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nyt world series - Oil ' - o Section . - - I j jfij : - SPORTS...
Oil ' - o Section . - - I j jfij : - SPORTS SECTION v i X r-. r-. r-. Section ' SPORTS SECTION 1 " "1 ft W 1 r A. J .M - " ..' - S SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 2S, 1019 ' v: , : CHRISTY MATHEWSON SAYS BATTING POWERS OF REDS MAY PROVE TOO MUCH FOR! WHITE SOX v 1 ! A i t : 1 I i j HAY FOOL' EXPERTS ''!' - S :i ! r I Famous Veteran Declares Sox j Should Not Place Too Much I ,;! Confidence in Cicotte. - ONE PITCHER CANNOT WIN Cites Examples Where Stars Have Failed When Working Single-V Single-V Single-V j, Handed In Past. This is fne firat,of a aeries of article the vorld's series criitcn for ,THB Kew York Times by Chiiaty ilathetcson vho tcill alsn describe tht games as they j are played. - ltjr CIIKISTV MATHEHSOX. j Interest In the coming world series has : now rached the point where every one Is comparing the relative strength of the . clubs. Tne OopeMers are searching . through thoi records of .the Reda and White Sox, like a race-goer race-goer race-goer goes througtv-.the througtv-.the througtv-.the past performances, and it seems to . be the general opinion that' the Usue is ... to be fought out on the busts of air-tight air-tight air-tight pitching tn tn part of Chicago against a strong attack on the part of Cincinnati. Cincinnati. i t i'roni some of the discussions I have listened to, one might imagine that Kid Gleason had only to send Eddie-Ocotte Eddie-Ocotte Eddie-Ocotte . out-to out-to out-to th box to face the Reds,lone- Reds,lone- handed in'-the in'-the in'-the opening gam;, and then wait for. the batu rs in the Reds' lineups lineups to fan the air ajid go. down to de-fat. de-fat. de-fat. -i -i i I Tnere l. no que.-flin que.-flin que.-flin bHt what Cicotte will be, a poweifkil factor in the series. ?Though lie is arr bid; timer and welt past th4age whm most i.nlitia ate at tneir bel. lie mjcina to nave dcf.ed rather Toi-e Toi-e Toi-e Wltil I vliia l kaoie rucc3. i.s record tor the- the- paSi ca.-oti ca.-oti ca.-oti id tumeiu.Dj to j cncoui Ufce pitcnels nO tn.jut Vii-" Vii-" Vii-" are &io.n 11. And it is rvui.Zi.--i. rvui.Zi.--i. rvui.Zi.--i. rvui.Zi.--i. too. tlutt -ll.oltt: -ll.oltt: l oitlbiliep Willi illd p.LCilillg fi.'luii kAUi'i'itrive a:lii.t oul. o- o- nit. greaitat iut.li.ra tue fca.uc has ecm ilT" a . ueiMi.. ij -I -I i , ' f Jlowever. it has been my experience : thai it is lulai lu rely tuu muui uii one ! . Iiia.i in a.i. svi itA. . e iiae liau oi.ie j pbiuote Auiii-ii-.s Auiii-ii-.s Auiii-ii-.s Auiii-ii-.s Auiii-ii-.s .f lliai in.- in.- U.e wol u f ters-u ters-u ters-u of ltn.e.n years, uuu 1 lo not De- De- !iie one inciter who nas be-n be-n be-n inaue j tie nuiaauj. of Lis ciuo 11:1s conio j y Iru'iMu just an HhiKJ. 1 do not Dietui u 'ti.M in. will be a i!- i!- auiuiliitui. nut cauulaij, 1 uo liot loon lor lum- lum- to. plaj ui lm.'Oriaul h pari in t;.e serk'S aiiaint ilne iteua aa i many Iu-ink. Iu-ink. Iu-ink. IK. I.e wid. I Notable Kxainplo. 1 vnle 1 Tou have but to go back to me of 'f - th airier of ttc past few years to sec i - i bow the t-iiciiiiig t-iiciiiiig t-iiciiiiig stars far-d. far-d. far-d. In 1915, ' Wln-u Wln-u Wln-u tne i mines p!aeo (ha heu Sox j ?i evei one Uiuu.nt uial tirover Cleve- Cleve- lattu Aie.anucr ivoulu etoti tne ioton . ciutr riiu Lit lis tiuciifl. l wan uutnit- uutnit- ti-ii ti-ii ti-ii ecn m i'lutuut'lphia tnal tne 1'nil-I 1'nil-I 1'nil-I uiu i.ot compare lavor ioly v.iu; tne i' tcu sox jii outer rcs.et.tit. b.itjju y haa I" A11a. Hie Cii'iat. :iti'. what! was IjOSIuli Cuili tit uo to b';it him?! ' Aicahiiui r, ua K turneo Out, was the failure of ; the series. The l'.fil iix . tuuiu him liiit nearly as troublesome as JtiCtea. i Clcttite, himself. i. another example. In i tne series with the lilttrits Cicotte Was tne pitcner generally picked, to be tlie' hero of tne scries. It- It- turned out that taber aid tne best itching 'for the, winners, and that Cicotte. though lie Itched fc,ood hill, was nint nearly so troublesome to. Mtraw s men. t Luist a,- a,- 1 remeinoer.i Tyler and VaUshn. of. the Cubs, werei expected to prove 'puz.4line to the iiel rox. In fact.- fact.- the' chances of the Cubs in the series seemed to rest mi the presence of two of the best southpawa in the Kame. pitching aainft a ciiib thnt was 'notably ttrong in left handed lutttTa. liut tjeorge Tyler was uirektly rcspon-tJble rcspon-tJble rcspon-tJble for the- the- Us of the' game wnl:h proved to be the iast stnnd of the Cubs. And it was i-.gafnst i-.gafnst i-.gafnst a left handed hitter, too. the very kind. he was supposed supposed to maw down. He gave I Babe . Huth on.? which he thought that hitter Would not touch, and Ruth broke uu the game. Of course. vine? then Ituth has proved! to be such i u. i .1 l. . . . l . . V. 1 1 H d n uiiuei mi iiiiii t in. ii uiiitj imuic if to be attached to Tyler's uork In the box that day. Yet it shokvs that no - pitcher may be teiied on U carry his club through. j - j i ItetU Strong at Dat. 'In my opinion, th Clnrtnnatl Reds of this season are one of the best hitting clubs that rias been seen in the National National League in some years. It is strong in oilier respects aUo, but consistent consistent batting ;it,uinat plf kinds of pitcliing ha put tlie Keds in a losition to 'fight fop the world s championship. Eddie Koush and Jielnie I Oroh have been up am.mg the loaning batters itl the league all season. Two buch hitters tanl often carry an otherwise weak ciuu pretty high.? l:ut I'at Moran had some other plavers this year who were handy1. witl the "bat. and so the Keds just batted batted 1 their way through to . the- the- championship. championship. f , There were times thts season when Moran did not have as atrong a pitching Btaff as is needed with a pennant contender, contender, but ! he is not going into the world seriej witli a weak staff by any tnsinnpr of mmua rison. Kller. Reuther. . . - - .... . . . i - Ring, and Slim bailee nave, Deen nsni, Managers and Players of the Cincinnati WmW "w( J; I r''f - :f 0m&m v :r A 'vv v5r: $ .r- .r- f zmZ w i soH0het KrVS . $m&J MORAN, Manager V GLEASOM, Manader;- Manader;- Tsvhite Vl E - Reds. - rj;W-' rj;W-' rj;W-' Catenae whitg Sox. t -r -r II - - ?4;i J -;;'-y -;;'-y -;;'-y -;;'-y v k.v ..- ..- II -. -. nlV ':. - -iMlil -iMlil . . - 1 1 lbv I . . - "l" GtOH . WEAVER., ' Jy' J ' . ZZZ ' A w T-?i'"- T-?i'"- T-?i'"- T-?i'"- -! -! i rath, 1 jfr-m: jfr-m: jfr-m: : , t v. .. 7 edo,c collins, i 'vn W A AH Second Base,' J 'S2T5,OS.f J M I Second Base. lHV4i,' I'V J r- r- paubtrt. ' vrrv- vrrv- J&ssF. ,f a vertex C- C- RI8B 1 I COLLINS TOPS ALL FOR SERIES WORK Eddio Has Led in Hitting, Scoring,! Scoring,! and Case Stealing During Bis Games. Any player who can show a batting average jof .ZTl for twenty-six twenty-six twenty-six world's s rie.s games, show twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one errorless games In this ljng stretch, and can claim the added distinction of having led both teams In base running during three series and tied for the lead in two othl-rs, othl-rs, othl-rs, must be. classed as tlie greatest world's series player in tlie history of baseball. His nam, is IMdio Collins. Capta.'n and second baseman of the Chicago White fiox," who will represent the Americas League In the 1919 tussle with tne Cincinnati Reds. Collins is great n his profession even without a set of cold figures to prove it. but the figures and tmirl tesUfiior.y and make the verdict verdict unanimous, liatk in l'JU John 11c-Craw, 11c-Craw, 11c-Craw, whose Giants were defeated by the Macknien, remarked that Collins was as Great a ball player as he ever had set-Hi. set-Hi. set-Hi. UuJie was tnen with the Athletics.! and his generalship and playing playing anility impressed AlcUraw greatly. Since that October .day almost six years ago Collins has been performing in a way thati has vindicated the Judgment of the .New Votk manager, i The serii's wh.ch will open on Wednesday Wednesday will jbv- jbv- the sixtu tor Collins, who helped Connie Mack to win four pen-iriti.ts pen-iriti.ts pen-iriti.ts at t'liiladeipitia between 1J10 and 1914, later bring sold to the White Sox. Here his Welti helped Rowland to a cnampiocship In 31U7 and Cleason to a pennant tills year. Collins is generally rated as! the bst field general now playing : baseball in the two major agues. I He dir.-cts dir.-cts dir.-cts the infield and outfield outfield and gives the Chicago pitchers advice advice whenever a tight situation develops. develops. He thinks fat. moves with precision precision ana Judgment, andi once on the bases hy will give an opposing team as much worry as Ty Cobb. In his five world's aeries to date Col ' iin-t iin-t iin-t lins haa batted over .40i three times. - --, --, --, ?r'f II KOPF, T!f? LEIBold, ' Kn; til? u h-yt'S:?' h-yt'S:?' h-yt'S:?' II SfiortstoR. Reds. ( y Rpftt ncid, WfiitcSox. lJ?ryy y Jl ' Left- Left- . ffi?. J '-i!f5 '-i!f5 '-i!f5 rLeft Held. ROUSH. Centre Field, Reds it EXPECT HARD FIGHT IN SERIES?' GLEAS0N Fprcial to The Xew York Times. CHICAGO. Sept. 27."' There is not the slightest doUbt In my mind that the Cincinnati Reds will give us a hard fight." said William (Kid) Gleason, manager of the AVhite Sox. I know that Tat Moran la leading a well-balanced well-balanced well-balanced well-balanced club. To win the National League pennant this year the Reds had to be a strong club defensively as well as a iiard-battlng iiard-battlng iiard-battlng team. But we had to have something to win the American League cnanvionahip. I tnink we experienced stiffer competition in our league than uie Reds did in tneirs. That being tne case, I can see no reaadn why we shouldn't be able to make a commendable commendable snowing in tne world s series. I admit that I am superstitious about Reds and Ghicago NEALE, .Rig fit Field, Reds (photos HOW REGULARS OF WHITE OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE PLAY. CATCHERS. -Averages. -Averages. Player. O. A.B. It. H CB. SB. II.R. S B. Uat's. Field. Schalk. Chicago .129 ;i3 M 111 H 4 0 8 .'2 .P79 Wlnco. Clnclnntl 7S 241 .to CI 12 7 0 .'( .270 .071 Raiiden. Cincinnati 13 212 IB -45 -45 tJ 3 1 4 .212 .I'Sl FIRST BASEMEN. Gandil. Chicago Ill 420 .VI 124 22 11 1 13 .295 .997 Daubert. Cincinnati 136 521 Trt 142 10 12 11 .1:73 .12 PHCOND BASE-MEN. BASE-MEN. BASE-MEN. E. Collins. Chicago 13U ehS M 1;2 IS 6 4 HO .319 P7 Rath. Cincinnati 134 J20 75 13.1 14 1 1 17 .23 .977 SHOItTSTOl'S. ft nisberg. Chicago 11" 39! 47 ltiO 19 S 1 IS .yr.l M.JMli Kopf. Cincinnati 132 HI 133 IS 0 i) 13 .U.70 U4u THIRD BASEMEN Weaver. Chicago 136 S.'S -J -J l-" l-" l-" ."2 7 .1 22 .2W !i?v Uroh, Cincinnati 120 440 79 13o 17 11 5 21 .Co7 .i1& LEFT FIELDEIIS. Jackson. Chicago 134 511 7U 170 31 13 7 11 .n.Vl .! Uuncan. Cincinnati 27 7.'. 7 111 3 2 1 2 .2i3 luoo CENTKE FIELDERS. Felsch. Chicago 134 494 M l.. 30 12 . 6 20 .279 973 Kuush. Cincinnati 129 4W tW 138 20 12 4 21 .322 .9K7 RIGHT FIELMEKS. Lelbold. Chicago 119 427 Ml 12S 15 2 0 17 .300 93H J. Collins. Chicago 57 Kit 17 24 5 3 1 3 .273 970 White Sox, WTiich JOHN COLUNS. Riohf Held, White Sox. &r c??i s n coauosO SOX AND REDS COMPARE IN Will Battle for Worlds Championship. FELSCH. xentre Field, White 5ox. 'WE ARE CONFIDENT OF VICTORV-MORAN VICTORV-MORAN VICTORV-MORAN Special to The Sew York Times. CINCINNATI. Sept. 27." We are confident, but not overconfident." said Manaeer Fat Moron of the National League champions, when asked for an opinion on the outlook for his team in tho coming world's series. " It has never been my habit to make any predictions predictions on events of this kind, even on single games of ball. The record of e Reds, however, speaks pretty well j for Itself. '. " The boys won the pennant by de-1 de-1 de-1 cislvely defeating the Giants, their r neaxeat rivals, in the last three series between the two teams. They took the I lead from the Giants on Aug. 1 and I never relinquished It. Two weeks later the Reds won four out of six from the Glahts the Polo UMPIRES OIL DP THEIR INDICATORS Rigler Reaches His Sixth Series and This Year Will Be Billy Evans's Fifth. Umpiring in the coming world's series probably will seem a bit strange to Billy Evans, one rf the American League arbitrators in the big games. It is nothing new for Evans, as this is his fifth appointment as umpire in the big baseball classic, but he will miss j two familiar figures who were associ- associ- ! ated with him in all Ids previous teris. i One Is Frank O Loughlln. the I lamented " Silk " who an.-wired an.-wired an.-wired the call i of the Great I'miJlre last December. The other is RIU Kl-m. Kl-m. Kl-m. who Is about to miss his third series since 1908. Evans got his first chance in 1909. with O'Loughlin as his American League partner. These two drew the assignments assignments again j In 1912. 1913. and 1917. Klcm and Jimmy Johnstone were the National League umpirej in UWO. In uip other series Evans and Johnstone nad as partners Klem and Rigler ahd lu the series which opens at Cincinnati on Wednesday Rigler and Evans will meet again. Bill Klem has been the most fortunate fortunate umpire in picking world's series plums, which have been worth $1,000 per series in recent years, the 1918 series excepted, when all stipends were ut in half owing to war conditions and reduced prices of admission. Klem got his first call In 1908 and he haa officiated officiated at all world's series since that year with the exceptions of 1010 and 1916. Last Fall, when the Red Sox .cfeated the Cubs, Klem worked in his ninth world's series. Next to Klem comes Hank O'Day with seven series. Hank worked In the BOTH CLUBS HAVE ; BATTING STRENGTH :.' ' ' Heavy Hitters on Reds and Sox Will Worry Pitchers; be-, be-, be-, V dares Billy Evans. .'. BOTH TEAMS ARE STRONG Famous Umpire Sees No Weakness in Lineup of Either World's Series Contenders. (This is the eighth of a series articles . in tchich fe:7!i Evani, noted not only as an umpire but as an expert analyst smd -student -student of baseball, is discussing for The Nkw Turk Times the world's series ronfendcrs and their relative chance of success. - ,-.-.' ,-.-.' ,-.-.' ,-.-.' ,-.-.' By IJIUr KTAX8. American Leagae Vsaplre. Runs win ball games, and niVis are usually made through the medium . of- of- . base hits. It Is pretty generally agreed that the pitching in the corning world's, series .will be better than the average. That means that the rival hitters will have their hands full. Looking .over the array of pitching talent on both sides it becomes apparent that the hit ters will face a bit of every kind of pitching. There will be left and light handers, slralght-sway slralght-sway slralght-sway pitchers who depend for success on a fast ball Vnd a curve, and trick pitchers who resort' to the spit ball, shine ball. and. other freak deliveries that have become. So popular during the past few years. .. Will the star, array of pitching talent be able io hold the hitters, so that the games will be low score affairs, or will the hitters have enough of the edg U " prove the determining factor? That question can he correctly answered only when the series is a thing of the past.' Despite the fact that each ' club possesses possesses pitchers who boast of envlabiv . records. 1 am Inclined -to -to believe they will have their hands full In keeping the hitters in check. A study of tlie , Chicago and Cincinnati lineups slow some very inti resting facts front a bat . ting standpoint. Pitchers . Fear Them. ; Tlie Chicago White So are a haS -club -club that any pitcher need fear. Froti - ' the top of the lin.-up lin.-up lin.-up to even the pitcher -the -the club is very dangerous at the bat. It is a team witli a punch, and.Uiat. punch Is liable to originate with any. et-t et-t et-t ' of players In the lineup. It is k ball club prone to have one big inning. It . Is ,a ball club with such confidence ia itself that, regardless of how far Uki opposition is, out in front. It Is always looking for that big Inning, which it feels sure will change tlie result of the game. . . I have umpired in a score of ball . games during tlie Summer In which Ufi '' White Sox havo come from behind and . put over a victory when .defeat aeeioctl ti t-t t-t t-t Glaring them in the face, in -: -: number of thise games tlie wi nnlng 'j-sl-lies 'j-sl-lies 'j-sl-lies 'j-sl-lies 'j-sl-lies have not been started until tho scv- scv- enth. eighth, and ninth inning, proving''".' conclusively that the word quit Is fco. listed in the vocabulary of the Wlutu-box. Wlutu-box. Wlutu-box. j . - There i Nemo Lei bold, the lead-off lead-off lead-off , . man of the Sox. who, because of Ids small size, is an extremely hard man to pitch to. Lei bold, however, is not tiij v lead-off lead-off lead-off man merely because of his abil- abil- " ity to Walt out the pitcher, for he ca.-i ca.-i ca.-i hit them hard, and is a very fast maa getting own to first base, ijeinold. ti . ing a left-iutnded left-iutnded left-iutnded hitter, is used by Gleason Gleason when right hanuers work for the tj- tj- ' positim. ... "' With a southpaw pitcher, John Colli rv plays right and hits first. Collins ini.- ini.- taUma isi'de" fr WnV mirhV f" ile doesn t wait them out as much v.. f-'luold, f-'luold, f-'luold, but takes a healthy cut Vrh&i "" eta on to his llalntf. Rometuiag t Werry AbsaL Following Lei bold la Eddie Collins. ': : past master at tlie bunt, a corking goad man at tlie hit-and-run. hit-and-run. hit-and-run. hit-and-run. hit-and-run. and" a plajtr who hits at mighty few bad bails.' -Pitchers -Pitchers knowing the ability of Collli; i at the bat always try their best to mas; " him hit or bunt at bad balls, la a great. . many cases the patience of Collins .uu him a base on balls, although his oi intention was to bunt wnen ae went w bat. Incidentally Collins is very XasL and a corking good base runner. following Cuituis is iuc Wearer, who. l.Kc eolhoa. U ouu or IliO grta! : money pUveia in Uie game. Weavei-lias Weavei-lias Weavei-lias the iiei-vo iiei-vo iiei-vo of a Duig.ar. Nothing worries lufti. He faces the Union n.luaiiou with a smiio. Weaver hTTan ' unusual yet logical theory about the a of batting, touca doeu t go In uiik for piac hitting. He believes the Important Important tiling is to hit Uie ball. t t men take our chances on it. going salv weaver has no preference, ft nils thcui--w thcui--w thcui--w thcui--w hetner uiey aru high or low, insi-j--or insi-j--or insi-j--or insi-j--or insi-j--or insi-j--or outside. " ... Next in order comes the wrecking . trio.' Jackson. Felsch. and Gandil. jo ' J season is complimented by getting many Intenuotml parses as any othtu piayer in the American League. Timu after time with two on and two out. nave seen pitchers pass Jackson lntsn- lntsn- -tionally. -tionally. filling the bases and taking a i chance on Felsch. It takes a lot f nerve to do that, be -cause -cause Is

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