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new and terrible weapon - SOAP. A.N-D ,\ HEALTHFUL A A.VD AND GOUT, AND...
SOAP. A.N-D ,\ HEALTHFUL A A.VD AND GOUT, AND DEOUO- besides eradicating akin, banMios detects imparls to it KKI-OIU-KU X X I - K K S S I . Y KOll T I I K D.Mi.Y i K X F BY T11K W. C. T. C O M P A N Y NEW AND TERRIBLE WEAPON A Formidable Missile of Destruction. Destruction. for admirable tmisa, sea Us ihiulrufl out and room communicable by by it. its use. per Cake; per $1.20. economize. WHISKER DIE." Cents. 7 Sixth Av..O. , CO.. Co.,) Northern RaIlro»-J, K A 1ST T S, Iclaho Ters n Kallrntds Francis · tu Warehouse, corner street. SUPERIOR TO THE GATLING. Equal to three Cannon Firing Grape. [From Hie Newport (It. 1.1 News.l Cap-niin Wm. Gardner gave an exhibition of a new arm of Ins invention to the of the Umte-1 Status Nsivy stationed at Torpedo Stution yesterday. This arm is not to be confounded w i t h o t h e ot Captain Gardner which huvo been seen or heard ot by thu public, but is his just completed, and now lor the first seen by any other than himself ami workmen. This arm produced a marked sensation sensation among the onicers and other gentlemen gentlemen present, among whom were several distinguished foreigners. Among the odi- ceis present at the exhibition were K. R. Breeze, commanding Torpedo Station, Station, Capt. Seifridjje, Captain Norton and Captain Buuce, all ol the navy. The unanimous unanimous expression ot the gentlemen present wns that t h i s weapon combined nil Rood qualities of other arms yet devised, and in addition possessed qualities nevei before presented ; that lor practical lapid- ity of lire, range and precision it was unsurpassed unsurpassed ; w h i l e for lightness, strength, durability, accessibility of its working parts, ease of manipulation and capability of long continued use in action it was marvelous. That the reader may hilly reuli/.o w h wonder this invention is, we will aslc him to conceive a little instrument, about the si/.e of an ordinary musket, easily carried on a man's shoulder, as destructive as Catling gun, more so than the French railleuse, and equal to three field cannon when firing grape and cannister. In reply to a question as to w h a t special advantages ot this gun are over other firearms now in use, the inventor replied: "Considerable actual service, a Ion"time Ion"time spent in Europe carefully studying the mitrailleuse and the Catling gun, their uses unci defects, and much experience in inventing other iirms convinced me the ideal firearm was yet to be invented. The liability of these arms to be most ol the time out of order, theii weight, their derangement derangement by transportation, the complicated complicated and frail nature of their mechanism, their clogging by coirosion and their many other delects encouraged me to attempt invention of this weapon. The problem was to produce an arm of equal or efficiency, of much greater strength and durability, not at all liable to be deranged on a i Farj?o's.) N D , - Proprietor bust nccommo- u r n Outs on ca left I n m y jiatrcnngc MCFARLANP Judicial District for the county , vs. A n d r e w Townseml, Montana send In an action plaintiff In District of the Countvof complaint Hied the day of service,) this summons, If out of this h i n twenty days- or Judgment by default to the prayer a decree o m a t r i m o n y exiting ssiil defend- muv be agreeable t If you fall to appear as above required, default against decree and relief seal of the District District of In and for the this loth our Lord one. by moisture, dust or long continued firing, easily comprehended und. manipulated by the common soldier, and next to impossible to get out of order even when exposed to the roughest usage of tictnnl service. In one word. 1 uimed nt efficiency, strength and lightness." The gun has but one barrel, barrel, which is about three times as strong those used for similar calibre. The mechanism mechanism is all contained in a l i t t l e brass attached to the rear end of the barrel, the dimensions ot which arc but thirteen inches inches in length, and live in depth and two and a hall inches in thickness. In addition addition to these there is a l i t t l e crank side ol the box, by which Uie power is applied, aud a hopper on top Irom w h i i n e x h a u s t i b l e supply ol cartridges up. Two men ol less than ordrnary intelligence intelligence can m a i n t a i n a continuous" the rate ol 300 shots per m i n u t e length of time w i t h o u t (ear ol derangement ol parts by heat or otherwise. The m a n i p u l a t i o n is so easy may be tinned continuously by the l i t t linger. Tlie arrangement lor supplying caitridges is so effective that one man can supply them faster t h a n thev can be The guns can be fired equally well at aii elevaiion of forty-five decrees and at a dc- presion ,it forty-live degrecs,aud also w h t i l t e d sideways at almost any angle, tages which no other firearm possesses. Mr. G a r d n e r has devised means of transportation lor every contingency of l a n d service, both for the gun and the necessary a m m u n i t i o n ; also suitable m o u eveiy loim ol land and sea service, ife has also given tactics lor its use, w h i c h explained by h i m , but no o p p o r t u ollcied to illustrate them. Tho gun,weighing gun,weighing about lorty n n u n d s and h a v i pieces than the Hemington rifle, and being about the sixe ol an ordinary musket, its performances strike the observer with amazement, and justify one in the belief that it w i l l work a revolution in modern warfare. aud on, the The the (or he odorous Remedy dmn Cat destroy you. the has that ol does tie pain it r i h u

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  1. The Independent Record,
  2. 13 Sep 1877, Thu,
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