A.R. Erskine - 10 Auto Safety Rules

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A.R. Erskine - 10 Auto Safety Rules - cent parkng space only by starting down town...
cent parkng space only by starting down town five minutes carter in the morning. The next morning hlu neighbor, who had been apprised of the good results, did likewise. Then everybody started doing it. When cities first started to determine at what minute traffic "peaked" It was found to be from 10 to 15 minutes before before stores, offices, banks and other establishments opened. Now it is as much as 23 or 30 minutes before opening opening time. Obviously the "problem" affects everyone. This is one of the most hopeful factors in Its solution. Copyright, by Ullmiin Feature Service. J TEN SIMPLE RULES Are Laid Down For Safer Operation Of Motor Cars. Tlie conscientious observance of 10 simple rules for safe driving prepared by one of the Nation's foremost traffic traffic authorities would materially reduce reduce the number of traffic and high way accidents In the l'nitd Mutes, and at the same time result In a decidedly decidedly more efficient use of our motor caif, aieonilng to A. R. Krsklne. President of The Ktudcbakor Corporation. t "Tho many complications and new aafety requirements imposed by modern modern truffle conditions are ably covered covered In these 10 i-ommimdmciits i-ommimdmciits i-ommimdmciits for motorists," said Mr. Krsklne. "They were complied at the req lest of sufity workers by Dr. Miller McClintuok. director of toe Ersklne Hureau for Street Traffic Research which 1 1 --Studeiiaker --Studeiiaker --Studeiiaker Corporation endows In Harvard Cnlversity as Its contribution contribution to tlm solution of modern truffle and snf"ty problems. "Tho rules aro based on traffic studies made by the burenu In city and suburban areas with an estimated total population in excess of 10,000,-000 10,000,-000 10,000,-000 people. The 10 painters which it is believrd motorists should always bear In mind whether driving In the city or In the open country are: (I) Keep your car in sound condition. condition. (?) Keep your car under rontrol it is dangerous if you cannot atop in the assured clear distance ahead. (3) Keep your eye on the road ono second's inattention may mean un accident, (4) Never fight for the right of way the only real utility of right of way rules is at Inquests or damage suits. 3) Go along with the procession you have no more right to "drag" truffle than you have to Jeopardize yourself and others by unnecessary "cutting in." (6) Fie as courteous on the road as you are in your own home give other drivers and especially pedestrian pedestrian a fair chance. (7) Know your local traffic rules and obey them exactly they are the motorist's safety codo and book of etiquette combined. (8) Take prido in your driving skill If normal people are nervous to ride with you, something is wrong with your driving. (9) Don't mix liquor, worry or aimer with gasoline. 10) Study local maps and experiment experiment for shorter anil less congested routes; you may he surprised at the time you will save. HAVE VALVE INSPECJED. , Thn thermostat which keeps the cooling solution within the engine until It has reached a specified operating operating temperature is basically just a valve. A period of nonusc may have made this valve Inoperative. Really efficient operation depends upon perfect perfect functioning of the thermostat. It should be Inspected periodically during cold weather and certainly early during the winter. WINDSHIELD WIPER. You have probably noticed that your vacuum - operated windshield wiper stops working when you ar climbing a long, steep grade. If the glass becomes clouded under . audi conditions, throw out the clutch a moment and the wiper will clear IV Put don't keep the clilth out so lonj . that the car loses headway.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 08 Dec 1929, Sun,
  3. Page 80

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  • A.R. Erskine - 10 Auto Safety Rules

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