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- of - In - r CLEVER RUSE OFREBELGIRL FOEEiLOyEI Veteran of Civil War Days Tells How Yankees Fell Into Trap INDIANAPOLIS October If Back through the years of memory that carried him to the time when he was lighting with the forces of General A W Elliott and Admiral Porter - in clearing the Mississippi river south of St Louis John Whitaker of Kirk - Un Ind related some true romance of the Civil War In which be played a singular part Whl takers eyes sparkled and he laughed as be recalled how he had been tricked Into being captured by the rebels through the strategy of a Southern girl who was bound to recover recover her lover a Southern Lieutenant Lieutenant held prisoner In the cuardhouse on the Autocrat By cracky the little rebel put It over too laughed Whitaker And I she later married her Lieutenant And I got several letters from her after the war Wnlfaker then told In detail the wnoie Biory SWEETHEART CAPTTJIiKD It seems that A J McGIll of Love - land a a Baptist minister was a distant relative of Whltakef He used to preach at Old Salem Ind thirty miles north of Indianapolis on the Michigan road He bad a daughter named Susie McGIll Mc - Qllls - i first wife died and McGIll later married a wealthy Southern widow who had a big plantation near Rodney Miss Susie grew tin on the plantation and attended Oakland College a school for girls near Rodney during the war Her sweetheart a Lieutenant Block had been captured by the Yankeee and was held a prisoner In the guardhouse of one of the Union boats The Southerners kept pretty close track of their prisoners prisoners and tnew Just what boats they were on One night a megro brought a letter for Whitaker It was a note from Susie McGIll saying that she wished to get back North and that she called on - Whitaker as a - distant relatlveto help her Whitaker remembered remembered Susie as a little jrtrl in Indiana when be went to ohflrch to hear her father preach WALK INTO TRAP Whitaker Bad Jesse C Beeler his buddy set out to find Susie They got near the building at Oakland College when a equad of rebels who had been lying In ambush poked out their gun and made them surrender surrender Susie then had word sent to the Yankees that they could get back their orlsoners provided tney re leased Lieutenant Block and a private private who was with him The transfer transfer of the prisoners waa made and Susie accomplished her object Whitaker told of the scenes at the surrender of Vl - Usburg He said that there were probably 10000 rebels on the wharf begging for food Our cook hid several barrels ot musty bread on the ship which we threw out to them said Whitaker I saw an old man leaning against a hitching post who was unable to comenearer the wharf I caught hi eye and threw him a half loaf He nearly choked to death trying to eat It fast The next day I was walking through Vlckaburgwhen an eld rebel stuck out his hand and said Youre the damned Yankee that nearly caused me to choke to death Thats - the way the rebels talked to us They cussea us awiui out ai the same time they thought a great deal of us A veer axrf a mare named Mollte was sold by the city of Nlles Mich to a man living several mues away a W In he of It to It - the t - iiS j Mnid iui i h town proceeded to the city barns and I WT K - took her place in ner oia stalk it takes a powerful locomotive i drawing a train of ten passenger I coaches a distance of nve miles fo - reach a speed of sixty - miles an hour on a straight and level track Th The climate of th toe of Italy a few miles Inland resembles that of England son Organising tlon of to brAke will stopthe - trarirlrrTOS - feetrfAfter the or - I

Clipped from San Francisco Chronicle31 Oct 1920, SunPage 13

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California)31 Oct 1920, SunPage 13
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