Barzilla Clark Big Lost River scheme 1908

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Barzilla Clark Big Lost River scheme 1908 - party to conipell tho socro tary o stnto to...
party to conipell tho socro tary o stnto to aiipoar oofoic tho su aiiome court and show cailbo nhy hu shouli not accept their ticket as the one i epreaonllng the ttuc Domouacy of ddaho the attorneys of tho other faction filed yesterday a sensational answ i to the petition tu which they hhow that Dubois with othcts entered into ti conspiracy to giln contiol of Ihq Democmtlc p ti ly it tho ilomlnut uifr conventionatWallace Jnmc II Wawlpy as chlof council lledi tho iiisvci whldh Is a oiy voluminous document It consists of ibotnocn 9000 and JOQOO woids am contains 37 dlffcient aJlegatlons tho flrbttliimo off themadmittingor deny ing alligations lit tho petition the i irmlnliiR JS setting loith clmigq agiiinst Dubols and Others The 111 hwcr Is signed by thi attorneys forthc defendant whose names aio a fol lows James H Hnwloj lOirl Paine John F Nugent tToseph T Pence jdeotgo W Tannahlll F U Togg K I Perky nnd John L ttloq The answer fchaiges that Pied C DuboH H W Lockhart C r Ainay and C II JaqUsoifand otheis fraud lently md comiptlv confedeiated and consplrid together to take the Demo cuitic pnity 01 gtuiixiatlon fiom tlie mt Joilty of the patty and to turn It oxoi to the American paity a political paity itpnentlng ceitaln socalled po litical piinclpW oigunUttl and elst Jiifftln the state of Utah but whlcii repiesents sepaiatu and distinct po litical pilnclplcs other than thoMj lei Jetented by the sald DomociaUe Jiai ly lyTHE THE AMERICAN PARTY The unsnei deHnes the puii > o c of lh3 American paity and declares Bubols connection ith It In the fol lowing language Tlnit said Aniei Itan pirtj woa and is n political paitj lepiexLiitlng cer tain ioculletl political nitnclplex ot d and existing In the St lie of and which is jiou and has been V ° yoais > 1 < 1vt lust oiRanized and c sting in ningham count which aid county Is the home of s ild Trccl T Dubols and Fremont county in this stiitu That aald American paity Is u distinct separate political paity fiom > iltl Demociitic paity 01 any oth ei established political uiganlzation In fnirt tjtnto of Utah and In this ntato nnd nmro paiticululv In Mid heieln ufter nai > d counties uid ioputfnts eeparato and distinct political pitncl jilia other than ihn v lepiesenteil bv fnld pemociatle paity and Us mombot Jhlp Is composed nt prisons belonging to diftcicnt national politual paitlos tho only political purpose and objict of slid pfirt being to Induce ceitnln leg Ihlitlon ana regulations In connection with the socallid Mnrmoii Clmxh and the members theieof tint no otbor political or so < ailed political pilnclplcs aie ropiesentcd bj said pnttlts that bald party in said State of Utah and In said counties In this suite heieln txjfoio named as its own inmates Is u pnty oiganlzed scpiiate and distinct from that of the Democratic pirtv thcieln That said Fud T Duhols has proclaimed himself is and piofe ted to be a mcmboi of said Amcilcan pirty 1 BOND JSSUJJ An dettion was I HI in this oounty Tuesday for tho puipose of deciding the tiuestioii Shall we bnnd tho count in the sjiim of 2uOOOO for tha pnipon of electing a city and count building The question was oei wl lmlngl de feated It iepn ented a Bcent piop erty tav on eei > OCO aluation for M years KAGLiSON 7OU SHNATOH Ada eount will be repiejntej in tile next state legibiatuie if the Tte pnbllcan ticket is elected by Em G JCtigltbton who was jestcrdav ooning nrpointed by the iount central com mlttei1 to succeed the conentlon nominee nominee UllI II Glb on who as unable to qualify for the pUqe on account of residence piohlbltlonsj The eommlttei also appointed 1 county chairman In tho pet son of Dean JEfiiklns This poM tjon was hotly contested by M H Se IHRIGATION IJROJECT A noel Irrigation project Is now under under way by Barzilla V > Clark the man xvlio has gained quite a reputation oer the state thiouffh his connections v th Iho reclamation work at Grays lake nnd othei projects Mr Ulaik < liaRjleil papuif with the state englncci claiming the watois of 7j5st rtvci i that Is the entlio uiuU4igiound How of wateiln the Big Lost ilvei valley His plan Is to sink a gidat trench Into the ginuudat a point whCro HI Is bellied tho water Is fairly close to the suTface which ticnch will bo cumerited and thu Mater btought to tho surface He will for1 T miloj aeidss tho bottom hind constiuct a tunriel ln wjilchthn will build a cpn ciejedyke tocatch tho WaU > rrand statt It to the surface His plan Is to water 10000 acies of now land wjth thewaters thus obtained GOOD YEAR FOR SUGAR BEETS AT SUGAR CITY Special Ooriespondence SUCAU CITY Idaho Sept 10 This sretion is enjoihg moil poifect VNcatlur Tim nights aie cool but pleasint and the days uro waim and delightful just light for tho ilpcnlng of tile beets Maik Atistfn assistant1innnagci of the UtahIdaho Sugar company m Idaho stated today that he had recently recently visited tho Holds in this section and he found the beet fields in Veiy good < ondition and that the piospects aio that the tonnage will bu as heavy If not heavlei pei ucie as any pievious eai Mi Austin stated that the company company and faimeis would stait to linr Lest tin Sftntoi iner IT Hfi nntprl thic Iho frosts have Injured some ot life ate planted wheat and oats but that the beet crops have not been Injured at all Mr Austin said that the farmers farmers were beginning to realize thnt tho joot Crop Is oim of thu safest and most profitable crops that can bs raised In into section of the country and as a result tho present Indications are Lhat there will be somo Increase in acreage next year Tho hum and buzz of the harvesters fiiKllhrcshors are heard oiMH sides The yield ot hay anil grain has been heavy md thov are bringing a good price Many of tho farmers arq selling their grain at the threshers Prospects arc that many thousands if bend r > l cuttle and sheep will be fed n this territory again this winter The cattle and sheep inon had n profitable viar with the feeding last winter and pany more will be fed here than over jofore The town is presenting a lively appearance appearance to thu visitor Tho fn > bulld nxs that havo been vacant are filling ui one by one and every one Is look ng for busy tiniest the balance of tho year The town board mot Monday evou ng and Is commencing to wage warm warm a few parties who arc not complying with one of tho ordinances In which all persons are required to keep their surroundings neat and clean Sugar City has the reputation of being tlie ucttiest and cleanest town In Idaho ind by the action that has been taken t is liio Intention of the city fathers to cep that reputation There Is some building going on and tho town is surely progressing STAKE DAY OBSERVED IN STYLEAT DR1GGS Special Correspondence Idaho Sept 10 The Stake DItlGGS day anniversary was held at Driggs Sept 2 and a very enjoyable lay was spent Thu chlof feature of ho day > VUH the ball game between Victor Victor Drisgs and Clawson The score was 11 to 10 h favor Of Drlggs and Clnvvson The basket ball Ramcwa < j also also very Interesting tho teams playing were Pratt vsv Urlggs the former vvln ilng by a score of B to 3 The Y L and V M i associations convention ww held Sunday Sept 6 Sister Annie Cannon and Edward H Anderson of the general board were In attendance A very satisfactory ut eduncc wns present and good Instructions Instructions imparted from the visitors The people of Pratt gavo a grand reception tu the retiring bishopric PC their ward on Aug 31 the presented Bishop iF AV Morgan with a fine gold watch and chain Prof AVilard AVelhe Alvirt Becslcy and party gave a free entertainment

Clipped from
  1. Deseret Evening News,
  2. 12 Sep 1908, Sat,
  3. Page 24

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  • Barzilla Clark Big Lost River scheme 1908

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