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rosa kaiser - ROBBERY Caused the Murder Of Itysa Kaiser and...
ROBBERY Caused the Murder Of Itysa Kaiser and Assanll Upon Her Father. Hand Pointing Heavenward Told Seekers ' Where Her Body Rested in Tanner's Creek. Poor Girl Was Cut and Horribly Beaten. tra mt tm frontal ae which mitmtm ta orwaaV ertwer mt rtke waa f-Scseaoy ve tm aa S daatk. aaaVtno Asset jaw era fiaatarad a tmm ajasshasis, Ta yost-aorleB Vwtr4 thai Mis tCair waa a pr girt, mad that ea au taatpt iss crtsniaal ssasett bad bee aaaos. Her . torts. A0CkiaT U aesMatel f ar frsea her trip over ta rougk bwltoea af Taansr IS from tUwrw&oeWg. ave Mr an4 took the teaOr&oay af aavarsj ' wUneasea. , but a without fottadarioa, lii leiJmoty before the Cor oner to-day ! u4 f nothirg mor ar lea than, what waa pub! ii hod la to-day tavnan. . . Mr. ICalssr- oowdirioa " ia materlany proved, and bis saind ' Is bow oauraty clear, bot k at ill aaya Ta dos not . know by whom h was aasaaitad. an4 taal aa do aot know how or by whoa hi daugh ter waa carrtsd away. . karus sXalasr. ' It., hussitr. gave the Coroner eoarve sew InforxaatkoeL, whscst taay b of Isiereet t th Ctoclanatl poile ta running down th murdarers.. He told ta Coroner ta nasns of a Big . Four tars an wbo pt a mill on at si-ht. traaav a ua polar. Tksraear sass, , - Qnfst For the Two Negroes Has So Far Failed To Result in Their Being Captured. racial, nitrates to ts rs. Manchester. Ind , May 28. The hop of Dearborn County farmer that Roes Kaiser a body might be found ha a been fulfilled, but the capture or puniahment of tier murderer Is as far away as it waa 24 hours ago. The finding of the body establishes ta theory that the crime waa prompted by robbery, for th pocket of the girl a dress waa cut out and her pockethook. which ia known to have contained $12 or SIS. Is missing. When she waa laat seen alive Mlsa Kaiser carried her pocket book and handkerchief In her pocket, and ao far as known they was there when ah waa at tacked and killed. The fact that the pocket-f of her dress waa cut out with some sharp In strument and that no attempt at criminal assault waa mads makea plain th motive for the murder. mDBX A BRIDOB. Miss Kaiser's body waa found between ome piles in the bed of Tanner's Creek, junder a railroad bridge, about one mile west of Guilford and about three miles from where she was ast "seen alive. The dlacovery waa made early this morning by Joseph Wlnkley. a Big Four employe. The girls clothing had become entangled In the plies and driftwood and one hand pointed heavenward from the water. Aa aoon aa possible willing hand removed the body from the water and placed It aboard a handcar, on which It was taken to th old church or Odd Fellows' Hail, where a poet-mortem waa mad by Dra. Schooley and Laxenby. of Ouflford, upon th order of the Coroner. Owing to the number of Injuries sustained by the unfortunate girl the postmortem failed to reveal the direct cause of death, but she was stabbed and clubbed aa waa her father In such a manner that almost any one of the Injuries Inflicted would have been fatal. VOlKOrD MINE TTMU. The unfortunate girl sustained nine wounds In all. about half of which were inflicted with a knife, the other half with oroe blunt instrument, probably the same sapling with which her father was clubbed nto unconsciousness. There was a stab wound In the left Cheek and two In the scalp, directly on the forehead. An Incised, contused wound three and a half Inches long, and probably made Wifn a club, waa found behind the right !'ar. There was another severe contused, acerated wound, also produced by a club. behind the left ear. and extending through he lobe of the ear. There were two frac- FIRE. The negro, who miitwmn th dcripUa Of tha oss who urss - - - si taartlnaf s hansa ZZL'fy V:zrz ?Zf: Iml?1'" moments befor Mr. Vslaar waa aaaauited. boarded th frclgkt tram at Clave. He told th brakemaa ia question that he iivao on waiaut atresc. in Cincinnati; taat his wife asd rua away with all as mosey and that ha wa than saucsltff for Bar. and that ha would be aatiaflad to let hi wii go ner way ii n recovereo aia money At tiuliford th bra kerns a asked the ne gro to "pull down" aaaae coal for th Ore- man, but th aegro refused and , was put off when tha train reached thla place. He started at once over the hill la the direc tion of Darling's house, where a -givan bread and milk. Tha description of this negro tallica with that of tba negro aeaa t the ' Darling and Grlbbea home, even to ta asahrotderad black shirt with front lace. The other wit neaaea. whose testimony waa taken by the Coroner, wer Joaepk Wlnkley. wao found Mlsa Kaiser's body; Mlea Anna Gardner. who witnessed the assault oa Mr. Ka from a window in th Griffon horn,, and Josephine Kaiser, who accompanied bar fa ther and the dead girt to church- Absolutely nothing; new waa developed by their testimony. Tirt boot Btuovro, ' After tha inquest th Coroner cay permission for the removal ef tba body, and tt waa taksn at one to yorkvUlo to th residence of Jacob A ut. a beloved relative of the Kaiser. Th Illness of Mrs. Kaiser, who Is unabl to rise from her chair, and th condition of Mr. K at rr "rendered U-tm possible to conduct th funeral aeriee at th Kaiser home, ao It will b held from the Aust home at 9:80 to-morrow mm nlnar. The religious servicss will be conduct d by Raw. at her Barsicbe, paator of the church of which the dead girl was a devout member. and which ahe attended on Thursday, when eh was killed. Final arrangements for tha funeral had not been completed to-Bight, but there will be six psilbearer chosen from among the friends of the dead girt and th Interment will be at the Catholic Cemetery at Torkvlile, near her. An Immense concourse of people is expected. I1 excitement incident to to double ctim has calmed considerably and farmer nav returned to their work In th field. but thi doea not mean Biat they have loot Interest In the case or that they do not hop tor tne punishment or th murderer. LTXCBtm roasisLS. There la little doubt that th arrest of th negro wbo visited th OrifBa and Darl ing horn would result In a lynching tf ne were . nrougnr- nerex ror -lOjrntlflcatlon. That tba -farmeva.- heTisSj uta ar deeply agttatea over the teMnt affair ta in evi dene rrora tnetr decision to notify tha contractor who have charge of th Im provements on the Big F"our Road that they must dispense with the service of negroes on the work. The farmers fear that their dear ne at home win Tiot be safe aa long as strange negroe are allowed to remain In th vi cinity, and it has been decided that the ne groe must leave. It ia not known how the Idea wilt be taken by the contractors, but there will be trouble If the demanda are not complied with. A algnitlcant Incident occurred to-day within a stone'a throw of where Mlsa Kaiser body waa found. A new fill Is being mad there, and yes terday several doxen negroes were at work on it. To-day not a negro was lnslght and wont waa suspended entirely. THI R0BBHWT THBDB.T. TUB EsQVmra to-day secured some addi tional Information supporting; the theory of robbery aa a motive for the murder, and corroborating the statement of -Conductor M. Taylor, of th C. I.- and A. Road, that he took the real murderer on his car to Anderson's Ferry Friday morning. Con ductor Taylor says tnat tne two men. on of whom answers exactly the description of the negro seen at the Darling and Ortf-fen homes, tendered him new paper dollars in payment for tbelr fares. The Exqi-ikeb to-day learned that the dead girl waa very frugal. She waa em ployed aa domestic by Mrs. William Sut ton, who llyea near here, and aaved all of her earnings. These she hoarded In a trunk. Thursday morning when ahe started for church Rosa went to her trunk and took out some money, saying that she Intended to do some shopping white she waa In Tork vlile. Addle Weaver. 14 years old. sat in the same pew with end directly next tu Rosa Kaiser. During the service at the ' Rosa had occasion to open her pockrtbook to take out her handkerchief, and Mlaa Weaver says that Rosa had a number of new paper dollars In the pocket book. Mrs. Sutton, by whom Rosa waa employed. was also seen, and remembers having paid Roaa In silver laat Saturday. The Saturday. before, however. Mr. Sutton paid her and her wages were in new paper dollars. Miss Kaisvr did no shopping at Torkvlile and Mis Weaver says she had new paper dollars in her pockethook while she was at church. It Is believed that two of these paper dollars were handled by Conductor Tailor, to whom they were given by the negroes who rode on his car. Ixiuls Everson. alias Ponto. waa arrested near North Bend on suspicion, but he will be turned loose If he has not already been so. It Is now up to the Cincinnati police to locate the murderers.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 24 May 1903, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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