Progress made since the SA War

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Progress made since the SA War - MNIII n, MMiiiMT Paper Read by Lieutenant...
MNIII n, MMiiiMT Paper Read by Lieutenant Commander in Navy What has Been Done Since tbe War with Spain NEW YORK. June 29. From that day at 8an»i»go when the American' crews Individually and collectively. Each --an w«s studied both 99 to mental and physical fitness. If thej man gave promise of being able to o f well the thing for which, he w«* ae lected, a course of thorough, detailed go , insti action- and drill w«» given to O f Minot him. Finally, when each man did and every thing required of hi-- accuracy and confidence there a process of systematically incre»sJns the speeu. Rvh motion wa» by the stop watch, records of time a go id fleet destroyed th« battleships of Spain, the nation,. h«* taken a Crowing intercut and pride In its and pride in Us new nav/. "At the began to feel were kept, and the like a sprinter. "when all tbe tunet an d gun have been thoroughly trained sieh man »s a unit and each crew as waif*,, n T« AV i te a'"« 8O *** each human ele--eut ta* waiter a. _^*TMy, {n rea1)ty become a perfect fltttng cog|A at during there in when the is Into was this coming and be on. According obtainable, lake year lake WB entirely rains remains falling 'he Farmers of us $25,000 guarantee But when stock wa* eventually the small percentage of "its made became known, and naval oncers realized that 80"etting -uat be done to justify the public confidence." The result of that reali«»tion is what Lieutenant embodloG in his in *he ere* is fuinlahed by the department with a letter E to be his sleeve for tbe year. ·!**· E coi cespondg with tbe navy to tne ,or the Y won by a Ha-vard nr Co-mander Tardy , crew or football team, paper on scientific, "Having trained tne Individual, -Is , management and efficiency in the[ V eloped the Individual gun crew, per- United States navy. "It is not uncom., fecte j t ^ e ...«ctiant»- and lv*,rued mon to human experience," he ob- from tne results of ete-entsr; prac- serves, "for different experimenters tjce W0at roamta to expect und working at similar problems indepen-' (avoraole conditions from lndivlduU dently and without any knowledge of, firing, it became necesaa'-y to one another's efforts, to arrive Inde- bftttle e ffl C iency. To this end bot» pendently and simultaneously at »he turret guns were fired at the «»»·« same discoveries. Something Mke' t | me; tnen ,..« t hods of control were this h»« happened in the case of the .perfected and all guna of battle navy and civil cst»bHshment»; tor' oa tne BD | p were flred i n Ba i v o (or SAYS III- IS CIIUWN or tbe ship, and efficiency of the fighting division of the ffeet. For it is with fighting efficiency that a fighting machine, such »« the navy is intended to be, is first concerned. But' ORAJMu FORKS, N. D., June 29. the effort for efficiency hag not been TB» crown prince of Sweden, after decided *.»v « W » V B W u v -- U*I_MS^ --nu uwv vxx^u - - · » i U O* * ·**· i ·* t *f" *"·" v *wi«a w b«*c v*l?v TTCte bounded by fighting drill. Important traveling about Cue United States fof tr , a economies have been won in the prac tiee; the aim has been to make engi-l of the 1 in a lumber cauip at Deep - neering count equally with gunne.y in »*«·· Wash., is spending a few determining the final ship efficiency, 'he guest of Sheriff Benson. At lee«t Celerity in coaling, and economy in t*at is the version of bis life given the stoke hold and engine room, when *? John Josetason. translated into action met»n that a | The man was picked up near given ship, run to the full of her ca- ' raeier late Monday afternoon and to only since the technical and popular , al i at once) . Th i 8 pe,fected the use press took up the general Hscuaslon of a Bnlp a « a unit. The slg»aj step of scientific management, and "»ve W88 to con trol a division so t»»at all Judge naval officers begun to realize that tn e guns of four "Mi* could be used Judge their management was of tbe kind now ag a un it," so etrenuo««ly advocated for industrial pursuits of all aorta." ibis efficiency might be divided into three parts efficiency of the gun crew, efflciency of tne fighting unit,' ..,,,,,,_«_ -,, OUflliri] ty , - pacity. is able to steam just so much brought to this city and placed farther to attain just so much wider county ja^l untit the inianlty board a cruising radius, to clear from port in , may pass on his case. a buny just so much quicker, to show, Josefsson ihas been spccltng in just so much more speed in a desper- 1 fields and , earning around the ate pinch, than the same ship or her in tbe Aclnlty of Grand Forks sister when slackly officered. past few days. A little after noon Counting engineering equally with Monday he applied at a far,,, house ".gunnery in determining the final per- near Schur-i.etor for work. foiniance of any ship since to work er l°.'. d nln ' to f° 1 S . ?** ,,- ,,,, her guns on her enemy her engines an V ^^"^v^Mn ?a,Ir\nd must first carry her into and keep her r ? ad \ bu * ?* me back 8Batn later and in range the navy set itself this 8"»* e i lnai a ' standard, "« embodied in the rules for of of in | , f that the man wag mea . tally unbalanced. The sheriff's office , w ,? "tl 8e '! n m h r t h!f ? ^"K th ? «"*". was called up anfl Deputy Sheriff number of hits In the shortest poasi- M rtacher went out and Drougbt hllll ble time after the enemy is sighted. and with the lea-t expenditure of, In this direction let us see what has done "Tho Texas " wrtt»a «TMI^nf' n f /hi f th * Forks. name as John Josefsson Chicago, and a ticket found in his clothes bore out tbe truth of that statement. Upon examination by ,,, . fc - ... . , .. -. State's Attorney Burtness it was found Less than three per cent of all the tnat he could not tell how ,,,, « , K» Vl e by th ^v Ameri "! Pened to stop off at Grand can fleet hit the enemy. There is ., _ c no record that a single twelve-inch! i,« M », y w? re ' rri'^re'Cstan SoS 't\ to$^^*£p£ cently the New Hampshire^ the| "»? *J ^f question stated that be was the crown prince of Sweden and that fts father was the king of Sweden. At times the tian acts normally, old Texas as a target. She fired at 00 yards and whenever' "Recently tbe Michigan, an all big gun ship, made 22 twelve-inch hits at ranges of 10.000 yards while steam- ng at fifteen knots, the target being only 60 feet long by thirty feet high. She fired 48 twelve-inch shells. Her percentage of hits therefore was about 45. The rate of firing was abut two shots per minute per gun. This in a moderately rough sea, while the sea was smooth at the battle of Santiago." These and other similar results recently induced the secretary of the navy to say in an addrcos delivered before the New York Economic club: i , \ a , ttle practice lel1 me the battleship is the finest ex- libition of scientific management they have ever soon." | seems to b-a suffering from a mental disease. He was asked whether he had ever been hurt In the lumber camps and his reply was, "no. I don't like tbe work there." Josefsson stated Chat he had three rich uucles living at Deep River, Wash., and word has been sent to their! of their nephew's condition in this city. Their names were given as Adolph, Charles and August Olson. Josefssos appeared to be about 25 years of age and is rational on nearly all subjects except tbe one of being tbe member of the Swedish royal family. It is expected that be Will be held here until tbe Washington authorities can be heard froi".

Clipped from
  1. The Bismarck Tribune,
  2. 29 Jun 1911, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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