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 - This Is The Army? v a i y enthusiastic about...
This Is The Army? v a i y enthusiastic about Aimy mound in bed cveiy i n i l l g u n t i l 5 0 , clock . ThiS( of ike Heck! is , gives us plenty of time to shaved, dressed, make bunks, by 5:10. At 5:15 we stand and shiver, while a musician reading it I "Knout a union card blows of we are reasonably chilled, we a! tents, rain coat, cartridge belts, I aid kit, fire extinguisher, ten and,rope and pile, hand axe, small spade, f t locker and a few other ncgli- , Jirope our way through the darkness .o the mess hall. Here we have a hearty breakfast consisting of an unidentified liquid and a choice of re j o r wheat crusts. After gorging ourselves with this lelicious repast, we waddle our way i ;lowly back to the barracks. We nothing to do until 7:30. We just mound and scrub toilets, mop floors,, wiish windows, clean guns and pickup all the cigarette butts, paper and twigs within a 200 yard :adius of bariacks. Soon a Sergeant comes in and say-i, "Come on out in the sun, Kids" sr we go out and bask in the wonderful sunshine. Of course, we're standing in six inches of mud all the time, j the Sergeant says he can't help it there are no sewers and it rains dajs a week. At 8 o'clock we put on our light! ,acks and start walking to^the in- tains. The light pack'should not be with the heavy pack. The no light pack consists o f f gun, been' canteen, mess kit, shaving kit, I A A gible items. Carrying my light pack I weigh 289 pounds. (I weighed 142 | u nds when I left home.) So you can y o u r , ^ how easy it is to lomp follows as we when djmb th(J ml , s Tho boys wh(j £alj Qut would treated vepy we]] They are gjven to six m o n t h s 5n the Guai . ( , Hou r frt \Tv onrl . . Mr. and, h e y (]o not have to {ace a Comt ! Martial. At 12 o'clock those who |[imp t(j thfi i n f i i m a i y - Thcy . · * ..... . ,* , ed into two classes -- those who athletes foot and those who have colds. If you have athletes foot you l[c, gefc yQUr £eet swabLcd with iodine [f you havc a coW you get Calif. Uu . oat swabbed with iodine Anyona who claims he has neither of the;-G two is sent to the Guard House for impersonating an Officer. I am very of Wil . P°P«« ^ the infirmary I cold and athletes foot. What I real- 5th, of ly have is a bad case of tuberculosis, but I know when to keep my mouth shut. Well, that is all I have to write. \ I've got to rush to the mess Norman S. have a Professor Quiz program on and whoever guesses what we have had for supper gets promoted to a Corporal. Love to all, Cpl. Harry Helemon, 3886 Q. M. Trk. Co. to is Fort Dix, N. J.

Clipped from
  1. Denton Journal,
  2. 10 Mar 1944, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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