postponement, if not a defeat, in all those States which have enacted a law similar to that enacted by their own Legislature, After struggling for thrtta week, they now appeal to their brethren throughout the length and breadth of a eotnn.Oti country to eme forward and sustain them, and in so doing they feel a-sured they shall not appeal in vain. After due deliU'ration it has been determined to dispatch duly asrredited and trustworthy agents to every State, who are authorired to receive all moneys col-leeted for their support. All disbursement, will be wade under the supervision of the Finance Coiniijittee. who will give a close and rsonal attention to ail applications for relief, so that the wsnts of none but the needy and de-scrving will be supplied. In conclusion, they lieg to assure you that in spite of all calumnies ami assertions to the contrary, the workingnien of Illinois are determined to secure the recognition ami adoption of the eight-hour principle; that the word "surrender " has no location in their vocabulary. They know that to falter is to vi.-ld ; t compromise is to betray, and thus real ising the laijortanoe ot s.ivir position. ssrn to prove recreant t thejr trust me. then, brethren, to the rescue, aid them in this inirortant crisis in thei historv ami vonrs and we tledm the honor of the 'men of the Prairie State that anv assistatKs. revtired by jt)U from :he future, will be given by a them in the ;tHn.F .? mi-iiitc.l h-iiid A. C. Cvvfron. Chicaeo. J . Kl.UVTT. Ps.ria. P. CoRcoRW Amtsvy. TTie reirt of the committee ii con curn - t in. The C this ni'H nvetition then aljoumed till ' ling, withont trfisa.ting any j turtn-r bu-iness ot mu rtarxsj. The first railroad tv chartered in C.Mine. ticut in Now there are 6S7 mile- of rad finished in the Sta'e. and 127 miles of double track The triiiils r of pas-engcr carried by all the nads during the year v- .Vomi.7f ."i. tiross earnings of thepa--t year, )s.rjr,.-o im. previ.His year. J7.27r..371 Net earnings the past year. f2,lfd-775 1 the previous year, 1.474.11-I f.2. The, rvpvirt the whole num- r ot engines ft, ; passenger car, --s ; nierehandi-e car. 2.345 ; naiulr of men employe.!. 3,449. The whole amount of chartered capital is t24.-S.'7,-34:; ptudin, tl'?,-vsl.574 71. THE Bl KMX; OF TIIEMKKCTUMV HOTEL. A Young Ladj Believed t Have Perished in the I lames. The Heeanri Victim of the i maarm- tloa. From the (Tijra'j Tribune. Most of our readers, in who-e memory is still fresh the fact of the destruction by fire of the Merchants Hotel, on the corner of State and Washington streets, on the uioriiing of the 4th of the present month, wilt readily r-call the particulars i oiK-erning the sad fate of the late Mr. U. A. Cook, of Joliet. who i-rished in the fiamcs dur-ingthat liieinorable eonflagratioii. Vhen the facts coniieeied "-i'h the lamentable mi-iiin-i. . were made known through thc-e cobimns. and .-u-jwiie was ended b;. tho'li-covcry of the bruisi'd and blackened remain- where the de ceased had I ecu a victim to the de'.our-imr elemen'. all breathed freer and thanked a kind I'rovidetiee that it had eii no worse; that no more lives had btsyi) .-acririceil. And yet this was in t all. If was yesterday ascertained that tle-ro was a second victim ; and. as if to make the ca-e still more painful, that this victim was a youti'-', lair and ac.-ompl'slieil Woman. About two weeks before the hunting of the hotel. Miss AiiMie Pean. a young lady residing in Hamilton, Cana.ia West, left her home for the purpose of coming to this cil v. u her way hither she stopped a few days in IVtroit and then came on, arriving in this city but two davs U-fore the fire oc curred, it was known that she was in the hotel, occupying her room, on the night before the breaking out of the conflagration. Since then nothing whatever has been Been or heard of her. , On Tuesdava voung lady came to this city for the purpose of making imiuiries relative to the whereabouts ot .liss eaii. This young lady stopped at the St. Cloud Hotel, and at once began her investigations. All her efforts to learn anything of her missing friend since the night preceeding the fire have lieen fruitless, and all hope has been abati- loncd. no doubt iieing entertained that the ashes of the missing voung ladv are mingled with the ruins ol the hotel. Mis IVan was a voung ladv of als.tit twentv-three years of age. She was the onlv daughter of a widowed mother. and her sole suiiicirt. Mie came to this Ity with the object of obtaining a situation as a teacher. Mho 1? i!u- scrilied as having Im-cii young lady of rare accomplishments and unusual at tractiveness. STATE SEWS. I'oTATiiK.s lire retailing at tsvo dollars a bushel. The all-absorbing itestioli will soon be. 'base sse :i potato among us." t'urilxiult Itt jiiilJiciiit. TllKV have been asking that ipu;-tion here for some time past, and the .ni.i. lar fn-licf is that sve have no one of that specie among us. ( )irrttitii .ln,i nm . That ipicntioii has Iss-n asked here and answered in the negative long ago. V. ho answers " nary time. " TlIK Owatoiii.a .imr.Ki! in speaking d" the reported destitution on our fion-t ii e s-iys : "Our fellow loivu-m.'iii. Wm. l'ep er. has recently returned fiom .laeksoii mid Martin counties, where he h is been busing initio lie inform- us that the ac counts of destitution iu these counties are overdrawn, or, in other word-, the gre.ife-t amount of .! -t i; ut ion i found in those families v. ho depend on huutin.' and fi-hing for a I v- lihnod. :u.l t as no attention to tiitiii.- t ha -oil. II -as -f. uir tho-e families, who base been th. or five years are. in inauv :u worse off than the new cum r-.' t K of the i.i'e-t thing- iii ' of amusements tba' we h i e !: is a "Sheeji Sh.'.i' oi.r i " I II.' Mailt. .t'V ill.; " , .-. .v aiilloMll- the Dodge " Counts W'ool tlross sis iation will hold a Festival a' s ille on Saturday. May ."i I -o uieliciier a In A. VI Premiutn-r-i ted by the Committee. Wo,. it-, pleas,- bring on vour -h - sltcarer- arc cud all. n, attend and give Us a -, - . -i ( ; u . skill By order of the Cmmr While there, he was r-.j"' -? Pre-ler family to -tat. . a i ! 1 -v print, that the public i- .- ii-' b Ma ! b v t! ni iig- ged bv tho-e who ar" traveling a! oi.t th-' country with their children, who-c mil-and legs were frozen ofT in 10.0. They Mr. P.. that they never received a cent from the funds tim-i-on-tributed. and that they do not wi-h their names conweted any longer with such measures. They art? very grafefil to those who have sent donations direct and hope any one who has ought to give, will not place it In the hands of any pretended agent. We hope the press will notice this matter." SrptiEN Heath. We are informed that Mr. Joseph Prieslck. an old resident of our county, died verv suddenly about two weeks since. Mr. D. had been out hunting cattle, and came info the house saying he would r-t a little U-fore hunting farther, and died a'most while speaking. M'lHtvrriHr Hrjirng. The Weathf.k. ttill cold and nn pleasant. For a short time the 1 loads and temperature will promise letter times, but the specious promises are soon gone, and clouds' and cold winds resume their unwelcome sway. ( (ne thing remarkable is that we have yet ha.1 no thunder shower. Could we hear some big thunder we should expect 10 se the sjell broken. '.. Thk Mantorrille Flrpr says that '"the Government has authorized Hov. Marshall to draw liMsj rations fn-tn it stores at Fort Ridfely f-r di-tribution among the destitute new -ettlers on our frontier Col. H. Matt-on. of the State llurd of Fjliication. has ln-en s-nt to hmnd ,hir distribution. He will ' , ... , . . report tne eonaition 01 anair on tne Krler. and i to draw on the Stare f.r any further rs -. -,- rs- supplies. The Winona Ikmurr-tt says that "the i pna-e iHw paid lor what in v suia is about $2..( for average No. 2 wheat." T :a,,. ..:,..,;,,.,.. UaIi.- ' rai'nisvls e--ntinue Vi a very grat e- I tent, notwithstarsling -ome uiifivorab'e 1 - i- i. i r istrts mat nave ts-j-n csr.-tnat.-ii p pre- 'iMice imiiiignnfs again-f rl'nfe-a fian.1 thu divert them to other localities. H'mh.h.i Kmjtmt. Ax immigrant team lande.1 the Turtle yes-enlay nl pa 1 thnjih the city, drawn by eik-ht yoke of oxn. Considering the pre-ciit his:h prixt tr steaks, the prses,.ion was a- valualie one. WiHustn f!rfitifJir?iH. Tht Hastings (.isrire -ays that a paper mill will he erected in that place this season, on YervuiEion river, at a cost of $40,.O, Lumber Items. Since our last we are enabled to note the following lumler items: On Thurs dav the pro:l!er Klla went out with raft of twelve strings of logs in charge ot .John Parker. o!d bv L. r.. lonn us to W. i. Clark and II. S. Parker & Co.. St. Louts. On the same day the Minnesota left with a tow of five rafts, as follows: t fne lo-striifg raft of logs sold by Ia vid Cover, consigned to B. Hershev, Muscatiin. Symttcl Kegister. Pilot. Kleveu strings t,f l,,gs sold bv Havid Cover, eon-igncd to H. S. Parker i Co, St. Louis Henry Peevy, Pilot. Ten strings logs sold bv David Cover. consigned to W. Clark & Co., St. Louis Mepheii Khoads, Pilot. Ten strings logs sold by Havid Cover, consigned to Hill & Co., Burlington K. A. Dunham. Pilot. Ki'jht strings sawed hinirnT sold bvH D W biting, consigned to Morrison A; Co.. St. I-iiiuis Dan Smith Pilot. The Minnie Will, Capt. C. ii. Bradley, returned on Saturday, having made a trip to Clinton. Iowa, with a raft for W.J. Young A" Co. Thirteen rafts have left here thia spring up to. date. Tlie amounr d' logs on hand at this time including those in the various mill Ihmu.s and the St. Croix itooin Cor poration is alniut seventeen million feet. At latest ayeouiifs the water on the I pper St. ('mix and tributaries was steadily failing, and the drives on the various streauis were is-ing abandoned. The drives oil Iiwt Sii;.W Kiver have reached Chenuwataua Jam, and are awaiting a sufficient head of water to sluice the logs into the St. Croix. The drives on Apple Kiver are getting along siowiy, tiut win undoubtedly get in, as tne water is controlled by a succession of dams and can be made available when needed. It is thought that the rains of the past few davs if thev extended l,i th ,...rl.- em streams wifl add materially to the present stage of water. Stillwater Jrr Sfii iirr. A large raft, of lumber, containing mkmhn't. U'longing to .N-huleiihurg, lteklr & Co., of St. Lmis, was totally demolished on the forenoon of the Sth, t.y coming in cont.ict with the niers of the lU k Island Bridge. The. (Jrey Fa- gic, a isiai belonging to the company, succeeded in saving and landing a large portion ot the rati. Phimage unknown. o lives lost. Unit, im J(r;;nLlutin. i ins is a rait irom tins cltv, and we M licve was in charge of Harry Wheeler. .ifw in irrr Mi-mu n ijt r. Mt sKKiHiN Inco'mks. Our lumlx-r i tig friends over the lake have been )iiutiug money in their purses during thu past year, as witness the following report in the .vi iiskegon ( is.) Afimof incomes returned at that place : ' Henry Beidler. $ I s iNlo ; ( Jcorgi Amies. 7.(HNi; Chancy Davis. 'I.Tiim ; llenrv 11. (tftttv. SI0.f.:;r. : C If II . el- ley. JS2.MI : Kdwiu Hack ev. .V4m', : oames ii. i lack ley. '...,; I iiaries I. Hill-. !rlii.42T; J. M.t.ordeii. ;i.2i(7 ; L. i. Mason. 7.(MH; O. p. Pill-burv. ?i'..'."U; K. Stevens. $1 l.f.JQ ; J. II. wan. i-a. !".; T. Turtibull. $'i.OH. I.i vii'.kk I .:osi-ki is We have h id conversations with several Persons inter re.-teil m lumbering operations in this unity, and from them we team that the amount id lumber that will lie run out of the Mu-kegon and White rivers this season w ill be very large much larger than that of any preceding season since the commencement ot the lumbering busi- ne-s ou these streams. It is stated bv perfectly informed on the subject", the logs on hit" river will vicld rather more than one bundled million ie.T 01 lumier. 1 tie .Mu-kegoii rivet vviil run out to market this year alsmt hundred and eighty million feet. Much depcul- upon the siij.ply of wate! in the small streams during the next lloi!!. M HIV logs are put into en-ek-svhi. 'i will rciuirc a p,, stae i.f n.;i-i to eoi" iuii" for -oiiie time in .eifer to loa- them all out The late riO v and ti- v., atlc-r 1 oiiniiuinvr cold, hi vcver. i; e c .ti id. red as likely to can- a grad- ial and .sintinued rise of all the streams, which, i- what we all de-ire. and will Is t !,e Lti'.ite-t bi ing Providence can send o M -I-..- a. n w.iinry this year. Musl.i- ''ft . -.'X. If oreo .,'. ) A eoi re-pondenf of the Po'k County '.... 's 1- i-in. writing from Black iii scr, -as s ; I he "amount of pine cut on this -tieaii; tie- pa-t winter is double t' it of itiv pies io.i- -eason. I- i- e-tiii at , I that not l.-..than 22.i.-oi .m bet ,,f logs w,.re in Black Kiv rat ihe tune the ice Ifroke up thi-"spnne. A-in I'teis ii. sv stand, it i.-af. 'o -a, that not over .".n i i.ii" of t hi w li i- uiatnif ictu.'vd iu this Sta'e, Tin rot.-otnl.-r will U- rim t - Jow.i. lllinoi .fid Mi ri. to l- ii.aniiftietiired. Sue! a I "lis i- killing to this put of tie St-ite. but your corn -pind. ut cm - . remedy for it He devoutly wi-hes li( could. At the rate they have Isi iiciit-t;ng the pa-t two years, it will not take fen years to "gobble'' all the pineinthi-jiart of the Stare. Such a will In-serious to Jackson and Clark counties. Iaswraac Deflate. From th. Fraeport (111.. Journal. The case of the Winneshoik Insur-aiM1 Company vs. Samuel Chamberlain, which was tried some days ago in the Circuit Court, was derided yesterday by Judg.- Sheldon in favor of the company. W in i.-heik Insurance (Vinian3- vs. Samuel Chamlierlain. Circuit Court of Stephenson County. State of Illinois. April term, ss. This js a suit brought for the full amount of a premium note non which an a.s-esmerit had teen levied. The defendant resides in Henry County, and was serve.! with summons from this county. The plaintiff claims the execution of the rontract to have b -cn in Stephenson County, hence their right to su' their members here, am! that although the amount assessed upon the premium rate of "145 was but $ls. under the company's charter, which is a public law of the State, they have the rii-ht ti recover the whole anv -tint of the ! . atur the expiration of thirty days from n.ttiis' of asni-i-sment. The defendant objocttsl ot f.f to everything. W itneses were sworn to show hat the application atxi premium note were sigmsd by the defendant in Henry County, and the officer; of the company ezamimri as to every minute particular and i-tail. The fiirs decided by tlie Court in tSis ea-e ma v 1 bmflv -umrnisl up as fallows: I. That this Conn has jurisdiction m all iiits f.r the collection of arsment due the W'irirrt-sheik Ins-uratioe Company, he-.-, of tlie hnv: where the n t- w-vs "igtied. 2 That when judgment i- obtained, it i- for the whole amount of the premium te-?e. in-tt-ad of the amount of the a.-srs-no-r,f. 3. That the certificate of the company - S.-cTt-farv is suScient jrri'ma fnrie evideiv if the amount of the asj-ess-ment stv-I it validity, 4. That the premium note are net: go-iabie. Tlir mmfrr'f -hirT'T wa,s also fully di- isaje,lfr'-m which it appears that the intifT has a lien ujion the real estate 4 its members. Iiaf4e to 1- at anv time forfr 4.sed in chancery, which will deprive ?the insareil of all rights to a jtirylffkL- MONETARY. Im aialla Mmmmy Biarasvt. - ssMWtWM "f I mited Mate SreuritiM. Cmntti uwf.v cjr im .ww s iuioruu Mmn y Aftfme- May 24. 1W7. We have nothing new to report In the Money market. Currency still continue. cans-, and Uie prospect 1. that thi. atate o unngs will continue until after harvest Vi 1th the exception of 7-Su a. tlie movriu.nt n Oovernmenta U dull. Holders of the are takin advantage of the right conversion Into 5-ai'a. Thue who have yet neltsrted, ahuuld remember that they lone Uii right after tlie 15lh of August next. w e "re doing large business in converting these notes, and on very favorable terms to the holders. Fas tern Exchange Foreign " -oi'l ! gold coupons. li y cent. ...t7 1 1 Stul Si Oliver, large. j rsnnDsriTis sbci-itie. Sixes of lssl, larue 110 Interest to hoyw. o-Ju's, lstoi, larj$e ns - J 1 - liii " " eonsolK 1. 17 m W-40's, large W " siiiall mm lt serii lO", Interest to seller. at Ho - l " los " small endorsed lm'sj " " (Xineor.ND IXTEKBST KOTCS. June, 1S64. US May. hsB MU "'.v. " II714I August. 18, m AUUst. 1SI, 117 K..,l.i.ilwr III (Jciober, IxHi 114 OetolMT, 1M5 ". HOU D.s;s..niber, l4...11.i 7-30 coupons . rr 1.AN0 waaakHTs. lftlljiml Warrants $170 t'ollege scrip, n.le piece '.'."..."" M Passage ticket hum Ireland t alliiiia- apolis per stesiaer Passage ticket from Ireland to MiinVe- apulis liersailliiK vriis-l ..S4U Jo MINNEAPOLIS MARKETS. Mm kxaPolis, May St, 197. tUraslav asrav. Wheat bushel a? a Oats V bushel j w t orn, new shelled ." 1 , Corn, ear . ls rrn meal V cwt... ".' g 50 Barley bushel 1 k K e bushel .. ' j w shorts r -J iSrsjiVia i "' j Retail. Kt 60 1 16 1 So 1 to 4 OU 1 ii 1 IS a mi 1 Su Cattle Market-Ll. W.lajkl. Beef, si , Veal..!. Mutton fork, net .. 7'ioK1 .c. ilCc lluliV WmI Mark. Fine Fleece, washed. ts Coarse Kalsc lllled. washed Pulled, ordlriarr !-3 V ct. off washed and Huck Fleeces. 40c VrsMtiiee Market Retail. Hiitt.-r V . t-KK V dor 0o.-ilie inn ! lso ie uu 1 7'. a 511 ( lfcil3f,0 3Ua.Vs7 17e Snr 'r ISO ISC 12x1.! 4.SC SnaasV 1 su2 as lllfll .SO 1 f a 2V I 2&al 40 12' sc . I.V 4 rv . 4iic 12Vjal.Sc sic auc Oleese lb ....".".'.'... ur.l fi m 1'ork V Tf " Hams It. Ilea lis V bushel Polntoc 'f buslH-i .. . Unions .., Hour, . X X V bl.i .. . Flour. X X bbl .'.'.'. Ilollev f IT." y li. ".'.".'.'."'.'.7.'."'.'.".'.' llrled PeHebfst iiuiwl 7. s! I in. si I'e.-o lii K. unnared w a'"' ssiiKiir, and powdered Miiicur,.' bro-n -.'Kni. Kniiiii HU.I . ollee, Java 'oft.e. Kit, '" T.-a, (ir.-. 11 .'""' e. black r.s, Jaitttn t'andl.-H, Tallow Van. !!, .Htar syrui. .', ir-rnian Soup, lial.Mts .. sv.111. rssirs.-'r bbl an, ' lrv -r mirk Kits' e lb Powder. Itifle iff. Shot, r ware Ksrktl. I'IMK WAKK. J Ifot.p Pull., assorted colors V doas 1 H'H.p i'ailH, rs.lors y dor ll.s.. P.tlln. Vurnitttted tt.,r. I Ho p Pulls, horse, heavy bail ale! H (HI iHlt tonis -lof. s so Vi I Tub., -m inch, r !" No Tin Is Inch, v .lor. . 14 .VI Sol "Illl-S. lit ;f,-h, r ,l,,z ...J".'.. Vest Tubs. :i each w ,.fc . l.-t lit .. 11 :m .. S !4' Kxtrs Till.. . .1.,. . . . . Is 10 No I 4'bllllls y .,r. . .. .. 14 (Hi f)e Inn lis ii. . laon so a 1 liuriis rns f doz ill.'l AleHSII . I'-'HI .. 5 su Halt Uu.l lensiircs. WHITE HUiR WAKE. Hooj. Palls, .arnlshnl 4 l1 Il-M II I'ltll.s vitrlOsl..-! 2 II u Palis, varni-li.-l braiu IioiiikI . 4 4tl . ft on 'I'ails. si liru.. Ta'... 3ln nest I'll.) 1'uIm, 3 iii aest, brass b.iun.1. ...;.. '....." 4 Itard W4 Market. t qmility Krtrn 'itk .. I .oiHiitv yas-n -. k ....' t .I'laiitv .Iri tak '. 1 tll;till . .hv 1 htk Hn Ol . 4o . as ti . hii . ?.. 1,1 SA'liltc Ail,,... W Ii 1 1 inr. ii ' '. Hock Hielssrlt Mafle .... Knit. mot. dty . Otiit.-riint. kr. n " . 4"i' . 3lf ft : "sis 1 hair Ss-tits. over ISC in u 1,1c Hast. I hair s,bi. un.b r I'.'s in. wid . 3iil" . a i . 22 . 1II0 s-, c- i.iii,.,u 11 .ar ts. l.-ar bis lUtHnis, In XI TI;l KSTl f r AWD S-lC ARK Ll MBX. an rtn i y m. u rt .-b trs fi ink an t K.m, dry 4.1011 l aaaker Market. (Ximinr.n K. r,ls, -t quality, per M , 1 " . Sifoek Htstrds ... t .... 17 no ....-z tm .... on w'saon H.,x IWsvrds sSbethlng .... 14 . oils raacing, li quality .... 21 no i - joist ad Diaanaioas, .... is vt 24 feet and nader ti feet U 24 feet ta 2x4. 14 fs-s and un.ler .. ' ijti y xi no 2K tn? . 00 -l ' 25 au .... tall 0 V, 11 S3 on os iMt, is. jn and 2t tcet 2x4, 24 and is feet rzQKi ma. ftssigli.. 1st 'Ir.wwso. ad - ..; m - ;.. .:rj.".".'." ii.mj. 1st drsssM...... ..asn ne M 34 rxaaa wrt'ww. . Urt eiar. 1' , IS aodJ VJ, Cir I Inch. . . . - tlear. 1 loch. eitrirrV.f. I. , 2d eiear I',ail i.inr...r.r Jd elr. i Inch . M clear. I Inch, extra width b tn i-le. XX ahlaiias, X . blnales. Na I lath .. Pk-keU - la ' .ft, n' M.,.m. wT ai - 4fi on 4S en i SO v - ISO 4 50 X) m WlM- MlLI J Messrs. I yea A Hard. n berg taava aritaretl lata a con tract with G. A. Holard. to rranu-facrure his patant "-If-rejfulatintt wind por," of which Bent Ion wn maie a few flays nine. Crosby & Gallagher, Mammoth Store, Britlr SL, rrar rirt, MINNEAPOLIS, 7Ve PARLOR, - jf HTSNRssrlA. 7 CfiAMIIKK, OFFICK ANI KITCHKN FI RNIITRE. A fall and rrttnplete assortment of AU Kinds -KtstAii tJy on band. FEATIfKJlS AND MATTRESSES. PltTl RHS AM) PKTt RE FRAMES. WIMHjW SIIAfsEf- AND FIXTTRES. 9. B. Upboisterr. Repsvlxta aad Job Work dotve to order. 7- S 11 ID H Eh P 0 P 4 & H ti c c SM hat Ut ol m a. e . ' -mi 2 5 H e 3 a tt . B e & c 0 6 st 0 H H c o H H E W A N TK I ) fTANTKH TO I 'CKC1IA8K-A y IIOKSK ANI WA1J4IN. aullahl f. the t.rta-erv business. Anulc l. Ii 11 u n K.X Kit, corner or U aslilng Ion and llennepla Avenues, over the Hlore. my -dlw FOR KENT. "pOK ItKNT Tli centra Store 1 Room and Kaseai.nt in IlarUni's Hrl. k Block. Pixetesalon civen immejialelv. Ap-ply at lli msosii l it OITcf ravtli-iitl Wool and Woolen Good. gl'KIXU GOODS! Hirin? 1m I Mevtm. Fjistnimn, (iibMn & ('4. Now ofTer Ut th. Trade anil public Ksnerally, a hu-r sttH-k of their WKI.IcK SOWN CLAJTHs), mauufnetured at the YOUTH SiT A It Mil I i 1 1- mupoi.ih. Our stock consists of FIJs; LKIHT A.NU 1ARK-CXIXRED iI"ltoilM Jk. TwtM(lH, jAJulirM1 CMh, Spring Overcoating Double &Twit Cassiiiiprc. Also, a lance assortment of Pl.AIS iSHK Y ASH MIXKft eO,OKA7 cv4.wiv.wAw a; ri.Ai a. cnh-hh ft. A S .V A.V. AAV TVVKY J KA .V O I. A .VA. TH, Af7YCA".V YA KX, ac, itc, drc. To MINXEWITt M KK TI A NTsi w.say we will sell you (.o ils as law as you can buy them Kast and frclKbt Ibeiu he re: to the nub ile., please call aad examlns our r-tock, anil If yuu wish u at retail you all! Bad our prints low. Wool taken in exchange forCloth at all times, aim on ine imt rcasoi il.le terms. Store on Cataract si., opposite the Factory, apM diim 1.AH1M AN. OIlUsoN A chj. JOHN M. PENliLKTON, esassnstlaslaia Marekaat, For the purrhaae and sal. of; iMMKric tuEte Awm ri i.ud WOOL, 1 Broadway, New York. l ash a-lvsnoes made. (Snnslrnmenta anll- elost General or Sns-tal Mark. I ItrBurts iiauMnni .1 request. IIEFF.KENCKH: II. K. Vaii., (ashler National Hank ol i.iBimerce. New York. M-ttsrs. J. ibHtaHAH, Jobmstob A Co., N.w I .'IK. .oKtaas Mi Ml 1.1. as A Co., tlevrland, O. W. P. Ukktpai.i.. Cashier First National Hank. Minneapolis, Minn. Thomas Aktiii h. Cashier First National Flank. Newton, loss Messrs. Foko. Iiixow A Co . HI. Ixnla Mo Ami to any Httnkrr thrntiyhout th ft-uniry A.M-- iittf .sea- ion 1 rrreiun4mu. Beal Estate Agencies. I I N N FX T. KKAL KSTATF. 11 AUFNIV. L. Hi ll xa. n. w. a ills. a. v. mohris. A tujrmry at Jiu . 1HTLEK, MILLS A MORRIS, ft KA L ES TA TE A O ENTS, tataartra m1 tartsa PaMw, BRIIXiE KT fiPKisiTK KWT-OFFICE, MIN.VKAIfil.IH, MINN. Farms, lands. House., Its, fsk..cks. Ibtnda. dl lee Hcrlp. ac.. Itcmabt and sold o eom-iniwii.rte I olleeti.tas made; Isftns rte.l-at-l ; Title. examineMl; Taxes paid; and Jeoeral ear. taken of Minnesota proparty r non-residents. W desire U call Iha attention of stranier vis tioi our city with a view ol lnvestini in Real tatate. 10 the Kreat variety of ..-irsi.l. protiertr we lisve for sale. oci.lalUic of Hiil'sK'S ANI Ir4. VACANT iTM FAkUMML.. fc4;MIMi I.ANIst. iiAKI'FN t AV,s. m, .. attJt-dtf .Ale.Bjad.pprtr. BOTTLKK OF ALE & PORTER, (rth XiarMwpolis, MIoju A full miypty alwifp on hand or the lraae. aaHpse1al atUoUOM sJCl to IbrakshLbg Auction Sales. 100 H,MiLE f"AMP CXFT8 FOR SALE AT GUmore's Auction Store, apaV-dlf First street. MiaaeapaMa. Intelligence Offices. JN TELLIOENCE OFFICK. THE t K.'TnAl. Intelligence Office, Traryir BuUmlma. Bridge hpuwt, Jkftaa. acw'ir, Jforacswao, Will farnish hired k!pof s!l kind. 00 abort oot tee wntebostaMorejrmfWWaUal ketteva; g-ive Infornsatem to reard to any person e anythioc ta thiacJty.or snywaera rise la tka Calteal ft ate, or aoy o?her eoontrjr. (ieatteroea aod ladles wiU be shown ta fba beat ari rate boarding -hoaaaa in taa city. cam appJis-atfcmattAtassW VrVdti A. J.CLABK. NOW THEY Gardner Ci NEW BOOTS. 8HOKH HATS, OA I'M Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods! C. C. BURT'S CELEBRATED FINE SHOES. IVo. 5. Ctlllro, -mwa . - April at, 1M7. A. T. HALE & CO., WHOLHrtALE AMD IIKTA1L DKALER8 IK CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPS, FURNISHING GOODS, Cloths and Custom-Made Clothing, No. 6 CENTER BLOCK, MINNEAPOLIS. Minneapolis, May 2T, 1W7. ipiNKSS cAuns. s stworney at Law. TlflLHON A Mt M A I K ' Altara.y. sat Uaaa.ll.ra at law Minnrmpolit, ( tall nf Ut. Anthony,) Minnesota. J M. KM AW LAWYER. OFril'K IN FAKItANT'ft nuu.i.i.stu. Corner of 11 rids, aad Heeuad stresta, r.k2-atr Xlaaaaaalla. J EWI8 RHO WN ELL, Insurance, Heal Estate and Law Offloe, WOLrORIJs HtXJCK. JanZbdtf Mliioeap.tlls.MlaD QOItNELL A UK A 1)1. EV, AttrBfjs at Ijiw, Will pay .spswtal attcntlun to business arls Itig und.r tli. lal. Ilsiikrupl law. uiaril-iltf, Mitaa g V. MORRIS, ATTtHtNKT AT., rA. W,' IIUiC'K. t Ina.apalla. jBJIaaasata. Januarv SI. lain. janSI-dl4 CAM I'F.L If TIIAVKK, fj ATTOIINKY AT LAW. And ctollcltor lit Hankrti.tcv. RiiHlricss tin der the late Hsnkriipt Aet promptly attended to. Wo. 1 CFN I HUH K. Iiiyielm Physicians and Surgeons. VA. A MICH, M. n , ei;it. :: . Will hereafter only attend ritirleal ease. Iflseases of a Murglral ostuie, and oftlc prartne. apla-dtr D 118. HATCH aV GOODWIN, IKIMtKOPATTIIC Ollra near the corner of Washliiston ave Bile ami Nicollet street. Ortice hours ft Ut 10 A a. and 2 to I r. a. Ir. M. reside. 011 corner M.s. I let ami Fiahth streets: lr. H at I lie Nlc.lh t House. Iaa7-dtf j jiTl a LiNILKv7 ' rhysifianM and Nnnrrona, aa-Iir. HIII-Kesld'-Bce corner HlxUi and Nicollet atre.u a-ftr. I.lndley Third .trass, tie! wean California and Marshall streets frbZMdsm T N. WHEAT. M l . I s IHiMKbl-ATHIC PIIVKICIAN And MI"K;FisJ. i iffi'ss .ppite p.att fiffl.-e, Hennepin Avenue, juina.-aetii., Minn. niyiVly Architects. HOUK. ARCHITFT. Si M luo. ' Klhr Fnvit.e.-r. llarrls.,,1 Hl'f-k. Is-sla-n. Flan. aa aAtlmates for stptres, ftanka aod 1U-.1 tlcrices rarrfally pic p. red ou lerina. Kattax.i as I). Morrison. f FU tch.r Co.. A. T. Hale, Ira M. Oorton, Is.nsrd (Msransr. myeiy rtHAHLEH MARCOTTE, Jm It-1 f ITECT, O0tce ta WmlforiTt HMUMfg, mMh Ur. f. (St sTaslaerT, nnmyt sfeeei. Minnapww. aa- Fi.a and Kneel ara lions tor liaildlBa of all daserlptesB. Biad. 00 atMrt notica aad uuaaiila lerrus. Rw-dtm C H KING id lltr nrv.y.rf. office lo Ilamsonti rk. W SJtlilncU.n Avenue. inf-liu Real Estate Agents. IJILTON LIMfbti, tUymaidm Hloek. jmtU tmr fie. Mit- seifitaf, MtmmemM. Br- farm, lands. Haws. I-rfXs. Ac.. Ac Va,i:ht atid a.ld m c.rttial.n ; 7sii rsiii rU-Dt. sl;arVed. A .. mc ti.f- .a lZV'uf ir ALI 1. Cii7Stmry PuWir v. J snd (StmmlaknH nf I"rts e-ar all Xlw lAfml K tares: Ke.i ratala. Claim sr.d Coiieo- tion Ait. Miinasprii.. Mlun. aiy Bel 1 Hangi n g. .3 ELL- II A NO I N ! The unctcr- XJ sined. barlD had t.eoty ysars x ssi rl arte. 10 to. Bell-UasiMiit; Buftiaetw, la stow prepawsa to OU all orders, aod usr- artss. sati.'ac-f P... or eoehar--e. Ofda-rs left at A. A. OVITT rToRr'. nrmptly attand. adto. IUKAM A. MafMOVM. Mtaaaapoiis. April A. lsfT. aplsvsllm Paper Hanging. APEIV-H ANOINO. Tha undar alriMd will devtv. b is attsssttoa to AFf.K UtMiiMi in the anost Bprwred trla All order, left at th realdene- of Mr rl, RT WAI'sS. i L'tak strart, betwasstt Third aad Fourth, or at torn CKfsTKAL MEAT M A ftK KT. tH. Aataoar, will raeH ar aapt aiiaottoa. Bfi-d2w FKANK WACKaV House and 8ign Painting. OUHE AND 8ION PAINTINO. t n. ' are Dow prepared to do all . 1. l UOf'sr. AVI. HKifi PAIBTTIKU K AMi HUhtt I AJfI OBAININ',. In taa vary beat asyks, and at moss restaur. a nic raies. sir a. i.-s i.eti r. r-1 , wwa u jmm ABE COMING! AT rvSorrioon's ! GOODS. AaTD w.mws aTA i w aw aw W Bs m aa aa w m M m. m m m . .....UHJ,1IV MriOstto,lMsUsta tnjSt .JIy,lg,to illinery & Dressmaking. MILLINEHV ANlV IUIEHS. UAKIMi.-MlHll. IIVI'l has Just Iso'.T. a'iioi. i,v,"- Koon..r.,. r aiultli A HlllUia-s' Urssieir bt,.,e krl.lss suuar. a lull t,t. k of .NFW OMHH4 Ui which th. of the L.Uc, 1. Ii,v. ,4,1" MAK A. I1KFM, from Mrs. fe..,,e'. I. Paul. ha. lbs IaI..I (style, tr.m Rew ". .' m' min d.-v.le b.-rattealbiit tw ( I....S and Itrcsamuk lag. Tli, l.uic. .,1 M lintc.,.,. lis are Invllcl t.,, all. ssyj-dli 1 -f- Seamstress'. t? E. MNl'HESN. All klinfaof Men WJ and Hoys' s loll. lug uisde In th lit.,. I workmanlike manner, e.ju.l 1., ti,. a,k ,.f the t,.Mt lall.trs.aiid si vry, I lie Is. 1 has bad furno v..,.. in Ihe Iratlc J'.""w,,I".h1' ?' I"eam si lite r.altl.nce ,i w . 1 . II A 1 1 II, corner of I atai s. l and I'.nlil en .tr.-.,ia. . T.l.rS .dilieSsed to Hill fill liwt-omee. will f. rail..! tot. and dell vil when duns. my HI dif Stencil Cuttors. CAM. McCn.MM.H. Siencil Cuit-r J Olisstll I'ust-OITtiss. MlMlleaiH.IU. I'tt- iirfiuc box 1.41.1. ..,, Well Digging ft Drilling. 1) liKKKN, Well IiKlV.r an. I . Itriller. lir.l.r. mar at. I.ll at J. 11.,- luu s Mllwsuke. House. astna slr.el I... tatven Mlunetouka an.f Helen. Perk A 1 aimer s 1 ai. ni Tore I'uiup laser la.1. atyil 1ly Masons and Builders. 4 TTENTH )N, AI.lT-Taboi a A t H Aavrv, Mas..ns ami lliillders. Hiunn in. k and I'luslerlua .Ion. on short notice ami In th. kest manner. I.lins, Hair, Cement and Piaster of Paris constantly a banil.aii.l or sale ai ins lowest market tlce Ulne If.Hise nu Third street, belwsea Nlntb lei and Hennepin avenuea. 4. Ir. us a call ud w. will try bi ssllary ail. TAIMfl'll A 1IAHVFV. Mluneapttlls. April 4 ism. aii alVni Drugs and Medicines. H!GK1.0W.v CO HAVE A FINE Sba k of Wblte l-a.l IbcI.I.IIIik Kal.ll- ni'H-k s. Plant, i ollii rc.t . V.-aii an.l tnl. 11 l lty. Ali, l.llis...-il. Kerosene, lard, t i.b, MM tm and Machine fills: 1 nr-nlln. , II. axoi.-, Varul.bcs, Hriisbes, Ac., A.-. No.V. WAHHINtiTnN A VKNl'E. niyl-d2w li. RIGEliOW A CO., N.16A WAaillNfiTOft IVIXt K, Keep eonstaally on hand a In. .Pick .if IfRFGS. MEIUCINK, PAINTS, OIIX. FANCV ANI TOiI.ET ARTICLES, Ac , Ac. Pure l.l.juora for Medicinal 1'urp.swa. auy2rcd2w FOR SAIJ I offer my Mouse and ! .ot for s.l. st a t-lruirm. Jt 1. situate I tat ween Third and Kourlh sirret., .,11 I i.h .treet. In a pleassnl iiribu.trh.m.l, and within thrsa minute' walk mt fifflca. Tli. rlona. rs.n tains alx K1-sirrd with a larxa Woal abcl aiiacbe.1, a parlof which tssuitabls for a Hummer kitchen. Thers Is . ttssel Home riiar under nsarly the whoi. House, and a Hon. f t.tarii h'ildlii Oti. Huiidre.1 and Twenty Parrel. T bets Is a Hlabl. on th. preiiils.-, with roosa tor f.air horssw. Apply to . W. 1,1 VINIcMTON. my2Vdlw tin. 7U atrnnsplii Avenus. FOK HALE A Housa with nine lUioBis good (.'.liar I Uleru. Well aud a 9ntfhiy thmtJfy Aot.i, with 0.. acre, of land, well fencexland t..k.. Als, a ll'U K A M' IaiT In Marphy a Add It loo Ot MIUDMpolls, with seven Kootn. aud a good f ellar to to. house, ate nit 00. tnli.fram ItirC.airt H.esse the other ml "Ait two lull... Also, a FA KM IN WIlifiHTf-ily MTV, tour ttillas fr.Ha Uie, 1.1 and four and a half miles from th.; IWarrsa, wlthaMsrah vf itHy Tons of Hay; all th. rest plow land; ou road leatlir, atllna u Mtliaeawiii, snd M.mtlcell Also, KIi.ifTY Ai'HMI OF I. A Nil Also, Kli mil. and Itlll hair of Ihesce. All the pr.terty St the It. can Imi hal no fair terms. Inquire . llegl.ler . i.fTSce In Ut. Omrt H.use. or of It. K IlKVA.NT. at the rtirtimr of Mntli and Hookhanan slreeta, in MrMullearllla. Minneaitolls, April si. law. uiyl -dtf 17K HALE A ood Farm within a f.w mile, of Mtu neap") la. wall wtd - ad wlthg'Md faeilltle. frw a.y. and all aa- i uste.1 with a good u!slanliai tence. tl as a eomtorfabl. Frsm. If iaj s. of fiv. rotrfns.abd (eat wall la the door-yard. It I. within . half nail, of th. Puat-Ornca aad I tV-teed-Hooae. gra fw further partlealara, iaqair. at tbi. cAVst. ui s CX. sl.rtY R A K E CHA!tCE, 1 wl.ti Ui sell my FIN'K NEW IfuCHF, at the corner of M I r, seton k a SB. Ninth slrsets. As I hav. fully deet.te.1 to sell, somebody wli. b U'. to gst a goad bargain.' IKA Mier.iis.. mis(;ku-AaNtE()U.s. Strayed or Stolen. CJTOLEN OH HTRAYEIi I f.d-t iefeekerOlWl rt Ttiursday Bight t THItt- FcTKAK-OI.ti IIKI1KK: will I rr.K; ealf In a tew days ; white far., part - mate re 1 , ssaati white bor n., y.iiow wbita lawk. Any Inf'eTfaail.m iea.i her recovery will be thankfully Infomiatkm may ba laft at tha T Office. aay General Hot ices. XT1' HEREU V Gi v V that we will riglaly tt e Paw fr.tsn and after ibis data. All Iaj. karge in violalloa of law will ba diapoasai . til a.wrds nee with the .afne. aay-A-dU CHifcF OF rOLJCa. "VffrTICI- Havlnr Kiveo !Y aon il ami his lima I aeretrv rellsxiiitshall claim to his future earnings, aad .hall pay aa asabts of bis ... J. s.i" 1-r.n, May . laJ7. aay-dAt JTrTICH All paraorm havvlnr; Far- ore. Ptcrves. ywesnrai.. o... - inc. cat any kind of iiouariwwtatvaiw., faould call 00 GILMORE, AthlaADrtloa Htora. ae IflrllgUaat H.wUl parwMiklaMtaaaaatssasa. 4 tl,s J II... t L

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