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 - Looking At Life - - By Erich Brandeis BRANDEIS...
Looking At Life - - By Erich Brandeis BRANDEIS L IKE millions of others who spend a lot of their time in New York I have been vaccinated vaccinated against smallpox. Now I wish I knew whether the vaccination has taken or not. The left arm itches a little and there is a tiny red spol around the place where the nurse scratched scratched me with the needle and applied applied Ihe serium. So I looked up the official in- [ slruclions. This is how; Ihey read: "You may.have'" one of three! reactions — "the ; primary t a k e' where there is no i m m u n ity; the 'immunie reaction' reaction' and the 'accelerated' action action where there is some degree of immunity.'" immunity.'" So far I don't understand it. Maybe you do. Then il goes on: "In the immunie reaction a small papule appears, usually within 38 hours, and disappears in 3 or 4 days. In the two other types, the papule develops into.a vesicle, then to a pustule, which becomes covered with a sca"b. It is possible in the immune reaction reaction not to notice the small papule." papule." I didn't know what papule 1 , vesicle vesicle and pustule mean. So I looked them up * in the dictionary. A papule is a pimple. A vesicle is "a small circular elevation of the cuticle, containing containing a watery fluid; a blister." A pustule is "any small pimple- like or blister-like elevation." iii * * I looked at my arm after looking at the dictionary. Then I looked at the official official instructions again. Apparently I have a papule papule but no vesicle or pustule. pustule. So now I don't know whether whether I have a "primary take" or an immune, recation" or an "accelerated reaction." All I know is that my arm itches and that I have no smallpox. And, by what I read in the papers, there have been no new cases of smallpox, and I hope the danger of an epidemic epidemic is gone. So much for the smallpox and .that awful official language language which no layman understands understands and which sounds, oh so important, but means so little to mosl of us. + * * B UT here is a though which young Ray Rogers, one of our newspaper boys, gave m e yesterday: Millions of people had themselves themselves vaccinated as soon as they felt there was danger to themselves themselves and to the 1 nation in general. general. Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea if all human beings were to react react as promptly and as unitedly when other dangers face -us? Wouldn't it be marvelous if there were a serum with which we could be vaccinated against communism and-intolerance and war and all the other things that disturb the peace and the happiness happiness of mankind? I am ai'raid lhat the doctors will never be able to discover such a serum. The serum against those evils will come, from ourselves and we will have' to do our own vaccinating. vaccinating. The scrum is there—if: we'd only learn how to use it'.

Clipped from Lubbock Morning Avalanche07 May 1947, WedPage 12

Lubbock Morning Avalanche (Lubbock, Texas)07 May 1947, WedPage 12
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